Tommy was 15 and had a Saturday job helping Mrs Appleby with her house and garden. He’d answered an add at the grocery store in town and two or three times a month he’d go around to her big old house and help with the heavy stuff.

Mrs Appleby was in her thirties and quite trim. There was no Mr Appleby about but there were pictures of him in military uniform all around the house. Tommy didn’t know if he was dead or alive, Mrs Appleby never spoke of him.

One Saturday Tommy went around and Mrs Appleby took an age to answer the door which was unusual. When she did answer the door Mrs Appleby was still in her gown and she didn’t look too good. If it hadn’t been 9am Tommy would have sworn she had been drinking.

“Hi Tom, come on in.”

Tommy followed her into the kitchen. He’d seen her in Shorts and a tee-shirt before but never in her robe. He’d add this image to his masturbation routine.

“I’m not feeling too great today so I won’t be gardening. Can you make a start on that pear tree, it’s diseased and it needs taking out completely. Cut all the branches off, just leave 6ft of trunk there so we can loosen it.”

As she spoke Tommy tried to get a peek inside her robe but it was pulled too tight. He could tell she had no bra on which gave him a massive hard-on.

“Come and make yourself a drink when you want, I’m going to be in my room. But hey”, she laughed leaving the kitchen “When I say make yourself a drink I don’t mean make yourself a bourbon. Don’t want to get in trouble with your mother.” And with that Mrs Appleby disappeared into her room.

That was strange Tommy thought. He went out to the shed got the tools and started on the pear tree.

The morning was hot and the saw was blunt but a couple of hours later there was nothing but the trunk of the pear tree left. He deserved a coke he thought.

There was no sign of Mrs Appleby around while Tommy drank his coke.

“Mrs Appleby! Mrs Appleby!” He called out. “I’ve cut all the branches off what do you want me to do now?”

There was no reply. Puzzled about what to do he waited but no reply came. He made his way to her bedroom door and knocked lightly on the door, “Mrs Appleby I’ve cut all the branches off the tree, what do you want me to do now.”

There was the sound from inside the bedroom of something being dropped then Kaye Appleby came to the door. She was now a lot worse for drink and slurring her words. Tommy could see inside her robe. He could see a full tit, nipple included. His hard-on was instant.

“Just dig around the roots, I want it all out. Chop the roots below ground level. Is that okay?”

“Sure, I’ll get too it.”

Tommy now had a huge hard-on and wild thoughts running around his head. He dug and dug and dug and the trunk started to get loose but it wasn’t going to come out.

It was hard work and he soon needed another drink. He also wanted another look inside that robe.

Again there was no sign of Mrs Appleby while he drank his coke in the kitchen. He called out again, “Mrs Appleby, Mrs Appleby!” but again there was no reply.

So again he knocked lightly on her door. “Mrs Appleby I can’t get the trunk out by myself, least not today. I’m going to have to have another go at it next week.”

He heard her move in her room.

“Wait a minute Tom; I’ll get your money.”

Tommy smiled wondering whether he’d get to see inside her robe again. Then there was a crashing sound from inside the room.

“Mrs Appleby are you okay?”

“Yes, yes, I think so… No, No I’m not.”

Tommy opened the door. Kaye Appleby had fallen over a chair and was sprawled on the floor.

“Hey can I help you?”

Kaye Appleby tried to get up but couldn’t. Her robe was now fully open and Tommy could see everything including some of her white knickers.

“Can I help you up?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.” She laughed.

Tommy pulled her up. She was very drunk and she smiled at him.

“You’re a good boy.” She gave him a peck on the cheek. “Just put me on my bed.”

Tommy struggled with her and eventually got her sat on the edge of her bed.

“Thanks.” She said then collapsed backwards.

Her robe was wide open and Tommy was afforded a nice long look at her body. Not only could he now see both her tits but now he could see the shape of the folds of her pussy against her white knickers. This was getting a bit much for him.

“Mrs Appleby are you okay?”

There was no reply. Kaye Appleby was spark out and Tommy so wanted to fuck her. His head spun with what he could see. He lent forward and but a finger against her knickers feeling the softness of her pussy lips. There was no reaction. Emboldened he moved his finger up and down and pushed it a bit harder against the lips.

Kaye Appleby stirred, “No... don’t... it’s wrong... don’t please.” Then she was quiet again.

There were things running round Tommy’s head that meant he couldn’t stop. He rubbed and circled around her lips more. Her legs opened a little giving him more access and all the encouragement he needed. He reached round and pulled her white knickers down, over her knees and off in one movement.

“Don’t Tom this is wrong… So wrong.”

Tommy didn’t care about right and wrong now. He took his tee-shirt and jeans off and pulled Kaye Appleby into the centre of the bed. She struggled and tried to push him away but her was far too determined and strong for her.

When he got his cock was inside her she cried out but after just a couple of strokes she began to move with him.

“”You bastard, that feels so good.”

Tommy said nothing he just kept slowly pumping away getting it as deep as he could. He kissed her and she kissed him back. Tommy smiled.

As he felt her shudder and cum she bit his shoulder. He carried on fucking her, her shuddering becoming worse.

Finally he came inside her and his head quickly began to clear. What had he done?

Kaye Appleby was now sound asleep and Tommy was a very worried 15 year old.

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2016-06-03 23:15:52
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