True story of just one of my many adventures with sex
At the Beach

This adventure took place a few years ago when my husband John had a fishing tournament down in Virginia. My husband told me that he would be fishing in a tournament on the weekend down in Virginia.He told me that he was planning on going down for the whole week so he could get a few days of practice fishing in.

John asked, "Would you like to come along?" "If you do I will get us a hotel at Virginia Beach," he added.

I replied, "You bet I will come along, you know I love the beach and the ocean."

My husband told me that I would be spending most of the days alone. Because he would be leaving daily in the morning and returning in the afternoon or evening. That did not really bother me as being married to a guy who frequently fishes in many tournaments around the country, I am used to stuff like that. I told him that it would be OK, I am sure I can keep myself busy till you get there.

We stayed at a hotel located right on the beach. Our room was on the 8th or 9th floor with a lovely view of the private beach below. The view of the ocean from our balcony patio was breath taking and so lovely.The first day the hubby joined me on the beach where we both worked on our tans. Later we had dinner then back to our room where we fucked the night away.

The next morning I awoke around 6:30 in the morning, my John had already taken off. I sat there naked in bed figuring out my day. First off I needed my morning coffee, the room had a coffee maker so I made myself a cup. With my morning coffee in hand I opened the balcony doors and walked out onto the patio to check out the view.

The sun was raising above the water as I got onto my patio. I stood gazing down onto the sandy beach as ocean waves rolled ashore. I raised my coffee cup to my lips and took a sip as I scanned down the left side of the beach. People were all ready out collecting shells and walking along the sandy beach. I watched the waves roll up onto the sands eating away their footprints.

I raised my coffee again I heard a male voice say, “Such a lovely view this fine morning.”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that I was not the only one standing out on their balcony. I saw that my neighbor from the room next door was also out. I turned toward him and saw that he was a older male maybe in his early 50‘s or so.

I replied, “Yes it is.”

Those words left my mouth as I remembered something. I was standing out here totally in the nude. I rather just turned and walked back into my room. I grabbed my robe that was laying on the bed and looked into the mirror as I pulled it on. I think I may have even blushed a little bit as I thought about the man next door who had just seen me naked.

I looked at myself in the mirror with my robe wide open and off my shoulders. I wondered to myself if he liked my 40 c breast meeting him like they did this morning. I wondered if he had seen my hairy pussy between my legs as I stood there. Thoughts like that raced through my mind as I took my hand and gently rubbed it across my hairy pussy. With my other hand I started caressing one of my breast.

My nipple grew hard and poked from my tit as my fingers traced over it. My other hand was rubbing harder against my pussy as I placed one of my fingers between my pussy lips. My pussy was moist and wet as my finger ran up into it. I thought to myself was it from knowing that man had caught me naked or was it from the love making last. Thought’s of the gentleman who had seen me ran through my mind while I slowly fingered fucked my pussy.

I stood there playing with my nipple and fingering my pussy while wondering if he had enjoyed the view. I looked at myself in the mirror, my mind filled with thoughts that maybe he was back in his room doing exactly what I was doing. My mind filled with a vision of him laying on the bed with his cock in his hand milking it to what he had saw.

Lifting my leg up I placed my foot upon a nearby chair giving me better access to my wet pussy. l slipped another finger into my pussy. I stood there watching myself in the mirror as I ran my two fingers in and out of my pussy. I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy while at the same time using the palm of my hand on my clit. I was squeezing my boob and pinching my nipple hard as my fingers dove deeper and faster into my pussy.

My mind drifted back to thinking about that gentleman pulling his cock to me. I curled both my fingers till I found that spot in my pussy. I stood there curling and then uncurling my fingers, as they rubbed hard against my g spot. In my mind I saw his cock start to swell and throb as his hand pulled on his cock.

I watched in the mirror as my breast heaved and my thigh started to shake as my orgasm came over me. In my mind I saw the man’s cum shoot from his cock not once but 4 powerful and forceful waves of cum flowed out. This triggered my own wet orgasm as my love juices splashed and squirted from my hot pussy.

