After seeing the Wyonges out I return to Wendy and let her down off the Wheel. Then with the harness still in place I took her to the spare room to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be her day. We were going to her work place to take the photos for the family album. I had no idea who else she had invited.
Saturday morning we arrived at Wendy's office. Outside a middle-aged man was waiting for us. Wendy greeted him with a kiss and led us both up to her private office. I know she was a businesswoman but I had no idea she ran the whole thing. She was the boss and as we walk though the Security Guard let us pass with no trouble.
In her office was a huge desk and a three-peace suet with plenty of room in between.
“Right Stephen set the video up, did you bring the stills camera for my photos”,
“Yes I did. Now tell me whose going to be in the film”.
“Well let me introduce you to Arthur. He's Bruce's dad and I’m hoping he will take a major part. I’m also hoping the two Security Guards will take part along with Joe the office cleaner. I’ve spoken to Joe and his coming in about half an hour and he knows exactly what to do. Arthur and the other two have no idea why their here or what I’m hoping will happen”.
“Then I think you'd better talk to Arthur while I set up the gear”. I said.
While I worked, Wendy sat at her desk and talked to her father-in-law and showed him the photos. I could see he was very nerves and hesitant about what she was telling him. I had a feeling it was all going wrong until Wendy called me over.
”Arthur doesn't believe I could do the things in the photos. Tell him some of the things you've seen me do”.
“Where shall I begin? I’ve see this lovely lady fucked by at lest four men. I’ve fucked her myself more than once. Men have cumm into her mouth and soon I’m going to give her to a black woman to play with. You’d be daft to miss an opportunity like this. Watch this”.
With that I took out my dick and Wendy get on her knees and started to suck me off. It was quit soft when she started but it was soon as hard as iron. Both she and I were enjoying it but I know she was really after Arthur’s cock. So I took it out and did up me fly’s then went over to me gear.
“Please Arthur”. Said Wendy. “I’d really like you to be in the photos, takeing the place of my daddy. Let’s just try the first one; if you're not happy after that you can leave”.
“I’m not sure”.
I butted in. “Can I make a suggestion. Wendy bring a chair in front of the deck and sit down and Arthur you stand beside her so I can frame the picture. Then let’s see what happens”.
Soon they were in position with Arthur standing next to her.
“Are you going to be naked Wendy”? I asked.
“I was just going to raise my skirt up”.
“Fine. Do that”.
Standing Wendy rolled her business skirt up to her waist and sat down. Arthur looked shocked when he saw she was clean-shaven.
“Now Arthur let Wendy take your penis out and play with it”.
Before he could move she had it out and was rubbing it up. It didn't take long before it was standing erect. He was circumcised and the gland was fully exposed. It would look good going in her mouth and soon it would be. Then he’d be more then happy to do the rest of the film.
“In all the pictures the ladies have their legs open Wendy, so open wide”. I said.
And open them she did. Sliding her bum forward to the end of the chair she spread them as wide apart as possible.
“Nearly there, we just need his cock in your mouth”.
It was there before I’d finished talking and she was sucking on it good and hard. Arthur just stood there. He couldn't believe his daughter-in-law was actually doing it.
“Arthur”! I called, but I had to call a second time before he heard me.
”Arthur the photo! You have to spread her fanny lips”.
In a kind of daze he leant forward and using both hands spread the lips. Picking up the camera I checked the shoot, we nearly had the perfect copy”.
“Arthur. Your arm’s in the way I can't see your cock in her mouth”.
He suddenly looked as if he'd come out of a stupor and moved his hand so I could see his cock. He also pulled Wendy's fanny open even more.
“Is this alright or should I pull her open wider”.
“That's fine”. I said as I took the first picture. “Now you two have fun while I video you”.
I turned to pick up the video-camera and Arthur throw his leg over Wendy so he was facing her and pushed he’s cock deeper into her mouth. He was like a man possessed. Fucking her face for all he was worth. She didn’t mind and nether did I. But his trousers were getting in the way of the shoot.
“Why don’t you both get undressed? I’ll be able to film the action better”.
“Good idea” said Arthur. “I’d love to see you naked Wendy. I can’t believe you’re such a dirty girl. Will you let me fuck you”?
“Will see, right now I want you to get your cloths off and stick your cock back in my gob”.
As soon as they were both naked I got Wendy to lay across her deck with her head hanging over the end.
“You were a bit reluctant to start with Arthur but I think you’ve getting the idea now”. I said.
“Well I wasn’t sure to start with, after all she is my son’s wife”.
