Tony separates from his wife, moving in with his Mother. She seduces him.
My name is Mary Madsden; I’m a 60 year old woman, widowed for the past seventeen years, since I was forty-three. Oh I may not look sixty. My hair is still blonde (ok, with the help of my stylist) my body’s trim, I’m at the gym three mornings a week, and I was never blessed with large breasts just firm 34 B cups, I don’t sag. No, I may not look sixty maybe 50 but I’m sure not a 20’s something hottie.

I hadn’t had sex in the entire seventeen years since I’d lost my mate but that doesn’t mean I don’t have desires; oh do I have desires. I want to be held and loved by a man who loves and respects me. And yes I want sex, wild, wonderful sex. I thought it would never happen.

My son, Anthony and his wife broke up several months ago; the divorce should be final in a couple of weeks, fortunately they had not yet started a family. Tony’s staying with me for a while; it’s not financial, Tony has a good paying job but it is convenient.

My son loves and respects me, or at least he did respect until a couple of minutes ago, now I’m not so sure; you see my son has his face buried in my pussy; my twenty-four year son is performing cunnilingus on his sixty year old mother. I seduced him, I’m not proud of that fact but I’m more than happy with the result.

It’s taken a little time; I really didn’t realize what I was doing at first. Tony would make some flirty comment and I’d flirt back; mild stuff at first. Then I started using innuendo, implying more than saying.

I’d worn long nightgowns and a tatty robe for years. I bought some sexier night wear, mid thigh gowns and diaphanous robes, I could pull it off, my legs are still nice from my exercises, so, to be blunt, I was letting Tony see a little more of my body, teasing him.

And, oh, he noticed calling me his sexy Mom. I loved it and I loved his attention.
I knew Tony was plenty horny. He’d been gone from his wife for over three months and he wasn’t dating; I decided to help him through this difficult situation.

When we’d sit up late watching television, I’d lay with my head in his lap while he idly scratched my back through my robe and nightie while he channel surfed. One evening I shed my robe claiming I was too warm (It was the 72 degrees where the thermostat was always set), Tony scratched my back again and that became our routine.

One evening I was lying with my eyes closed, Tony must have thought I was asleep, when that back scratching hand moved a bit lower. He rubbed my bottom and massaged my cheeks, it felt nice but I kept my eyes closed, letting him fondle me, enjoying the feel of his wandering hand. I couldn’t do it every night but several times a week I’d “go to sleep on his lap,” and I was always treated to a bottom massage.

Two weeks ago I decided to up the stakes. I’d always slept in my bra and panties. I shed the brassiere and was lying on my side like I was watching the movie; what I was really doing was letting Tony see my breast. My gown was white, nearly translucent and my nipples were evident. Tony could see one of my nipples and when I “dozed off” he caressed it, even pinching it a little. I let out a slight moan and rolled over on my back, still “asleep.” My gown had worked up, well I did provide just a little help, and I knew that the bottom of my panties, the crotch, was showing.

Tony took his time getting there, he continued to fondle my breasts for several long minutes then slid his hand down and rubbed my tummy; finally, finally his hand slipped over my mound and he cupped my sex. I had my panties on and he didn’t get into them. Through the thin materiel his finger glided along my slit, toying with me, teasing me; I was getting wet, I was surprised he hadn’t noticed, or then, maybe he did. I shifted my hips and opened my legs a little more open, hoping he’d take the non-so-subtle hint, instead he stopped.

It was evident I was going to have to be more proactive. He’d never made any type of approach to me when he knew I was awake. I let him fondle me for several more days hoping he’d make a more aggressive move but it wasn’t happening.

I decided I’d go for the old tried and true. I told him I was taking him out for steak the following Friday night. Yes, the old tried and true; I’d get him drunk and take advantage of him.

Friday evening when he came in from work he went upstairs, shaved and showered and dressed in appropriate attire for a nice restaurant, a jacket with no tie, open collared and slacks. I dressed in a short cocktail dress and heels; I’d had my hair done that day, I looked as good as a sixty year old woman could, better in fact. I got a little wolf whistle from Tony and a “Wow, I’ve got a hot Momma tonight,” comment.

We took my car, I had a new Cadillac a 2010 CTS-V, I’d paid a lot for it, I could afford it, and I loved it. I know, what’s a sixty year old gal need that monster for, powered by a big V-8 it was the fastest production car in the world and I still adored speed, so I bought it. Tony drove.

