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Wednesday I phoned round to make sure the three women I had invited for tonight were still available. They were Gojura the newsagent’s wife. Sue Brown the head teacher and Wendy the businesswoman. Both Sue and Wendy were ready and looking forward to tonight. And Mr Patel had told his wife that she must do whatever was asked of her. With Doris, Carol and Izzy I would fill the table in the basement. I’d already invited Darron but I needed two more men. So I invited old man Ted and young John, Danny's 13-year-old friend. Then waited for evening.
By 7 o'clock Sue and Wendy had arrived so with Carol and Izzy I took them to the basement.
There they stripped and I gave them a place on the table. At 7.15 all four were strapped on the table with their legs wide open up in the stirrups. I was admiring the display when the doorbell rang.
I opened it to find Mr Patel and his wife; right behind them stood my mother.
"Please forgive me Sir". He said. "The shop was busy. Here’s Gojura take her, I have to get back to close-up".
I led them into the basement. Both were shocked at the sight of the four women already laid out.
“You will both strip off and join them”. I ordered.
Mother started to protest until Mrs Patel said. “Please Mrs Turner will you help me with my Sari”.
“Madam, I’ve just see you husband outside, how could you just come down here and do whatever Steve says. Are you prepared to be tied down naked like those other women”.
“I must do as my husband demands. Now please the Sari”. She said unwinding herself.
Doris helped her, even removing the Indian lady’s knickers. Climbing on the table Mrs Patel said. “Mr Turner, I beg you please strap me down very tightly before putting my legs in the stirrups. No man has seen between my legs and I don’t know if I could do it unless I’m strapped down”.
Soon Gojura was in her place on the table and my mother was reluctantly undressing. Again I spied the twinkle in her eyes as I strapped her in place. Then I lowered a screen that would conceal them from the waist up and hide their identity. John was due at 8-o clock. I had half an hour till then, so starting at the stairs I wrote on the screen above each woman.
Above Izzy (my daughter) I wrote YOUNG CUNT AGE 16.
Above Gojura I wrote FOREIGN CUNT AGE 33.
Above Carol (my wife) I wrote WIFE & MOTHER AGE 35.
Above Wendy I wrote RICH & POSH AGE 35.
Above Sue I wrote EDUCATED CUNT AGE 44.
Above Doris (my mother) I wrote PRUDISH CUNT AGE 72.
Having finished I spent some time examining each woman’s vagina. Using my fingers to open them and look inside. I spent a little longer on Mrs Patel’s cunt, as it was the only one I hadn’t seen. In contrast to her brown skin, inside her hole was bright pink. I was tempted to stick my cock in it but instead I finger fucked it. It was tight and only managed two fingers but it got quite wet.
I'd just finished studying my mother’s cunt when the doorbell rang.
Taking John into the sitting room I sat him down. "Last time we meet you fucked your dinner lady, I hope you like it."
"Yes very much, thank you Mr Turner."
"Well tonight I have six ladies for you to enjoy. But this time I’d like you to use your mouth on then, is that alright with you."
"I’ve never kissed a girl let along a woman."
"No John. You won’t see their faces. I want you to use your mouth between their legs I want you to kiss their cunts."
"But that's dirty."
"John you remember what I said about giving and receiving, well these ladies are waiting for someone to kiss them between their legs."
"O K Mr Turner, I’ll try."
I took him down to the basement and he couldn't believe his eyes. Before him were six women covered from the waist up. All with their legs spread apart and showing off their female parts."
"Is the lady from the other day here?" he asked
"Well I wouldn’t mind trying it with her."
"I can't till you who these ladies are. But why not try the married one first. The lady you fucked the other day was married."
"Right, what should I do?'
"Kneel down and put your face close to her vagina."
John knelt in front of Carol with his face two inches away. "Can you smell it?" I asked
"Yes I can. It’s making my penis go hard."
"Get closer. Put your nose right on it."
He lent forward and placed his nose just inside Carol’s labia.
“Smells nice don’t it John. Try kissing it.”
After a couple more sniffs he kissed it. First just a little peck, then he began kissing it from top to bottom.
“Now try with you tongue. Give it a little lick.” I told him.
Slowly his tongue emerged and tentatively licked the outside of her fanny. Carol strained at her bonds, offering herself up to his treatment.
“I think the lady likes it John. I’ll open it wider for you, why don’t you rub your cock while you lick it.”
Using both hands I pulled the labia apart. Opening up my wife’s hole for him. She was very wet and the smell cameing from her cunt was beautiful.
“Lick the bit up the top, the clitoris.”
He slowly licked her clit and then he sucked the whole thing into his mouth.
“It tastes very nice Steve.” He said taking a breather.
“Good, now stick your tongue inside the hole and lick out the juice.”
“Can I do that?”
“Yes, I think the lady would like your tongue inside her hole. Lick it and suck out the juices. The more you lick the more cream she’ll make for you to drink.”
Gently he pushed his tongue into the hole between her lips. Tasting more flavour. Realising that a woman cunt tasted nice he licked deeper and deeper. Getting his tongue as far into the hole as he could. Not content with just licking he would place his mouth over the hole and suck out all the juice. Masturbating all the time his head was between her legs.
Carol was enjoying having her cunt suck by a 13-year-old boy. She was constantly cumming with her cunt making more cream all the time, for him to suck up.
“I’m going to cum soon Mr Turner. Can I put my cock in her?”
“Sorry John not today.” I said handing him a pint beer glass. “I’d like you to shoot your cum in the glass. You can try one of the other cunts if you like.”
“No thank you, I’m happy with this one.” He replied going back to suck some more. His hand was moving faster and faster, soon he was going to cum. Making sure the pint glass was right in line with his dick. I started to encouraged him.
“That’s my wife your licking. That's Danny's mum you're sucking".
