It hadn’t taken long to move the girl from the back of the van inside the house and lay her belly first onto the bench, she was drugged, it hadn’t taken much to over power her 120 pound body with a mild sedative and sit back and watch her collapse into unconsciousness.

Anticipation gripped me as I watch Jacob and Edward strip her naked and bind her legs stretched to the legs of the bench, her feet didn’t quite touch the floor by the time her arms were pulled above her head and secured to the bolt in the floor, leaving her beautifully exposed in a pose which made her look like she was trying to touch her toes. This was Jacobs favorite position, he loved to break them in from behind.

Gillian was a virgin, her pussy was beautifully tight, I could tell from the few moments I had spent playing with her, preparing her body for the forthcoming activities. It was Our anniversary, so I had purposely chosen a red-head, our favorite, an inside joke, first girl we had collectively fucked like this had been my college roommate, a stereotypical irish girl, Gillian was very similar to her, she was 18 years old, fresh from school, due to be travelling Europe, American from what I had gathered, she had been staying at the hostel a few cities over where we had met her, unable to handle her liquor like most yanks it was easy to spike her drink. I loved watching the two men in my life possess a young virginal body and use her as a fuck toy, the thought brought a smile to my face as I parted her mouth and fastened the ring gag to her and sealed it closed. I stood behind her posing for pictures as I fingered her unconscious pussy and fondled her 34 D breasts.

Her skin was beautifully pale, she had soft curls between her legs, slowly her body became more responsive, it was almost time. I spanked her ass and kissed her back as I played with her pussy.

Whore is going to get fucked! I thought merrily as I picked up the video camera and adjusted the lighting.

Edward stripped out of his black jeans and threw them on the floor beside his shirt, gloriously naked and hard. All 7 ½ inches of his tanned flesh eager to break the slut as I sat back and watched. He winked at me, as if reading my thoughts of what I would like to do with that beautiful piece of meat and walked over to steal a kiss. I spanked his bum and directed him back to the task at hand.

Jacob was Edwards polar opposite, where Jacob was blond and fair, Edward was dark, with thick black curls.

The girl moaned as Edward placed the smelling salts under her nose. She hadn’t fully wakened when Jacob took firm hold of her hips and eased himself into place at her moistened sex. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her, the motion suddenly bringing her to her senses, eyes open wide in terror, she tried to call out and frowned as she found herself muted by the gag in her mouth. Gleefully Jacob steadied himself against her struggles, letting her fight for release against her restraints before plunging balls deep into her in one swift thrust, the pain of the intrusion instantly showed on her face, her legs tensed and her hands balled into fists against this alien sensation. He thrust forwards, deeper into her. Holding her hips and pulling himself in as deep as he could go, relishing the feeling, her panicked movements as she tried in vain to break free of the bindings. Edward laughed at the pleading look in her eyes as she desperately took in her surroundings. The horror that filled them when she realised her attacker was not alone, and the utter despair that caused her shoulders to sag as she locked eyes with me and the video camera.

Seemingly content with savouring the moment Jacob started to pump into her furiously, his cock tearing the delicate flesh surrounding it. Her struggles renewed against the onslaught of his dick pounding into her.

“How is she?” Edward asked as he removed the cork from the mouth gag and her screams suddenly became audible.

“Wet, a little too tight for now, just give me time to break the bitch in a little more” he replied as he continued a steady rythmn into her small body. Tears started to fall down her face, hidden by her flaming locks of auburn hair.

“You enjoying that baby?” Edward asked as her pulled her red hair back from her face and tied in back in a messy pony tail. She shook her head, trying to fend him off, but in the end it was useless, he grabbed her by the freshly bound hair and stood before her, his cock hardened and ready for her mouth. She thrashed her head violently from side to side trying to keep it from her face. “Jacob…” Edward said through gritted teeth as he grabbed a hold of her chin and tried to position his cock at the metal ring opening which held her mouth open.

“You don’t have time to be worrying about not wanting to have your throat raped, whore! YOU PAY ATTENTION WHEN IM FUCKING YOU!” Jacob shouted as he brutally increased his thrusts and forgot about fucking her simply for his pleasure and pounded his dick into her to inflict as much pain as possible, each thrust he impaled her with, almost threw her over the bench, stretching her legs, making her focus more on the cock between her thighs long enough for Edward to slide his dick into her open mouth, her hands reached out to brace herself against Jacobs assault. She gagged on Edwards cock and tried to push herself away from him, he laughed as he held her by the hair and started to fuck her throat.

