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Fat Mike’s wife, Elsie, was babysitting me again. This time she did not get called in to work on the night shift. I knew Fat Mike could be very persuasive, forceful and usually always in control of any given situation. He just had a “way about him”. I witnessed this first hand when I spied on him talking Jim into that blow job (Fat Mike 1). As it turns out he is very controlling of his wife also, as I was about to find out first hand.
Mike got in from work around 8:00pm that evening after having a few beers at a local tavern. He strode into the living room where I was lying on the couch watching TV. He plopped down into the recliner beside the couch and yelled out “What’s for supper?” “Meat loaf and mashed potatoes” Elsie replied. “Bring me some” he demanded. Elsie brought a plate of food to him. “Where’s my beer at woman!” “Just a second” she replied.

When she returned with his beer he shoved the plate back into her hands. “What the hell, this shit is cold!” he stated. “Well it was hot 3 hours ago” she meekly replied. “You getting sassy with me bitch?” he demanded. I sensed this was going to get ugly but did not know if I should get out of the room, my movement possibly drawing Mike’s attention, or just stay put. While I was debating this things took a very, to my na? mind, interesting turn.

“Fuck it. I’m not hungry anyway. But I am horny so get on your knees and suck my fat cock!” Mike ordered. This got my attention in a big way!

“Oh Mike, not in front of him” Elsie replied. “He’s seen worse so just do as I say, or else.” Mike replied as he unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Elsie hesitated so, in the blink of an eye, as Mike stood to remove his pants, he jerked the belt out of the belt loops of his jeans, folded it in half and gave Elsie a quick, sharp slap across her ass. The thin material of her house dress did nothing to mitigate the sting of the belt. She gave out a startled cry and jumped a little. Mike plopped back down in the recliner, pulled his underwear aside, drug out his cock and balls and began to roughly tug on it. “Suck that cock you nasty bitch!” he sneered at her. She complied this time. She gave me a quick, embarrassed glance then got on her knees between his legs and began to lick and stoke his cock. “Couldn’t you at least taken a bath first” she mumbled. WHACK! Another slap from the belt. “Shut up and do as you are told, when you are told, exactly as you are told or there will be hell to pay!” he growled at her as he shoved her head into his hairy, sweaty crotch. “You know how it can be” he stated.

She began to earnestly suck his thickening cock and tug on his balls. I watched, mesmerized, and getting very excited/nervous/frightened all at the same time. I knew this was wrong but could not force myself to leave the room. I could not even force myself to look away from them. My little dick was hard enough to cut diamonds.

Mike’s cock was fully hard now and she was working it like a pro. She was eager to please him. Mike grabbed the backs of his knees and pulled his legs up as far as his big belly would allow. “Lick my shitter!!” he demanded. She hesitated, but only slightly, before she grasped the crotch of his underwear and pulled it aside to totally expose his asshole. She began to lick all around and across his asshole. Mike dropped his left leg onto her shoulder and used it to press her face further into his ass cleavage. “That’s it. Lick that asshole” he murmured as he began to stroke his cock. “Suck on it baby. Suck that ass. Stick your tongue up in it. Yeah, just like that.”

With his eyes clenched shut beads of sweat were starting to form on his forehead as Elsie continued to eat his ass while he furiously jacked his cock. At this point my stiff little dick was simply aching to be touched. I rubbed it once through my jeans, just to provide a little respite. I didn’t dare rub it too much not knowing what would happen if Mike saw me do it. “OK. Back to the cock” he stated. She moved up and began sucking his cock again. Just before she put it in her mouth I saw some pre-cum on the tip of it as he had pulled his foreskin all the way down exposing the angry purple crown. As soon as she had it in her mouth he shoved hard on the back of her head pushing her nose firmly into his pubes. He leaned forward in the recliner and grasped her loose fitting house dress and pulled it up around her shoulders exposing her ample ass. I had two surprises – 1) she was not wearing any underwear and 2) there were two angry red welts where the belt had struck her. I had not realized how hard he swung it.

Her ass was fat enough that I could not see her pussy, just some tufts of hair protruding from the point where her fleshy thighs and ass cheeks converged. Her legs were not tightly clenched together but her thighs were touching. She is not a huge woman, not particularly fat in any one spot, but has “extra” weight all over. She is about 5’-6” tall, weighs about 190 lbs. Also, from what I have seen through her house dresses, her tits about the size of footballs – like if one football was cut in half and the two halves were stuffed into her dress. She has murky blonde shoulder length hair.