He started cumming and there was a lot of it but I wanted more; I wanted him to empty his balls into the glass. So I added. “I’ll let you shag her next time. I bet you'd like to fuck your friend’s mum”
Another three spurts erupted from his dick straight into the glass. As he finished cumming the doorbell rang, my next customer had arrived.
At the door were Ted and Darron, I showed them into the sitting room as I let John out. Telling him to keep quiet about our little bit of fun. Then I went back to Ted and Darron. I told them that tonight was ladies night and there was to be no fucking only licking and sucking. And any spunk was to go into the beer glass I’d left out. Taking them into the basement the three of us striped off so we could wank as we sucked the different cunts. I let them pick first. Darron went straight for my mother.
“I’m going to start here and work my way down.” He said kneeling to lick the grey haired cunt in front of him.
“Fine.” Said Ted “I’ll start at the other end. I recognise that fanny.”
He to knelt down and began feasting on my daughter’s cunt.
That left me four to chose from. Carol, Sue and Wendy, I’d already fucked which left Gojura. If I started with Mrs Patel I could skip Carol and go on to Wendy. I knelt between the Asian woman’s legs and opened her up, her smell was extra strong but so was the wetness.
I looked at my two guests. One eating my mother and the other eating my daughter. I said
“Suck away men but remember there are other women here to be plesured.”
Then I put my face in Gojura’s cunt and plugged my tongue as far up her hole as I could. Her cunt tasted spicy but not unpleasant. As my first Asian woman I was going to enjoy it. Her hole was tight and it would squeeze my tongue as she mumbled to herself in her own language. I don't know what she was saying but her fanny was speaking volumes. My face and mouth were awash with her cunt juice. That I happily sucked up.
Over the top of Mrs Patel I could also hear both Doris and Izzy moaning. Gojura was the first to climax. She literally spurted into my face, covering it with cunt cream. Then Doris and Izzy cum together. Before they’d stopped I was telling the men to change over. Darron moved down to Sue and Ted moved up to Gojura.
"Bloody hell Steve". Said Ted. "What have you done to her, I’ve never see such a wet one"
"Just lick it up. We're here to please them. I think I’ll try the posh one does she tasted good?" I asked Ted.
"I don't know, I haven't tried her yet"
"Oh I think you have". I said with a wink, as I knelt between Wendy's legs. I’d already fucked her and seen her Grandfather and his dog fucking her. Now I was about to feast on her and I hoped to make it good for her, as her ex had never tried.
"May I just open you up a little"? I said. Although she couldn't stop me or even speak to me. I pulled the outer lips apart, making it gape slightly and slid my tongue along from bottom to top.
"Very nice, may I open it a little wider". I said pulling hard on the lips.
"That's better now I can really get my tongue inside your hole".
She was smaller than I expected. I hadn't noticed it when I fucked her. Her ex had such a big cock I thought she'd be bigger.
Suddenly she lifted her bottom, forcing her fanny higher and mumbled. "More".
Griping the outer lips harder I pulled them out even more.
"Bigger, bigger lick and suck". She shouted.
"Shut up" I called back. "You're not to talk".
But knowing what she wanted I inserted my forefingers and pulled her hole open and sucked as hard as I could on her clitoris.
I could hear moaning and groaning from the other women and sucking sounds from the men. Everybody was enjoying him or herself.
Then the doorbell rang and I got up to answer it. "Don't leave me. I’m nearly there". Called Wendy.
"Sorry love". I said. Dressing to go up-stairs. I left Darron and Ted to carry on.
I opened the door to be greeted by a small girl in school uniform. "Daddy said can mummy come home now. The shop is getting ready to close".
I'd forgotten the time. This was obviously Gojura's daughter.
"Wait there and I’ll go and get her". I said.
"Please Sir may I wait inside".
"OK but stay in the sitting room". I told her as I led her in.
"Please Sir may I take mummy’s place".
I laughed. "No I don't think so".
"Please Sir my brother said it would be fun".
"And who is your brother". I asked.
"Ahmed. He said you might like to see my pee-pee hole".
"Tell me young lady. That thinks I might want to see her pee-pee hole, how old are you".
"I'm 13 and my name is Jasmine".
"Well Jasmine would you like to show your pee-pee hole to an old man like me".
"I don't know. But I get nice feeling when I show it to the boys at school".
"What would you mother and father say. If I were to tell them about this".
"No you mustn't. They’d kill me".
"Well I might like to see it but haven't you got to go home with your mother".
"No. I told my father I was going to a friend’s house to do some homework. I can stay for an hour".
"Right then Jasmine, I’ll just show your mother out and I’ll be back. If you still want me to have a look at your pee-pee hole. I will".
She was well under age. But hell, in Asia she'd be married by now.
I went to the basement to release Mrs Patel only to find that the men had moved on. Ted was now licking Carol and Darron was busily sticking one of his screwdrivers in and out of Wendy's hole.
I had no time to tell him off and Wendy didn't seam to mind. So I released Gojura. At the front door she turned and kissed me full on the lips and said.
"Thank you Mr Turner. That was a new experience for me. If ever you're passing the shop I’d be very happy to suck you off. I’m hoping Mr Patel will ask you to use your thing on me down below". Then she walked out the door.
I returned to the sitting room "I'm not to sure about this Jasmine. You’re very young". I Said.
"I’ve been thinking about it while you were seeing mummy out. I think you've been looking at my mummy's pee-pee hole and now I’m sure I want to show you mine".
"OK show me". I said sitting down on the sofa.
Standing right in front of me she pulled up her school skirt and stuck it under her chin. Showing off a pair of pure white knickers. Then placing her thumbs in the waistband she pushed then down at the front.
It was as a 13 year-olds vagina should look. Just a slit with no hair but her pubic mound was just a shade darker then her belly.
"That looks very nice, Jasmine". I said.
"The boys at school get down on their knees to look at it". She replied.
