Alex, an EMT answered a knock on his door, it was Colleen, his beautiful neighbor and she needed his medical help
I heard a gentle tapping; I opened my front door and looked at my visitor. I’d seen her before, many times before; she was my next door neighbor. Tall and slender with long red hair framing an angel’s face, flashing green eyes, small breasts that rode high and proud, a slim waist above the flare of her hips and a full bottom, round and succulent. That’s how I thought of her.

She now stood, her green eyes muddied, her long red hair lank and tangled, bent over holding her stomach, she moaned, “Please help me, can you help me?” I ushered her in.
She said, “I’m so sorry to bother you, I’d go to the hospital but I don’t have any medical insurance.”

Evidentially shed seen me in my uniform and knew I was an Emergency Medical Technician; she’d sought the closest and cheapest medical assistance. I led her to a chair and helped her sit.

I asked about her symptoms, where she hurt, what kind of pain; stabbing or aching.

She said, “My tummy hurts, I have a bad ache all of the time but sometimes the pain is stabling and intense,” then she moaned and bent further forward, clutching herself.

I took her hand and helped her rise, then with an arm around her waist, supporting her, I said, “Let’s go in there where I can check you out and examine you.”

I led her to my bed and laid her down, saying, “I’m going to press around your abdomen.
Let me know if I hit any tender spots or you feel any pain.”

Through her clothing I probed her, poking here and there over her lower stomach.

She groaned, saying, “Oh it hurts there.”

I was pressing low on her left side. There was a hardness that I could feel, not the soft pliability that would be normal, I pressed a little higher, she moaned, “Yes, yes that’s where it hurts.”

I thought I knew what her ailment was but to be certain I needed to examine her further.

I asked, “How long has it been since you’ve moved your bowels?”

“Nearly a week, I took a laxative but it didn’t work. I’ve tried but, nothing, nothing comes out.”

“I’m going to need to examine you a little further and it will be invasive, you’ll need to lower your shorts and panties.”

She looked at me then unbuttoned her shorts and, along with her panties, lowered them to her knees. I gloved up and got a tube of KY Jelly.

I smiled at her saying, “This won’t hurt, it may be a little uncomfortable but it won’t hurt,” then I added, “If we’re going to be this intimate I should know your name, I’m Alex.”

“Colleen,” she moaned.

‘Ok Colleen, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to lubricate you with this jelly then I’m going to probe your bottom. You may feel that discomfort I mentioned when I slide my finger through your anus. I think you have compacted fecal materiel in your rectum and possibly even up into your ascending colon. A week without a bowel movement would leave you pretty full.”

I parted her cheeks and lubricated her anus, slipping the tip of my finger into her so she was lubricated internally, then pressed my finger further into her. With my other hand I pressed her stomach. As I expected, I was met with a large, hard blockage, I pushed against it, it didn’t give, it was like a rock.

Extracting my finger I told her, “Colleen, your problem is pretty simple, you’re severely constipated. Have you suffered from this before?”