I quickly forgot about the welts as I stared at the tufts of hair. “Want a better look?” Mike leered as he strained to reach down her back and grasp her ass. His ample belly pressed firmly against her head and would not allow him to easily reach her ass cheeks. He grunted as he stretched his arms out but just could not reach her ass. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her mouth off his cock. He then tugged forward dragging her, at an angle, towards him until her face and right shoulder was on the armrest of the recliner. This allowed him to easily reach her ass. Without being told she grasped his saliva and pre-cum coated cock in her left hand and began to jack him off. Mike reached out as she knelt there and spread her ass cheeks wide apart. So wide in fact that her asshole was deformed into a skinny, oval shape as his fingers dug into and pried her flesh.

I was astounded. I could not believe this was happening. I stared at her hairy pussy. It was agape just enough that I could see a pink slit in the middle of all that hair. Mike got a better grip with his hands, sliding his fingers deeper into her crack and pried her cheeks widely apart again. “Ow, that hurts” she mumbled. Mike just ignored her. “You like that pussy?” he asked me. “Ever seen one before?” “Yeah, you like it, I know you do, I can tell.” “Come over here and get a closer look.” This was not a request but I did not need much coaxing to get in closer.

I got on my hands and knees just behind her widely spread ass. I stared at her distended asshole and hairy pussy, lost in a world of my own. Suddenly I was snapped out of it by Mike telling me to sniff her ass. Like I said earlier, I knew this was wrong but I did not want any of those welts on me so I hesitantly complied. I moved to within about 6” of her ass and inhaled. “No, damn it! Stick you face in there and get a good sniff boy!” Mike bellowed. I was startled and moved forward so quickly that I slammed my face into her ass, my nose pressing firmly against her perineum. I inhaled deeply. The aroma was overpowering – humid, sweaty, strong, female odor. As the aroma filled my nostrils and warmed my lungs I groaned loudly and ejaculated in my jeans. My body quivered and Mike laughingly said “Hey baby, I did not know you could make a guy cum just by letting him smell your pussy and ass”. I sat upright on the floor behind Elsie. I was flushed and a little shaky. “You need to take those pants off so she can wash them. Just toss them over there.” Mike stated as he glanced over to where his jeans lie. Mike sat back up in the recliner and pulled her hair guiding her mouth back to his cock.

I stripped my pants and underwear off and threw them on top of his. “Now look at that” Mike said “for his age he sure does have a nice cock wouldn’t you say Elsie.” He let her pull her head up and look back over her shoulder at me. I felt a hot, red flush of embarrassment flood over me. “Yeah, not bad” she agreed and went back to sucking his cock. “C’mere boy” he said and indicated I should come up beside his chair. I stood next to Elsie as she sucked his cock and balls. He reached up and wrapped three fingers around my cock and gave it a couple tugs. “What do you know, still hard as a rock. Nice to be young.” He stated.

“Suck his little cock” Mike ordered. I was once again astounded! Elsie, without hesitation or protest, simply took my cock between her lips and began to suck it for all she was worth. I was in heaven. This was a most incredible feeling. Mike rapidly stroked his fat cock as he stared fixedly at her sucking my cock. She took it all into her mouth, all 3 ¼” of it, and tongued my balls at the same time. In just a minute or so I could feel the tingle in my nut sack and knew I was getting close to cumming again. Mike was very flushed; beads of sweat were now running down his face and dripping onto his shirt. His hand was flying up and down his cock and his breathing was raspy.

Suddenly he stopped jacking his cock, grabbed the hair at the back of her head and jerked it off my little cock. He immediately shoved her mouth back down on his cock. My little cock was pulsing in the air before me. Before I had a chance to say or do anything Mike leaned forward and sucked my cock into his mouth and took up where Elsie left off. Yes, once again I was astounded! He was just as good at it as she was. He grabbed my ass cheeks in his hands and pulled my pubic area firmly against his face. His nose pressed firmly into my flesh. His head moved in rapid little strokes, almost like it was quivering. His nose never broke contact with my skin his back stroke was so short. Then it would press firmly against me as he stroked his mouth forward and pulled firmly against my ass with his hands. Elsie was pistoning her head up and down as she furiously sucked his cock and roughly pulled on his balls. I felt my knees weaken as I was getting close to cumming. “I’m gonna’ shoot it in your mouth if you don’t stop” I stammered. This just seemed to excite him more. He redoubled his efforts and within seconds I was cumming. I shot three squirts of cum into his mouth as he frantically sucked and tongued my sensitive little cock. I would have collapsed at the knees if he did not have such a tight grip on my ass. I felt the tip of one of his fingers roughly penetrate my asshole.