"I have a better idea. Why not take your knickers right off and lie down on the coffee table. I’ll be able to see it much better then".
Then there was another unexpected ring on the door.
"Get rid of them please Mr Turner. I’m going to do as you asked".
At the door I found Ahmed her brother. "Is she here"? He asked.
"My little sister, father sent her round".
"No. She’s gone to a friend’s house".
"Listen Steve, I'm one of the fellows that fucked your wife at the gym. I know that if a girl offered to show you her fanny you'd look. I also told her it would be fun".
"Because I want a chance of fucking her".
"You want to have intercourse with a 13 year-old".
"No Steve I just want to fuck my little sister, properly like I fucked your wife".
"I can't let you do that. But I might be able to let you see her fanny".
"That's a start'. He said.
Leaving him in the hall I returned to Jasmine and found her sitting on the sofa bolt upright and knees together. As if waiting to answer the schools register. She looked so sweet and innocent I was beginning to have second thoughts.
"Have they gone because I really want to show it to you. I’m going to open my legs really wide. It’ll be fun showing it to a grown-up".
She was an obvious show off. So I took the plunge.
"Jasmine I have someone else that would like to see your pee-pee hole".
"Another man?"
"Yes, my friend and I would like to have a look at your hole, but he’s shy. So can I blindfold you".
"Yes Sir". She said.
I sat her on the coffee table and blindfolded her. Then I let her brother in.
"We’re both here Jasmine. Now what do you want to show us".
"I want to show you my pee-pee hole".
"You defiantly want the two of us to see what’s between your legs".
"Then stand up, take off your knickers and then lay down on the coffee table'. I said.
Bending down she slid her hands up her skirt and pulled her knickers off before laying full length on the table. Ahmed unzipped his flies and pull out his already stiff cock.
"Pull your skirt up". I said.
Here was a schoolgirl, still in uniform but naked from the waist down to her pop socks. Was this right I asked myself? Then I thought of John. A boy her age had just been down stairs sucking my wife's cunt. So what was wrong with letting this little girl have some fun. I took out my prick and began wanking.
"Right then Jasmine show it to us, open your legs as wide as you can". I said.
Her legs parted and she raised them until her feet were pointing at the ceiling. The darker area of her fanny really made it stand out. The slit was a good 5 inches long and made her look all cunt. Both her brother and I wanked even harder at the sight of it.
"Is that nice, Jasmine". I asked.
"It makes me fill funny inside but it’s nice".
"Pull your legs back towards your head that will make it open up and we'll be able to see your pee-pee hole even better".
As she pulled her legs back the slit parted and her hole just came into view. Ahmed was wanking so hard that he was going to cum soon.
"Right. Its time to stop". I said. Me and my friend are going to the basement. Jasmine I’d like you to see yourself out".
I led Ahmed into the basement. Were we found Darron and Ted sitting on a bench with soft dicks. On the floor between them was my beer glass with half an inch of spunk in it. Ahmed looked around in amusement and rubbed his cock. I whisper to him. "I want you to shoot your cum in the glass. That girl is only three years older than your sister so take the glass and go lick her cunt".
I left him licking Izzy and what to speech to the others. As I sat down I noticed that Wendy still had a Screwdriver stuck up her cunt.
"Wendy wants a word with you". Ted Said. I want to her.
"I'd like a private word with you Steve so leave me until last than we can talk". She said.
"What about the screwdriver".
"Leave it there till you came back". She replied.
I was just in time to see Ahmed letting loss into the glass, adding a fourth load of spunk to it.
I told the men to go and started to release the women. As I unbuckled Izzy she said.
"Thanks dad. That was great. The last one caught me by surprise though I thought they'd all finished". She left for bed.
I left Wendy tied to the table and took Carol, Sue and Doris up stairs in to the sitting room.
"Thank you ladies, I hope you enjoyed it". I said. Both Carol and Sue nodded but Doris was still playing hard to get.
Raising the spunk filled glass I handed it to Sue.
"Drink it but don't swallow".
Slowly she put the glass to her lips.
"Go on Whore. Drink it. It tastes lovely". Said Carol with enthusiasm.
Tilting her head back, we watched the slimy liquid slid down the glass and into Sue's mouth.
"Hold it in you mouth". Carol Said. "Roll your tongue around it. Really get the flavour of it".
My mother looked on in discussed. As the masked woman tasted the spunk of four men she didn't even now.
"Now it's your turn mother". I Said.
"No never". She shouted.
Carol jumped up and grabbed her then pushed her down on the sofa. Getting her head on the armrest, she forced her mouth open.
"Came on Whore, spit that spunk into her mouth". Carol said.
Sue placed her mouth above my mothers and let the white frothy liquid pour from her into my mother. Seeing all that spunk going into her mouth was just too much for me. I whipped out my cock and started to wank.
“Go for it Steve, shoot that spunk in your mother's mouth". Carol Said.
"I’m going to cum right in her gob". I said wanking even harder.
Arming my cock at her mouth I notice Carol's hands were no longer holding her. My mother was willingly keeping her mouth open and there was the twinkle in her eye. She wanted it. She wanted me to cum in her mouth and I did.
I shoot two loads right into her mouth, which she swallowed along with all the rest and then opened her mouth for some more. Which I gave her, adding three more to the lot she'd already had.
Suddenly she pushed herself up and called me a filthy bastard before storming out.
The three of us just laughed but as time was moving on, I left Sue and Carol and went to see Wendy.
She was just as I’d left her. Strapped down with her legs raised in the stirrups with Darren’s screwdriver handle embedded in her cunt.
"Has Granddad gone"? She asked.
"Good. Steve, Will you fuck me? I haven't cum yet".
"I thought you wanted to talk."
"I do but I’m desperate to feel a real cock inside me. Shag me, give me a real good banging."