We got to the restaurant earlier than our reservation; I’d planned it that way, I suggested that we wait in the lounge until the hostess could seat us. Tony checked in and let the hostess know we’d be in the lounge.

I asked Tony to order us Martinis, Hendricks’s Gin and light on the vermouth with two olives and a cocktail onion. They were served and they were perfect. Tony was winding down after a work day and finished his pretty quickly, I was nursing mine. The waiter came by I signaled for another for Tony.

When the waiter served him Tony quipped, “What are you trying to do Mom, get me drunk and take advantage of me?”

I replied with a little smirk, “Of course son, that’s exactly my nefarious plan.” He didn’t know that truer words had ever been spoken.

Tony had just finished his drink when the hostess came as said our table was ready, I was still nursing my drink. She had a waiter bring it and led us to our table.

I still had over half of my drink. When the waiter came over I ordered another Martini for Tony and said we’d order when we finished our drinks. Tony suspiciously eyed my glass. I said, “Enjoy yourself, I’m driving home.”

He replied, “Sounds good to me.”

After we’d both finished our drinks we ordered. I had a small filet, medium rare, Duchess potatoes and tender tiny haricot verts, Tony went for the Porterhouse, rare, baked potatoes smothered with everything and asparagus. I chose the wine, we had a bottle of Ch?auneuf-du-Pape and then we had another. We split a sumptuous dessert, had coffee and two ounces of a 1954 Madeira. All in all a fantastic meal, I couldn’t have asked for a dinner companion that I would have enjoyed nearly as much as Tony, and, to tell the truth, my panties got a little moist, staring at my handsome son, my vagina twitching in anticipation.

I used a little of that big V-8 getting home, I was anxious.

Tony was a little tipsy when we got back, reeling, hardly. Giggly, yes; I suggested that we get out of our evening clothes, into something more comfortable, Tony slurred, “I think that’s a fantastic idea Mom,” and headed upstairs.

I knew his normal sleeping attire, loose gym shorts, commando and topless; I hoped he’d dress that way tonight. I put on one of my sexy nighties, this was a pale purple; all of my wares on display, and I truly all of my wares, I was sans panties. It was tonight or it was never going to happen.

I took a bottle of champagne, Perrier –Jouet, popped the cork and poured two glasses. The wine was waiting when Tony came down. He looked at the flute as I handed it to him saying, “Tony, it felt like a date, no not just a date, the perfect date, and I wanted to end it on a high note; cheers,” as I clicked his glass.

Would you like to watch a movie I asked, “Sure Mom” he replied. He was attired as I hoped he would be.

I sat beside him, he with arm around my shoulders and watched the romantic comedy I’d chosen, no action film tonight, I wanted action just not on the screen.

About a quarter of the way through the movie, I lay down on my side as I usually started, I “napped,” Tony didn’t disappoint. I felt his hand on my breast.

He tweaked my nipple, a little more vigorously than usual, and when I rolled onto my back he fondled both breasts.

Emboldened by the drink, he let his hand wander. Down to my belly where he caressed my, then further down; I had made sure my gown covered me; I didn’t want to be too blatant.

His hand slipped under my gown, I heard an intake of breath, a little gasp. He’d discovered my bareness; He turned up the hem of my night wear and looked at my furry mons. I was not shaved; I’d given up that vanity years before. Tony was confronted with a wild tangle, a graying pelt. He ran his fingers through it, teasing me then he cupped my labia and parted my lips with a single finger, sliding along my slippery channel. I was lubricating and Tony was breathing heavily in arousal, I could smell myself and I knew Tony could, too.

My eyes were open, I was watching him but he was too engrossed to notice. He was erect, his penis head bulging out of his shorts. I took it in my hand, squeezed and said, “Don’t stop.”

Tony paused, startled, I repeated, “Don’t stop Tony, please don’t stop.”

My urgent plea inspired him. The rubbing commenced and a finger probed me, sliding into my vagina, a chasm that had been empty for seventeen years, a little orgasm shook me, I wet his hand.

Pulling him out of the leg of his shorts, I took his penis between my lips, into my mouth. Tony wasn’t huge, maybe seven and a half inches but he was of an impressive girth. He’d stretch me when he entered me. I didn’t want him to climax from oral attention; I wanted his semen in me so I took it slow and easy.

