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My first story. I hope you like
My college professor

It's the beginning of a new semester and Samantha is not happy with the school she is at. You see over the summer Sam's mom had a heart attack and because of that Sam moved home to take care of her. So instead of going to the top notch college that she had loved her freshman year she was going to the local technical college that took anybody. 
Being a business major Sam had to take a marketing class that she didn't think she was going to like. When she walked into the class and saw that there was no windows in the room her mood dropped even lower. Having her earbuds in she didn't hear the professor walk into the room. So when a hand touched her shoulder she jumped. She quickly pulled the earbuds out, not wanting to seem rude. 
"I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in." she said blushing. 
"it's alright, but don't let it happen again." he smiled in return and headed for the front of the room.  
Once she heard his voice Sam knew this class was going to be better than she thought. The class started and as usual each student had to stand, say their name and an interesting fact about themselves. When it finally was Sam's turn she stood, "My name is Samantha but please call me Sam.  I'm a transfer from Ashton university, and I'm the youngest of eight."
She sat and before the next student could start the professor asked, "what is the age rage of your siblings?" 
"Well I'm 20 and my oldest brother is 45." she said shyly. 
When all the students had gone the professor said "well I guess it's my turn. I'm professor Loflin but you can call me Ron. I am also the youngest of eight but our age range is a little different. I went to UNCC, and I love teaching."
After that the class went how most first days go. 
At the end of class Sam walked up front and waited for the other students to finish talking to Ron. 
" I just wanted to apologize again for being so rude," she said, trying not to blush. For some reason Sam cared what this man thought of her. 
He looked at her and smiled. "It's alright Sam. Thank you for coming up and talking to me."
Sam walked out with a huge smile on her face. She went to her classes the next day secretly hoping that she would see Ron.  
On wednesday Sam had an unexplainable urge to make sure she looked good, spending extra time on her hair and make-up. She seemed to try on everything in her closet before deciding on a black pencil skirt and a hot pink blouse. 
Happy with the way she looked Sam headed for school. Once there she went to class, with only one earbud in today, and took a seat closer to the front. Sam did not understand why she was so excited for this class or why she had dressed up. 
A few weeks passed and Sam found herself loving going to class. Her mom even asked why she was so happy, and Sam really couldn't say why. The first exam came up and Ron offered a study session on Saturday for anyone that would like to come. 
Saturday morning came and Sam was waiting in the class room for more students and Ron to show up. It was about fifteen minutes after the time the study session was supposed to start and she was the only one there. Getting ready to leave Ron ran through the door. "I am so so sorry I'm late." looking around he asked "did everyone else leave?" 
Sam looked around and blushed "I'm the only one that showed up."
"Oh, sucks for them. You get a study guide." he said smiling at her. 
Sam smiled and said "awesome!"
Once they were through going over the study guide Ron asked "so why did you transfer from Ashton? That is a great school. Did you not like it there?"
Sam frowned and told Ron about her mother. 
"Oh my I'm sorry. How is she doing now?" he asked feeling awful for bringing up the topic. 
She smiled liking that he seemed to really care, "she is doing well. They have her blood pressure down and she is on a strict diet."
"Well that's wonderful. " he liked seeing her smile. 
Hey sat there for a moment just looking at each other before she asked "what is the age range for your siblings?"
"Now if I tell you that I would have to show my old age! My oldest brother is 52 and I'm 32." he reluctantly admitted. 
"That's not old at all! You are still a young stud." As she said it her hand came up and covered her mouth. "Oh god I'm sorry."
A huge smile came over his face. "So you think I'm a stud huh?" He joked with her. 
Her head was down and her cheeks were as red as her shirt. "You have to know that you are good looking."
He lightly placed his finger on her chin and lifted her face. "Thank you." was all he said. 
What he didn't know was that his touch sent shock waves through her that she had never felt before. 
Packing up her things Sam looked up and saw Ron watching her with a goofy smile on his face. 
"Sam would you like to have lunch with me? I know this Mexican restaurant that is to die for."
Sam was a little taken back but said "sure." a million things were running through her mind including, is this a date?