“Yeah, I get constipated from time to time; usually a laxative is all I need.”
“Colleen, if it’s frequent you might want to visit a doctor, I can give you the name of a good gastroenterologist.”
She almost sobbed when she said, “Alex like I said, I don’t have health insurance and between my rent here and my car payment I don’t have much saved. I can’t afford a doctor.”
“I can give you some relief but if there’s an underlying problem it should be addressed.”
“Oh Alex, please help me,” she pleaded.
I rolled an IV stand out of my walk-in closet and positioned it by the bedside. Then went to the kitchen, microwaved a quart of water to boiling and added four Chamomile tea bags.
I fixed a one quart enema, heavy on the Castille soap; I wanted it to be powerful to stimulate her bowel.
Hanging it on the IV stand I told Colleen what I planned to do, saying, “Colleen, I’m going to give you a series of enemas, at least three and probably four. The first one will only be one quart but it will be the worst. It will cause you to cramp. If it gets too bad, I’ll stop and let you recover. The second will be two quarts but a much milder solution and the third will be two quarts of warm water, nothing, just water to rinse out the soap. The forth, only if you want it will be Chamomile tea, just to help you relax. You ready to start?”
She nodded her head, yes.
She was wearing sneakers; I untied and removed them, I pulled her shorts and panties over her feet and off.
I’d ungloved while I fixed the enema. I didn’t replace them; somehow I didn’t think my finger would object to being in this beauty.
Colleen, for this first one, I want you on your left side with your right knee pulled way up. I positioned her and lifted her knee. “That’s perfect,” I said.
Squeezing the gel onto my finger, I pressed into her, pumped a couple of times then inserted the nozzle, twisting it as it entered her, easing the invasion. With the nozzle seated I started the flow, saying, “Remember, if you start to cramp, let me know.”
I kept the flow slow but still after just half a bag she moaned, “Alex, it hurts, God I’m cramping.”
I stopped the water and rubbed her abdomen until the cramping eased then, I resumed the flow.
She was crying a little bit by the time the bag was empty. I was rubbing her but she was still cramping. I told her, “This is going to be the toughest; I need you to hold this in for a little time while it softens your stool.”
I massaged her for about ten minutes then helped her to the commode. I backed out saying, when you’ve finished just call me. I shut the door and took the enema equipment to rinse it and refill it. I added a single packet of the soap and added two quarts of water.
The enema was hanging, ready, when Colleen called me.
I led her back to the bed asking if she felt any better.
“Alex, I’m still sore but most of the pressure’s gone. I know it’s not too lady-like to say this but Alex, I couldn’t believe what came out of me, I just went and went, I thought I’d over flow the toilet.”
“It was a weeks worth, I’m sure there was a lot. Now, back on the bed, I want you on your hands and knees for this one.”
She got on hands and knees; I positioned a pillow under her face and pushed her head down until she was resting on in. I greased her bottom and slid the nozzle into her letting the water flow. I told her she might feel a little cramping but it wouldn’t be nearly as bad. Rubbing her back and kneading her tummy she took the full two quarts. I pulled out the tube and asked her to lie on her back. Using a pad of tissue I covered her anus, she might leak from what I was going to do.
I straddled Colleen’s hips and pressed on her lower abdomen, working the water up from her rectum, into the descending colon, through the tranverse and down the ascending colon; I wanted to be sure we’d gotten everything.
I helped her up and guided her back to the bathroom. I told her she’d probably be a while, the water was disbursed deeply in her and it would take a while to drain.
I had the two quarts of warm water waiting when she came out twenty minutes later.
“Up on your knees again, this is pure warm water, you shouldn’t cramp, in fact you may even enjoy it a bit; I know I do.
She looked at me quizzically.
I said, “Yeah I enjoy an enema just for relaxation, maybe one or two times a week, when I feel stressed. You should try it; it beats the hell out of Xanax.”
I took my time, she wasn’t in pain, there was no rush, I eyed her treasures. I could now verify that she was a natural redhead. I lubed her and twisted the nozzle home. As the warm water filled her guts, I pumped the tube in and out twisting it while my other hand massaged her tummy.
As the water flowed into her Colleen’s breathing changed, she was almost panting and her hips were working back and forth, I could see moisture seeping from her lower lips, she was lubricating, aroused by the back door action, I let her ride the nozzle as I filled her.
I watched as the water filled her bowel, her tummy was getting distended, she almost looked pregnant. As the water bottle emptied, she groaned and shivered. I thought she’d had a little orgasm, I could see that she was wet. I pulled out the nozzle and massaged her belly a bit more before asking, “Are you ready to go?” She nodded yes and I helped her to the floor.
She walked to the bathroom on her own saying as she went, “You said I could have a forth if I wanted, that it would help relax me. I think I want it,” as she closed the door.
I fixed the Chamomile tea, adding a little cool water so the temperature is right. Colleen was waiting at the bed side when I returned.
“How do you want me this time?”
I took a chance, “I’d like you across my lap.”