They splashed out onto my thighs, the chair and down onto the rug. I could not stop myself if I wanted to and I did not care as it felt to good to stop. I moaned loudly as I squirted the last of my pussy juices out. I slowly withdrew my fingers and brought them up to my mouth and licked my wet juices from them watching my tongue licking my fingers in the mirror.

When I had returned to my senses I saw that there was a big wet spot on the carpet in our room. I ran to the bathroom and got a towel and threw it down over the spot hoping maybe it would soak it up. I tied my robe up and walked back onto my patio hoping that he would still be out there. But no such luck he had gone back inside.

I returned to my room and closed the door behind me. When I entered our room I noticed that our room had the smell of sex to it. I figured maybe I did too so I jumped into the shower before going down to the beach. When I ran the soap over my body my mind drifted back to the man next door. I had to end my thoughts of him or I would never make it to the beach.

I put on my swimsuit stopping to check myself in the mirror once more. Good I thought to myself, this new swimsuit shows off my breasts nicely. As I was looking at myself my eyes went to my crotch where my camel toe showed up nicely to. I did notice some hair sticking out from my pussy but I figured I would shave it later as I was ready to go now.

I grabbed my beach stuff the best I could as at just 5‘3“ my little arms can carry only so much. I managed to call for the elevator which arrived shortly. I was surprised when the door opened and there was that gentleman who had seen me on my balcony.

Once in the elevator I saw the gentleman was checking me out. Now I do love to tease so I leaned down to place my stuff on the floor. This caused my big tits to hang down,almost spilling my tits over the top of my swimsuit. I knew he was getting himself a eyeful of my big 40 c's boobs.

I slowly stood back up looking right at him. I could see that his eyes were glued upon my tits that hung slightly out of my swimsuit. I stood there for a few seconds making sure he got a real nice view of them before I adjusted them back into place.

The elevator got to the ground floor and the doors opened. The gentleman pressed his back against the opened door and said, “Here young lady let me hold this back for you while you get your stuff out.”

I replied with a smile, “Well thank you.”

I turned sideways as I slipped past him, I made sure my ass made contact with the front of his shorts. I pressed my butt back against his cock as I slipped by him. The old guy may not have been a gentleman after all cause he pushed his cock right back toward my butt. I was surprised when he did that especially when I felt that his cock was hard as he rammed it into my butt.

I turned and gave him a sexy smile and a wink before heading out the near by door that lead to the beach. I got to the beach and picked myself out a good spot. I placed my blanket down, put up my umbrella and sat down. I looked around and I noticed another persons towel and stuff close by. I gazed again into the ocean’s lovely waters.

I decided that a dip in the ocean would feel good so I walked down the sand and into the water. I went out till my tits were just at water level. I looked down to see my boobs floating on the water. I was liking this swimsuit more and more. I swam around for a while then I headed toward shore.

I got into about waist high water when suddenly a big wave came rolling in. The wave knocked me off my feet and tumbled me into about knee deep water. I was laughing at myself for not being more careful. Just as I picked myself up I felt a hand grab hold of my arm.

Someone said, “Here let me help you.”

I looked up and saw this young man about in his 20's. I told him thank you as I stood up with his help. I noticed that he was not much taller than I was as I checked him out. When I got to his face I also noticed that like most men he was not looking me in the eyes. His eyes were fixed fully on my boobs.

The young man said, “You may want to put that back in there,” as he pointed toward the front of my swimsuit.

I looked down and there hanging out in plain site was one of my tits. It must have popped out when that wave hit me. I scooped my tit up and slipped it back down into my swimsuit. I said jokingly.“One of the girls must have wanted out to play.”,

The young man replied, “Would love to play but there are to many people around right now," as he ran back into the ocean and dove under the water.

I looked around and saw that he was right about people being around. In fact there were two young teenage boys standing almost right next to me. I know they had to have gotten a good shot of my tit as it hung out. I bent over toward them splashing water up onto my breasts as I looked their way.

I gave them a little smile while I bent over more so they got a good view again. Their mouths were hanging wide open as they looked down at my tits that were hanging almost out but still covered this time.I noticed little boners pressing tightly against their swim trunks. I also noticed some other guys both young and old looking my way. I just walked up to my towel as their eyes followed me out of the water.