They drove in separate cars with Sam following. Once there Sam was turning off her iPod when Ron tapped on her window. She looked up and smiled unlocking the door and grabbing her purse. Ron opened the door for her, being the gentleman that he is. 
They talked through lunch laughing and cutting up. It seemed so natural being together. After they finished eating Ron asked "So are you dating anyone?" 
"No, I wouldn't date my freshman year. I wanted to concentrate on my studies. And I haven't met anyone since i've been home." when she finished she really wanted. To know why he asked. But instead of that question she asked, "what about you?"
"Nope, just got out of one. We were high school sweet hearts, I guess you could say."
"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." she looked down at her hands. 
"it's alright. I wasn't happy. So it was a good thing for me."
After that they paid and went their separate ways. Sam's head was spinning with everything that had happened today. She still didn't know if lunch with Ron was a date or not. She went to bed that night wondering. 
It was about 2am when her phone buzzed and woke her up. Looking at her phone she didn't know the number but answered anyways. "Hello?"
"hi Sam this is Ron. In sorry for waking you up but I just had to talk to you."
Sam sat up wondering what was going on "what's wrong?"
"can you come to my place? I live downtown. I need to see you."
"Um yeah. It will take me q few minutes to get there." she was beyond confused and she rushed to get dressed and get out of the house without waking her mom. 
Once she was downtown at the address Ron had given her, she knocked lightly on the door. He answered the door quickly and pulled her in. 
"I'm sorry but I just had to do this." 
He pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply. She was shocked at first but soon lost herself in the kiss, loving the way his lips felt against hers. 
He pulled away and looked down at her. "I'm sorry Sam I...." 
He was cut off by her reaching up and kissing him again. This time instead of pulling away from her he pulled her closer, letting his hands explore her body. He reach her nice round ass and pulled her off the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he went for the bedroom. 
He gently laid her down without breaking the kiss. He moved on top of her, one leg between hers and the other on the outside.  
His hand slipped up her shirt and cupped her sensitive breasts. She moaned into his mouth loving the feeling of his hand on her. 
When he started to unzip her pants she pushed on him a little. 
"Ron I'm a virgin." she admitted shyly. 
"I'll be careful I promise." 
He slipped his thumbs in two of the belt loops on her jeans. Slowly he pulled down her pants leaving only a thin silk pair of boyshorts between his hand and her now sopping wet pussy. He bent down and lightly kissed the smooth silk. She gasped and ran her fingers through his blonde hair. He had barely touched her and she was so very close to having an orgasm.  
A knock on her door woke Sam up out of her dream.  "Sam are you ok? I was walking by and heard some moaning."
She was quick to say "yeah mom I was just dreaming I guess."
"Oh okay dear. Sweet dreams, sorry for waking you up."
"It's okay mom. Sweet dreams."
Once Sam's mom shut the door she fell back and let out a breath that she hadn't realized she had been holding. Wow had she really had a sex dream about her professor? She let her hand slip under her cover and lightly touch her swollen pussy. She couldn't believe how wet she was. She knew that if she didn't finish this she would never sleep. So she slid her panties down and push a finger between her wet lips. She let out a moan as her finger touched her waiting clit.  She rubbed the little nub and was in pure bliss. She pushed her finger lower and found her opening. She pushed her finger in her tight pussy and almost screamed with pleasure. She had to bite her pillow so she wouldn't make to much noise. She did not need her mom to come back in now. 
Sam was imagining that it was Ron's finger inside of her and his teeth on her nipples. She was in heaven as an amazing orgasm ripped through her.
On Monday morning she was nervous about going to Ron's class. She didn't know what to think. She had had an incredible sex dream about this man! Hell she was willing to loose her virginity to him! And she didn't know how he felt about her. In fact she doubted that he had any feelings for her besides teacher-student. 
She got to class and nothing seemed to be different. Class went by awfully slow and right before it ended Ron asked "Sam would you mind staying after class please?"
She nodded and looked back down at her papers trying to hide her blush. After all the other students left she slowly walked up front. 
"You wanted to see me?" she asked timidly. 
"Yeah, would you mind coming to my office with me?" he asked. 
"Sure, I'm not in trouble am I?" she asked worried. 
"No, not at all. I just want to talk to you in private." 