Colleen didn’t say anything, I sat down and she sprawled across me.
I rubbed her bottom, opened her cheeks and lubed her. Sliding the nozzle in I told her that she wouldn’t be expelling this one. I’d added just a little salt to help replace lost electrolytes. I wanted her to hold it until her body had absorbed it. I let the tea flow into her.
Colleen, Colleen my girl I thought to myself, what have you gotten yourself into. I’m lying across a handsome man’s lap and he’s filling me with an herbal tea. He’s seen all of me, more that any other man’s ever seen and I didn’t even know his name an hour ago.
He’s touched my body in intimate ways, he’s induced an orgasm in me with that darn tube and now I’m leaking more out of me than he’s putting in, just not from the same place. I’m twenty-three years old and I’m still a virgin, unbelievable, I know, I started out wanting to save myself for my husband, now it’s because I’ve not found anyone I want to give that gift to.
This enema isn’t like the others, those were medicinal and they worked. This one is sensual. I’d never considered an enema as sensual, but there was no other way to describe how I feel.
The slow gentle flow of the water, his massaging hand, and the sweet words he’s whispering to me have me aroused. I can smell myself and if I can I know Alex can, yet he’s made no untoward moves. He’s being quite the gentleman as he pumps water up my ass. He’s not unmoved though, his erection is pressing against my belly. I’m not in the least offended; quite the contrary, I like the fact that I am arousing to him, too.
I think, am I playing a dangerous game? Then I answer myself, damn right girl, it’s dangerous but I still want to play. I’ve never been so aroused and this by a man who hasn’t even kissed me. My guts feel watery and not from the water he’s putting in my guts. It’s just that I’ve never felt so aroused, so ready to be taken; God, why doesn’t he touch me?
I’m embarrassed, there’s no way she can’t feel my erection, hell the damned uncontrollable thing is climbing its way from under my shorts. It’s pressing against her belly. Yes, I can scent her arousal and I can see her leakage but it’s just what I’m doing to her, not how she feels about me, Alex. I know I’m not a bad looking guy but Colleen is out of my league; simply put she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. When we’re done I know she’ll go on her way but I’ll treasure memories of today.
The water bag is empty and I extract the nozzle, I’m in no hurry to get her off my lap so I continue to rub her back, enjoying just touching such a beautiful creature. And she seems in no rush to move either. It’s nice, she still has her top and bra on but I’m rubbing her under her tee shirt.

She looked back at me, her eyes haven’t regained their flash and her hair hasn’t regained its luster but she seems to have been relieved of her pain.
She smiled at me and said, “Alex, I’m tired, worn out; those enemas exhausted me.”
I asked, “Would you like to lie down, maybe take a nap?”
“Oh, Alex, can I?”
“Of course,” I said.
“I don’t like to impose but do you have a long tee shirt I could put on, I don’t want to put my panties on yet, I’m a little sore?”
I got one from my drawer. She already had her tee shirt off and was unfastening her bra when I looked back at her. She raised her arms for me to dress her. I thought, God her tits are magnificent, then I pulled my shirt over her.
I had never believed in love at first sight and, truly it wasn’t first sight but it was first contact and I’d never really been forward with a man. Right now I was going to make an exception. I said, “Alex, could you lie down with me and hold me, please?”
Alex turned down the covers, lay me down and crawled behind me. He took me in his arms, kissed the nape of my neck and held me around my waist. It felt heavenly. I shifted my hips back against him and wiggled, cooing with pleasure. I felt so good, so secure in his arms, if he’d taken me right at that moment I certainly wouldn’t have denied him. I wanted him to take me. I’d finally found the man I wanted, wanted to give my virginity too, wanted for my husband, wanted to father my children, wanted.
I had no panties on and I wiggled my bare bottom against Alex’s groin then, in a move I could never have considered just a few hours ago I took his arm that was around my waist and guided his hand to my breast. I quivered in anticipation, oh how I wanted him.
She was trembling in my arms, her bottom was grinding against my erection and she’d just put my hand on her breast. The news called shock and awe the effect of a military attack but I truly knew what shock and awe was; I was shocked that I was in bed with this most beautiful, the most luscious, the sexiest and most desirable woman I’d ever laid eyes on and I was awed that she wanted me, me, Alex Wiggins. I played with her breast and pressed my erection against her bottom.
Oh God, he was reacting, he was reacting, he was reacting, there was a God in heaven. I couldn’t believe I was being so forward but I’d never wanted anything more; not the 4.0 GPA I’d carried through college, not the good job I’d secured upon graduation, nothing, nothing more than Alex. I was ready to give myself to him unequivocally, and I wanted him the same way.