“Think about that when your cock in her. Now stick your dick back in her gob and tickle her tonsils. See if you can get it down her throat”.
And try he did. Standing at the end of the desk he shoved it into her mouth and kept on shoving although Wendy started gagging on it. I filmed it all faithfully for her to see later. Arthur’s cock was so far down her throat that he wasn’t going to last very long.
“Wendy I’m going to cum soon is that alright”.
She pushed him away “No! Not yet we have more to do”.
Getting up she went back to her photos.
“I’ve been thinking about the second picture. Arthur could hold my cunt open while a Security man fucks it. We could have two pictures, one with each of them cocking me. One with me bent over the desk, doggy style. And one missionary style with me lying on the desk”.
“Sounds good to me”. I said “Is that alright with you Arthur”.
“Is that what you want Wendy? For me to hold your fanny open so someone else can use it”.
“Yes Arthur dear, you’re taking the place of my husband”.
“I have to hold your fanny open so they can fuck it”.
“Yes”. She replied.
“I have to watch them doing it”.
“You have to do more then watch, you have to encourage them. Like in the pictures. Unfortunately I have no son or daughter to offer it too. So the Security men will have to do”.
She then phoned down to the front deck and asked the Security men to come up and wait in the outer office.
Then she knelt on the floor and raised her bum in the air so that it was facing the door.
“Arthur came and sit beside me”. She said. “When I call them in I want you to open my fanny so they can see it. Tell them you want to see them fucking me. Stephen make sure you get close-ups of their cocks going in. Arthur hold me wide open and make sure their cocks can go all the way in”.
She called them in and as they entered they stopped dead in their tracks. There was their boss with her arse in the air with some old fellow pulling her quim open. First they looked at her, then at me with my camera, and then back at her. Both were uncertain of what to do next.
”I want you to fuck her”. Arthur called out to them.
“But she's the boss”. One of them replied.”
“So what! She’s still got a cunt and she wants you to fuck it. Look how wet it is”. He said pulling her vagina open a bit more.
Still they didn't move, until Wendy turned to face them.
“Gentlemen, if you wish to keep your jobs I suggest you do as he says and got these dicks out. I what you both to fuck me infront of the camera, and you’re both going to cum inside me. My hole must be well lubricated for when Joe arrives”.
One of them dropped his trousers and started to hobble over to her.
“Naked, you must be naked”. I said.
He began to undress but his mate beat him to it. Knelling behind her he aimed his erect penis at her.
“I'm supposed to hold her open for you so we can watch it go in”. Said Arthur pulling her cunt open more.
I move in for the penetration shots as his dick slowly entered her. He kept going until he was all the way in. With his cock in her he didn't care who she was and he fucked her with gusto. Pulling he dick right out before shoving it all the way back in up to his balls. It was a great show and all three of us watched as he ploughed in and out of her.
We were suddenly caught unawares by a knock on the office door. Nobody was supposed to be in the building so we all stop what we were doing, including the guy fucking Wendy.
“Don't stop dam you! It’s only Joe”. Said Wendy. “Let him in one of you”.
As the other Guard opened the office door, Wendy turned her head to look at the man behind her.
”Okay you've been very good but hurry up and finish. So your mate can have his turn”. She said putting her head back down. He wasn't too pleased with being spoken to that way, but she was his boss.
“She's a right bitch isn't she”? Said Arthur looking at him. “But she is your boss. So get a move on and fill the fucking bitch up with spunk”.
I moved the camera between his legs to see his dick jerking as he unloaded into his boss. As he slowly withdrew I focused on her hole, which was beginning to stay open by itself. Wendy then turned over and lay flat on her back with legs apart. Arthur again willingly held her lips open.
“Your turn to screw her”. He said to the second Security man. “Let’s get your spunk up her as while” I filmed the second man fucking her until he to cum inside her.
“Time for picture number two Wendy”. I said going over to her deck to study it.
In the oldest picture the woman had a cucumber in her hole. When she was older she had her son’s finger in her. The next couple had the son actually fucking the mother, and the last one showed a girl sucking her mother’s fanny. I was trying to think of a picture to match them when a small voice said. “Can I help”?
I turn to see a Dwarf, only about three feet tall. “I'm Joe, Wendy has shown me the pictures and we've discussed the last shot but I’ve an idea for the next one if Wendy is willing”.
“Ask her then”. I said
He spoke to her and after a few minutes she got up and sat on the chair again.