Sam followed Ron to his office and he shut the door behind her. 
"Sam I wanted to talk to you about Saturday. I might have acted differently then you expected your professor to." he looked down just as nervous as she was. "You see when I'm with you I feel different. Better than I have in a very long time. I haven't smiled that much in I can't remember how long." 
Sam looked up and said "I know what you mean. I haven't either." she let her head fall again and her hair cover her eyes. 
She wasn't expecting his hand to brush the hair out of her face. It was such a loving touch. He very slowly leaned in and kissed her softly. She quickly pulled away saying, " Ron, we can't do this. You could loose your job. And you are to good of a teacher for that."
"How about this, we transfer you to a different class? You are 20 years old. They really can't say anything about us then." he wanted so badly to be with her. It shocked him how much he truly loved her. 
She thought about what he said, and the longer she thought about it the more she liked the idea. She looked up at this most wonderful man and knew she couldn't live without him. "Do you really think it will work?" she asked softly. 
He simply said "yes."
"Who else teaches the class?" she smiled knowing she would get her way. 
After that it was a true love story. Ron met Sam's mother, who by the way LOVED him. They seemed to spend every free second with each other, always holding hands and kiss. Of course never at school. 
One night close to the end of second semester they were at Ron's house all snuggled up next to each other when things got a lot more physical then usual. Ron had slid his hand up her shirt and had unhooked her bra. His hand found it's way around to her breast and was now lightly pinching her erect nipple. She let out a soft moan and pulled herself closer to Ron. His other hand start to move south and unbuttoned her jeans. That's when she pushed away. "Ron, I can't. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't before I was married. I'm sorry..." before she could finish he kissed her not the hungry way they had just been doing but in a sweet loving way. 
"Baby, that's fine. I understand!" he got up and walked into the other room. Thinking he was upset she got up to follow him. 
"Ron please don't be mad." 
He was in a drawer digging around for something. She went up behind him and put her arms around his waist and kissed his bare shoulder. "Baby?"
He turned around and kissed her tenderly. "Sit down. I've been trying to figure out the best way to do this but I think this way is more us. Nothing crazy or with an audience. Samantha Ann Silver, I love you with every fiber of my being. Ever since the first day we met I knew I loved you. Will you do me the incredible honor of being my wife?" 
Sam sat there stunned. She hadn't expected this. "My brother, you have to ask my brother's permission." that's all she could think about. 
"I talked to him three weeks ago. He's a really awesome guy. He loves you a lot."
She looked down at him and kissed him, "yes!"
He opened the box holding a 2 carat princess cut solitaire pulled it out and slipped it on her finger. 
Sam was completely speechless, here she was with the man she loved and a  to die for ring!  A high pitched giggle came out as she through her arms around him and kissed him with passion. 
The couple decide on a June wedding which meant a lot of planning, but Sam had amazing friends that helped her. Her friends also knew that her wedding night was going to be her first time being with a man, and they were going to give her one crazy bachlorette party with all sorts of goodies. 
The night before the wedding came and she was informed that she must be dressed up in formal attire and be ready to be picked up at 7 pm sharp. She did as she was told wondering where in the world they were taking her. She thankfully knew that they wouldn't be getting her drunk seeing as she was still only 20. 
Sam had never seen so much dirty lingerie in her life. There was things she didn't know how to even wear! She seemed to have red cheeks the whole night!  When she got home she went to put a few of the sexy nighties in her over night bag. 
The morning seemed to come fast, Sam's mom came in to wake her up for she could start to get ready. Thee days past quickly and soon it was time for Sam to walk down the aisle. 
Ron was sanding up front staring at the door trying to will it open. He could not wait to see his bride come through them. As he was waiting all he could think about was how much Sam had changed his life in less than a year. He had been so ready to give up on love, then there she was in his class. 
His thoughts were interrupted when the music started and the bridesmaids started down the aisle. He kept his eyes glued to the door way. The music slowly changed and Sam started walking out on her brothers arm. 
Ron had the hardest time getting throughout the ceremony, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Sam.  When the minister finally said that his could kiss his wife he couldn't hold back. He pulled Sam to him and kissed her long and hard not caring who saw them. 
