A Satyr seeks to settle the score on an insult
A Satyr’s Revenge

Ancient Greece 841 C.E.

“You gave me your word that you wouldn’t have sex with me!” The young girl protested.
“I made no such promise,” the Satyr smirked.
“But you said ...” she insisted.
“What I said” the Satyr explained patiently, “was I wouldn’t take your virginity. And I won’t, but you may soon regret my promise to you.”
“You’re the Devil.” She cried angrily.
“If only I were,” he chuckled. “We made an agreement. I honoured my side of the agreement and cured your dear father’s ailment.”
The Satyr was hairy from head to hoof, with large horns protruding from his forehead. He was broad and hard muscled, bulging where it was most important. His arms were thick and brawny, as were the muscles of his thighs and calves. His belly was chiselled with muscle like a marble statue and his chest was a thing of beauty. It was only his horned head and hoofed feet that made him bizarre to the girl.
“If you wish to undo our agreement I’ll understand.” He made to step out of the room but stopped when the girl raised her hand to call for him.
“My father?” She sounded hopeful.
“He’ll die,” the Satyr replied leeringly. “It’s the price you pay for your virtue. I’m sure your soon to be deceased papa will be proud.”
The Satyr held her gaze, daring her to look at that part of him that most desired to claim her, and slowly, she dropped her gaze. She gasped silently when the Satyr stood from the shadows, his nude body fully revealed. He sported a thick, long cock which was rock hard and aimed towards her.
The girl contemplated how on Earth that thing was going to fit inside her inexperienced body, and she soon discovered herself wanting to find out. She had to resist such temptations. Her virginity was too important to give up. If she lost that then her entire kingdom would be disgraced. Peace between the rival kingdoms depended on her marrying chaste.
Still, the girl found herself growing humid, her blood boiling and pumping in her veins. Had the mere sight of this naked demon ever caused this kind of reaction?
“Why do you do this to me?” Her mouth quivered.
“Revenge,” he said coldly as he remembered his motives.
“What did I do to you?”
“You did nothing to me,” his mood suddenly changed and he smiled. “But your future husband insulted me. He called me a goat.”
“Then take your grievance to him.”
“In the old days I’d nail his testicles to the wall.” He sighed as he walked closer. “Alas, I’m bound by laws which prohibit me from doing that these days. Besides, that’s so barbaric and I prefer to pound your pretty little head ...”
“But your promise–”
He blew out a violent snort through his nose. He should take her virginity. It would serve her future husband right, but he didn’t want to be responsible for the bloodshed which would ensure. It wasn’t that he cared for human lives, but rather there were rules he had to obey. “By Hera’s hairy cunt! I already said I’d preserve your ‘precious’ virginity... But at a price.” There, he’d said the words.
The girl’s chest heaved. “What price?”
“Hmm,” he smiled widely. “I’m so glad you asked.”
His cock pulsed as he pulled her nightgown over her head. Pink pointy nipples stood out from rich, firm breasts. His mouth watered as his eyes strayed over the firmness of her belly, the shape of her hips and the blonde thatch of hair between her thighs.
“On your hands and knees.”
Her eyes bulged. “What? I don’t understand–”
“I said I wouldn’t take your virginity, but I plan to violate your ass.” He grinned wickedly. “Do you wish to break our agreement?”
Butterflies fluttered in her belly as she watched him. She wasn’t sure she wanted her ass to be violated, but to be honest with herself she’d always been of an inquisitive sort regarding sex. The Satyr kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He pressed into her when he clutched at her shoulders. He moaned, realizing her lips to be sweet and amazingly willing. Nothing had ever delighted him as much as when her tongue bathed with his. Again and again, his tongue sparred around hers until she was out of breath.
By Zeus’s cock. He wanted her.
The Satyr slipped his fingers into her folds and her knees went wobbly. His thumb and forefinger squeezed her nipple, the other hand massaged her clit, and her eyes rolled back in longing delight. Leisurely, he massaged his fingers over her clit, twisting in small swirls over the sensitive flesh, making her wriggle. His other hand slipped down and he spread her pussy wide.
Spellbound by the look on the creatures’ muscular face, the girl felt a slick moistness trickling down the insides of her thighs. She had never been so aroused by the sheer look of a man before. The girls’ hand unconsciously slid to wrap around his hard member, stroking slowly.
His upper body heaving, he broke the kiss. “You little strumpet.”
“Did I do something wrong?” She sounded embarrassed.
He moved away, turning her over and placing her onto her knees. “You’d have given yourself freely if I hadn’t the restraint!”
“I would never ...” she began to protest when the Satyr pinched her clit.