Once at my blanket I dried myself off and sat down. About this time the young man who had helped me up came walking up from the ocean. I watched him as he was heading right for me. He walked beside me and picked up the towel that was next to me.

He said, “Well Hi again," as he dried himself off.

I replied, “Fancy see you again already.”

I watched as he dried the water from his body. I thought to myself not bad at all, he had just the right amount of muscle on his body, except for his some what skinny legs. I tried to get a look at the front of his swim trunks but he rather kept that part away from my prying eyes. I could feel my pussy start to throb as I checked him out

The young man held his hand out to me and said, “My name is Kevin.”

I extended mine up and as I shook his hand I replied, “My name is Karleen but please just call me K.”

Kevin and I chatted for a while as he stood there. Kevin told me he was 19 years old and that he was here on vacation with his mom and little sister. He told me the reason for the vacation was that he would be off for college when summer ended. I told him about me being here with my husband who had a fishing tournament on the weekend.

Kevin asked me where my husband was right now. I told him my husband was on an inland lake practice fishing for his tournament. I went on to tell him that my husband fished a lot of tournament around the country. I also told him how I normally would be his fishing partner when the tournament called for a 2 person team but this tournament was for just one person.

I asked Kevin to join me on my blanket that was spread out across the sand. Kevin took a seat directly in front of me. We talked about fishing and where he was going for college. Kevin was still only looking into my eyes half the time as we talked. The rest of the time he was checking my tits out and being the slut that I am,I made sure he got a eyeful of the girls.

I also brought my legs up to my chest a couple of times giving Kevin a view of my camel toe showing through my swimsuit. Plus I know he had to see my bits of hair sticking out the sides. I looked down at his own swim trunks and saw that his cock was also giving me a look see.I looked around and noticed a woman with a child in tow a girl about 9 or 10 heading our way.

The woman came up to us and she said, “Kevin you are not bothering this pretty woman are you.”

Before Kevin could say anything I said, “Not at all.” The only bother was the tingling he was causing in my pussy as we talked.

Kevin said, “ Her and I were talking about fishing that’s all mom.”

Kevin introduced me to his mom, her name was Cathy. Kevin's mom was a pretty woman herself with long black hair that ran down to almost the middle of her back. She had sunglasses on that were a little big for her face I thought as I checked out the white one piece swim suit that she wore.

My eyes went to her boobs, they were average maybe even a little small but I saw that both of her nipples were rock hard like someone had put ice on them. Her nipples were huge as they poked from her suit. My eyes moved down her swimsuit to her crotch.

My eyes saw a big black patch of hair showing plainly through her suit. Her jet black bush stuck out around both sides of it. Her pussy hair stuck profoundly from it,way further than mine did. Mine was just some of my hair not half the damn bush sticking out like hers.

Kevin’s mom told Kevin that she was taking his sister back to their room as she has had enough sun for now. Kevin replied, “OK mom I am going to stay and swim some more.”

Cathy took off her sunglasses and turned to me. She held out her hand and as I shook her hand she said, " Nice to have met you." " If my son gets to be a pest just send him on his way."

When Cathy was looking down at me, she was not looking into my eyes either her eyes were fixed on my breasts. My tits jiggled when she shook my hand a littler harder. I too got a better view of her own breast as she bent down my way. They were small but so suckable as she stood bent over in front of me.

Cathy left go of my hand and walked away. I noticed that Kevin was watching his mom's butt as she walked away. I must say she did know how to sway that ass of hers as she walked away. I wondered to myself if maybe she was Bi like I am.

I reached into my bag and pulled my sun tan lotion bottle from it. I squirted some out into my hands and started to rub it onto my arms. Kevin just stared watching me as I squirted some up on my breasts that were exposed out the top of my suit. Kevin just stared at me as I began to rub it in.

I stopped rubbing the cream in and said to Kevin, “Would you like to rub some in?”

Kevin shyly replied, “Can I K?”