"Right here's the shot. Arthur, you stand beside me as if your my dad. You two men sit on the floor between my legs and hold my fanny open. Arthur you're going to shove the handle of one of Joe's brushes up me. Stephen you film the picture being set up while I talk to Granddad about it".
Leaning back in the chair she spread her leg for the two Security men to get between. Then looking into my camera, she said. “Granddad it should really be daddy and mummy with me, but that can't be so I’m making my own pictures for you. The man standing beside me is Arthur my father-in-law, he's taking dad's place. You can watch as he fucks me later. The two other men have already had a go and get me ready for Joe. Let me show you”.
Looking down at the men on the floor she said. “Right boys open me up”. Each man used two fingers, sliding them into her before pulling her vagina open.
“That's it boys pull it open wide so Granddad can see your spunk inside me”.
I zoomed in on her fanny as it was pulled open even more; you could see a good four inches inside her. Her insides were a lovely shade of pink and you could see the cervix hanging down. Both it and the back of her cunt were covered in white slime.
“Can you see Granddad? Can you see all the way up my fuck hole? It’s a big fucking hole isn't it”?
She called to Joe. “Where’s that brush? I want it up me now”.
Joe handed Arthur a hand brush. It was the soft bristle type that came in a set with a pan. Holding the brush-head Arthur leant over and inserted the handle up Wendy's held open fanny.
”No turn it round. Give me the big end”. She shouted. Arthur took hold of the handle but he was uncertain about using the head end on her.
“Go on Arthur do it. I’m not the sexless cow your son thinks I am. I like being dirty and sexy. Shove that brush right up my cunt and fuck me with it”.
Once again Arthur heard how his daughter-in-law liked to be used, so he wasted no more time.
Holding the brush firmly by the handle he pushed the bristle end up her cunt and proceeded to fuck her with it.
Wendy leaned farther back in the chair and pushed her lower half forward as Arthur pumped the hand-brush in and out of her.
“Get the camera Steve I think I’m going to cum”. She called out to me.
So leaving the video camera on the tripod I got the stills camera ready and took three or four shots of her as she orgasmed all over the brush. Coating the bristles with slime
As she slowly came down Joe moved forward and took charge. He ordered the Security men to go. They weren't too happy but Wendy indicated to do as Joe said. Wendy was still seated with the brush half in and half out. As the men got dressed Joe walked over to her and pushed the brush, including the handle all the way inside her.
“Shut you legs you filthily cow and don't open them until I say so”.
He then told Arthur and me to Take-Five while he spoke to Wendy. I reloaded the video with a new film and Arthur stood looking at the photos on the desk. When the Security men had left Joe turn to us and gave us instructions. “Stephen set yourself up over by the sofa, we're going to do her over the back of it. Wendy and I have arranged it all, so she knows what's coming. Arthur don’t you worry about her just do as I say. When I’ve finished with her you can fuck your son's nearly ex-wife. Don’t tell me you've never thought about it”.
Arthur never said a word but his prick grow harder.
“I thought so”. Said Joe. “Just keep it like that, nice and big”.
He kissed Wendy full on the lips before forcing her legs apart. The very end of the brush was just visible inside her fanny lips.
“Let’s get that thing out. Then go and lay over the back of the sofa Wendy”.
Wendy opened her leg a bit wider and Joe pulled the brush out of her. Slowly she got up and walked to the sofa bending forward over it. I placed myself behind her to get the best view of her up turned arse. Arthur knelt on the sofa facing me ready to spread her open. Joe then came and stood behind her, being so small he was looking straight at her fanny.
“She's not quit right”. Joe said. “Pull her up so her arse is over the back of the sofa”.
Arthur grabbed her hips and got her in position. Now her bum was facing the ceiling.
“That’s better”. Joe said. “Now I can get to it. Spread your legs girl, let me see it”.
Wendy opened her legs so wide she couldn’t stand but the sofa held her in place. The fanny lips were swollen and her hole slightly open.
”While I’m doing the cunt, you hold her bum cheeks apart so we can see the arsehole as while, Arthur”.
He dually placed his hand on her bum and pulled the cheeks apart exposing her tight brown anus.
“Right get filming”. He said and I turn the camera on.
“This is for you Ted.” He said looking into the camera. “Watch how we make use of your Granddaughter’s enjoyable fuck hole. Your wife willingly took her daughter's hand up her cunt. Well Wendy is going to have both of mine”
Then with both hands he grabbed the sides of her cunt and started to pull it apart. He looked like a man trying to open some lift doors that had just shut. I could see his little muscles bulging as he pulled her wider.
Then taking hold of the top and bottom and began pulling again.