Moving between her legs I pulled the screwdriver out. It was one of Darron's biggest.
Wendy raised her head to look at me. "Go on just shag it. Shag that hole."
With my nob at her hole I jammed it straight up her and grabbing her thighs I pumped myself in and out of her.
"You’re a great fuck, Wendy." I Said.
"I know Steve. Now give me your spunk. I’m nearly there."
I continued to fuck her until we'd both cum together. I just about found something to put in her hole.

After she'd dressed, we went to the sitting room to talk. Sitting next to me she open her handbag then one by one she showed me some photographs. The first ones were very old Daguerreotype. An early type of photo were the models had to stand very still.
The first one showed a naked woman with her hair in a bun. Standing beside her was a naked man with a handlebar moustache. Both were in there twenties and he was holding her fanny open. The second showed the same shot only there was a cucumber in the lady's vagina. The last of this set showed the woman bent over the man's knee; again he was holding her vagina open. Next were some tattered black and white photos. It was the same couple only they were in there forties. The man was again holding open the woman's vagina. In the second photo the couple were in the same position only a young boy was standing there with two fingers up her. The third again showed the woman over the man's knee only he was pulling her open to show the boy.
"Now we're getting more up to date." Wendy said handing me three more photos.
These people were in the same poses as the first with the man opening the woman's vagina, but she was only naked from the waist down and he was wearing a uniform. I dated it at about the 1930s. The second photo also had a young boy in it. This time the man was holding the woman vagina open and the boy had his cock halfway in her. The last one had the woman over the man's knee again but it was the boy holding her vagina open. He was sitting down looking into the vagina that he held wide open with four fingers.
Wendy pointed at the boy. "That’s Granddad with his Mum and Dad."
"And the others?" I asked.
"His dad with his Mum and Dad."
"Now I know why Ted likes to fuck you."
"And I love getting fucked by him." She said. "This last lot show Granddad and Grandma".
I recognised Ted although he looked about 38; his wife looked about 35. It was hard to tell because his cock was in her mouth while showing off her vagina. The second photo followed the same pattern. Ted was holding his wife's cunt open only there was a young girl’s face squeezed up against it.
"That's my mother." Wendy said.
The last photo showed Ted standing astride his kneeling wife. Holding her arse cheeks apart while the young girl was kneeling down with her whole hand up the woman's cunt.
"So where’re the ones of you with your Mum and Dad".
"All the photographs were taken when the children were 16. Mum and Dad died when I was 15".
"I’m sorry". I said.
"So am I. I’d have liked to have had sex with them. Maybe I wouldn't have married that basted Bruce, if my father had been fucking me. I believe my father had a very, very big cock."
"You’d have let him fuck you".
"Yes of course. I know Granddad Ted was fucking my mother regularly, right up until she died. I don't know but I think Dad was probably slipping Granny a length now and then."
"So how can I help you?" I asked.
"It’s Granddad’s 85th birthday soon and I want to give him a present. I want to try and reconstruct the three photos. I can’t be 16 again but I can take the woman's part. I’m hoping you've made me pregnant so in 16 years time you could show my cunt to our son or daughter."
"That's a big if".
"Think about it Steve, You'll be 53. Still well able to shag a little cunt or arsehole".
"Let’s get back to the present. What do you want me to do?"
"I’m arranging it all at my office. I need you to take the photographs and video."
"Fine". I said.
"There is one more thing".
"Tell me".
"In the first photo the lady just got her fanny spread. In the next her hole was held opened. In the third one with Ted he was using his fingers to pull his mum's hole open. And in the last one my mother's hand was up Granny's hole".
"I thing I know what you're getting at".
"Good. Because I want you to get me ready. I’m setting it up for Saturday".
"That’s under a week. So you’d better came back tomorrow". I said and took her to the door.


Thursday morning at work I got a phone call from Ted. A man looking to fulfil a fantasy had contacted him. And he asked if I could help. Taking the man's phone number I called him up. The man was very unsure of himself and very cagey so I offered to see him in my lunch-brake. He agreed to see me in a pub that was 10 miles away. As I had some shopping to do in the sex shop at lunchtime I was prepared to see him.
I spent £200 in the shop buying dildos and rubber knickers. Before I arrived at the pub to meet a Mr John Smith. John Smith was a portly middle aged man going bald. I know it was him as we'd agreed he would wear a black and white checked jacket.
Moving up to his table I asked "John Smith".
He took no notice of me but as I turned to go.
"John Smith! Yes that's me". He suddenly said.
He had lied to me about his name. "Are you Mr Turner"? He asked.
I sat next to him to talk but he was nerves.
"My friend says you wish to fulfil a fantasy. How can I help you"? I said.
"I'm not sure how to do this". He said. "It's to do with sex".
He was being careful of his word and it was obvious he was unsure of me. So opening my shopping I showed him the contents.
"Tonight I'll be shoving those things up a woman's cunt. She’s not my wife and I’ve fucked her twice. She’s hoping I’ve make her pregnant".
He looked shocked and went to the bar for another drink. Returning he sat and looked into my face.
"I think I can trust you. My names not John Smith but I can't tell you what it is".
"Fine. Just tell me what you want and I’ll see if I can help".
"My friends and I would like to have intercourse with a woman, one after the other".
"A gang-bang. That’s all right, I can find someone".
"It’s more than that. We want to do it to her without her consent".
"You want to rape her".
"Well yes, more or less".
"I’m sorry I can't help you". I said
He looked so disappointed, that I thought about it.
"Listen I don't agree with rape but I could find a woman that would be willing to act the part".
"You mean she'll pretend not to want it to happen".
"That’s right".
"That’s even better. We won't be doing anything really wrong.
"You and your mates just want to gang-fuck some woman you don't know".
"Chorr, you make it sound even better".
"The last thing I need to know is. Are you all clean, and Where, When and How".
