Rick get his younger brother Tom in on the action
Breaking in Bonnie 2: Uncle Tom gets some.

I called my brother Tom and told him to get over to my place as soon as possible, “we gotta to talk“.
I didn’t have anything planned out but I knew it would all come to me.

I checked in on sweet little Bonnie and she was fast asleep.

When my brother Tom arrived I told him all about it. “ I did it man, I fucked the shit out of Bonnie”, “you did”, “I tore that fuckin pussy up bro, made her cry and everything, busted that cherry hard! I choked her with my cock too”, he gave me a high five and we embraced in a man hug. He congratulated me “I blew three loads in her, two in her cunt and one down her throat”, “im telling you brother, there’s no better pussy than raped little girl pussy” we laughed and shared a moment that only two brothers can feel. “awesome, when do I get my turn and when are we going to fuck her ass” he said with a evil grin as he rubbed his hardening dick through his pants.

An idea started to come to me and I told Tom to have a seat on the couch.

I quickly set up my camcorder on a tri-pod. I was shaking with excitement.
Then I went into Bonnies room and drew back the blankets and sheet. “lets go whore bag, time to play” as I scooped her up, one arm under her knees and the other under her shoulders. She was groggy and didn’t know what was going on yet.

I kissed her forehead and lips while I carried her into the living room. I licked her sweet face. Her straight long brown hair, What an angel.

My dick raging hard again.

I laid Bonnie on her back, on the floor in front of Tom. Long ways, her legs spread out in front of him. Bonnie was awake now. She looked up at me. “don’t move cunt, keep your legs spread”.

Judging by the huge bulge in Toms pants, If his cock had teeth it would have devoured through his 501’s to get at Bonnie.

“unzip her pajamas” I told Tom. The drool running from the corner of his mouth and the look of desire in his eyes told me he was a willing participant.

“your gonna let your uncle Tom do what he wants cunt”
She started to cry. She knew what was coming.
“your not my sweet Bonnie right now, your our little cum dump, understand honey”, “yes (sob) uncle (sob, sob) Rick” more sobbing.

Tom didn’t give a shit. He didn’t say a word, He was going for it. He reached forward and pulled down her zipper real fast, almost tearing her pajamas off.

I would have taken my time but I understand the lust frezy he was in.

When her luscious smooth skin was revealed my dick went into overdrive. The events of the day came rushing back into my head and cock.

I had on a pair of white boxer shorts and my rock hard cock made my boxers look like a giant tent.

As I stood there and watched Tom molest his 9 year old niece and filmed it, I was in a euphoric sexual zone. Nothing else in this life even comes close.

He was hovered over her pawing at her, he started pinching each nipple real hard right off the bat and Bonnie starts screaming “oowww, uncle Rick, stoooop uncle Tom, it hurts” then he grabs her hair and says “on your knees in front of me bitch”.

Tom is the most sadistic of us, my dead brother being the most passive and im somewhere in the middle.

He sits back and un buttons his jeans and says “take my fuckin dick out and suck on it bitch”

Bonnie turns to look at me as if waiting for approval “go ahead whore” and as she turns back toward Tom, he slaps her hard with his right hand, whack, it sends her flying to the ground, “when I tell you to do something, you do it, I SAID SUCK MY FUCKIN COCK” bonnie is completely stunned and holding her cheek with both her hands.

I laughed “easy Tom”, “I know, I know” he answers back.
Bonnie gets her balance back on her knees and reaches strait for Toms swollen cock as he sits on the couch. her right hand peels part of his jeans down.

He reaches out to her red teardrop stained face and clutches both cheeks with his hands, the only thing between his face and hers was his cock sticking straight up “your gonna suck my cock untill i cum in your mouth and your gonna drink every drop, understand”, “yes uncle Tom” as she shakes her head in obedience.

She leaned forward and could only fit the head of his fat dick in her mouth. Her little hand tried to wrap around the base but his cock was way to thick “take your fuckin hand away cock sucker, this isn’t hand job school, this is blowjob 101” as he lays back against the couch to watch this little tiny thing suck his big fat adult cock.

“yeeaaahhh, nice, real nice, up and down slut, up and down in a steady motion” Tom looks over at me “this is good bro, real good” then looks back at the little piece of girl meat suckin on his cock. He lets out a moan and grabs the back of Bonnies head “mmmm, keep the head of my dick in your mouth, just let it sit there”, he looks in her eyes “you like cock in your mouth, don’t you pig” she mumbles something like “mmmmm”
“keep suckin, cock sucker, man this feels sooo good, flick your tongue all over my dick”.

I was stroking my cock at this point. Tom starts to pant and breath faster. “you’re a beautiful little cocksucker” hes looking into her eyes “you still have a long way to go, you only have the head in, mmmm,” he takes his dick out of her mouth and wipes his hairy cock and balls all over her pretty little angelic face.