I turned in his arms so that I was facing him; I kissed him passionately, deeply and with feeling. If I was making a fool of myself I’d soon know. I looked into his mesmerizing blue eyes and said, “Alex, I love you, I know it’s preposterous, but I love you.”
He gazed into my eyes and smile at me then said, “You’re right it is preposterous, but it’s elating, elevating, and righteously awesome, God Colleen I love you, too.”
“Alex, suck my breasts, please suck my breasts, I need to feel your mouth on me.”
I looked into her emerald eyes, the flash was back, and, Alex, you’ve just been invited to feast on an Irish Gaelic goddess. I took her nipple between my lips and sucked, letting my mind wander into a future I couldn’t have imagined two hours ago. Her breasts were small, high and proud. As I sucked I envisioned them plump, swollen, engorged with the like-giving milk she would give our children, not child but children, I sucked her, nipping lightly at her nipples, sucking then circling her areolas, teasing her enjoying her quivering body, quivering under my lavish attention. I rolled between her legs, her pelvis rested against my stomach then against my chest as I kissed down her exquisite body. Her navel was a little outie and I sucked there, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She was already working her hips and I was only half way home. I kissed lower. I’d mentioned earlier that I’d confirmed that she was a natural red head, now I reconfirmed that fact, she was unshaven, untrimmed, her flaming red muff confronted me. I raked my fingers through her hair then kissed her mound worshiping at her altar before I confronted the goddess, the gems of her own precious realm; my tongue dipped into her, I had to use my fingers to open her lips, they were still sealed like those on a fifteen year old virgin, unopened, unpenetrated. My tongue was the first invader, I reveled in her light fresh taste, I licked her, she was lubricating even heavier now and I lapped up her nectar. The tip of my tongue probed her vagina, she was small, the opening tight. I licked her higher, finding her clitoris and taking it between my lips, sucking, distending her, feeling it engorge with blood and swell, I suctioned it between my lips.
While I fed on her clit my other hand, well, a finger probed into her vagina. My exploration was stopped; I’d met a wall, a dam, the girl was a virgin, I was pressing against her hymen and she winced a little from the contact. Oh God, what to do, I knew I was about to bring her off with my mouth but if she lost her virginity at the height of her arousal it would be anti-climactic for me. I thought, I can always orally stimulate her, and I would but she’d only lose her virginity once. I positioned myself between her spread thighs and guided my raging hard on to her tight little entrance, there was no need for lubricant, she was sopping, I pushed into her.
He took me with his mouth, I’d never felt so stimulated, so aroused. Then he clamped his lips over me and sucked my clit in, I nearly saw stars, it was so arousing, I felt him probing me lower down, probing my vagina and I felt him press against my intact hymen, I winced a bit from the pressure but his sweet lips were taking me to heights I’d never imagined. My tummy was clenching, I just knew an orgasm was going to overcome me and then he stopped, he stopped. My eyes had been closed, waiting for my flood. When I opened my eyes, Alex was between my thighs, his monstrous erection between my engorged lips, poised at the throat of my vagina, my virgin vagina.
He thrust into me, his eyes were open, watching me, my eyes were open, watching him watching me. He didn’t pause, he tore me, shredding my delicate membrane, rending my virginity as though it was no more than a diaphanous fabric, I screamed at the pain, and Alex stopped, he leaned forward, kissed my tear-filled eyes and said, “It’s done, the pain’s over.” And he was right, he just held me for a few moments then he began to pump gently into me. There was a bit of soreness, my newly rent tissues screamed their agony but the fullness, the sensations that I was feeling overcame that complaint, I circled his waist with my legs and pulled him in, I wanted him to touch the depths of me, the depths of my soul.
Words came to me that I didn’t even know I knew. He was slowly working back and forth, I moaned, “Oh Alex, fuck me, fuck me hard, pound my pussy, oh God fuck me.”
He did, he pounded into me, thrust after violent thrust, making me hurt, making me pay for my impetuousness, making me want more. I arched my hips, letting him drive deeper into me as my climax washed over me. I screamed at its intensity, my tummy was roiling, my breath was coming hard and fast, I gripped Alex with my arms and legs, pulling him tight against me, pumping my hips against him as he pumped into me. I screamed as I came, my juices flooding out of me and I heard Alex scream; I felt his hot cum being shot into me, pulse after scalding pulse of his hot cream bathing my clutching cunt, it washed deep into me and, although I didn’t know for sure, for absolutely sure for two weeks, impregnating me, and I didn’t care, I was in love oh God I was in love. Then, as we settled down I trembled in fear, oh God, my God he couldn’t abandon me now, could he?
