Another story of my sexual relationship with my cousin Jane
After our initial fuck, my cousin Jane and I would fuck about twice a month. However, I would never improve on my technique. My stamina, also never improved; maybe I would last a minute or two longer than the first time I fucked, but nothing noticeable. Jane, however, improved drastically. She had gotten a boyfriend and had been fucking with him regularly. It was evident, in one of our sessions, how much more experience she had than I did. I would leave her unsatisfied most of the time and always came before she did. We stopped fucking when i couldn't get past foreplay.

We hadn’t fucked since the beginning of 10th grade and our relationship had gotten a bit awkward since we stopped fucking. Jane had gone through 2 different boyfriends and went to many parties, so I could only imagine the different amounts of cock that went through her pussy. I, myself had only fucked one other girl besides Jane. Her name was Julie, Jane’s cheerleading friend, whom I had gone steady with for a couple months. We had kept our relationship a secret as her parents did not want her to date and her mom was a teacher at the school we attended. She was about 5’2, Korean so she had black hair, beautiful brown eyes (which were really small, even for an Asian). She had a slim figure and a very tiny waist. Her ass wasn’t as big or round as Jane’s, but it was more toned. Her slim figure was complimented with 32B sized breasts and a curvy waist. I was her first, and because of our inexperience, our sex would last only a couple of minutes. Julie and I never had oral or changed out of the missionary position; we just weren’t very good at sex. But our stamina had increased after several sessions.

During the summer between our sophomore and junior year, we were 16 years old. Our parents both left to attend our grandpa’s funeral in Korea and Jane had to stay at my house. She came the night our parents left and I showed her the spare room for her to stay in. She unpacked her stuff and immediately left to hang out with her friends. With the house empty, I invited Julie to come over. We enjoyed dinner together and watched a movie. About an hour into the film, Julie asked if we could go swimming.

"Did you bring your swimsuit?" I asked.
"Yeah" she responded.

As i put on my swimsuit in the bathroom, i came out to see my girlfriend completely naked. She smiled and said ,"Well technically it is a suit." I smiled as well and decided to take off my suit. Julie playfully pushed me into the pool and i playfully dragged her in with me. After a little water fight, she swam over into my chest and put her arms around me. I did the same. We held each other in the pool and our bodies mingled with each other; our lips met as our hard nipples pressed against each other. I felt my cock stiffen as it grazed against Julie’s slightly hairy pussy. Julie moaned as I was about to push my cock into her pussy, when the door abruptly opened.

Jane walked outside.
“Who are you talking to Jon?” Jane asked in a demanding voice.
“Uh..Uh” I stammered. Julie and I had kept our relationship a secret and no one, not even Jane knew about our relationship.
“It’s Julie.” Julie said guiltily. “We…we were just swimming” Julie said, hoping against hope that Jane didn’t see our naked bodies.
“Wait...What?” Jane asked.
“She’s my girlfriend; please…just don’t tell anyone, we're going to get in trouble!” I begged.
“Isn’t your mom in charge of the Christian Club or something like that?” Jane asked.
“PLEASE DON’T SAY ANYTHING PLEASE!” Julie begged, as she started to cry.

Julie’s family had been quite religious and if her parents had found out what we were doing, they would probably have castrated me with a butcher knife. They also probably would have sent Julie to boarding school or an all-girls school. Since Jane was her friend she gave her the out.

“Okay I won’t tell anyone. Just get the hell out of here!” She said while throwing Julie a towel. Julie quickly took the towel and got her stuff and left without hesitation. I tried to get out of the pool until Jane stopped me.
“Where the hell are you going?” Jane yelled at me. “uh…going to take a shower.” I said. I just wanted to get the hell out of this situation; I was actually trying to find a private place to jerk off as I started to get blue balls. Jane, however, persisted in asking me questions about my relationship with Julie. She gave me a towel and she interviewed about the deflowering of Jane. If I tried to evade a question, Jane would threaten to spill the beans to Julie’s mom. By the time I was done explaining to Jane about my sex life, my balls started to feel like they would explode.