We could hear Wendy moaning as the little man pulled her cunt this way and that. I thought I was bad but he didn't give a dam.
“Are you alright Wendy”? I asked.
“Shut up and keep filming, I know what I’m doing, don't I slag”. The little man said.
She could only grunt but I know she wanted it to go on.
I watched in disbelief as her cunt-hole grew wider and wider until it was at lest five inches across. I had stretched my own daughter’s cunt this wide with a marrow but it had closed up afterwards. Wendy's cunt was staying open and not just the outside. The inside was opening up as well, if anything it was bigger.
“She'll be no good for fucking by the time you've finished”. Said Arthur.
“Don't worry about it; you can do her arsehole instead”. Said Joe.
A smile crept over Arthur's face as he looked at the brown hole that was her anus.
“The dirty slag is nearly ready to be fisted, get the other camera ready so Granddad can have his picture”.
As I picked up the stills camera Joe got hold of the left side of her hole near the top and bottom, then he stuck his foot into the right side of her cunt and yanked it open still farther.
Wendy screamed as I took a print of the biggest hole I’d ever seen. It was hard to imagine a woman’s cunt being able to open so much, it was the size of a saucer. I had to admire Joe's handy work; he didn't give two shits about Wendy, he just wanted to make her cunt hole as big as he could. And she was letting him.
“That’s big enough. I’ll fist her now”. He said rolling up his shirtsleeves. Clasping his hand together and straightening his arms he practically dived into her. Hands and forearms went in, then even his elbows. I took a picture. Then for good measure Joe opened his arms.
Wendy screamed and pissed herself at the some time. I took another picture.
“That's it piss you dirty cow”. He called out before spitting on her arsehole and leaning forward to lick it. After a few seconds he looked up at Arthur. “Right you, get your cock up her arsehole”.
Arthur turned and climbed up over her and tried to stick his dick in, but her arsehole was too tight.
"Stephen we could use some help here". Call Joe.
Putting down the camera I went over and with my thumb and forefinger I spread Wendy's anus and taking hold of Arthur's cock I placed it on her arsehole. Slowly it started to go in.
“Oh Arthur, what are you doing”. Said Wendy.
"I’m going to shag your arse Wendy. I’m going to bugger my son's ex, right in her arsehole”.
”That's fine. I hope you've got lots of spunk to put up it”.
“You bet”. Was his reply as he pumped her full of cock.
I walked around filming the action from all side, Arthur fucking her arse as Joe continued fisting her wide-open cunt. It was even possible to see Arthur's cock sliding up her arsehole from inside her gaping cunt.
Going round the front I filmed the smile on Wendy's face. “I bet the view back there is something, Ah Steve. Joe's good at his job isn't he”.
“Well I must say, he’s given you a big hole and I know it must hurt”.
”I know it would. I also know that he wouldn't stop until he was happy he couldn’t make it any bigger”.
”How did you know that”?
”I've been down to his cubby-hole in the basement and seen his photo collection. His got pictures of women with all kinds of things up their cunts, all big things too. Bottles, rolling pins, even baseball bats as well as picture of him fisting an assortment of women and girls”.
“He sounds filthier them me”.
“You've two of a kind. Just like Granddad. He’s even got pictures of women with animals. There’s one with an Arab woman sucking off a camel, you can see the spunk and everything”.
”That sounds disgusting”.
"I don't know. I was thinking of trying something like it. Maybe with one of Granddad's dogs, I’m thinking I might try sucking their cocks”.
“Bloody hell woman”. Said Arthur. “You’d do anything”.
“You can talk. You’ve the one fucking my arsehole, and it feels lovely too”.
I went back to filming. Arthur was on the short strokes, getting ready to cum and I wanted to film it from inside her hole. Joe helped by shinning a light inside her. On the back wall of her vagina we could see his cock sliding and then jerking as he emptied his balls into her arse.
Wendy was very happy with her pictures and all the men were happy to have helped her.
On arriving home from Wendy's I found a letter waiting from a Mr Jeremy Barry. He and his partner a Mr Richard Harrison wanted to make and star in a pornographic film. They were willing to pay up to a thousand pounds if I could find the right women. They didn't want prostitutes but real housewives or the girl next-door type and all different.
I would have to give it some thought for a thousand pounds but now it was time for bed. Tomorrow we were making a family film. An incestuous fuck film.


Sunday morning I was up bright and early, checking lights and cameras. Ted had a contact that was willing to pay good money for videos on incest. He had seen Ted’s one, called Taking on All Cummer's and he wanted more. So I was going to make one.