I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I’d made love to the most beautiful, the most desirable woman I’d ever seen. It wasn’t just the moment, no; I’d admired her from afar before this eventful day. I’m two inches over six feet, Colleen is at least a statuesque five eleven, oh yes, I’d admired her and I’d desired her, even craved her. I’d have been happy with a kind word and a smile. Like I said, I thought she was a Gaelic goddess and I’d worshiped her from afar. Now, she was lying under me, filled with my cum and trembling.
I didn’t hug her, I didn’t kiss her, I just stared into her enchanting emerald eyes and said, “Colleen, will you marry me.”
She pulled me down, kissed me, hugging me to her breasts and breathed, “Yes Alex, I’ll marry you, God yes, I’ll marry you.”
We held each other, I was still between her thighs, still in her, I was soft but I hadn’t yet fallen out but we’d gotten over the passion of the moment and we were just chatting when she chuckled and asked, “So, what do we tell and kids and the grandchildren when the ask, “Tell me how he proposed to you? Shall I tell them the truth, well kids, he stuck tubes up my bottom, not once, not twice, not thrice but four times, then he took my virginity and after filling me with his cum, while his cock was still in me I might add, he proposed marriage. And I, well, since that cock felt so good, I accepted, true story kids.”
I laughed and laughed, it was funny how she told it but it was the truth. I said, “Maybe we can embellish it a little before we pass it on, you think?”
“I think, now dismount Cowboy and let’s get something to eat, take me out, feed me; I haven’t felt like food in a week. You’re my cure, my inspiration and my husband to be, now feed me.
“What ever is your pleasure,” I asked.
“Steak, red meat, I’m a carnivore,” she answered.
She went home to dress.
Tonight I’d let her exercise her bad dietary habits. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow I’d start working with her.
She had a nice, big filet, a baked potato with all of the accouterments, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. My heart nearly went into myocardial infarction and that was just listening to her order, it wasn’t even served yet.
I opted for the grilled snapper served on a bed of arugula and the broccoli, zucchini and cauliflower medley. We did both enjoy the wine. Because of her meat, a red was in order, but I was having fish, I compromised with a Beaujolais nouveau, a crisp young French wine. We skipped dessert and went back to my apartment; after all, her shorts and panties were still there, she’d gone home in my tee shirt.
I fixed some coffee and we sat and talked. I said, “Colleen, you’re not obligated to me in any way. I’ll confess, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, I have no idea why you’d marry me and, now that the moment has passed, I’d understand if you reneged, you can walk if you want too.”
“Alex, what do you want me to say, what do you want me to do? I surrendered my virginity to you, I’d known you a few hours, I’d kept it for twenty-three years, and I gave it to you, how can you even ask if I want you, but since you did, “Yes, Alex I want you as my husband, as my life partner.”
“Ok, now that’s settled let’s talk about wedding plans,” I said. “Colleen, who do you want to invite, do you have friends and family?”
“No, no one but my best girlfriend and I’ll ask her to be my maid of honor, how about you?”
“Just my brother, he lives about an hour away, I’ll ask him to be my best man.”
Then we discussed living arrangements. I had the bigger apartment, two bedrooms and two baths compared to her one/one; she’d give hers up and move into mine. We discussed finances, she had a good paying position with her firm but I still made quite a bit more and I had full benefits, once we’d wed I could add her to my health coverage. Then we talked family, our future family. I wanted at least three children and she agreed. We decided to bank what she’d been paying in rent toward the down payment on a home, we’d want lawns and swing sets and sand boxes, all of those things for our little brood.
We set our wedding for two weeks hence. In just a few hours, the plans had been made.
Then, I took her to task. “Colleen,” I said, you should never have been here today, you did it to yourself, now don’t misunderstand, I couldn’t have wished for, prayed for anything else, but now that we have plans I want you healthy. I’m going to make you a bet, I’ll bet I can tell you your dining habits, wanna bet?”
“Sure, I’ll take that bet, heck Alex, you haven’t even known me a day, what’s the stakes?”
“If you’re right you get top, if I’m right, well I’d like you on top anyway.”
My ego, here I was only once removed from virginity, I smirked back, “You’re on Big Boy.”
“Ok, now you know the truth while I’m only guessing, but here it is;
For breakfast, you have two or three cups of coffee and maybe a piece of toast but nothing more.
You send out for lunch, maybe a deli sandwich and chips with a soda.
Dinner, well dinner is a take-out, pizza, burgers, or for a big treat Chinese or Thai.
“How am I doing so far,” I asked.
I could only stare at him; he had me pegged, even to my big treats, Chinese or Thai. All I could say was, “Jesus, but how did you know?”
“Colleen, your diet is terrible but I’m not going to complain about what you’ve done before, if you hadn’t been such a glutton for gastronomic punishment I wouldn’t be taking you as my wife; but now I do have you, I want to keep you alive and healthy, ok with you?”
Well, I would like to stay alive,” I responded.
“Me too, and starting tomorrow I’ll teach you how.”
“Come to breakfast tomorrow, I serve at six thirty and have on your sneakers, shorts and a tee shirt on.”

