This is another CAW story
This is another CAW story not associated with my other stories... Enjoy

She sat on the bench she had been waiting perhaps too long. She felt a little out of place men would walk past staring at her. “Nora” she heard a voice say, she looked up it was Claire her best friend; Claire would take care of her. “Nora are you okay,” Nora just whimpered a little bit. “Come on now lets get you home” Claire said. Her name was Nora, she didn’t want to be Nora she wasn’t sure why anymore but she didn’t want to be Nora, Claire would take care of her she knew Claire was her friend, she repeated to herself she let herself be led down the concrete walkway to the parking area. They got into the car and Claire drove her out of the city, she rocked for a little while, they pulled off onto a driveway to an isolated ranch house. “Come on Nora” Claire said opening the door and taking her hand.

Nora the person she didn’t want to be cried… she was laying on a couch she didn’t know why she was crying it was overwhelming sense of sadness that just ate her up inside. Claire brought her a cup of tea, she had watched it the steam rising as her tears fell. She looked up into the soft brown eyes, his name was Muffin he was big and furry. His long tongue slipped from his mouth and he licked the tears from her face. He rested his face against her. She didn’t want to be Nora, Nora was… Nora didn’t exist anymore. “Do you want something to eat Nora” Claire asked. She shook her head; Claire frowned but left the girl who was Nora spiral further into her depression. She watched the sky slowly darken the great hairy beast that was muffin resting quietly beside her he was big and powerful yet he seemed to care only for her comfort. Did she want to feel? She closed her eyes hoping beyond hope that she would not wake.

She did wake eventually, she looked at her friend muffin, she was like him he was her companion now. She peeled off her clothes and lay back on the couch with her friend. Letting her body be warmed by his soft fur. “Nora… Nora are you awake.” It was Claire she walked into the room and Muffin got up and went and sat beside her looking up at her. Nora, no not Nora she was something else now she crawled across the floor and took a place beside Muffin looking up at Claire. “Nora what is the matter with you?” Muffin barked so not Nora barked too. “Nora what’s wrong with you” not Nora barked again.

Muffin went to the back door and whined, not Nora followed Claire opened the door for Muffin who bolted out the backdoor not Nora bounded out onto the back deck and into the back yard. She watched muffin raise his leg and he relieved him self. She did the same. Muffin came up and sniffed her while she released the stream; he stuck his nose right in her pussy. Oh god his tongue felt so nice as he licked her clean. She lowered her leg and froze letting the other dog lick her. It was exquisite. She arched her back presenting her ass to the loving lapping from her friend muffin. He kept at it for a few minutes and then he heard “Oh my god muffin no” but it was too late muffin had wrapped his front paws around her waist and was trying to drive his hard prick into her vibrating pussy. She let her friend ravish her it felt soo good she groaned and growled when she felt him swelling up inside her, his hot doggy cream erupting in her filling her full. She followed muffin back inside a few moments after he detached from her, which did in fact take a while.

It was later in the day and there was a knock at the door, Claire opened it. It was a stranger She barked at the stranger. “Thank you for coming doctor.” Claire said “I woke up this morning and Nora was naked and acting like a dog. Nora the dog shoved her face into the man’s crotch.

“Perhaps we should go into the other room.” the Doctor said. Gently pushing Nora out of the way. The two people sat down in the kitchen Muffin and Nora followed. Nora waited a few minutes as the doctor talked to Claire. Nora reached with he front paws and opened the man’s pants the manly smell smelled good she fished out his cock and had it in her mouth before the man could reach “Nora no” he said Nora dog Growled her mouth full of his cock she let her teeth touch it lightly. She suckled the cock in her mouth noisly she felt Muffin sniffing her and so she arched her back ready for him to mount her. The man didn’t speak until his hot cream exploded into her mouth and she slurped the delicious juice down her throat.

“when she was waiting to see her husband… The plane exploded… ...Made her look for a safe place for her mind to go… So she became a dog.

“what do I do doctor?”

“Talk to her be her friend, it may take a while for her to heal enough to face the truth.”

“What about her well fucking my dog”

“It gives her some sense of comfort…”


“Give it time and make sure you have people talk to her, I’ll check back with you in a week”

“Your not going to…”

“No she isn’t any danger to herself, just be sure to feed her and make sure she gets plenty to eat…”

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2014-07-19 11:42:50
GtwQf4 I am so grateful for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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2013-02-18 04:32:48
A little confusing till the end...but a bit short to be the end of this does she have a litter with muffin and of she nor Nora, who is she. Cupcake, maybe?

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2012-11-22 20:05:55
An intelligent point of view, well eexprssed! Thanks!

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2011-09-08 22:38:19
nice job, a good little anti-boredom story


2011-03-12 09:52:57
It was an interesting twist, I must admit.

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