“Jane, are we done?” I said in a hasty voice. “What’s the rush?” Jane said in a slow, but sexy voice. “My balls hurt like hell, I need to jac-“before I could finish the sentence, Jane had pushed me into the swimming pool. “What the hell was that fo-“I stopped. Jane had slowly taken off her blouse. She then took off her skirt until she was in her bra and panties. She wore a pink 32 D bra and a hot pink G-string. The front of the G-string barely covered her pussy. It had a heart covering her cunt, and revealed enough for me to see that she had shaved her pussy. Jane slowly unstrapped her bra to reveal her small, but supple tits. Her pink areolas had grown to the size of a quarter, maybe bigger, and were already hard. Jane then gracefully turned so I was facing the side of her beautiful body. She then grabbed the sides of her G-string with both her hands and slowly took them off, while using her flexibility to bend down. Jane’s ass had never looked more beautiful. Once off, Jane twirled the G-string around her finger and threw them away. She was now completely naked. From her toned stomach to her curved hips, all the way to her pink, shaven pussy, all I could think was how beautiful she was. “Mind if I take a dip?” Jane asked.

“Come on in.” I said. She didn’t need an invitation. She knew that she was more than welcome to join me. She slowly walked in the warm pool and wrapped her body around mine. My cock was rock hard at this point and she had lifted herself on top of my cock and sat on it like it was a bike seat. I could feel my shaft splitting her pussy lips as Jane started to kiss me. Although we were swimming, I could feel her pussy juices smearing over my shaft.

“ohhhhhh” she softly moaned as my cock teased her hungry pussy. “fuck me.” She whispered in my ear. I quickly grabbed her legs and walked out of the swimming pool in the same position we were in. Because we were out of the water, I felt my shaft dig deeper into her cunt. “UGH!” she moaned as I carried her into the house. We were soaking wet, but could care less. I gently laid her on the hard wood floor and slowly brought my head to her pussy. I licked my lips as I split open the pussy with my fingers to see her pulsating clit. I tilted my head and started to lick her throbbing clit, trying to imitate the porn flicks I had watched. I couldn’t describe the taste, but it was tangy and sweet. I felt my tongue knot up at the first pussy I had ever eaten. It was creamy and tasted magnificent.

“OHH! OHMYFUCK YOU ARE SO GOOD!” She yelled as she massaged her titties. She made different noises as I was French kissing her clit “OH OH OH OH! Ughhhhhhhhhh…!” she yelled as she uncontrollably tilted her head onto the floor. As my tongue repetitively went up and down the clit, her pussy started to contract. “UH UH Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moaned as her pussy started to squirt out hot pussy juice in bursts. I quickly started to drink as much of it as I could, trying to savor my first pussy juice cocktail.

After her climax, Jane laid on the floor panting. "Oh fuck...that felt so fucking good." she panted. She slowly caught her breath and finally asked, “Mind if I return the favor?”

My balls started to ache again as I had quickly forgotten the pain as I ate my first pussy. “Fuck yeah…” I said. Jane slowly gathered herself and laid me on the ground. My 6 inch cock towered up and immediately she grabbed it and started to use both hands to pump it. She then put her mouth onto the tip of my cock and sucked in the shaft like it was a lollipop. Jane could only get 4 inches of my cock into her mouth, but the feeling was incredible. My body tingled as she repeatedly went in and out of my shaft. She would detach her mouth from my cock to lick the base of my spine, to the very tip of my cock.

“Holy FUCK!!” I yelled. “Mmmm your cock tastes so fucking good. I can’t wait to eat your cum!” Jane yelled. “UGH!” I grunted as I approached climax. “I’m about to cum!” I said as Jane increased the speed of her reps. “oh…Oh UGHHHHHHH!” I grunted as I cummed inside of Jane’s mouth. I spewed bursts after bursts of hot, sticky cum into Jane’s mouth. Her eyes closed and I could feel her teeth almost bite my cock as I climaxed to make sure she took in every last drop. “Let me see it.” I said as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to reveal a white liquid hanging from her mouth. She slurped it in and swallowed. “Oh my God you taste so fucking good!” she yelled.

