The Nineteenth Hole – Day One

The day started as a normal golfing day. I’d begun playing golf about a year ago and after a few lessons and a burst of improvement at the start, I wasn’t really improving anymore, in fact I was feeling embarrassed whenever I played with my colleagues. I’d decided that a needed a lot of practice and the best way to get it was by playing by myself. Whenever I could get a day off and I knew it would be quiet, I’d nip up to the course for a round of golf, it didn’t seem to be working but I was enjoying my mornings out on the fareways.
I’d hit a bucket of balls on the driving range and walked up to the first tee. When I got there, there were two women getting ready to tee off and seeing me approach called over and asked if I’d like to join them for a round. I walked over to them and explained my situation and that I didn’t want to embarrass them or myself. The taller one smiled and said “Don’t worry, we don’t take it that seriously, just a little side bet between ourselves. Come on, we’ve seen you out on the course and you’re not that bad, and we’ll give you a shot a hole.” Oh what the hell, they seemed like pleasant enough girls and they were certainly pleasant enough to look at, so I decided to take them up on their offer.
We introduced ourselves. The taller one, Carol, was close to my age, just shy of fifty, not that I’m any good at guessing women’s ages, she was slim with pert small breasts, but as my Dad used to say “more than a mouthful is a waste”. Susan certainly had more than a mouthful, she was at least six inches shorter than Carol, and probably ten years younger, but she was far more voluptuous. Her curves were all in the right places and perfectly proportioned, and a quick glance at her backside told me that I was going to spend most of my round following her around the course!
My round started well, with a longish straight drive off the first tee, then degenerated into my usual rubbish with just enough good shots to keep me interested. The girls’ games were much better, driving nearly the same distance as me (but off the ladies’ tee) but much more consistent with their irons and wedges, usually finding the green in regulation, whereas I would come up short then compensate on the next hole and shoot through the green!
We chatted together as they strolled up the fareway and I walked from bunker to rough to bunker and I found out a little more about them. Susan was married to someone in the city who was away most of the week, leaving her to shop and golf and lunch. Carol had been widowed at an early age; her husband had also been a banker and so left her well provided for.
I was quickly lagging behind them and when we reached the eighteenth tee I was four shots adrift of both of them, even with my shot a hole. I have a theory that golf course designers make the eighteenth hole just that little bit easier so you finish happy and I got my par, so I did finish happy. Carol had a four foot putt for her par, which she made, leaving Susan a two footer to halve the hole and the round. The ball rolled around the hole and finished about six inches away, meaning Carol won by one shot. I went to them to shake hands and was treated to a hug and a kiss on the cheek from both. “Hard luck, John, better luck next time, there will be a next time won’t there?” Susan asked. “Of course there will, I really enjoyed my morning”.
As we walked past the club house I invited them in for a drink “We don’t often go in the bar, it’s a bit too much like a men’s club. We usually go back to Carols for a drink, why don’t you join us”. “Ok, you lead the way, I’ll follow in my car”

I followed them back to Carol’s house, a large detached in its own grounds, her husband had certainly left her well provided. Carol let us into the house and said,”Susan, would you get John a drink, I’m just going to change out of my golf things”.
Susan walked into the kitchen, straight to the fridge and took out an already opened bottle “White OK?” and poured us both a glass. She pointed through a door into the lounge and I led the way. I sat on a black leather chaise langue and she came and sat next to me. We chatted aimlessly for a little while, she was laughing at my stories and after one she patted my right leg and left her hand there …and left her hand there…and then squeezed my inner thigh. “What the hell” I thought “might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb” and lifted her hand off my leg and placed it on the bulge which was growing in my crotch. She gave the bulge a gentle squeeze making it grow more quickly, she then reached across me, placed her glass next to mine on the side table and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and started playing with mine. I returned the favour and pushed my tongue into her mouth. A good old fashioned snog, hadn’t had one of those for years. I pulled her polo shirt out of her slacks and my hands went inside feeling her soft skin for the first time. One hand moved up her back to undo the bra strap (one handed, a skill learnt as a teenager and never forgotten) the other was caressing her stomach and as the bra loosened, slid underneath to feel her magnificent breasts. Both her hands were now at my crotch and she had undone my belt, button and zip and was extracting my dick from my underpants. One hand encircled it and gently rubbed up and down the length drawing a gasp from me (not easy as her tongue was still in my mouth); the other cupped my balls. Her mouth pulled away and she slid to the floor between my legs, “let my get rid of these” she said and unlaced and removed my shoes and socks, a nice touch I thought. I’ve always had a problem with taking them off during that first awkward fuck in a relationship, is it a bit presumptuous to take them off before you start, or do you stop half way through the foreplay to take them off? Shoes you can often kick off but I’ve at least twice gone through the whole exercise with just my socks on, not the best look on a man!
She then dragged my trousers and pants down my legs a little more, wrapped her hand around my prick again and placed her mouth over the head. Her tongue was doing wonderful things to me as she began to take more of me into her mouth. I was fully hard now and she started to move her head up and down, her hands playing with my balls again. She suddenly stopped. “Get undressed and lie on the sofa.” A bit abrupt I thought, but a fucks a fuck. I pulled my polo over my head and kicked my trousers and pants off and sprawled on the seat. She undressed, giving me my first look at her wonderful body, but instead of climbing onto my upright prick, she knelt astride my head and lowered her fanny onto my mouth. She leant forward and took my dick back into her mouth. My index finger was sliding in and out of her as my tongue was licking at her clit when I realised someone was standing next to us. I turned my head to look and nearly fainted. Carol was standing there. She had certainly taken of her golfing clothes and was stark naked apart from elbow length black leather gloves and a large black strap on penis and she was holding a riding crop. “Susan, you slut. I turn my back for five minutes and look what you get up to.” She lifted the crop and brought down the leather strap on Susans left cheek. “Wait a minute, she just got carried away and I took advantage of her.” “Thank you John, but she must be punished. Don’t worry she’ll enjoy it. You’ll get yours later.”