They had a blast at the reception. Sam's mother cried and she got to dance with her brother. When it was time for them to leave the couple had bubbles blown at them as the ran to the car. 
Ron checked them into the hotel and they rode the elevator to the top floor. Ron stopped, put their bags down and swooped Sam into his arms. 
"Oh my Mr. Loflin!"Sam giggled. She kissed him as they went into the room. Ron sat her down on the couch and ran to get their bags. When he came back in he dropped them and wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her towards him. 
"I love you Mrs. Loflin.". He said as he started kissing her. His hands reach around and started to unzip Sam's dress.
"Wait" she pushed him away. Sam got up grabbed her bag and walked into the bathroom. Ron went into the bedroom and sat on the bed waiting on Sam to come back out. And when she did...Damn! 
Sam had changed into a white nightie that barely covered her erect nipple and only had about a dollar size piece of martial covering her already wet pussy. 
She walked slowly over to her husband kneeling down infront of him. She lightly kissed Ron's rock hard cock through his tux pants. Sam undid his pants and pulled them to his ankles. She then kissed his cock through his boxers making Ron moan. 
Sam loved teasing him. 
"Baby I can't take it." he pulled down his boxers and watched as his cock bounced up and hit Sam's lips. She smiled and kissed the head. Cupping his balls in her left hand she used her right to guide his cock to her mouth. She waisted no time taking his entire 8 inch cock into her mouth, only gagging for a moment. Ron almost lost it right there. 
"Oh damn. Baby get up here." he pulled her up off her knees and kissed her. The kiss did not last long because he made her lay back on the bed and he dropped to his knees. Sam knew what was coming and she opened her legs wide. 
Ron pushed the small piece of silk away from her swollen pussy lips and let his tongue finds it's way to her clit. Sam was in heaven, she had never felt anything there except for her finger. 
It didn't take long before Sam had an explosive orgasm. She screamed with pleasure! "oh damn." she pulled Ron up to her and kissed him hard. "Make love to me." was her only request. 
Sam moved to the center of the bed and spread her legs. Licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy she waited for her husband. Ron sat there and just stared at this beautiful woman in front of him. He then slowly moved between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. Sam almost had another orgasm right then. 
Ron kissed her softly and said "baby, if I hurt you please tell me to stop."
Looking into Ron's eyes Sam knew that he loved her and he would never hurt her. So she nodded her head and kissed him. 
Ron slipped his cock up and down her pussy a few more times to get it wet and then slowly started to push inside his wife. He got to the point where he could feel her virginity and stopped. Kissing Sam he quickly pushed past and buried himself in her. 
Sam closed her eyes and dug her nails into Ron's back. "just stay still for a moment please." her voice was raspy. The longer they sat like that the more the pain went away and the pleasant feeling of being full took over. She started to rock her hips signaling to Ron that she was ready. Ron slowly started pulling back and sliding back in. Sam's fingers started pulling at his hair. 
"Oh baby. Faster, please go faster." Sam was grabbing the sheets and digging her nails into his back by now.  She has never felt this good in her life and she knew that if she had done it with anyone else it wouldn't have been the same. 
"Oh Ron! I'm going to cum!" she started pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts. She kissed Ron and let her orgasm soak his cock and the bed sheets. 
"That's right baby. Cum for me." he pinched Sam's nipple as she road out her orgasm. He pulled out of her and flipped her over pulling her ass up in the air. 
Not wasting any time he rammed his cock back into her dripping wet pussy. Ron had one hand on her hip and the other was pinching her nipple. 
Ron grunted and said "I'm going to cum!" He slammed into her a few more times and then let out a huge load of cum into her waiting pussy. She felt his cum hit her walls and had yet another orgasm. 
They collapsed cuddling up to each other. Ron kissed Sam's neck and pulled her closer to him. 
"I love you Mr. Loflin!" she said leaning into his kisses. 
"I love you more Mrs. Loflin!" he returned. 
They fell asleep in each others arms. 

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2011-02-08 03:26:53
I liked it.. u got a sweet story telling style an i see u haveing a future in womens fiction.. from one girl to another.. "you go girl!!"

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