When Tony started to pump his hips I rolled off the sofa onto the floor pulling Tony down on top of me. He came down on his knees, between my legs. His erection looked massive, jutting out and up, curving back toward his belly.

I parted my legs further and raised my knees. I whispered, “Yes,” and Tony was on me.

He pushed into me and I felt a little pain, not intense and not for long, but he was stretching tissue long idle, a pit unmined in seventeen years and so he stretched me.

When I’d taken his full length he started to pump me, not slow, not easy. Deep and hard, fast, with a sense of urgency; that was what I wanted. I knew neither of us would last very long, we didn’t.

Tony sped up, thrusting even harder; I knew he was nearing the moment. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him, meeting his forceful thrusts; I felt his cock swell; I arched my hips, feeling his seed filling me and my body trembled as I was rocked by my own powerful climax followed by multiple orgasms that flowed through me. My vagina was clamping Tony, contracting Tony as I came. I was milking him, getting the last of sizzling cream.

As our excitement passed Tony fell to my chest, whimpering, “I’m sorry Mom, I’m so sorry Mommy.”

I petted his head and stroked his back, assuring him, “That’s alright son, that’s alright.”

We lay like that for some time, Tony still attempting to apologize, tears leaking from his eyes, dampening my breasts. I didn’t let on that I truly was the instigator, that I’d supplied the catalyst that had led us to where we were. I thought if he felt remorseful I might keep him in my thrall.

I patted his back and said, “Come on son, let’s go to bed.”

He got up and helped me to my feet. I was still clad in my nightie, he still had on his shorts, pulled back, his flaccid penis still evident through the leg hole; they were soaked with our mixed juices.

I took his hand and led him upstairs, to my bedroom. I pulled my nightie over my head and pulled his shorts down. We both stood nude; I said, “Let’s lie down for a little while, I want to hold you.”

He lay down and I reclined beside him. His eyes were still leaking; he was still whimpering his apology. I rolled him toward me, face to face and gave him a little kiss, saying, “It’s alright, it’s alright, Mommy loves you.” He buried his head against my chest; I stroked him crooning to him that nothing bad had happened. I told him that I knew a young man had urges, strong urges. That I was glad that I was there for him; I lifted a breast to his mouth and he took my nipple between his lips, suckling me like a baby. And he was my baby but now he was also my lover, we drifted off to sleep, the gentle motion of his mouth relaxing me, soothing me.

I’m an early riser, it seems that as we age less sleep is required; whatever, I awoke before six. Tony still slept. He was on his back, his mouth slightly open, breathing easily and rhythmically in repose; repose that I proposed to interrupt. I brushed the sheet aside. His penis hung limply I bent forward and took it between my lips. He began to stiffen though he slept on; no doubt thinking it was an erotic dream. I engulfed him taking him deep into my throat and fellated him. Pumping up and down on him, slickening him with my saliva I teased the head with my tongue. He sat up, suddenly awake, “Mother,” he said, just before he groaned in pleasure, his penis swelling and pulsing; I took him deep into my throat as he erupted, holding my head in place, thrusting into my mouth I took his salty semen deep in my throat and I swallowed, he gushed and I swallowed. Not a single drop of his precious fluid escaped.

I let him fall from between my lips, stared up at his shocked face and smiled, “All’s forgiven.”

I got off the bed and walked toward the bathroom saying, I’m going to shower do you want to join me and wash my back?”

I was still sitting on the commode when Tony came in; I took a pad of tissue, wiped myself, got up and started the shower.

I stepped into the hot spray and let it run over my shoulders, Tony followed me in.
He took my loofah sponge, lathered it and washed me from head to toe, literally, on bended knee he lifted each of my feet in turn and scrubbed.

Putting the sponge aside, he used his hand to lather my groin a finger slipped between my lips as Tony teased, “I want to be sure Mommy’s clean everywhere.”

Then he leaned me forward and washed my anus. He pressed against my clenched ring, I reached back and swatted his hand saying, “Bad Boy.”

In my sixty years no one had invaded that bastion of virginity, not a finger, not a tongue and not a penis. I intended to keep it that way. I rinsed off and got out saying, “I’ll fix breakfast.”