"I can guarantee we've all clean in that respect and here’s a list of instructions. We were hoping for tonight".
"I’ll see what I can do. It’ll cost you".
"We're willing to pay £400".
"In that case you’re on for tonight". I said leaving to go back to work.
Carol was at Danny's school tonight. Sue Brown couldn't afford to be recognised. Wendy would be unavailable. That left only Izzy. I phoned her and told her she would be working tonight.
Round the table that night I told Carol that Izzy and I was going out and would be back late.
"Where are you going"? Carol asked.
"Just out of town, Izzy’s going to be fucked for £400".
"That’s a lot of money for one little fuck".
"She'll be fucked more than once I think".
"That sounds good". Said Carol.
The doorbell rang just then. It was Wendy.
"Want some tea". Asked Carol. "What are you here for"?
"Steve knows". Wendy said.
I told Wendy to have some tea while I got things ready. Returning with the shopping I told Carol and the kids about Wendy’s planes. Getting her to take her knickers off we laid her on the dinning room table.
"Let’s see what we have to work with". I said.
Danny and Izzy held Wendy's legs apart while Carol spread her fanny lips. Carol pushed one finger into her and then two, but she was unable to get a third one in.
"She's very small Steve; I think she's hoping for a lot". Said Carol.
I handed Carol an inflatable dildo that was only partly inflated and she squeezed it half way into Wendy's hole. Carol then began pumping it up to the size of the average penis Wendy said.
"I can feel that. It’s quit tight". Carol went on inflating the dildo until it locked in place. Adding K Y jelly to the remaining part I told Carol to push it all the way in. It wouldn't move to start with but then it slowly began to disappear.
"That hurts". Wendy called out.
Ignoring her I told Carol to fuck her with it. Adding more lubricate Carol fucked Wendy with it while I slowly pumped it up some more. There was a look of real pain on Wendy's face as we stretched her vagina wider and wider.
Suddenly she began to piss herself, hitting Carol in the face and covering the table.
"Sorry". She called though gritted teeth.
In one voice we all told her to carry on and with the dildo fully embedded we watch the urine spurt from her body.
"Sorry, I’m sorry". She kept on calling out.
"We like water sports". Said Danny. "Watching you piss is fun".
When she'd finished we removed the dildo and with all of us holding her hole open we judged it to be 2 inches across with a circumference of 6 inches. I handed her a new dildo that was shorter but with a 7 inch circumference.
"Stick this up your cunt." I told her.
With more lubricant and some effort she got it inside herself and handing her the rubber knickers I said.
"Keep it inside you and wear the knickers all day. Came back tomorrow".
She walked out the door slightly bow-legged.
Carol and Danny went off to the school and Izzy and I talked over what was to happen tonight.
We were going to an old churchyard about 15 miles away. The church was gone but the vestry was still there. Izzy was to go to a bench and sit on it. Mr Smith was to meet me in the lane just outside. If all was well he would pay me the money and the attack would begin. I told Izzy she was not to help them in any way but she was to let them fuck her.
By nine thirty we were on our way. I was taking my 16 year-old daughter to be group fucked for money. My cock was so hard it hurt.
By 10-o clock Izzy was on the bench and I was in my car waiting for Mr Smith. My car door opened and Mr Smith climbed in.
"She's very young. We were expecting an older woman".
"If you’re not happy we can leave".
"No don't do that". He said freighted I might go.
"Well give me the money and she's all yours. Imaging your cock going in a teenage girl and fucking her as hard as you like."
The state of his trousers told me everything. "Right here's the money. Have you got condoms?” he said.
"I've never heard of a rapist using condoms and she's on the pill".
"So it'll be alright if we ejaculate, you know inside her".
"For £400 I would! She’s all yours to do with as you please, I'll just keep watch and make sure you don't harm her. Off you go".
All was quiet for a few minutes’ then suddenly four men rusted forward and grabbed Izzy. She screamed and put up a good fight as they forced her into the rectory and I followed them in. Inside the rectory stood Mr Smith and another man both rubbing their erect penises.
"Bring her over here so she can suck our cocks". He told the others.
They forced Izzy to her knees in front of him then pushing his knob against her mouth he said. "Suck it. Suck my cock."
Izzy managed to turn her head to one side. "No I will not. It’s dirty and you can't make me".
"Listen you’ll suck our cocks. If not we'll beat you up and tie you up and leave you here were no-one will find you".
It was all part of the game so Izzy slowly opened her mouth and let him put his cock in.
"Hells bells this is good. Hold her head still; I'm going to fuck it".
The four men that had grabbed her now held her head so their friend could use her mouth.
"Oh! Yes I’m cumming." he called out. Squirting his load into her mouth. "It’s divine."
After he’d cum the man next to him pushed him out of the way. "My turn". He said as Izzy turned her head and spat out Mr Smith's spunk.
"You're not going to do that to mine. I’m going to make you swallow it. You filthy slut". Saying this he slid his cock right to the back of her mouth and kept it there as he slowly wiggling his hips until he to emptied his balls into her mouth. This load she did swallow. She probable wanted to swallow the first lot but she was putting on a good show.
"Let’s get her cloth off. I can't wait to fuck it". One of the men holding her said.
As he undress the others began ripped off Izzy's clothes until she was completely naked.
"Put her on the table. I’ll fuck her on that". Said the man that had just undressed. A dusty table was dragged into the middle of the room and Izzy was hosted onto it. Then with each man holding one of her limbs she was spread eagled. "I can imagine this one singing in the choir, she looks so sweet and innocent. I’m going to make her sing a different song".
It was then that I recognised him. I’m not a churchgoer but I’d seen the local Vicar. The Revered C Barker was about to rape my daughter. I figured they were all clergymen and they’d clubbed together to arrange this. It was lovely and perverted all these so-called holy men raping a woman.