“Oh shut up you little whore.” The Satyrs’ warm breath huffed against her ear as he spoke and his hands fondled her, the one at her waist slipped down to tease the curls between her thighs. “Just pray that I possess the sufficient restraint to honour my word.”
She licked her lips, thinking of prohibited things. The future of two nations depended on her remaining a virgin, and all she could think of was placing this beasts’ member inside her.
He used two fingers to explore her nether lips. She was slick with his digital stimulation and tingling in places she never imagined even existed. He thrust his fingers into her tight interior a few more times before she came violently on his hand, smothering her cry against his mouth as he held up her spasming body. He held her as he pulled his fingers from her body, bringing them to his lips and licking them.
“Hmm. Delectable.” He twisted her slightly in his huge arms and brought the wet fingers to her mouth. “Have you tasted anything sweeter?” She opened her mouth as his fingers coated her lips. She tasted her own juices and felt a forbidden delight. An instant later, her mind spiralled as he placed her onto her knees. He took her by one of her hands and said: “Support your palms on the bed and bend over so that your ass is in the air. Legs spread wide as you can.”
The Satyr moved her to the edge of the bed. He stood behind her with his hooves firmly lodged on the floor, dipped his fingers into her bountiful moistness, then dragged them up and over her ass. “This ass is now MY property.” He wet his fingers again by rubbing them over her swollen pussy-lips then pushed the tip of his index finger to the edge of her ass and pushed.
“How does it feel, my little virgin?” The Satyr cajoled. “Pray tell me.” He withdrew his finger slowly then slid it back into her just as softly.
“Horrible.” She groaned and then gasped when he pushed in a little deeper. “I’m only doing this for my father.”
“How very noble.” The Satyr laughed and twisted his finger delicately. “You’re a terrible liar ... Your mouth lies but your body wants me to fuck it.”
The girl trembled and gasped but didn’t pull away. She felt compelled to roll her hips unconscientiously, pushing back shyly and gasped when she felt a warm blob of the Satyr’s saliva land on her raised ass. He smeared it around her anus.
The Satyr laughed quietly. “Ask me to fuck you in the ass or playtime is over.”
He began to remove his finger and she smoothed down her arms, supported her torso up and leaned back into him submissively. “Don’t stop, please!”
“Hmm, that’s more like it.” The Satyr’s testicles tightened as the first phase of his conquest was complete. It had been awhile since he last fucked an ass. He was certain she could take him easily and without too much pain.
A second finger slid in as smoothly as his first. Her ass was tight and hot. He shut his eyes. She was so tight, and there was nothing he wanted more than to fill her sex. Plough her as deeply as possible.
He continued his slow seduction of the girl’s ass, dipping his fingers into her softly, a bit deeper every inch. Another blob of saliva joined the first. His other hand brought more of her juices from her cunt and greased her anus with them. When he slowly slid a third finger into the girl, she reared up but didn’t reject him.
Her ass felt accustomed more around his fingers and the Satyr finally let himself rub the point of his cock through her cream. He slid past her smeared cunt lips, letting them touch him, drenching him with her juices. He slipped his fingers out of her, spat into his hand, rubbed it over the head of his cock then fit himself to her puckered ass.
“Ready or not here I come,” he exhaled, binding his lust at the sight of his member, perched to penetrate the girl’s ass, fully aware that no man but he had ever breached her there. “Let me in you little strumpet. You know you want me!”
He’d had ample experience with both sexes to know that a human’s ability to take his invading member all narrowed down to her ability to trust in him and let go. The girl didn’t refuse to accept him and she didn’t pull away. Holding his breath the Satyr clutched her hips with his hands and pushed. He pressed harder and harder until he sensed the flesh surrendering ground, accepting his cock inside. With the first penetration, he paused and brought his hand around to the girl's clit.
She groaned quietly but did not cry out. Her thighs trembled when the head of his cock entered her. It was amazing. Amazing and alien, the stretching, the heat and the feel of him there was terrific. It was like nothing else she’d felt.
When the tight rim of her anus snapped tight behind the head of his cock, the Satyr stopped moving. He ground his teeth in an effort to keep from ramming into her. Every muscle in his body was tense. The Satyr couldn’t help pushing in just a little deeper when she unleashed a cry. She shuddered and panted, her hands fisting the sheets. “Don’t fight it.”
She was still for a moment and then arched her ass slightly toward him. When she understood that it wasn't going to hurt much, she managed to push back against the cock, welcoming it inside. The Satyr felt the girl's anus open up and pressed forward a little deeper. He began to move, pushing in and pulling out slowly, going deeper every time. His cock hauled the wrinkly skin around the girl’s anus back and forth. When he was halfway in he paused and then – without warning – he rammed all his cock to the hilt.
The Satyr pulled out, grinding his teeth, and pushed back in harder and deeper than before. He fingered her clit and the girl whimpered.
