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I was 14 and becoming a woman
I was nearly 14 now and I knew I was developing into a woman. Jack had me on the pill so I couldn’t get pregnant. The doctor he took me too was a perve so jack had said he could do what liked to me for an hour if he asked no questions and put me on the pill. The doctor put my legs in stirrups and began to examine my insides. He was gentle at first but then he got rougher forcing the speculum wider and wider until I started to scream. He then shoved his fingers in my mouth and began to form a fist. I was frightened for the first time in ages as this pervert started trying to force his fist into my mouth while he took out the instrument and started to force his other fist into my cunt. He took off his clothes and straddled my face forcing his smelly cock into my mouth. I began to gag but he would have none of it and forced his entire penis into my throat until his balls were hitting my nose. His face was at my cunt but if I thought he was going to lick me and let me have some pleasure I was mistaken. He ept forcing his fist into my cunt , using the lubricant he had until he was fist fucking my small cunt while he forced his cock down my throat. I could hardly breath and I thought I would die – Tears were rolling down my face but I was stuck. His cock sped up as his fist went deeper until I felt him spasm and knew he was shooting his cum down my throat. I started to relax but too soon - he was not yet finished. He had taken Viagra so he was still hard. He pulled his fist from my cunt and to my horror started forcing it into my anus. He used his instruments to open me up and then I felt my anus close around his wrist. I was frightened and in agony. I was scared of chocking to death and I was scared of the ripping when he pulled out his fist. His cock was fucking my throat and he was punching hard inside my bowel. I must have passed out because I woke up in Jack’s arms. I had blood pouring form my split lips and I thought I would never be able to shit again.
“You bastard – you could have killed her” I felt loved for a moment until,

‘She is a gold mine and she is booked to do a perve party this arvo – how is she going to do it now?”

The Doctor smiled. “Here are some drugs – they will make her not care about the pain - she can be fucked all night – bring her back once a month for a and I will examine her again”

‘So I won’t have to cancel? I can still get the money? The video will be good but” Jack and the Doctor laughed as I dressed and we left with me safely on the pill.

Jack had been wanting me to fuck animals but so far I had avoided it but that was about to end. The party this afternoon was a bunch of over 50’s who wanted to see a child have sex with a great dane. They paid big bucks to have a “virgin” well at least to animals so there was no backing out of it.

We arrived and Jack got the camera ready. I was dressed as a little girl and the plan was I was to approach the dog and try to lick its cock. I was then to lie don and put dog food on and in my cunt to get the dog to lick me. If that went well I was to put myself in position while the men helped the dog mount me from behind. If the dog wasn’t interested the men would try to rape me with the dog and if that didn’t work I would have to suck the dog’s cock until the dog came in my mouth.

I went over to the dog – talking sweetly to him and patting him until he rolled on his back. I started to rub his tummy working my small hand to his cock sheath and then I started to rub that area until his cock appeared from inside the sheath. I gently kicked – and then getting no resistance from the dog I started to suck what proved to me a huge slimy cock. I got carried away and forgot the plan - sucking wiuldly until I was dragged awy and pulled onto all fourse with my pants pulled down. The dog was so wired he jumped me and started dry humping until and old man’s hand helped him find my cunt. The dog cock entered me and I started fucking it for all I was worth. I was so turned on and had several orgasms until I started to feel pain. No one had told me about the knot and it had all the old men laughing. I opened my eyes and found they were all naked stroking their cocks over me as the dog knotted with me and made me his bitch. I writhed in pain as I was filled with doggy cum and then one by one the 5 men pushed their old man cocks into my mouth forcing them down my throats until I felt each of them cum. By the time the dog let me go – 5 old men had cum in my mouth and my cunt was dripping doggy cum. My split mouth was bleeding and despite the drugs – my cunt and ass were sore from the earlier fisting and the doggy fuck. Jack was doing a close up of my dripping cunt as the dog went to sleep and I was laying in my little girl dress filled with cum and crying my eyes out.

I had been fucked by an animal and the worst part was I loved it. I couldn’t wait to suck another doggy cock or even a donkey and I wanted to be watched by dirty old men while I did it. I wanted the approval in their eyes – I wanted to see their smiles as my perverted acts pleased them – I wanted them to like me and I wanted to have more and more sex with dogs. There was no hope for me now.

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