We went to the bedroom; I still had a losing bet to pay off. I’d put on a light summer weight shift, panties and some strappy sandals. I kicked off the shoes and Alex lifted my dress over my head. I was braless; Alex knelt in front of me, rolled my panties down and kissed my mound. I was already wet, I wanted him so badly.
I pushed him backwards onto the mattress. No foreplay, I didn’t need it. I mounted him and guided him into me. I was still a bit sore but it didn’t matter, I sat, forcing him deeply into my hungry vagina. He held my by the hips and admired my body then his hands went to my breasts, and I began to bounce. Oh God the feel, I loved the feel, I was skewering myself on his rigid rod as I pounded my bottom against his groin; I was wanton, screaming aloud as he pierced me. I was in love. I rode him hard then I felt it; my orgasm building. He’d slipped his hand under me, teasing my clit as I posted on him. He pulled his hand away and gripped my hips, as my climax erupted he arched his back and pumped his seed into me. I fell forward onto his chest, exhausted. He held me, still deep in me as he softened, I rolled off.
Lying side by side we talked. I said that maybe, just maybe I should go on birth control.
Alex agreed, he knew I didn’t have a doctor. He said he knew a female OBGYN; he’d call her in the morning.
Reluctantly, I slipped my dress back on, I just carried my panties and sandals, I was only going next door.
My last thought before I dozed off was not erotic and sensual, it was, breakfast at six-thirty. Right, I never got up before eight and I wasn’t wearing shorts, a tee shirt and sneakers. Maybe I’d run with him later, but not tomorrow morning.
I probably wouldn’t have made it except Alex was kind enough to tap on my door at six, tap on my door hell, I thought he was going to collapse the damned thing when he shouted, “ Up and attem Colleen, the tea’s poured.”
His idea of breakfast was a bowl of bran flakes, a banana and green tea. If I took the time for breakfast I wanted fried eggs, bacon, toast slathered with real butter and coffee. I ate my bran.
It was a work day and I’d dressed for work. Alex handed me a brown paper bag, saying, “Your lunch.”
It was a chicken salad sandwich, no fat mayo of course in the salad, on twelve grain bread, and my real treat, there was an apple.
Then he said, “Before you take off let me call Dr. Nguyen and try to get an appointment for this afternoon, ok?”
I nodded my assent.
He was on the phone; he turned to me and asked, “Can you make it at 4:30?”
I could get off a little early so I said, “Yes.”
Alex gave me directions to Dr. Nguyen’s office and said, “I’ll see you this evening, I’m cooking supper,” and sent me on my way.
I was a little nervous all day, I’d been examined by a pediatrician when I was younger but I hadn’t been to a doctor in several years, I’d never had a gynecological exam.
I checked in at the doctor’s office at the appointed hour. The receptionist gave me a clip board with some forms to sign and complete, they wanted my and my closest relative’s medical history. I’d just completed it when the door opened and a young woman called, “Colleen?”
I followed her, she recorded my weight and height then took me to another room, handing me a plastic cup and pointed to the bathroom saying, “Please just put the specimen on this counter, I’ll be back in a few minutes for a little blood.”
I’d worn slacks, next time I’d wear a dress, I pulled my pants and panties down, tried to center the cup under me and peed.
I was waiting when the nurse came back in, her name tag said Linda. She took several blood samples and led me to yet another room. She said, “Please get undressed, there’s a gown here behind the door. The doctor will be with you in a few minutes.”
I was shivering from the chill in the room and from anxiety when the doctor came in.
“Colleen?” She inquired. I nodded, yes and she asked me to get up on the examining table.
I saw the ominous stirrups as I seated myself on the paper covered bench. It was chilly on my bare bottom.
Dr. Nguyen checked my ears, throat and shined her light into my eyes, with her stethoscope, she listened at my back, asking me to take deep breaths. She lowered the gown and listened to my chest and under my breasts.
“Colleen,” she said as she took the gown from me, “I’d like you to lie down; I want to examine your breasts. That’s perfect; now raise your arms over your head.”
She kneaded my breasts saying she was looking for lumps then squeezed my nipples looking for a discharge, there was none.
Then she clicked the stirrups into place.
“Put your feet here,” she said indicating where she wanted me, I complied then she said, “I want you to scoot down so that your bottom is at the edge of the table.”
She was snapping on rubber gloves as she said, “Colleen, I’m going to do a digital exam so I can feel if there are any irregularities, ok?”
She pulled a lamp down and inspected my vulva, opening my labia and feeling along my slit then she squeezed some KY Jelly onto her left hand and pushed into me. I gave a little gasp as I was penetrated.