As I tried catching my breath, Jane lurched onto the ground and started massaging her clit with her fingers. I quickly got on top of her and kissed her. My left hand started to instinctively pinch her left nipple and my right hand went down to massage her clit. “Mmmm” she moaned. I felt her tongue flinch as my tongue pressed against hers. I slowly drifted my head into her right titty and started to suck on her nipple. Jane lifted her hips and started to moan. “Eeeh EEeh Eeh” she started to pant as my right hand increased speed. I could feel my cock slowly getting hard again as Jane and I simultaneously stood up. She turned around, put her thighs as close together and bent down. Her beautiful cunt stuck out and was begging for a cock. My cock had now gotten rock hard once again and I didn’t waste any time in guiding my cock right into my cousin’s cunt. “UGH!” we both grunted. I grabbed her hips and started plowing as hard as I could into my cousin. Her gorgeous ass was in front of me as I had a bird’s eye view of her back. Her body was perfect; the shape of a coke bottle. Her thin upper body beautifully complimented her giant ass. The water from the swimming pool made her body glow as I drilled my cock in and out of my cousin. I grasped her round ass and spanked it. “UGH! AGAIN…HARDER!” she yelled as I spanked her again. “O MY..FFUCCCCK” she screamed as my hands started to pinch her titties. “I FUCKING LOVE YOU JON!” Jane continued to moan, “ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh.” She almost sounded like a chipmunk as I increased speed. “ugh ugh ugh UGH!” she made a huge grunt and dropped the top part of her body again onto the ground. She did not make an effort to lift her body. I felt my body approaching climax, but made no effort to say anything. “oh…oh…oh….UGH!”I moaned as I cummed bursts and bursts of hot, sticky cum into her pussy. The feel of my cum inside her set was too much for her as well. “UGH!” she moaned as her pussy walls caved in around my cock and glazed my cock with pussy juice. Bursts and bursts of cum and pussy juice shot at each other inside my cousin. I slowly took out my cock and a mixture of cum and pussy juice oozed out of her. I fell onto the ground next to Jane panting. Jane’s body started to twitch and go into spasm. It started making involuntary movements and her hips started to convulse. We panted; we laid on the floor, catching our breathe and cum drizzled out of my cock and a mixture of pussy juice and cum came out her Jane’s.

“o my God, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” Jane panted. “Yeah… that was the first time I ever fucked doggy style.” I responded.
“I should thank Julie.”
“For what?”
“For making you into such a good fucker.”
We laughed and held hands. “it’s been a while, but I love you Jane.”
“I love you too Jon.”
“by the way…don’t tell this to Julie.”
“No promises.” She said with a smug smile.

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2014-03-19 15:50:05
Mr Anonymous docent know what he is talking about. I can tell he is a very jealous individual. My advise to you is don't read this stuff if you don't like it. I do agree that Jane is a selfish bitch, and wants Jon for herself. I think I have met her, as her numbers are legion. Let me remind the readers, there is nothing as good as hot squirting sex.

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2013-07-13 12:56:22
TOTAL CRAP AS USUAL there is no way in hell he would ever want anything to do with jane after she dumped him and started sleeping around. after she told julie to leave and started asking him about her he would have told her to go to hell and walk away avoiding her forever. she is nothing but a selfish bitch and he needs to get away from her fast.

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2012-03-07 20:34:36
you ruined it no way in hell would he want any thing to do with his cousin after she dumped him and started to fuck around especially after she told julie to leave. KEEP IT ATLEAST SOMEWHAT REALISTIC AND BELIEVABLE PLEASE THIS WAS TRASH

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2011-07-30 05:49:58
jane will you come to fuck my ass my ass is very hungry FUCK YOU

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