I told him yes I would like that as I laid down onto my blanket. Kevin moved and got onto his knees right behind my head.I looked up to see him squirting some lotion onto his hands. He moved forward a little and placed his hands just under my neck onto my breast.

Kevin took his hand and removed my sunglasses and said, " I need to remove these to rub some of your face."

I closed my eyes when he removed my sunglasses. I felt him rock forward against my head as his hands touched my face. I felt something poking my head as his fingers ran over my face. At first I did not know what it was then I realized it must be his cock. He used his fingers to trace all around my face.

Kevin's touch felt so relaxing as he slowly ran his fingers around my face massaged the lotion around my face. I could feel my pussy twitching while Kevin massaged my face. I thought to myself how did a young man like him learn to give a facial massage like he was giving me. My god I thought as Kevin massaged my face my pussy was tingling like crazy.

Kevin asked, "Does that feel good K?"

I replied, "yes it feels so nice." "Where did you learn how to do this?"

Kevin said,"my mom taught me years ago."

Kevin's fingers massaged my face for a while. Then I felt his hands move down to my neck,then to the meaty top of my breasts. Kevin squirted some lotion directly onto them. He placed one hand on each of the exposed top of my breast and started to move them around.

Kevin was still poking his cock into the top of my head as he moved his hands back and forth. I felt Kevin's hands slip from the top of my breasts to the fabric of my swim suit. Kevin's hands felt my breasts up through my suit.

Both of my nipples grew hard instantly as he started to rub them through my swim suit. I moaned softly as Kevin took my nipples and rolled them between took his fingers. Kevin pinched and pulled on my nipples masterfully as he felt up my tits.

Kevin’s hands returned to the fleshy part of my tits. Kevin moved his hands down my breast as I felt both of his hands slip under my swim suit top. His hands squeezed both of my boobs. Which caught me by surprise and I jumped a little. Kevin removed his hands as I sat up a bit, I looked around to make sure we were still alone.

I turned to him and said, "It's OK Kevin your touch felt good, please continue.”

Kevin went back to massage the sun tan lotion on my breast. His hands once again went down under my swimsuit. Kevin ran his hands over both of my breasts, he was cupping his hands under them and pulling them out from under my top.

There I was laying on the beach with my tits hanging out letting a young man play with my tits. Kevin once again started to pinch and pull on my nipples. I do love having my tits played with and Kevin was doing everything just right to them.

I swear my pussy started to leak love juices as he caressed my nipple with his fingers. I moaned slowly as I squeezed my thighs together. I felt Kevin's lips touch mine as he bent over and kissed me one my lips. The kiss didn't last long as I felt his lips leave mine.

I rose up into a sitting position and spun around and threw my arms around his neck. I looked into his eyes as my lips found his lips and we kissed. I smashed my hanging out tits against his chest as his tongue shot into mine and mine into his. While we kissed I felt Kevin's hand slip down between my legs as he tried to rub my pussy through my swimsuit.

I broke the kiss and slipped the girls back into my swimsuit. I got up and looked around to make sure we had not drawn a crowd. There was no one really close to us. I thought to myself I should not be doing this here. But my wet pussy was telling me otherwise as I was just to horny to stop now.

I looked down at Kevin and said, “Kevin how about rubbing some lotion onto my legs as well.”

Kevin replied, “I would love to.”

I told Kevin to lend me a hand with the beach umbrella. The umbrella was designed with flaps on the side that you could pull out and up that would make it a little more private. I showed him how to open his side while I opened mine.

With the sides in place Kevin turned to me and said, "cool it is like a tent on the beach."

I replied, "Yes it gives you a little wind protect while making it a lot more private as well."

The umbrella was something the hubby and I picked up years ago when we went to the Bahamas. It was facing the water so really all we had to worry about was someone exiting the water and coming up toward us. I once again laid back onto the blanket.

Kevin got onto his knees right at about my waist. I took a quick glance at the front of his swim trunks as he moved. Speaking of tents,his cock had made a pup tent of it's own in his swim trunks. I could see his cock was rock hard as it poked against his swim trunks. From what I could tell it looked to be a fair size cock under there too.