The Reverend’s wife wouldn't be too pleased if she know. More plans sprung into my head as Izzy began to roll over the table trying to escape.
"No please not that". She called, as he got between her legs. "Go on. Fuck her.” I called out. I wanted to watch them shag her.
"I’m going to fuck this little cunt right now". He said sliding his dick into her.
While he fucked her two men kept her legs opened while the other men striped off for their turn. After the Revered C Barker had cum his lot inside her, another one took his place and then another until there was only one left that hadn't cum either inside her cunt or in her mouth.
He was the biggest and oldies of them. Well over 6 feet tall and aged about 50.
I'm going to do her out-side over a tombstone". He said. No one moved they just looked at me.
"You've paid your money; you do it were you like".
Still naked the five of them carried her outside to an oblong tomb and laid her on it. It was so high they couldn't hold her legs. So Izzy raised them and put her feet flat on the stone top as the big man climbed over her.
"You want me to do it. Don’t you". He said looking down at her.
"No. But I can't stop you so I might as will make it easy on myself".
"That’s a good little girl. Three cocks already but now I’m going to put my cock all the way up inside you".
This man's dick was a good 8 inches long and thick. It was also completely shaven making it look even bigger. He turned and looked at the other men. "One of you guide it in, for me".
No one moved so I pushed my way though. "I'll do it". I said taking hold of his cock. Then opening Izzy's spunk filled cunt I place the head just inside her hole. "Thank you". He said and I watched his prick slid into my daughter's fuck-hole.
Looking at Izzy he said. "You like it. Don’t you".
"No sir I don't".
"I think you do. I think you like having cocks up your cunt. I think you love being fuck. I don't mine if you cum". He spoke in a whisper so only she and I could hear it.
"Thank you". I hear her reply as I knelt and watch closely his shaven dick sink deeper into her hole.
The spunk inside her acted as lubricate as he thrust into her. It looked as if he was trying to go right though her and into the stone beneath. Izzy likes being used roughly and soon she was cumming with a mixer of spunk and cunt juice leaking out of her hole. I took my cock out and wanked it as I watched this man of the cloth ploughing my little girl.
I hear Izzy whisper to the bull of a man on top of her. "Cum up me now. I want your spunk".
So spunk up her he did. I saw his dick throb at lest six times as he emptied himself in her.
By now I was dying to cum myself so as they climbed down I grabbed Izzy.
All of the men had fucked her in the missionary position. They had no idea how to really please a woman.
I pulled Izzy to a nearby Headstone and bent her over it with her bum in the air.
"Open the bum, slut. Let me see the other hole".
The six clergymen couldn't believe their eyes or ears at they gathered round to watch.
'No please. Not that". Izzy Said putting her hands on her bottom. With the flat of my hand I slapped her cunt. "Open up that arsehole, I'm going to get my cock up it". I said as she slowly pulled her bum apart.
I slid my cock up her cunt first just to get it wet then with some difficulty I shoved it in her arse.
"You could have done this as well you know. Woman love getting fucked in the arse as well as the cunt". I said pumping away at Izzy's arsehole. I was ready to cum and fill her arse.
Five men, one of them my own Vicar watched as I fucked my daughter up the arse in a cemetery. That made me cum one hell of a lot. As I withdrew the big man pushed Izzy onto the grass and they all gathered round her.
"Right now!" said the big man and all six of them started to piss on her. Some were pissing on her tits some on her fanny; I joint the big man and we both pissed on her face. Laughing they left her there. Only I was there to see the smile spread across her face. She was one well-fucked happy teenager.


Sitting around the tea table Friday night we were discussing the weekends activates. I told Carol and the kids I would be out nearly all day Saturday but on Sunday afternoon we were going to make a proper porno film to sale.
Carol said that would be fine as she had lots of shopping and washing to do on Saturday. She’d be ready for some fun by Sunday.
Izzy was sending the weekend with her friend Vicky but she promised to be back in time. I told her that Vicky could come back with her if she liked.
Danny was going to be in all weekend as he was studying. When Danny mentioned studying Carol piped up. "At Danny's school the other day at the Teachers and Parents evening the head teacher Miss Brown keep looking at us. I also noticed that when she was talking to us she was smiling all the time."
"If you can all keep a secret, I'll tell you something about Miss Sue Brown." I said. They all promised to say nothing. "Will Sue Brown is better known to you as The Whore”. There was a big intake of breath from all of them. "She came to me via the ad’s in the papers. She wanted to be abused sexually but was freighted of being found out. Hence the mask. She was most surprised when I let Danny fuck her."
"I bet she was. She shouts at me all the time at school and she’s forever telling me off." Said Danny.
"Like a lot of people in power, she likes to be made to do thing they wouldn't normally do. Things they think are dirty."
"Like being fucked by one of their pupils." Said Carol.
"That’s right. Tell you what; I’ll invite her round next week, and you can fuck her again Danny. How does that sound."
"Great. Can I invite some friends too?"
"Only if they don't know who she is. She’ll have to wear the mask and you'll have to call her The Whore."
"Fine dad. I’ll treat her like a whore as well."
I agreed to set it up for him.
At 8-o clock Wendy arrived dressed in her best business suit. "I've been at business meetings all day and I haven't been able to think straight. All I think about is this thing in my hole."
"Is it still there?" I asked.
"Of course."
"Right lets go down in the basement and see how it’s doing."
In the basement she took off her tights and the rubber knickers before I strapped her to The Wheel fully clothed. I turned her up side down and the suit skirt fell down over her face. The dildo was still in place but only just. It had work well because when I took it out her hole stayed comfortably open.
"It looks like its working, Wendy." I said.
"Is it big enough, Steve?"
“Not yet, but it will be."
"Measure it. I want to know how big it is."
I got a tape-measure and without touching her I measured it from side to side.
"It's over two and a half inches across and it stays open nicely."