By nine-o-clock I was all set up so I had some breakfast with the wife and kids while we waited for my mother to arrive. By ten-thirty the five of us were in the basement eager to start.
I lined the family up and started filming. Standing in front of the camera I made the introduction.
“I'm Stephen Turner aged 37 marred with two children; let me introduces you to the family”.
I turned the camera on them one at a time. “This lady is Doris Turner my mother she's 72, next to her is my wife Carol aged 35. Then we have the kids, my sweet 16 year-old daughter Izzy and lastly my son Danny a virile 15. I think we’ll begin with my wife”.
Carol dressed only in her dressing gown came foreword. “Hallo I'm Carol, for your pleasure and mine I am going to suck my son's cock until it's good and hard. Then he’s going to fuck me”.
Danny came into shot wearing school uniform and Carol knelt in front of him. She undid his trousers and pulled them and his under pants down. Danny cock was flaccid but only just so Carol lifted it up and put it in her mouth. Soon he was fully erect and Carol was sucking it hard, bobbing her head up and down taking the full length. Then taking it out she wanked it and rubbed it over her face. “There’s only one thing better than sucking my boy's cock and that is having it stuffed up my cunt. Are you ready to fuck me son”?
”Yes mum”.
“Then let us show the man how well you can fuck your mother”.
Carol dropped her dressing gown and climbed up on the table while Danny got undressed. Doris supported Carol's head so she could look down between her own legs. Reaching down Carol opened her fanny lips. “Came on son, mummy's hole is wet and juicy, ready for that nice hard cock”.
Danny moved between her legs and making sure the camera could see he slowly inserted his penis up to the hilt. Two or three times he pulled out before slowly reinserting it then he built up speed until he was fucking her faster and faster. “Oh yes darling, that is lovely. Fuck mummy as hard as you can, she loves it” Carol said encouraging him. I move out to show it was really my wife and son fucking and then paned back in to show his young cock pumping her mature cunt.
“Shall I cum up her cunt dad”?
“No. I think it’ll look better if you cum in her mouth”.
“Okay”. He replied still banging her. Then quickly mounting the table he sat on her belly. Doris held Carol’s head up as Danny tossed off infront of her face, until he’s cum started shooting over her face and into her open mouth.
After he had finished cumming on her face Danny moved to the side and I filmed as Carol wiping the spunk into her mouth.
“That’s want I like, fresh spunk straight from a young boy’s dick.
As Carol and Danny climbed off the table I talked into the camera.
“Now the oldies member of my family. Doris is new to the game of incest and still learning so I think it will be fun to tie her down. Can over here mother and take your cloths off. Let the punter see your body”.
Doris had dressed as normal and as she removed her cardigan and skirt she asked me.
”Stephen you are sure no one else will ever see this. Remember I live in an old people’s home”.
“I think for what this man is paying he'll keep it to himself”. I said.
When she was down to her under wear she stopped. “Please Stephen I can't go any farther. I’m just too embarrassed”.
“That’s fine mum. Lets get you strapped on to the Spreader”. The Spreader was the first thing I’d made. Once a woman was strapped down and her legs strapped to the uprights. It was possible to open her legs quit wide making both cunt and arsehole available for use.
Carol and the kids helped strap Doris to it and moved aside so I could film. My mother was still wearing her bar, corset, knickers and stockings. Talking to camera I said. “Let’s have a bit of lesbian action. Carol and Izzy take her bra off and suck on her tits”.
Carol soon cut off Doris's bra, freeing her more than ample breasts which both she and Izzy began sucking on. Soon her nipples were erect and a damp patch had appeared in her knickers.
“I think the old girl is getting wet. Let’s take a look at her pussy. Danny you take over from Izzy. Izzy show our friend what she's got between her legs".
Taking same scissors Izzy cut the knickers right off before knelling down and licking her Granny's pussy.
“I can't see very much Izzy. Use the Spreader to open her legs and show us Granny's cunt, then you can lick it out”.
Very quickly she turned the handle to open the uprights holding Doris's legs. As her legs opened wider and wider her vaginal lips parted slightly. Soon her legs were spread wide and Izzy was holding open her Grandmother's cunt.
“Is that better dad? Can the dirty old man see her cunt now? Does he want to see me tonguing her hole”?
“I'd think so”. I answered.
“I bet he’d like to see you fuck her and watch your cock going up your mother's cunt. Are you going to fuck her dad”?
“Yes, after you've licked her”.