“I wanna taste my dick in your mouth” and leans forward, holds her head up and pinches her cheeks hard enough to make her scream “OOOWWW” but before she could cry any more he spits in her mouth and darts his tongue deep and locks his lips on hers. I can hear him moaning in her mouth. “mmmmmmm” he pulls back “saweeeet”, spits in her mouth again and goes for another deep kiss.

“does your dick taste good in her mouth” I said to him, “fuck yes it does, but lets do this” he goes forward to the floor on his knees and has Bonnie on her hands and knees.

“lets get into position so I can really screw your little cunt throat, open up” he rams his cock with such force into Bonnies little used up mouth I thought it might really injure her, but I let it continue. I was getting hotter by the minute.

Seeing a little 9 year old girl on all fours getting mouth raped was driving me crazy.
I wanted in on the action.
Her ass was going to mine.

I walked over to the action happening in front of me and got down on my knees behind Bonnie. I wanted to rip her to shreds but Tom looked like he was doing that to her mouth.

She was throwing up all over his cock “yyeeaahh, choke on it bitch, cock sucker, throat that dick” he literally jammed his hard cock deep in her throat. She did the same thing to him as she did to me earlier in the day. She convulsed all over his cock. her throat was impaled on on his massive tool and he wasn’t letting up. “yyyeeeaahhh, fuck that face buddy, throat that cunt, who gives a fuck about how she feels” I said to Tom.

I wanted inside this little beauty in front off me and I knew id have to work her virgin ass for a while so I decided to fuck her cunt.
I had a huge load of cum building in my balls and I wanted to blow it deep in her right now.

I spit in my hand and got her cunt lips wet. Then I spit on my cock and positioned it so her tiny little lips opened right at the head of my cock. Then without warning I grabbed both her shoulders and rammed my dick as far as I could up Bonnies sweet little cunt. What bliss.
Bonnie sounded like she was screaming but with Toms massive cock shoved down her throat it was hard to tell. I really didn’t care anyway, I was going to tear that cunt up.

I fucked into her about three quarters of the way in about three strokes. Tom slaps the side of her head. “this is using a little cunt up, aaaa, im gonna blow, I cant, ooooo, hold off, ooooo, AAAAAAA” Tom grabs the back of her hair and rams his cock in her throat so her little button nose is smashed in his pubic hair.
Her bile is dripping off of Toms shricked up ball sack. Tom throws his head back and closes his eyes “drink every drop you cock hungry whore”

At the second Tom was in his ecstasy I was close to mine.
I felt an awesome orgasm approaching. “don’t let her go yet” I said to him as I plowed the land of honey for all it was worth.
Her skinny legs kicking in the air from the pain of my dick. “ohhhh shit, this is huge, ohh, OOOHH, ahhh, AHHH”. felling my cum pump into Bonnie was the best feeling I could ever imagine. I never wanted it to end.

“let her off your cock bro, shes turning blue”
Tom had to reverse plunge his cock out of her throat. It was almost as if it was a big knotted dog dick stuck in it. As soon as her passage was clear she threw up all over the floor, cum, bile and what seemed to be pieces of candy. Then I remembered she hadn’t had anything to eat today so she must have snuck the candy when I wasn’t looking. How cute.

I still had my cock up her cunt and my cum was leaking out all around it. I plunged it out of her “stay right where you are”.
then I got on my back and scooted my self under bonnie so my face was right under her dripping cunt. “bring your ass down to me honey, “mmmm, that’s nice, my cum tasts good in your pussy”.
I sucked and lapped at her pretty little pussy. I tried to get my tongue as far in that snatch as I could. I was making out with that young pink cunt for a good 10 minutes.
Then I got up and kissed bonnie deep in her mouth. I was great to share all our juices in her mouth.

“we need to DP her bro” Tom said.
“ive already fucked her cunt three times, now its your turn, lay down on your back”. he does this and I position our little fuck toy facing Tom. I get her just above his rock hard cock and set her down pushing on her shoulders while Tom guides his dick into her hole. “ahhh, this is heavenly, mmm, yeah, suck that dick with your cunt baby” I could se that Toms dick was only 4 or 5 inches up her little twat.
He was grabbing her ass checks and spanking them. They were getting redder with each slap and Bonnie would let out a little high pitch yelp each time he did. What a turn on. It was as if she was starting to like our abuse.

Tom pulled her down to his mouth and started making out with her. I was positioned behind them so I had a birds eye view of Tom enormous cock sliding in and out of bonnies used cunt. Her pussy lips were tightly wraped around toms molesting cock.
I layed my hands on Bonnies ass checks and spread en wide, “slow down a little so I can lick her ass while you plow her”.
I went down and tried to stick my tounge as for up her ass as I could.
Tom continued to violate her cunt while I sucked and licked her tight ass hole. Then I rubbed index finger on the pink hole and pushed in. Bonnie started shaking “ooowwww, that hurts so bad”. her screeching and crying filling the room. I pushed my finger passed the second knuckle and felt her trying to push my finger out with her ass. What a turn on. I wanted in that there at any cost.