At that moment he groaned loudly around my cock and his body began to tremble. He jerked his mouth off my cock, let go of my ass, sat back in the recliner and grasped Elsie’s head with both hands. I nearly collapsed when he let go of me but I regained my balance and sunk to the floor beside the chair. “I cumming bitch! I gonna cuuuuuuuum nowwwww!” he grunted out as he shoved her head fully into his crotch. I saw her eyes clenched tightly shut, her brow deeply furrowed as she struggled to swallow his load. His fat cock had her lips stretched so thin I thought they might rip. He released some pressure from the back of her head which allowed her to come up a little and fully swallow his load. He released her head. She pulled up, peeled his foreskin back and bathed his cock with the tip of her tongue. Each time it lapped over the angry purple knob his body quivered. Mike pushed her back on her haunches. “OK. Good enough for now. Go wash his jeans and underwear before they stain”. Without saying a word or looking at me she got up, straightened her house dress, gathered our clothes and left the room. “Not bad, eh” he said as he opened his beer and took a big swallow of it.

I felt a little odd being in the living room like that – no pants. I heard the washing machine start up. Mike was setting there sucking on his beer and playing with his cock. He rose from the recliner and lie down on the couch. “Come over here and put you little ass in my face” he ordered. I hesitantly walked over beside the couch and with my back towards him I bent over. “Not like that” he said “get up here on top of me.”
I awkwardly placed my right foot on the couch beside his head, braced myself with my right hand on the back of the couch and lowered my ass toward his face. His meaty hands grabbed my ass and brought my hole to withing an inch of his nose. He inhaled deeply. “Mmmmmmm, fresh boy ass” he mumbled. He began to lick my asshole making me quiver as his tongue tickled my ring. He moved his right hand down to his flaccid cock and began to squeeze and tug on it. He pulled me down firmly onto his face. His nose was buried in my crack and his tongue was valiantly trying to penetrate my asshole. His cock was starting to thicken as he played with it. He pushed me up off his face an inch, took another deep breath and moaned. “I’m gonna get a butt fuck or blowjob, your choice” he said.

I did not want to do either but I figured a blow job would not be as bad as having that fat cock in my ass again. “Blowjob” I quietly answered.

He pushed my head down toward his smelly cock. It was half hard now. He aimed it toward my mouth and I slowly lowered my head. He got impatient and shoved my head down onto his cock. The big purple knob hit the back of my throat nearly choking me to death. The semi-rigid shaft bent sideways and pressed painfully hard against the inside of my cheek. He released the back of my head.”Bob on it” he ordered. I began to move my head up and down. His cock was still not fully hard. I thought this was going to take a long time. He moved my ass around until he could take my cock and balls into his mouth. As soon as he did this I felt his cock thickening rapidly. My little dick was hard despite itself. It actually felt pretty good. I could feel his heated breath as it flowed across my asshole. He started to rock his hips up and down bouncing his knob off the back of my throat. My cheeks were starting to burn now that his cock was fully hard and stretching them to their limits. Moans began to emanate from deep within his chest.

He pushed up on my hips removing my cock from his mouth. “Finger my asshole and play with my balls” he excitedly ordered. I had to use one hand for support so I did not at first know how I was going to do this. “Wet your finger first” he said. I was more than happy to do that as it gave my jaws a much needed break from the stretching his cock was providing. I licked the middle finger of my right hand and unceremoniously shoved it up his asshole. He grunted “yeah, like that. Move it around. Suck my cock”.

Just then I figured it out. I would use the palm of my hand to massage his balls while I fingered his asshole. He was aiming his dick straight up. I resumed sucking it. I forcefully wormed my finger around inside his ass. He seemed to really like this as his breathing was increasing and his moaning was getting louder. I remembered how forcefully I had seen him work his balls and how firmly Elsie had tugged on them so I really pressed down hard. The palm of my hand mashed his nuts. I could feel the “squirting” around under my hand as I made circular motions with my wrist. This also served to work my finger around in his asshole. He really liked this. This might not take as long as I had originally feared. Although it had been going on for several minutes I thought, hoped, that it would end soon. He sucked my cock back into his mouth. I increased the speed of my hand and continued to bob my head up and down his cock. He reached down and grasped his cock and pulled the foreskin down tight. This kept his purple crown totally exposed to my tongue at all times. He started grunting loudly around my cock. He began to jerk his hips forcefully, almost bringing his ass up off the couch. He let go of his cock and quickly moved his hand to the back of my head. He pushed down severely, cramming the head of his cock to the back of my mouth and attempted to get it down my throat. He turned his head to the side and cried out “OH FUCK YES!” I was about to die – his cock was pressed so hard against my throat I was trying to puke but could not and was trying to breathe but could not. His hips just quivered and as he held my head like that I felt it. The cum did not squirt out this time it just sort of leaked out. I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth but it was not what I would call “shooting”. He released me. I quickly pulled my mouth off his softening cock. I almost puked but managed to keep it down. As I was getting off him he said “I’m done with you for now tonight. She can handle it if I need more.” I stood up and ran to bed.


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