Both men took her like this for fifteen minutes before Edward threw his head back and gasped, spilling his seed deep in her throat. Jacob glanced up at Edward through his sweated brow and smiled. “Already?” he teased.

“Slut has a good mouth” Edward replied as he pulled his dick from her mouth and capped it quickly so she couldn’t spit it out. Relieved and gasping for breath the girl hung her head limply and closed her eyes as she was impaled by Jacobs seemingly endless thrusts. Edward walked away from the girl and came to sit beside me. I sat on his knee and opened my legs so he could touch me, I was so horny, taking him in my hand, whilst the other held the camera, I stroked him hard again.

“Jacob, I think she’s falling asleep…” Edward teased, enraged Jacob grabbed her hair and held her head up as he ravaged her battered pussy. Her cries became louder and more urgent as he unleashed his most violent assault on her so far.

“Pay attention slut!” he spat as he smacked her in the back of the head and bit down on her shoulder. The terror shook her entire body, and I looked on as Edward fingered me, my own climax building. Fresh tears spilled down her cheeks as I abandoned the camera, and left it angled in their direction sitting on the table beside me as I turn towards Edward, taking his cock into my body as I slowly started to ride him, his gaze locked on the sight in front of him. Her cries turned me on, Jacob slowed his rythmn to maintain his erection and turned his attention to me, Edward grabbed hold of my hips and leaned me back, my head looking up at Jacob from the floor as Edward suckled my breasts and fucked me. I smiled at him, biting my lower lips as the orgasm started to shake my whole body.

“Rape her for me” I told him, egging him on. “Show me what you can do with that powerful cock of yours, make the slut beg for it!” I said as Edward pumped between my legs.

Jacob focused his attention on the bitch again and took her with renewed enthusiasm. He fondled her breasts and then grunted as he pulled free of her and let his cum cover her back as he squirted over her legs and ass. Her body fell limply, exhausted from an hours abuse. Her pussy was bleeding, her wrists and ankles badly bruised from her attempts to free herself. Jacob left her, one hand stroking his erection hard again he made his way towards us. I looked at his beautiful dick and I knew he wanted me to suck the juices off it. I broke free of Edward, his cock still hard and eager. He looked up at me surprised and unfulfilled. “You know what to do with that” I told him and winked. Grinning I got down on my knees and took Jacob into my mouth, sucking him happily as Edward made his way over to Gillian. He wasn’t happy. He took hold of his cock and grabbed the lube that sat on the desk behind the bench. He stood there for a moment as I watched him squeeze some onto his palm. I watched him, my rythmn keen as I sucked Jacobs dick and licked the tip of it, his head threw back and gasping.

Gillian lay over the bench, silently hoping she had been forgotten I was sure. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t. Edward didn’t make it gentle for her. He was pissed at being not included in my play time with Jacob, so he took his frustrations out on Gillian’s previously unmolested ass.

He didn’t prepare her body, he just forced his way inside and enjoyed his gratification that she could not ignore his invasion into her virginal ass. She struggled to breathe, trying pathetically to reach her face, which she couldn’t, so she could remove the cork from the gag on her mouth. Her entire body moved with his thrusts, slamming her hips into the cold metal bench. Her screams distracted him, he slapped her face in much the same fashion that Jacob had done, pulling her hair back and reaching his hands around her throat, he started to squeeze her vocal cords, trapping the sounds. Finally after ten minutes he released his load deep inside her ass and he dropped her. Yanking himself free of her and stalking out of the room to use the shower. She gasped and tried her best to be quiet, attempting to curl into as tiny a ball as possible whilst I continued to pleasure Jacob until he was ready to cum.

“Feed it to our guest” I said as I pulled back before he reached that point. He shook his head and walked over to her and forced his dick back inside her pussy and released himself, his thighs shaking as he emptied his balls fully into her, when he was finished he went to find Edward and shower himself also.

I picked up a cigarette and grabbed a chair and took it until I sat in front of her.

“This is an old farm house that belongs to a family friend. No one ever comes here, and it is miles and miles from everywhere. You couldn’t run even if you wanted to, its not possible to make it far enough away from here before it gets dark on foot. The temperatures drop to well below freezing this far up in the highlands, and I have no neighbours. Nobody’s going to go looking for you” I explained as I blew smoke into her face. “So you see, if I remove your gag and you start screaming.. Well you are just going to piss me off, and the boys are just gonna get angry with you, and Believe me, you don’t want that” I told her as her eyes stared helplessly at the floor.

