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Hi guys, this is my first story here, so please be nice : )

I hadn't originally meant for this to be a sex story - and I wasn't exactly going for erotic. Instead, I was looking for those things that you feel for an ex-wife who has taken your money, or a high school crush that rejected you. Don't you just want to tie them up and fuck the shit out of them? And better yet, have them enjoy it so much that they're at your mercy ;)

If I get nice reviews, I'll do another one.

Anyway, enjoy -

He’d seen the petite blonde girl with blue eyes for the first time in 6 years. The only difference being, he hadn’t been a world famous author then.

The sparks began to fly the moment he touched her hand, seeing the ring on her finger.

I got engaged this summer

Everything from that moment on went by in a tizzy. Fredrika was saying things – how nice it was to see him – but he was having a hard time listening. He had this feeling in his chest – a sort of dark, dark energy that was beginning to possess him.

The blood in his veins was starting to course thick and fast now, and it seemed the faster his heart beat, the faster she talked to make it look like she wasn’t nervous. The tension in the air was so palpable it made him sick.

It was invisible to the others. Her fianc?arried on telling her brother about some youth conference, and her parents didn’t seem bothered in the slightest – but she could feel it. Oh, she was catching the scent. Her pupils dilated involuntarily, her chest began to heave, and her legs were twitching so obviously, it was easy to tell what her body was saying.

He wanted to devour her. He needed to. After years of heartache and thousands of miles of separation, he could reach her in 2 short steps; and feast on her. The feeling in his chest was starting to spread the darkness throughout his body now, and he knew that matters would soon be out of his control if he didn’t do something. He couldn’t stand it.

She’s engaged.

With that, he abruptly turned on his heel and walked out of the place he had moved mountains and crossed oceans to see.

Jake Randall looked at peace, but underneath the calm exterior, a fire had spawned in his heart that would persist until it got what he wanted. Randall was but a slave to its whims. This time though, it seemed as if he wasn’t going to get what he wanted – and he always got what he wanted.

Half a bottle of wine down, he heard a knock on the door. It was her.

He spoke as he opened the door, “I’m leaving in eight hours.”

Without a word, she walked in to the suite. It was almost bigger than her house was. She stood in the corridor, looking around at the piano, the huge TV, and the king size bed that Jake Randall had slept in the last 2 nights.

As he stood there, he took in everything that she had blossomed into in the years he hadn’t seen her. Big, blue eyes the size of baseballs; mascara contrasting the paleness of her white skin, and a leather jacket and skirt that showed her for the rebel she was. A cross around her neck, stockings, and converse shoes completed the look.

God she was hot.

He knew exactly what was about to happen the second he saw her in the doorway. He lusted to see her naked. He wanted to play with those luscious breasts, maul that beautiful backside with his hands, and bury his face in the sweet, musky smell of her sex. He wanted to ravish her. Hold her over his dining table and violate her; but most of all, he wanted to fuck her and leave his semen inside her. She had to be his.

She turned around to speak: “Hey, about earlier…”

Before she could utter another word, she found him an inch from her face. The feeling of his warm breath on her neck made her forget her words, and those she remembered, she gulped back down.

Her mind was screaming at her to push him away, but a strange tingle between her thighs had compelled her to lie to her parents and her boyfriend, to sneak past the hotel lobby man, and to ultimately knock on Jake Randall’s door.

Before she knew it, his lips met hers as he imposed himself onto her petite frame.

“STOP!!! We can’t do this…I have a boyfriend”

It was more of a plea than an order.

He pinned her arms over her head and bit her neck out of pure primal instinct.

“No no no no no….but…you’re seeing someone…” The plea had now turned into a long groan.

With that, he threw her against the wall of the corridor and rammed his thigh between her legs, drawing his thigh up and down over her clit. She was now putty in his arms, kissing him back forcefully and with abandon.