Kevin squirted lotion down both my legs running a trail of lotion from my thighs to my feet. He started down by my ankles and he rubbed the lotion in. Kevin slowly worked his way up my leg to my thigh. I was getting ready to spread my thighs apart a little bit when I felt his hand leave it.

I looked up to see that Kevin had moved to my other leg now and was doing it the same way till he had worked his way up to my thigh on that leg. Between the lovely massage he was giving my legs and me seeing his hard cock sticking out I was so very horny. I would not have stopped him if he had climb onto top of me and slammed his cock into my pussy.

Kevin used both his hands on my thighs, I parted them as I felt the touch of his hands. Kevin rubbed on top and on the out sides of my thighs first. My pussy really started tingling when I felt his hand go to the insides of my thighs. I pulled my legs apart more spreading them so he could get to the very insides of my thighs.

I felt Kevin’s fingers bump into my pussy through the fabric. I then felt him tugging on my swimsuit crotch. I spread apart my legs as I felt him slip a finger deep into my wet pussy. I moaned as Kevin started to run his finger in and out of my pussy. I looked up at Kevin and just smiled as I kind of pushed my pussy into his finger each time it entered me.

I gave a quick look down to the water before I said, “Put two fingers in me.”

My god I thought as I felt his two fingers entering my pussy. What am I doing, I am letting a young man finger fuck my pussy right here on the beach. But those thoughts soon left my mind when I felt Kevin placing a third finger into my pussy. Kevin buried his three fingers deep within my pussy before he started to run them in and out.

I felt his fingertips bumping into my rough spot in my pussy,the home of my G-spot. I could feel my pussy juices start to flow out onto his fingers. I took my hand down to Kevin’s hand as it was running in and out of my pussy. I tried to stop what he was doing but I could not. I felt Kevin’s fingers start rubbing hard into my G-spot.

I was moaning softly as his fingers played deep in my pussy. My thighs started to shake as I screamed out softly, “Yes finger my pussy make me cum!”

Kevin’s fingers really went to work on the insides of my pussy. I could not hold back anymore as he curled his finger tips into my G-spot. My pussy kind of sucked on his fingers as it started to spit it’s own love juices.

I just lay there moaning as my juices squirted from my pussy. It squirted hard and far from my hole. Just before my eyes went shut I got a quick look at it as it flowed from me. My juices looked like a little fountain of water squirting from my pussy. Kevin didn't stop he just kept fingering me. I finally was able to push his hand from my pussy.

I said, “No more not out here,” as my pussy spilled the last of it’s juices out.

My breathing was heavy as I sat up, my god I thought this young man had just given me a orgasm ranking up there as one of the very best. I saw and felt how wet the blanket was from my pussy. Kevin had fingered my pussy with such skill and he had made my pussy squirt so much of it's love juices.

How could one so young know just how to do this? I have had young studs before but none had talented fingers like Kevin's. I looked over at the front of his trunks and the outline of his hard throbbing cock could be seen pressing tightly against them.

I quickly looked around and not seeing anyone close to us. I reached out and grabbed Kevin’s cock right through his swim trunks. His young cock felt thick and full as my hand encased it. I squeezed his cock tightly with my hand while running my hand up and down jacking his cock through his trunks.

Kevin moaned softly as I pumped his cock. Kevin got off his knees and got it a sitting position all while I was still pulling on his cock. I reached up and pulled the waist band on his trunks pulling them down to expose that cock of his. I grabbed hold of his bare cock with my hand and ran my fingers up over the head of his cock. Kevin's cock was leaking pre cum out onto my fingers as I played with it.

It had been a long time since I had seen so much pre cum leaking from a cock. Most of my recent lovers had been older men and their cocks just don't leak like this young stud's cock was. My fingers played in his pre cum rubbing it all around his dickhead. Kevin moaned again as I went back to using my hand to stroke his cock.

"Kevin you have a Lovely cock." I said as I pumped it faster with my hand.

Kevin just moaned as he watched my hand sliding up and down on his cock. He did have a lovely cock to, it was just the right size not real big and not to short. His cock was about 7 inches and a little thicker than most cock. A cock that any man would be proud to have. I thought to myself just how wonderful that cock would feel in all my holes as I played with it.