A nice hearty breakfast, pancakes, eggs, sausages cantaloupe quarters and coffee; my boy would need his energy today. I had plans, plans that involved a stuffed vagina. Just thinking about it gave me a little tingle.

Tony sat down at the table and I served his breakfast. I was standing behind his chair, I reached forward and hugged him, kissing him on the neck, saying, “Tony, last night was wonderful.”

Reddening a little in embarrassment he said, “Yeah I thought it was wonderful, too, you really are a hot Mommy.”

In truth, I remembered our love-making as rushed and desperate, today though, I planned to show him that I truly was a hot Mommy.

Funny word that, Mommy; Tony hadn’t called Mommy in years, now I was Mommy again. I’d even begun to think of myself as Mommy.

After we’d eaten and I’d cleared the table we sat, finishing our coffee, Tony stood up saying, “Do you have any special plans for today?”

I stood with him and, taking his hand and leading him I said, “Yes I have very special plans; I plan on taking you back to bed right now.”

I led him back up the stairs; he fondled my bottom as we walked. In my bedroom I pulled his shorts down and lifted his tee shirt over his head. He raised my nightie, stripping me then lay down, pulling me down on top of him.

Then he kissed me. Not the kiss of son to his mother, it was a passionate kiss, his tongue probing my mouth we played dueling tongues for several minutes then I slid down his chest and teased his nipples, nibbling and sucking them. I reached down and took his penis in hand, he was already hard. I masturbated him a few strokes then went down on him, performing fellacio, as I sucked I cupped his balls with my hand and let one finger wander, rubbing his anus. I laved his erection with my tongue then took him back, deep down my throat, Tony started humping my face, I could feel him swell, I slid the tip of my finger into him, past his clutching sphincter, he arched and came, explosively, magnificently and loudly, groan and moaning in his exquisite release. I sucked him ‘til he became soft.

Tony just looked down his body at me, he said, “Oh damn, I’ve never cum like that, wow.”

I smiled at him and thought, I may not want something in my bottom but I he liked it he’d get it.

I crawled up the bed and lay beside him. He kissed me. I pulled him atop me and asked, “Please suck my breasts.” I liked the feel of his weight on my belly and I liked his nibbling teeth, his sucking lips and his teasing tongue on my nipples even better.

Tony nursed for about fifteen minutes before I felt him stir, regaining his erection. Tony was a young man with quick recovery time and I, well I with my newly reinvigorated sex drive, I was like a young woman; craving for, aching for a cock, his cock to fill me.

He mounted me. Slowly he pressed into me, letting me take pleasure in each inch as he filled me, he was in me entirely, he rested for a moment then began to stroke. Long leisurely strokes, enflaming my desire, I thrust my hips up to meet him. I lifted my legs so he could penetrate me further. He rose to his knees and watched himself filling me. He could reach me in this position, he played with my clit as he stroked into me. My clitoris was engorged and blood swollen, tender and aroused, huge it poked through my lips. Tony took it between thumb and forefinger and masturbated me. I felt it; it felt like an earthquake was shaking me, my orgasm washed through my tummy down to my spasming cunt. I was slamming Tony, my hips pounding against him, yet he still maintained his slow pace as my climax flowed out, gushed I could feel the flood of my juices as I screamed out. Still, Tony stroked me slowly almost delicately.

The excitement of the moment waned; I lay back and enjoyed his gently probed. Filled with my orgasmic fluids, there was a squishy sound when Tony pushed into my pussy. The scent of sex, my sex permeated the room.

Soon Tony picked up his pace, his rhythmic thrusts getting harder, faster and deeper. He lifted my legs to his shoulders, pushing them back, exposing me as he pounded into me as deep as he could go. On one powerful thrust he reached my cervix causing me to wince, a little pained by the abuse. Then I felt it, an orgasm rippling through me as Tony spilled his scorching contents into my chalice of flesh. God I loved the sensation, pulse after pulse of his cream filling that place from whence he’d come.

We both were elated and exhausted. Explosive orgasms, long times spent enjoying each other’s bodies, exploring cracks and crevasses long ignored, we were sated, we lay down, resting while we gently caressed each other. Though the day was still early we napped.