"I can't imagine my hole being that big. Does it look pleasing?"
"It looks gorgeous, but if we shave the hair off it’ll make the hole seem even bigger."
"O K Steve let me down and I’ll shave it."
"Then it’s back on The Wheel and I’ll stretch it some more and try to make it deeper. It’s got to be deeper to take a hand."
While Wendy was shaving her pubic hair off, I phone the Wyonges. Susan and Edward Wyonge was a black couple. He was 35 and she 32. After 4 years of marriage their love life was slowing down and they were hopping to spice it up by being filmed making love. It had been a week since I’d got their letter so I phoned them. Mr Wyonge answered the call, when I told him that I was phoning about his letter, he put me straight onto his wife. She told me she was the one who wrote it after seeing the ad. I told her I’d phoned to make a date for us to talk about it. She said.
"Well tonight is the night Edward and I usually do it. Can you came around and maybe bring your equipment."
"Sorry." I said. "I can't come to you but if you like you can come to me”. There was silence on the phone for a few minutes then she replied. "Edward's not to sure but we'll be round, give us your address."
I returned to the basement to find Wendy with a great big smile on her face. "It's just as good as you said, and now I’ve shaved off my pubic hair it looks even better. I got 6 fingers in it with no trouble at all."
"Get back on The Wheel and I'll make it big enough to put your whole hand in."
Soon she was back in the same position, upside down with legs spread apart. Climbed onto a small stool I looked down into her gaping hole then with two fingers from each hand I pulled her vagina wide apart.
"Do you think Granddad will like it?" She asked from beneath her skirt.
"I'm sure he will." I said as I slid Jim's device into her hole. This was the cunt spreader I’d used on Izzy. The seven-inch legs went just about half way in. Her hole would have to be made a lot deeper. I turned the wingnut slowly, watching the legs widen pushing the walls of her vagina apart.
"Oh Steven, that's so nice. It’s making my cunt throb."
"Good now I’m going to keep going until you tell me to stop."
But I had to stop before she told me too because the metal band began pushing into her thighs. Undoing one leg I moved it to a further strap. She was now in the splits position and her arsehole had disappeared because her cunt was so big. But I kept turning until Wendy called out.
"Stop! I can't take it any more. How big is it now?"
"Fucking gigantic." I said putting my hand inside it without touching the sides.
"I can feel something deep inside me." She said.
"That’s the tips of my fingers. Your cunt’s open so wide it must be five-inches across. I’ve just got to make it deeper."
The doorbell rang as I was getting the golf balls. I ignored it and started to drop the balls one at a time into Wendy's hole. At number six Carol called down to say that Mr and Mrs Wyonge had arrived. I told her to show them into the sitting room as I dropped four more balls into Wendy. They where now level with the entrance.
"Just one more to go." I told her.
"I don't thing it'll take any more."
"This one will push the others in. You want it deep as well as wide, don't you?"
"Yes O K."
Taking a leather harness that fitted between her legs and round her waist I strapped it on her loosely. I carefully removed Jim’s device then placed a cricket ball on top of the golf balls, quickly I pushed the whole lot into her cunt and tightened the harness to keep them all in place. Turning her the right way up I kissed the tears from her face.
"That'll make you one big cunt, Wendy." I said, as I went upstairs to talk to the Wyonges.
They were having a cup of coffee with Carol and making small talk. Both were smartly dressed and spoke very good English although they had just come from Africa. Mrs Wyonge did must of the talking in general and was taking her time about caming to the subject.
"If you’re embarrassed to talk about sex in front of my wife she can leave but I can assure you I’ve film her being fucked more then once."
"I don't mean to offend. But if your wife wouldn't mined." said Mrs Wyonge.
Carol left. Then Mrs Wyonge said "My dear Edward is a quiet man generally but in the bedroom his very masterful. But his mates at work think his Queer or he doesn’t like sex. So he wishes to make a tape to show his work-mates how well he uses his wife."
"How do you feel about your husbands’ request?"
"I wish to make my husband happy. If this is what her wants I’m happy."
"Fine, so now how would you like to pay? In cash or in kind." I Said.
"Sorry but we don't understand what you mean." She said.
"Let me put it bluntly. You can pay with money or with your bodies. You are a beautiful woman Mrs Wyonge and I would certainly wouldn't mined having a go at you."
She spoke to her husband in their native language and then to me. "No he won’t allow that, we are a couple we will pay you cash."
"O K now were would you like to be filmed. In the bedroom or the sitting room, just say. I also have a special room in the basement."
This time Mr Wyonge spoke up. "I want to use the whole house. Let’s start in the bedroom".
"We have three. The kids rooms, a boy and a girls or mine".
"We’ll use the main one first so she can get her cloths off. Then well use the children’s rooms, I’ll fuck her in both of them. Is this ok?
I left them in my room and went to the basement for my gear. Wendy was still strapped to the Wheel but she had stopped crying. She looked great hanging there with her arms and legs stretched wide apart. I noted that the harness between her legs was coated in white mucus. As I was getting the video Wendy open her eyes.
"Stephen this is so good, it hurt to start with but now it fills so nice. I just keep cumming".
Saying nothing I just picked up the camera but on the way out I stopped to lick off some of that white cunt cream.
In the bedroom Mrs Wyonge was down to her bra and pants. He was naked beside her with his cock pointing skyward.
"Good now we can get going. Are you ready to film"? He said. I nodded.
"Right Susan get that bra off and get those tits out".
She did it straight away and two big brown tits can into view. Her husband then pitched her nipples between his thumb and forefingers.
My cock grow within my trousers because Susan Wyonge was a lovely looking woman and I fancied playing with her tits myself.
After a couple of minutes he grabbed her head by the ears and placed his cock at her mouth. "Open", was all he said. She duly complied and his prick pushed into it. Holding her head still he fucked her in the mouth and I moved in for a close-up. Her large lips were rapped around it and her eyes were closed.