Her arms still pinned above her head, she was now more helplessly turned on than she’d ever been in her life. Her pussy was dripping wet with juices, just begging to be eaten, licked, and lapped up.

He wrestled her to the floor and tore off her jacket while she fumbled with his belt. Her top was down and her scrumptious tits were in the open now, as she scythed from side to side in pure ecstasy as his warm mouth engulfed her rock hard nipples.

As they rolled around there on the carpeted hotel room floor, she could feel his hardness rubbing up against her through his jeans. The very anticipation that soon, a world famous writer would be inside her almost drove her over the edge before things even started.

By this time she was so wet that her mind was reeling. She could hardly get the words out coherently – “Fuck me…just fuck me right now I want that big cock inside me!”

Jake didn’t need any more encouragement. He lifted up her skirt, tore off her panties, and there he was, with his penis at the entrance of her vagina which was literally leaking juices. He descended his lips on to hers and kissed her hard as he entered her tightness with his tool.

It was heaven. Her wet, warm, tight cunt clamped down on his cock as he sawed against its walls while he kissed her. His kiss wasn’t tender – it was animalistic. He wasn’t making love to her, or even having sex. He was – quite literally – fucking her. He didn’t love her; his desire for her was born from a morbid need to finally defeat the one girl who had ever rejected him. His thrusts got faster and faster, his cock sawed harder and harder.

She was moaning at the top of her voice now, each thrust harder and louder than the last, each thrust sending seismic waves of pleasure coursing through her body. In a fit of passion, Jake caught her hair and hissed in her ear while he fucked her – “Taste this you naughty slut”

And he stuffed her wet underwear in her mouth.

The dirty words and lingerie in her mouth served to turn Fredrika on even more. She was now clawing at his back, sinking her nails in as she unconsciously made sure she trapped his cock stayed in her as long as she needed. Before long, she felt it building up between her legs, that electrifying feeling that kept building on itself while her partner thrusted away – she was being fucked by a modern day rockstar on the floor of Iceland’s snazziest hotel. That was the last thought that went through her mind before the ecstasy washed over her in waves of pure elation. She came so hard that it felt like the waves came over and over, lifting her up to heights she’d never imagined were possible.

Feeling her pussy clamp down on his rock hard penis, Jake started pumping even faster, even harder until he felt the feeling rise in his balls. He marauded her breasts and looked in to her eyes as he got ready to explode.

“Cum inside of me, baby”, she said

In that moment, Jake’s whole world condensed to the girl lying under him. He thought back to all the times she had ridiculed him, all the times she had made him feel stupid for wanting her, all the times she had led him on, just to hook up with the more popular guy – all the times that he had put himself on the line, and she had fucked him over.

With that memory, he now saw the same girl, sprawled underneath him, eyes bugging out from an overdose of pure pleasure, begging him to finish inside her. He wanted to leave his seed as deep within her as possible – he wanted to impregnate her.

And so he came. He came harder than he’d ever cum in his life. Stream after stream of warm, delicious cum that flew deep into her depths. He shouted and screamed and pulled her hair as he unloaded years of frustration inside of her twitching vagina.

Spent, they held on to each other for the longest time as his cock spasmed and jerked inside of her, until they collapsed in a heap right there on the carpet.

She put his arm around him and purred as she rested on his chest.

He thought about everything in the last 6 years that had led up to this moment. He had had his heart broken and stomped upon. He had built the life of a hotshot writer from scratch, spurred on by the memory of the blonde Icelandic girl who’d got away. He had delighted millions and journeyed across continents to come see her. And fuck her.

He realized then, the power she wielded on him – and in that moment he hated her more than anyone in the world.

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Doody / After looking at the pic many times thorughout the day, I JUST noticed Evan was actually sitting on a person. I thought there was just a blanket or something in the chair behind him. Ahhhhahahaha oh me.Anyway, the reason I keep looking at it many times thorughout the day is because it makes me so happy. What an adorable niece and nephew I have.xoxo

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