Making sure I had a good view Izzy lick all around Doris's fanny before slowly sliding her tongue into the hole. Panning out again I filmed the tableau of my wife sucking her mother-in-law’s tit while her son sucked the other. While Izzy licked out her Granny's hole. I was getting hard myself and Carol noticed.
“Give me the camera Steve. I’ll film it while you fuck her”.
“Fine and make sure to get plenty of close-ups”.
“I will. I think Danny should stick his cock in her gob. Lets have both son and Grandson dicking her”!
“Right Danny you take her mouth and I'll take her cunt”. We both started to undress.
”Oh Stephen I’m not sure I can do this”. Said my mother.
”Don't worry mum, once mine and Danny’s cocks are in you, you’ll love it”.
Then before she could say another word Danny stuck his dick in her mouth.
”Suck it. Go on Gran suck it. Suck my cock for me”. And suck it she did.
With Carol filming and Izzy holding open her cunt I slid my cock into her.
“That's good Steve. Take it out and stick it up her again”. I took it out and then slid it back in.
“That's my husband fucking his mother. Watch his cock go up the old girls cunt. He loves fucking his mother and his daughter. I bet his going to fuck my little girl later. She’s a filthy cow and she likes having her daddy shag her. Let’s go and see how my son is doing”.
Carol walked round to where Danny was. “Is that nice son? Is she sucking it well”?
”Yes mum. I think she likes sucking it”.
”I've just had a lovely drink from you, have you got any left for her”.
“I think so, but not just yet”.
”Give me a call when your ready to give it to her. Let us go back to dad”.
I was still banging away and Izzy was watching my cock go in and out.
“Take it out dad so I can lick her juice of it”. Said Izzy. I took it out and held it while she licked all around it. When it was clean she said. “I want to lick more cunt juices off it. Stick it in her again, dad”.
So I did. Getting my cock all the way up my elderly mother's cunt, then taking it out and offering it to my daughter. After she'd suck it for the second time she said.
“Do her in the arse Dad. Stick it up her bum. I want to lick it after it's been in up Granny’s arsehole”.
“You haven't had her arse yet, have you Steve.” Carol Said. “Go on. Do it”.
I stepped back and Izzy put her hands round Doris pale bum cheeks and pulled them apart. Showing the camera and me my mother’s most secret place. Her anus was a dark brown star in between two very pale cheeks. It looked so small you couldn't imagine shit coming out, let alone a cock going in.
“A nice virginal arsehole. You haven't had one of those in a long time have you”. Carol said.
I hadn't, and it was only fair to warn my mother.
”Mum I’m going to bugger you. I’m going to stick me cock up your bum”.
She couldn't speak as her mouth was full of dick.
”Can you open it a bit more Izzy”? I asked.
"O K dad, and remember I want to lick your cock after it’s been up her arse”.
She pulled the cheeks wider apart and I moved my cock to the rosebud that was my mother anus.
I had a hard job penetrating her but eventually the gland went in and the rest went in quite easily. It was still a tight fit and her anal muscles held my foreskin so my dick was skinned off as it went up her rectum. As you know I love fucking arses and this was the first time my mother’s had been used. I was determined to cum inside it. As I pumped her arse, Izzy pulled Doris’s fanny open so Carol could show that it was the arsehole I was using. After give her two or three full lengths I pulled my cock out and offered it to Izzy. And true to her word she licked it from top to bottom.
“This is really dirty; licking your prick after it's been up Nanny’s bum, I love it”. Izzy said.
”Would you still lick it if it had shit on it”? Carol asked.
“I don't know. Let’s see what it comes out like next time”. She replied.
I again stuck my cock up my mothers arse and fucked it harder than before. Suddenly there was a call from Danny. “I'm cumming mum”.
Carol moved to Doris's head as Danny withdrew and began wanking.
“Tell Danny where you want his spunk Doris”. Said my wife.
“All over my face and in my mouth, give Granny a nice big load”. Doris said looking up at Danny.
“Open wide Gran. Here it comes”. He said.
As she opened her mouth, Danny shot his spunk all over her face but aiming at her mouth. He’d just cum in his mother's mouth but he still had plenty left. Time and again pure white spunk landed on her face or in her mouth.
“I'm cumming as well”. She called out as more and more liquid hit her face.
“I want yours up my bum son. Fill my arsehole with your manly spunk”.
I redoubled my effort by holding her thighs and pumping her arsehole as hard as I could until at last I to cum. I shot about five heavy loads deep into her bowels.
“Take it out and give it to Izzy to lick clean”. Carol said.