A knock on the door startled the girl and clamped down so hard on the Satyr’s cock that he nearly blew his load.
“Darling are you alright,” a masculine voice called from behind the closed door.
“I’m fine … father” she rasped. It was difficult to breathe, let alone speak. “I’m praying to Hera! Please don’t disturb me!”
“I’m so proud of you.” Her father’s footsteps faded down the corridor.
“That was close,” the Satyr laughed. “Do you wish me to stop, little strumpet?”
“You’ve split me in half,” she said gruffly, “but I beg you don’t pull out. Please ... please ... don’t stop!”
His fingers dug into her hips holding them fast as he buried his penis as deeply inside her as he could.
He grunted when her ass pushed back into him, taking his entire length. The Satyr began to fuck her with a passion. Perspiration dripped down his back as he plunged in deep and hard.
He heard her moaning for more on every blow. His body was like a piston as he jacked in and out of her. He wished he had the strength to fuck her forever. His testicle tightened and he groaned on the final thrust as he released his hot seed in her anus.
His body spasmed and the girl whimpered for: “More!”
Taking a deep breath he wriggled his cock inside her ass until he was hard again. This time his movements were slower, longer and more tantalizing. This time, her hands balled into fists in irritation rather than fear as she began to match his plunges. Over and over, he worked in and out until his ears hummed with pleasure.
His balls tingled again and the girl’s legs trembled.
The Satyr muffled a roar as he came for the second time in her ass, thrusting deep, lifting her off the bed by her hips. His eyes widened and his load burst from him.
The girl’s breath was heaving as his cock slipped out of her as his juices seeping from her. He kissed her shoulder and climbed off the bed. She observed his movements wide-eyed.
“You little strumpet,” he chuckled and his long flaccid cock dangled. “You loved every second of it!”
“Yo-you bewitched me!” Her expression bunched up into one of shame.
She lowered her lashes to shield her gaze because she knew the Satyr had not bewitched her.
“Why are you so ashamed of such a natural act?” He returned to the bed and rolled her over onto her back. She pulled her legs together, but he parted them with large hands. “The night is still young and I’ve gained a thirst.”
He parted the plump folds of her labia and leaned close, flicking his tongue over her clit. He grabbed her hips and raised her up for his gluttonous mouth to devour.
“Oh Hera!” she cried out as his tongue slipped into her moist channel. His hands were holding her folds apart as he lapped, suckled, licked and nibbled his way beneath the blonde triangle at the intersection of her thighs. He hauled her legs over his shoulders and made a banquet of the hot cream which flooded freely from her folds. He sucked her clit into his mouth with a growl. Her hips bucked upward.
His cock was rock hard!
Zeus give me strength, the Satyr moaned.
She shuddered and moaned. Ripping pleasure pulsed inside her. His tongue twirled, tormenting the hard swollen nub. Her body tensed, tightened from these novel experiences. He lapped at the juices pouring from her. Her hips bucked upward and her toes curled inward.
“Ahh!” She grabbed the Satyr by the horns and jerked—hard. Her inner muscles clench and her body trembled on the brink of ecstasy.
By Zeus’s cock and balls! The Satyr shook.
He loved the way she whimpered in pleasure. He suckled for a long time, prolonging her pleasure, getting paid with cries of pleasure when she came in his mouth.
Unable to resist, he thrust his thumb into her sex. At her gasp of surprise, he began to push his thumb in and out of her moist folds while he tongued her swollen centre.
Unexpectedly, he straddled her thighs, lightly rubbing his cock along her mons. The girl’s arms wrapped around his shoulders embracing him to her. Groaning, he discharged his seed along her smooth stomach.
She whimpered in his ear.
The Satyr held her tight. “See? Your virtue remains uncorrupted.”
“You’re just going to leave me like this?” Her hands tightened around his horns wanting – needing – him to remain. “You can have my treasure if it pleases you.”
“Hmm, you wish me to deflower you?” He asked smirking and disentangled himself from her. “You honour me, but I did give you my word.”
“You bastard!” She scowled at him, her face turning crimson.
“Tsk-tsk, that boy-lover of a cunt husband you’re going to marry will never gratify you as I did on this night.” The Satyr stood up stretching his limbs. “Maybe I’ll call upon you again ... with Hera’s blessing.”
She threw a priceless vase at his head which barely missed him. It was infuriating to see that smug look of insolence plastered on his mouth. He didn’t look back as he turned to leave.
He walked to the balcony to climb down undetected. He knew well she’d be counting the days upon his return.
The girl sat on the edge of the bed dressing with shaky movements but smiled as she gently rubbed her bottom ...


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please write a sequel to this!!

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