“You are our little toy, until we get bored with you, or you do something ridiculously stupid to make us want to kill you, or until we sell you off to the highest bidder. Really not sure which, but fact remains, you wont be going anywhere” I told her, at the mention of the words Kill You and Highest Bidder she locked eyes with me and started pulling against her arm restraints. “I told you, its useless. You are going to be my little sex toy for as long as I want you to, might as well get used to it” I said as I rolled my eyes and put my cigarette out onto the bite wound Jacob had made on her back.

I walked across the room and picked up a fuck-drill, if she thought being raped by Jacob had been rough, and that Edwards assault on her ass had been painful, she had yet to experience me and my love of toys.

Jacob and Edward both returned with towels wrapped around them and sat on the couch as I fastened the strapon to me, and grabbed the fuck drill and attached a dildo. 300 strokes per minute with a 8 inch thrust reach, there were few who could stay awake longer than twenty minutes after being raped by one of these with it on maximum power. Jacob got up and removed her mouth gag, gratefully she flexed her jaw and looked up at him in fear, she hadn’t seen anything I had been doing behind her.

“Please don’t fuck me again, please don’t hurt me” she begged him as he removed her arm restraints and Edward pulled her into a new position which lay her spread eagled onto the desk on her back. “Please let me go” she begged as she tried to pull her arms away from Jacob as he tied them above her head. “I wont tell anyone, Ill do anything you want.. Please let me go!” she cried. Edward and Jacob both stood back and smiled at me before walking away and taking up position on the couch again. It was only then she search the room for me. I showed her the drill, gave her a quick five minute explanation of the various functions and then set it on the table beside us. Her eyes widened in fear and she begged and cried, I lowered myself onto the desk into the missionary postion above her and pushed the strap-on into her tight freshly broken pussy. Unlike the boys, I didn’t need to stop, I could go for hours and the sound of her screams turned me on even more. I fucked her for three hours straight, whilst the boys took turns occasionally fucking me in turn from behind, all the while I was telling her how much I was going to enjoy raping her with my drill…. wasn’t until I had eventually climbed off her small pale body drenched in sweat that I assured her not to worry.

I wasn’t going to fuck her again, our first customer would be arriving soon.

He was going to do it for me.

Edward decided he wanted one last fuck from her before we started auditioning the slut to her potential owners. Jacob and I left him to it, he always worked better alone. We went upstairs into my bedroom where there was our previous slave, still bound to the chair we had left in two days ago before we travelled to get Gillian being fucked by the fuck machine, her body weak and invaded she could barely fight me as I unhooked her and threw her onto the floor to rape her ass with the stap-on I was still wearing. Jacob growing horny as he watched me finger her and pummel her ass. Lucy had been with us for almost a year, my roommate from College, her flaming red hair still smelled of strawberry shampoo. She was being sold tonight, finally now that we had Gillian to replace her.

“Do you hear her my sweet?” I asked as Gillians screams could be heard anew through the halls. Lucy cried silently, she had learned to be quiet. “Soon, she will be like you, my sweet, sweet Lucy” plunging my fingers deep into her swollen pussy. Softly she came, her eyes closing, ashamed, betrayed by her own body. I had learned how to pleasure Lucys body. She truly was my toy. Her Buyer was her step-brother, he had asked me to help break Lucy last year, he had always loved her. Now when he took her home, she wouldn’t even struggle against him, she was used to being fucked, her spirit was broken. He would seem like a saviour compared to what we had put her through. Stalkholm syndrome or something.

I fucked her as rough as I could, But where I couldn’t make her scream anymore. Jacob always could…

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I'm a virgin slut that wants to be raped like that by my master. I want to be owned, I'm submissive and want to do anything my master wishes. BDSM and prostitution make me so horny. I want to be sent out to service men and let them do what they want with my body. Please, someone help me become the slut i truly want to be.

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Damn! So horny right now that was one hot story, loved the pain, rape, unwilling is always the best way to go, turns me on so much! >>>801-917-4608<<< not mine but what the hell

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The girl in charge, and I abhor to ask... Her name's Bella, isn't it?

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ur one amazingly sick fuckker
love the story nothing like a good story keep up the good work

would also like to hear about what happens to lucy after her brother takes ownership of her see if he lets his other cuzints fuck her and his other older and younger brothers fuck her

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Why are some reviewers so stupid? First of all, there are tags telling you what's in the story. Don't like them, don't read them. Second, if the tags are misleading, inaccurate, or missing, you typically get the idea fairly early and, again, can stop reading. Third, it's fiction! I do not condone ANY of this in real life, but there's no true harm in a fantasy, and bottling up fantasies can end badly-as in, psychotic break, actually does this shit, badly.

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