So I did. Izzy spent a long time licking my cock, getting every last drops of spunk off it.
“Get out of the way you two”. Said Carol. “I want to show our customer her arse”.
Izzy still in her school uniform climbed off the table and I moved to one side. Carol knelt and filmed close-ups of both cunt and arsehole. As she filmed she used her thumb and forefinger to slightly open Doris's arse until the spunk began to leak out of it.
“Look how much spunk his put up his mother's bum. My husbands such a perverted but I love him. Stays watching because it’s my sixteen-year old daughters turn next. You’ve seen her licking her dad's cock already. Just wait and see what we get up to next”. So saying she turned off the camera.
It was 1o'clock so we stopped for lunch. Giving time for us men to build up more sperm, and for Doris to return to the old people’s home. While Carol and Izzy made lunch I took my mother home in the car.
“Stephen". She said while driving back. "The things you make me do are really disgusting and perverted but you know I liked it when you were”. She stopped and her face turned red. “Up my bottom and I do so enjoy little Danny doing things to me. I just don’t like the idea of someone having videos of us doing those things”.
“Mum I know what we do is not legal and Danny is under age so I’ll get guarantees from Ted. Okay.
“I’m going to try and arrange to have you gang-banged by a group of school boys”.
“Will they be Danny's age”?
“That or there about's. They’re all friends of Danny’s”.
“I don't know if I could, even if they wanted to”.
“Well we'll wait and see”. I said turning into the drive of her home.
My last stop on the way home was the Patel's newsagents. As usual both Mr and Mrs Patel were there and he called me into the back room.
“Good day Sir. I'd like to talk to you about the other day. Gojura told me that you and some men put your tongues in her secret place. Is that true”.
“Mr Patel. You did say I could use her, but if you're unhappy about anything I will”. He interrupted me.
“No Mr Turner I do not mind. In fact as she told me about what you did to her, I got. Well I had to do it to her, not with my mouth; we're not permitted to do that. I had to put my penis there”.
“You had sexual intercourse because I’d licked her out”!
“Yes and it was so very good. Knowing that my penis was going where your mouth had been. I mean no disrespected”.
“None taken, Mr Patel”.
“The thing is”. He pursed. “The thing is I'm hoping that you will do it with your thing now”.
“You’d like me to fuck her”.
“Yes that is it. That is the word. I want you to fuck Gojura then send her home. So I can do it to her after you”.
“I'm not sure. I’m not often alone”.
”Yes, she told me there were other women and men there”.
“Maybe one of the other men would want to do it to your wife as well”. I said.
He just looked at me, thinking. Then he went and spoke to his wife in his own language. As I stood waiting, Ahmed their son ran down the stairs and shoot past me.
“See me outside”. He said as he went passed.
Mr Patel returned. “I have spoken to Gojura. She’s not too willing, but she will do it”.
“You know. With another man, they can. You know”.
“She's willing to be fucked by someone else, as well as me”.
“She's not willing but she'll do it for me”.
I didn't thing she would be so unwilling. The way she'd sucked my cock. And her wet fanny told me she would be more than happy to be screwed by anybody.
“You are sure you won’t mind”.
“I want to fuck her straight after someone else has. Please Mr Turner I promise I won’t mind”.
“Good. Now ask your wife to come in here”.
When they returned Gojura stood looking at the floor. She couldn't look me in the eye. But I looked at her.
“I’m going to screw you very soon”. I said to her. She kept her head bowed, but out the corner of my eye I saw Mr Patel flinch. My being so blunt with his wife was turning him on.
“I’m going to stick my prick up your fanny, and then I might let my friends cock you as well. Would you like that”?
Slowly she moved her head from side to side but I could see a little smile on her face.
“Gojura Patel!! Remember what I said”. Her husband rebuked her.
“Please Sir, It would be an honour if you put your penis between my legs and insert it into my body”. She said still looking down.
”It will be my pleasure”. I said. “I'll ring you Mr Patel”.
He looked as if he wanted me to talk dirty to her a bit more but I had to get back. I had my daughter waiting.
Outside Ahmed grabbed my arm. “I've done it”.
“Jasmine, I've fuck her. I'll phone you later”. He said walking away.
I walked home thinking of Jasmine. She was so very young but so was Izzy. And I was on my way home to screw her.
They were all keen to get started, especially Izzy. “Came on daddy I can't wait to have your dick in me”.
“Down in the basement everybody. Don’t worry Izzy Danny and I are both going to fuck you”. I said as we made our way downstairs.