Dr. Nguyen said, “Just relax; this will be over pretty soon.” With her right hand she pressed around my abdomen, feeling my ovaries. She withdrew her fingers and stripped off her gloves then she picked up a metal device. I hadn’t noticed it before; it was under a heating pad. She inserted it in me, I learned it was a speculum, twisted it into place and locked it. With her light she looked into me then with something that looked like a big long Q-Tip she took a swab from deep within me. The speculum was removed. She put it down and regloved her left hand, squeezing a bit of the lube on her fingers she said, “Just one more thing then we’re done.”
I’d guessed what that “one more thing” was and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I felt her finger circle my anus them she pushed into me, I moaned.
She pushed further in and then pressed upward manipulating my uterus, inspecting my cervix
I was relieved when her finger slid out. She handed me several tissues saying, “You can clean up and get dressed. Come to my office, out the door, turn left and I’m the second door on the right.” She left the room.
I got up, wiped myself and dressed. Even though I’d cleaned myself, I still felt squishy.
I took a seat across from Dr. Nguyen who said, “I didn’t find any areas of concern, all in all I’d say you’re healthy young woman. I want to look at the lab results before I write your prescription, though.”
We idly chatted for a few minutes before Linda brought in some papers and laid them on the desk saying, “Here are Colleen’s lab results.” She gave me a smile and left.
Dr. Nguyen spent several minutes reading the results before she looked up from papers. She said, “Colleen, I won’t be able to write a birth control prescription, you’re pregnant.”
“What, I’ve only had sex twice in my life, both times just yesterday, that can’t be true.” I was in shock.
“Colleen, it only takes once and your urine test is positive for pregnancy. I can run the test again if you’d like, but I think it would just be a waste of your money. Why don’t you pick up one of the commercial tests at the drug store and test yourself, they’re pretty accurate.”
I nodded mutely.
“I’d like to see you again in three months,” She said as I walked out.
In a daze, I walked to my car; I was afraid, afraid of what Alex would say or, even worse do. Would he abandon me?
I did take the doctors advice though; I got a home test kit.