It was early afternoon when we awakened. We held each other and kissed then arose. Both of us dressed lightly, Tony in his shorts and tee shirt, me in loose fitting shorts and a top that I could wear which, unencumbered by a brassiere would show my breasts nicely. We went down-scale for lunch, a drive thru, burgers, fries and cokes to go and we drove to the park. We ate our cholesterol laden lunches and went to the pond’s edge. Tony sat on the shore, we’d kept a large part of the buns from the burgers, Tony flipped pieces to the ducks as they floated by, I lay with my head in his lap, reveling in all that had happened in less than twenty-four hours; and my pussy ached for more.

While Tony tossed scraps to the ducks, he idly stroked my tummy. I don’t think he had any idea how arousing that was to me. Just his touch and I wanted him. His loose shorts gave me access and I took it, peeling back the leg, exposing a little of him, I took him in my mouth and didn’t let him out ‘til he saw stars. Ducks be damned, he pumped into my mouth until he’d flooded into me.

I said, “Let’s go home.”

Over the next several months we let our infatuation with each other’s body run wild. Every nook and cranny of our anatomies had been explored with lips, fingers tongues and more. We knew the others body better that our own. Every thing had been explored save one place. I was still virgin there.

Tony had managed to get a tongue and finger into me. That was just last night, we’d loved passionately, my climax had been exquisite, body trembling, flooding. Tony was holding me in the aftermath, I was clutched in his arms when he rolled me onto my tummy and rubbed my back and massaged my bottom. It felt nice, relaxing and I reveled in his attention.

Tony shifted, he got between my legs and was kneading my cheeks; he opened me; I felt his tongue on my tight ring, circling me, teasing me. I wiggled my butt, trying to discourage him; it didn’t work, he kept his tongue pressed against me then I felt the tip probe into me, shallowly of course, it was after all a tongue but it was in me. I was startled by my body’s reaction. It felt good, stimulating.

I gave a little tremble, Tony noticed, he could also see that I was lubricating. He raised to my knees. His fingers probed me, into my vagina, being moistened by my love juices. He thrust into my pussy but I could feel those wetted fingers against my rosebud. He pumped me faster and harder. God, I loved it when he took me from behind, he could go deeper, plumbing my depths.

An orgasm built in me, flowing through my belly, building; when it reached my cunt Tony pressed through my tight ring, he had a finger in me, pumping it when my orgasm broke over me. I screamed and thrust my ass hard against him forcing both his cock and his finger deeper in me and I screamed again. With Tony filling both of my holes, I got sensations that were entirely new and absolutely fantastic.

I just panted, that was the hardest climax I’d ever experienced, and it took a lot out of me, so I panted and waited, Tony pumped out the last of his cum and lowered me to the mattress, he held me and let me rest against his chest.

We lay like that for some time, quietly, neither of us saying a word; then Tony broke the silence. He said only one word, “Tomorrow,” I knew what he meant.

The next day was long. I’d fixed breakfast for us. I only had coffee, I was too nervous to eat, then I kissed Tony good-bye, it was a work day for him.

I wanted to fix something fancy for dinner but I couldn’t get started. My stomach was watery and my bladder, well my bladder was in overdrive. I was in the bathroom every fifteen minutes.

Yes, his finger felt nice last night but he wasn’t going to use a finger. He was well over three inches in girth, I knew I’d be in pain and I was frightened.

Tony called mid-day to tell me he’d pick up food on the way home. At least that was taken care of, I thought.

He’d gotten Italian, simple fare, a salad, pasta and garlic breadsticks and two bottles of Chianti.

I just picked at my food, chasing it around the plate with my fork while I drank the wine, looking for some “Dutch Courage.” It wasn’t working, I was still shaky.

We finished both bottles of wine and Tony stood up. He took my hand and led me, reluctantly, up the stairs.

Tony slowly undressed me, lifting my top over my head, removing my brassiere, kissing my breasts. He took off my sandals and tugged my shorts down over my hips. I stood before him in just my panties then he rolled them off, I was naked. He was on his knees in front of me; he pulled me to him and inhaled taking in my scent. He nuzzled my mound and let his tongue touch my slit. That was the one thing Tony hadn’t done yet, he hadn’t taken me with his mouth.

In other circumstances that would have excited me immensely, not on this night though, for over his shoulder I could see, on the night stand, a tube of KY Jelly waiting.

Tony quickly undressed and led me to the bed. He sat with his back against the headboard and pulled me down across his lap. I lay with my bottom raised, in a perfect position for a spanking, but I knew that wasn’t what he was going to do.