I started to go to town on his cock with my hand squeezing it tightly each time my hand rolled from it's head. I know it was wrong but I just had to take it into my mouth. I looked around again to make sure no one was watching. I felt Kevin's cock started to swell and throb in my hand as I pumped on it.

I got up on my knees and I lowered my head toward his cock. Just as I bent over to take his cock into my mouth I heard Kevin moan as he said, “ I am going to cum!”

I had not even got my mouth down on his cock when it started shooting off jets of hot cum. His cum shot out with such force as it flew into the air and it just kept spewing from his cock. His cock throbbed against my hand as stream after stream of cum shot out. His cum flew onto my face and into my hair as I pulled on his cock.

His cum started to flow down over my hand as I slowed my stroking on his cock. I went on down to his cock and took it into my mouth. I felt Kevin's hand go to the back of my head as I sucked the last couple of shots from his cock. I took my tongue and licked his dick head clean getting all his tasty cum from it.

I raised back up and as Kevin watched me I slowly used my tongue on my hand, licking his cum from it. I played with his cum using my tongue as it lie there on my hand. I did this all over my hand till I had gotten it all from my hand. His cum tasted good in my mouth.

Kevin looked at me and said, “Sorry about that I could not hold it back,” “ I had that load in me since I saw your tit out in the ocean.”

I just smiled at Kevin and said, “That's OK you will do better the next time.”

“Next time,” Kevin replied as a big smile came across his face.

I looked at him and said, “ Maybe you could lend me a hand in my room later moving some heavy bags for me.”

There were no bags for him to move. But I wanted his cock again but this time I wanted it in my pussy or maybe even let him take my butt with it. I also wanted to have those fingers back up inside me again especially after that expert fingering of my pussy.

I took my towel and started to wipe his cum from my face and hair. Kevin said, "Here let me get that for you after all it is my mess."

Kevin wiped his cum from my face and then from my hair. His touch felt good as he ran the towel through my hair. Me I was thinking just how good that cum had tasted. A small amount of guilt entered my mind about just letting a total stranger finger me, then me jacking his cock off. Plus he was so young hell I have grand kids his age at home.

But the guilt washed away as I felt Kevin move to the back of me and he placed his hands on my shoulders and he started to massage's my neck. His hands skillfully rubbed my neck and shoulders his touch was amazing. I felt myself going limp and rested myself back against him as he massaged my shoulders.

My thoughts drifted to just how lovely his hands felt on my tits and legs.I wondered again how a young man like him knew just how to caress a woman’s G-spot like he had. I thought to myself he must have had a good teacher so far when it came to sex.

I felt Kevin stirring behind me as I felt his cock poke me in my back. Christ I thought he was hard again already as I felt him rocking into my back as he massaged me. My pussy started to tingle again when I felt his hard cock on my back.

Kevin stopped his massage and leaned into my ear and whispered, "I need to go check on my mom."

Kevin stood up and I saw that he had another huge boner sticking from his trunks. I looked up at him,"you might not want your mom to see that," I said pointing to his cock.

Kevin winked at me and said, "Mom is going to like what she is going to see."

Kevin turned and ran away before my mind had a chance to catch what he had just said to me. I lay back down on my blanket and while soaking up some more of the sun's rays.I thought about his words did my mind hear him right or was it more like Mom won't see it.

I lie back once again working on my tan. I would tan for a hour or so then take a dip into the ocean to cool off. I did notice that the young teenage boys found my swimsuit quite nice as they tried to get close to me when entering or exiting the water. Plus I must say my boobs did look so inviting hanging there in my swimsuit.

I did not really mind them looking at my big boobs. I knew what goes through young man's minds at that age, besides I was rather shocked they even found me worth looking at. Here I was a 53 year old woman giving teenagers boners. I guess my husband was right when he had told me once or twice all his buddies thought I was a MILF.

These young men here at the beach must have thought the same to. They must have liked what they were seeing cause a few had rather nice boners sticking up in their swim trunks. I wondered just how many of them would be pulling their cocks thinking of me as they lie in their bed.

End of part one

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