I got up on my knees “hold her still, she gonna scream”.
I lined up my fat dripping cock right up with her virgin ass.
“this is gonna really hurt you Bonnie”. I pushed. Slowly the outer ring of her ass started to strech around my cock head. I could feel her widen.
As I push hard I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure surround my dick. She was as tight as I thought she would be. Then the most incredible thing happened. I didn’t even get in her ass and I blew my load all over the outer ring of her pink little ass hole.
Then Tom blew his load up in her used snatch hole, “im gonna blow, aahhhhh, AAAHHHH” he shuttered and pushed up her snatch until he bottomed out, inch by inch until Bonnie could feel her uncles pubic hair pressed against her bald mound,
“feels like your fucking sunshine doesn’t it” I said to Tom, “oh hell yes” “im right at her womb” “you are one sweet piece of meat little girl” Tom said with a satisfied look on his face, cock still buried in her snatch.
His cum dripping out of her and my cum dripping all over Toms balls and shaft.

The camera getting it all recorded for our future veiwing pleasure.

“you just want to stay burried up in there don’t you” I asked Tom. “mmmm hhhhhmmmmmm” was all he could mutter as he had his arms wrapped around her in a full embrace, holding her tight and close to him.

I must say, For all she was going through. Bonnie seemed to be holding up well. But that was about to change!

“I want up in that hole, so lets do this” I laid on my back. Tom knew what to do. He helped position bonnie above my cock and did the same for me as I did him.
He kept Bonnie steady while I guided my meat into her back hole.
“push her”, Tom pushed hard on her shoulders and I pushed up and, pop, in went the head of my cock.

Bonnies eyes rolled back in her head and her face turned red and she let out a high pitched scream so loud I thought the neighbors might hear. “shut her up man”, I said to him, panting real hard.
Tom wraped his hand around her mouth and nose cutting her off of oxygen. “shut the fuck up little piggy” “you gonna squeal little piggy”.

I felt the walls of Bonnies violated ass convulse and spasm all over my cock. I thrust up and pushed. A little more in, I thrust some more, another inch, I pushed, another inch. Im fucking and pushing hard now and I don’t give a shit about the little girl in pain riding my cock with her raped ass.

Then Tom pulls her off my cock by a lock of her hair and puts her head right at my dick, “suck his cock piggy”, bonnie went right on my dick. No hesitation. I think she was starting to like to please me.
Anything to keep her uncle from abusing her, she knew I would protect her. “honey, you are getting real good at that for you first day of sucking cock”, “thank you uncle Rick” and she went right back to sucking.

Then Tom grabbed her hair again “get your ass back on the cock piggy”. this time she was helping out to slide her little hole on my shaft. After about 10 minutes of pumping and pushing, my cock was about half way up her ass. “make sure the camera is getting this” I told Tom. “whew eeee, look at that dick stuck up that little virgin ass” as Tom took the camera off the tripod to get some close up footage.

I was lost in my own world of lust and passion. I had Bonnie locked in a full embrace while kissing her deeply and passionately. “make me happy baby” I whispered in her ear while pushing further up her hole.
“I love the way you make me feel, ooooo, fuck my cock, you make my whole body feel good, mmmmm” listening to the little girl that was impaled on my cock grunting and whining was more than I could handle. I could feel my orgasm build and shoot to the surface like a bullet.
“aaahhhhh, AAAAHHHH, goddamn bitch, ffuuuccckkk” I pushed all the way up and stopped, buried deep inside Bonnie’s ass I let my orgasm finish out. “you should see all the cum and blood dripping from her hole bro” Tom said.

After a few minutes I came to my senses and looked at the clock “oh, shit, its 3:30, Suzy will be home soon, I forgot all about her” I said to Tom. “I didn’t” he said back to me with a grin. “well talk about that a little later bro, right now we have to get Bonnie cleaned up and make everything look normal”. I told bonnie to clean up the mess on the carpet and to do a good job or she would be the one to lick it all up. What do you think her answer was? “yes, uncle Rick”, what a good little girl.

More to cum….
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make her be gang fucked by black guys

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Ah... I get that people have their opionins but why are you reading this if you hate the subject? Of course readying a dark fantasy and playing it out are different, because I would never play it out, but we all have a dark side and can think the way we want.

Anyways, I love the ending message, "More to cum...". I found it very interesting.

PS. Like I mentioned fantasizing is fine, but you should never actually make your fantasy true by raping someone.

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oh hell yeah!! Im 28/f but I look like a little girl still. I keep everything waxed so I can play the part. I wish Rick and Tom were my uncles!!! Next story have them push up through her cervix and keep begging them not to hurt her.... then maybe even have one going side to side while thrusting. Its tears the edges of little pussy lips like mine :)

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There's nothing better than the feel of some sweet tight bald 9 yo pussy wrapped around your throbbing cock! Mm mm good!

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