He got the KY and laid it on the bed then kneaded my cheeks. I felt as he opened me. He spread my cheeks and massaged my ring, I felt the cool gel being spread on my anus finally I felt a finger probe me. In my anxiety my muscles contracted trapping the invader. Tony said, “Mommy, relax, just relax.” He stroked my back, my sides and my bottom, crooning, “Just relax for me, just relax.” I loosened my grip.

He worked more of the lubricant into me and I felt a second finger join the first. He was pumping me gently, stretching me, preparing me. A third finger joined in, I could feel him flexing those fingers, opening me wider then I felt them come out and I knew the moment had arrived.

Sodomization, it sounded so brutal; I wanted him behind me; where he could thrust brutally into me. Rutting me like a wild animal, making me wail.

I crawled off his lap and got on hands and knees, pulling the pillow over to where I’d rest my head. Tony gently pushed my head down onto the pillow and got behind me. He rested the head of his penis against my opening.

My body was trembling, shaking with fear, I was afraid I was going to wet myself, Tony caressed my body, “Just relax Mommy, relax for me, please.”

I could feel the pressure against me, but his quiet words helped, my tension eased. Tony felt it.

He pressed forward, entering me, piercing my last virginity, a virginity that I’d kept for sixty years, and my fears were realized, it felt like he’d split me, I wailed in pain.

Tony held still, letting me grow accustomed to his intrusion, my wails changed to sobs as he pushed forward. I felt it as he slid inch after inch into me, his broad girth stretching my straining sphincter, his length plumbing my bowels until I was completely filled.

He started stroking me, slowly, I was still feeling the pain but a sense of calm fell over me. I’d done it; I’d taken him, all of him. And I was proud and happy that I’d waited, waited sixty years waited to give this last of my sexual treasures to my son.

Tony picked up speed and power in his thrust; he was bottoming out in me then pulling almost completely out, filling me then emptying me, again and again. I contracted then released my muscles, masturbating him with my rosebud, squeezing him as he filled me.

His breathing got raspy, his thrusts deeper, I felt him swell within me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me against he, I felt his hot cream filling my bowls as Tony groaned loudly, I could feel him spasming in me, pulse after pulse of his cock pumping me full of his love juice. He slowed, emptying himself, he softened and fell out.

He lowered me to the bed and took me in his arms, kissing me, hugging me, “Thank you Mommy, thank you.”

I looked into his eyes and smiled, I wasn’t in pain anymore, I was in love, in love with my son. No, I hadn’t become a fan of anal sex but I’d let him do it again and again and again, whatever and whenever he desired.

We caressed for a long time, expressing our love and sharing our love. Tony kissed me a final time then took a nipple into his mouth and sucked. It gave me a tingle. He gently squeezed them, sucked them and nibbled on my nipples. It felt so nice then he moved down to my tummy, kissing along my sides and teasing my belly button with the tip of his tongue. He edged lower, raking his fingers through my hair and gently tugging. And then he moved even lower.

I caught my breath, Tony had never explored my orally. He splayed my legs and, for the first time, I felt his hot breath on me. His tongue split my labia; he licked my slit, gently pulling on my inner lips with his lips, sucking on me. H probed my vagina, plunging his tongue into me, stabbing into me.

I held my breath for several moments then I moaned. Oh did I moan, he’d taken my clitoris between his lips and sucked on it like it was a nipple then he teased my pearly tip with his tongue. Oh did I moan, I arched my hips and wailed in ecstasy, My cunt gushed, spasming, spurting my juice; Tony’s face was awash, he licked me, drinking the nectar of my sex, inhaling the redolence of my body. I continued to flow, it felt like all of my insides had flooded from me, down my pink passage, Tony cleaned me.

I couldn’t take any more I was totally sexually spent. Entwined in each other’s arms we slept.

Tony stayed with me for two years, the happiest two years of my life, we lived and loved sharing and enjoying each other in all ways.

Finally Tony told me he needed to get on with his life. He’d saved quite a bit of money and put a down payment on a home. It was within walking distance of mine and he came by frequently. Recently he began dating a beautiful young lady, she’s sweet and I like her. They are serious about each other and talking marriage, I hope they do, I want grandchildren.

They did wed but Tony still visits me two or three evenings a week, telling his bride, “I have to “take care” of my Mommy.”

And he does, oh God, does he.

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