I laid my head flat on the sofa and watched Carol slap each buttock about ten times each, using the leather thong not the shaft of the crop. Susan wasn’t really trying to avoid the beating and was making little mewing sounds with each slap. “Ok Susan, get ready. John stay where you are. You may enjoy this.” Carol climbed onto the sofa, also astride my head. Susan lifted herself onto her hands and knees and Carol held the dildo against Sue’s wet fanny. Lying where I was I had my own private porn show as Carol pushed the prick in, Sue moved backwards to meet the thrust and made a slightly louder mew. I could see that it wasn’t simply a strap on but that Carol was wearing a sort of two ended dildo, with what appeared to be a matching pink prick in her own fanny. She was also groaning with each thrust. As Carol picked up her pace and slammed into her Susan was moving backwards with each stroke and she was obviously approaching her orgasm. The noises she was making weren’t the normal British ladies “oh, oh, oh…ohh” but a porn star’s “Yes, Yes, YES…YESSS!” Luckily she had already let go of my prick or she may have broken it off.
Carol pulled the prick out, Susan collapsed onto my chest and I treated her to a few little aftershocks with my tongue. Carol climbed off the sofa and moved around to kneel at the bottom. She put her hands on my hips and pulled me towards her. “Perhaps I should have explained our little side bet, basically the winner gets to fuck the loser and you did lose, now its your turn. Susan come here and help me”. Susan climbed off of me and helped Carol to pull me to the edge of the sofa. What was I supposed to do? Resist? But I was enjoying it too much! They lifted my legs up in the air and sort of hooked them over Carol’s shoulders. Carol pulled my legs apart, god those gloves felt good, and placed the dildo at my arse hole, “As its your first time I’ll be gentle, I’ve even put some lube on it.” I couldn’t tell if she meant my first time of playing golf with them or if she knew from the look on my face that it would be the first time I’d been fucked in the arse. She pushed the head of the plastic penis inside me, “oh that hurt” “Just relax, it’ll get better”. After a few moments she slowly pushed an inch further into me, then pulled back to just the head again, A few more moment and she went a couple of inches in and slowly withdrew, I was relaxing, beginning to loosen up and stating to enjoy this. The next time she pushed in the whole length and held it there for a while. “Oh that feels good” “Told you it would”. She pulled out and then straight back in.
“Fuck him, Mistress. Fuck him harder.” Susan demanded. I noted the “Mistress”; perhaps there was more to their relationship than golf buddies and what was this “Fuck him harder”? I’d tried to defend her when she was getting pounded, “I’ll remember that, you little bitch”.
Carol was fucking me, if not as hard as Susan wanted, I hadn’t cum yet and Little John was standing as loud and proud as I’d ever seen him. I was going to shoot any minute and Susan could tell. She leant forward as if to take me in her mouth, “No don’t” said Carol “I want to see him explode”. That did it for me and as the next in-stroke slammed into me, I did explode, at least six inches into the air and splattering my stomach. “Ok now” and Susan dove onto my prick to suck up the next spurts.
As Susan cleaned up my dick and licked the spunk of my stomach, Carol pulled out of me and pulled the other end of the dildo from her fanny. “Right, it’s my turn now” she said and sat next to me on the chaise langue spreading her legs “John, get your tongue down here and bring me off”
I knelt on the floor in front of her and licked at the lips of her cunt. She put her hands onto my head and pulled me further forward, I forced my tongue inside her, loving the taste of her. She groaned quietly. Whack! I felt a sharp slap on my backside. I pulled my head back and turned around to see Susan wearing the strap-on and holding the riding crop. “It’s also my turn; don’t forget you lost at golf to me as well!” She slapped me again, “Move your arse up a bit so I can get in”. Slap, slap. Carol had her fingers in my hair and firmly pulled my face around “Get back in here, I’m not finished yet” I went back to the licking, finding her clit and rolling my tongue around it. Susan had moved my backside to the right position, dropped the riding crop and was pushing the prick into me. “who’s a little bitch now?” she asked. She was not as gentle as Carol and slammed the whole length straight into me; luckily I had loosened up and was getting a taste for it. She pulled back and slammed forward again and slapped my arse for luck. A few more strokes and Susan noticed something, “Mistress, he’s hard again, Can I wank him off?” “Yes, but he’s not allowed to cum until I’ve finished”. That gave me the incentive I didn’t really need, I really went to town on her clit and pushed two fingers inside her fanny. Susan had slowed down a little with the fucking but was wanking me like a madman. Carol was getting closer and her fingers were tightening in my hair, painfully, a last flick of her clitoris and she came screaming “YES, YES, YES”. I was about five seconds behind her gushing a second load onto the sofa and the floor. Susan slammed into me for the last time and collapsed onto my back, Carol released my hair and my head flopped onto her thigh, she gently stroked my hair and said “Well John, I think our golfing mornings are going to become a regular event, you’ll just have to hope your game improves.”
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