We all undress except Izzy; she stayed in her school uniform. I picked up the camera and got Carol to stand behind Izzy as I began filming.
“Carol show the viewers what she's got”. I said.
Placing her hand over Izzy's shoulders she undid the tie and the front of her blouse. Then opening it wider she put her hands under Izzy breasts and held them.
“Hasn’t my daughter got sweet little tities? I bet you'd like to suck on them. I bet you'd like to see her little pussy even more".
Carol's hand moved down and took hold of the hem of the skirt. Slowly pulling it up until it was round Izzy’s waist. “Can you see my little girls’ pussy? Teenage girls have such pretty ones. Izzy hold your skirt up and mummy will show the gentlemen a bit more of your pussy".
Izzy held her skirt up while Carol used her hands to slightly open her pussy lips.
“Now we’ll have some fun". I said. “Izzy go and knell over the chair”. Izzy still dressed in her school uniform knelt and leaned over the chair's back. I handed the camera to Danny then stood in front of her. “You’ve already seen my lovely daughter sucking my cock. Well she's going to suck it again while my wife gets her fanny ready for me”. Holding her head I stuck my dick in her mouth until my nob was down her throat. Carol had raised Izzy's skirt and was knelling down licking her pussy. Danny filmed as I pulled her forward until her face was pressed against my belly and my entire prick was in her mouth. He even got down on the floor to film Carol licking her pussy, showing her tongue going in the hole. After a while Carol said. “She's ready for fucking now Steve”.
Carol took the camera from Danny and he stood in my place. I went and stood facing Izzy's backside.
Carol crouched down filming as I pulled Izzy's fanny open slightly and pushed an inch of cock up her before withdrawing. Then I stuck two inches up her and withdrew.
“Don't be wicked”. Carol Said. “Stick it all in. You haven't had her in a long time and she enjoys you fucking her. Don’t you Izzy”.
“Yes. I love it when Daddy sticks his cock all the way up my cunt”. Izzy said looking over her shoulder.
I wasted no more time and rammed my prick all the way in while Danny grabbed her head and stuck his dick in her mouth. Carol moved back to film the incestuous tableau.
“She's got her father's cock up her cunt and her brother's in her mouth. Isn’t she a dirty bitch”?
We fucked her for ten minutes with Carol filming then I said. “Change places Danny. You have a go at your sister's cunt for a while”. We swapped end so Danny could fuck her for a bit. After another ten minters Carol was on the floor filming Danny's dick going in and out. “Take it out. Let’s show the viewer what her pussy looks like now”. Carol Said. He withdrew and stood beside her. I join him on the other side.
“It looked so sweet to start with; now look at it, all red and swollen. You can see her hole is agreeably open”.
I looked across at Danny. “Okay son you know what to do”. I said to him. Placing his hands on her bum he pulled her cheeks apart exposing the tight brown hole. I stepped over Carol and aimed my prick at the rosebud before me. “I thing his going to do her bum. Would you like that Izzy”? Carol Asked.
“Yes. I love being bugged”.
”Danny and I are going to have a go at your arse”. I said, placing my nob against her anus.
”Oh! Go on Daddy. Get it right up my bum”. She said pushing herself against me until my nob went in.
The rest slid in so easily. Soon my balls were pressed against her fanny. I bugged her for some time then offered her to Danny. “Go on son, you have a go at your sisters’ arse”.
So he did, and after a while it was my turn again. For some time we took it in turns to fuck her arsehole. I was getting close to cumming when Carol spoke up. “Hold up a second boys. Izzy hold it open and show the viewers what they've done to your poor bottom”. Putting her hands back Izzy pulled her bum cheeks wide apart. Her anus was wide open from being fucked for so long. “Can you believe a sixteen-year-old girl’s arsehole could open so wide? It’s so beautiful I wish I had a prick to put up it. Okay boys you can finish her off now”.
I was first to have the pleasure of emptying my balls in Izzy arse. Shooting deep into her bowels before watching Danny do the same. There was one last thing to be filmed. Taking the camera I got Carol to lie down. Izzy then squatted over her face and I filmed the spunk dripping out of her arsehole into her mother's mouth. Carol sat up smiling and looked into the camera said. “I hope you enjoyed the film. Danny really is my son and I love it when he fucks me. I thought my husband fucked his mother very well. Lastly there was little Izzy. What can I say! She just adores taking her brother’s or father’s cock”. There we ended the film.
(I think every man should fuck his mother and daughters. It makes for a happy family.)


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Certainly hope this is the last chapter in the series. Again, your english skills suck worse than the story.

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