"Open your eyes and look at the camera Susan" I said.
She turned her eyes to one side and looked at me though the camera lens. Her eyes showed complete indifference. Most women love sucking cock or having a dick shoved in their mouths. Not Susan she was just here for her husband. After about five minutes of hard face fucking he removed his dick. "Let’s go into the girls’ room now and I’ll show you her fanny".
The three of us trooped into Izzy's room. Izzy's room was formal and not too girlie with just a bed, wardrobe and dressing table.
"The mirror, can you film the reflection". He asked.
"Yes if you like". I said.
Taking his wife by the arms he stood her in front of the mirror with her back to it. Then he pushed her head down until she was bent double, with her bum facing the mirror. With me filming though the mirror he pulled her knickers down exposing her bum.
"Can you see alright? I’m going to open her up now". I nodded as he placed his hand around her thighs and pull her fanny open. It was dark pink inside compared to her brown skin. My cock was now fully erect from watching Edward open his wife's fanny.
"Get a close-up of me opening the cunt". He Said.
Silly man, I was already filming in close-up. This was the first black cunt I’d seen and I wasn’t going to miss a bit of it. In fact I was trying to plan a way to get my cock up it,
Now he placed the tips of his fingers just inside her quim lips and pulled them apart showing off her vagina from clit too hole. Which I noted was quite small.
While holding it open he said to the camera. "Can you see my wife's hole, boys. That is the hole I fuck. Not some guy's". Then he pulled it open even more. "I fuck cunt and now I’ll show you all how I do it".
He looked at me. "The boys’ room now" he said leading the way while his wife straightened up. "You happy with the way things are going". I asked her.
She smiled at me. "I can see you are Mr Turner or shall I call you Stephen".
"You can call me anything you like".
"You're a dirty old man, Stephen".
"And you're a very pretty woman, Susan. Now let’s catch up to Edward, I dieing to watch him fuck you".
Smiling she led the way to Danny's room. Edward was waiting for us.
"Get on the kids bed Sue and open your legs".
She did as she was told and I got into position to film. "Came on and fuck me dear, let’s show those employees how well you can do it". Susan said.
With that he climbed on top of her and inserted his penis into her and began banging her. Unfortunately the bed was too soft and as he pushed in the bed sank and I couldn’t film the penetration.
"It's no good I can't see a thing from here". I said. "She needs to be on something harder".
"Where!" Asked Edward.
“On one of my tables in the basement, she won’t move and there's more light to film. We’ll be able to see you cock going in".
"I’ve got to pee". He said getting up. "You take her down and I'll follow shortly". He said leaving the room.
"Quick Stephen whiles his gone. Pass me that Rounders Bat. Don't film it but I would like you to watch me fuck myself".
I handed her Danny's Bat and in a flash it was inside her and she wasn’t gentle with it. She pushed it into herself as far as she could then started pumping it in and out.
"Get closer and watch me fucking myself".
As I moved closer I undid my trousers and pulled out my dick. I wanked as I watched the Bat sliding in and out.
"Oh Yes! Toss-off that white meat as I do my black cunt. Watch that cunt take it, black cunts, white cunts, yellow and pink cunts. They all need to be stuffed. They all need thinks up them". She called out as she wanked herself off.
I had to agree with her and we were both nearly ready to cum when I heard the toilet flush. Soon Mr Wyonge would be back with us and I didn't think he would appreciate me wanking over his wife. So I told her to stop and get in the basement.
We had just about got set-up when he walked in. I'd got Susan on the table with her legs up in the stirrups and she was holding her fanny slightly open for me to focus on.
"Are you all set"? He asked.
"Yes we're ready to go. You can fuck her whenever you like. The table stops them from moving so you can bang her good and hard and I’ll get it all on film".
As he walked toward her she leaned back and count a glimpse of Wendy tied to the Wheel.
It must have turned her on, as she called out.
"Came on and use that cunt. Fill up my fuck-hole".
I’m sure it was the sight of Wendy that was making her so forthcoming. But Edward though it was him and so joined in.
"I'm going to love. I’m going to fill that hole with seed".
He fucked her and he did quit well. Fucking her hard and with speed until he came. But then he just walked off to get dressed and left me to help his wife off the table.
"Who is she"? Susan asked indicating Wendy.
"Just some woman I’m helping". I reply
"Can I have a closer look at her"? She said walking towards her.
"Yes of course. Her name is Wendy".
"Hallo Wendy. You look very nice up there but why have you got that harness on".
"Because Stephen put it on me".
"That's a pity because I’d have liked to have seen underneath it. I’ve never seen a white woman's privet parts and your breast look as if there lovely too".
"Thank you". Wendy Said, looking down at her. "You looked very nice too and I enjoyed watching you being fucked".
"I was imaging it was you". Said Susan and then she turned to me. "Mr Turner, I’ll pay anything to be able to use her. I want to be able to suck her breasts and look at her vagina. Name your price".
I looked at Wendy. She nodded.
"Mrs Wyonge. Susan, I’ll let you use Wendy on the condition you join my club".
"I'll join".
"And fulfil all the conditions?"
"Which are"?
"I or any other member of the club can fuck you. When and were I say".
"I can't do that".
"Then I’m afraid you can't play with Wendy. You’ll miss out on sucking her juicy nipples or seeing her vagina. Now if you were a member, you’d be able to put your fingers in her nice wet hole".
"Could I do that"?
"Yes. If you joined you could put whatever you liked in her hole".
Then I walked up to Wendy I run my finger around the harness. Picking up the juice from around it. And held my finger out to Susan. "A taster".
Susan grabbed my finger and stuck it in her mouth.
"You could have your mouth around her cunt and suck that stuff out of it". I said.
"I'll join".
I let out a happy man. He had his tape and we were going to have his wife.
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