With a great deal of trepidation I knocked on Alex’s door. He greeted with a smile, a hug and a kiss, saying, “Come on out to the kitchen while I finish supper.”
I did sit but in a subdued and tremulous voice I said, “Alex I didn’t get the prescription for the pill.”
He looked questioningly at me.
I broke down in tears, I sobbed, “Oh Alex, I’m pregnant.”
He paused for just a second, absorbing my news then he whooped and pulled to my feet, hugging and kissing me, he rubbed my tummy and said, “Colleen, I’m so happy. Maybe it’s a little premature but I want kids, I want your kids.” He hugged me again and danced me around the room.
My relief was palatable, my fears had been unfounded. Alex wanted me and he loved me and my pregnant little tummy. I hugged him and cried on his shoulder, tears of happiness. He loved me.
After our little jig Alex ran to the stove, “I’m burning dinner,” he said as he threw open the oven door. The skinless chicken breasts were golden, just right.
We had the chicken on a bed of brown rice; he used the drippings from the pan, added some white wine and made a reduction which he poured over the chicken along with some grilled baby vegetables. Dessert was a fruit cup, fresh fruit, not from a can.
Health food, blah, I liked red meat. At least he served wine, a chilled crisp Chardonnay.
After we’d finished our meal Alex led me to the bedroom, he sat me down on the bed and sat beside me. His mood had turned serious.
“Colleen, I’ll teach you to enjoy healthy foods, oh we’ll have the occasional steak, I think you’ll feel better and I know you won’t suffer from constipation but there are some side effects I wanted to tell you about. You’ll be eating more roughage, salads and vegetables and your digestive tract will have to adjust but you’ll feel a little bloating and you’ll have gas for a week or so, ok.”
“I also want to give you an enema, just clear, warm water each night for the next week. I want to be sure all of the toxins are out of your system, then it’ll only be once a week, I’ll even join you then.”
I stood up and took my clothes off saying, “How do you want me?”
“On your knees,” he said as he went for his equipment.
I was waiting, butt elevated, head resting on the pillow when he rolled the IV stand to the bedside and hung the bag.
He got the lube and smeared a little on me then he played, circling my anus, tickling me then probing me with his finger tip. “You’ve got a cute little bottom,” he said, then he twisted the nozzle into me.

There was no pain when it slid through my anus, when the water flow started it felt wonderful, flooding my bowls with its warmth. Alex pumped the nozzle, pressing against me when he pushed forward; he was rubbing my tummy with his other hand, cooing about what a pretty Mommy I’d be. He was stimulating me with the tube then he reached between my open thighs, cupping my sex. When he started rubbing my clit, I moaned and worked my hips, fucking my ass on the nozzle.
I trembled and climaxed, the water was still flooding me, Alex said, “Mommy likes?”
I felt his tongue between my labia, sipping from the juice that had flowed from me, filling my vulva. He licked me clean, whispering, “Daddy likes, too.”
Finally the bag emptied. I rested for a moment or two then got up and went into the bathroom.
He asked me to come to him. I did and he gently lowered me over his lap, my naked belly resting on his naked thighs. He said, “That last enema had a medicinal propose, this one’s entirely for your pleasure.”
Alex had carried a glass of wine with him when we’d come to the bedroom, I thought perhaps he wanted to share a drink but it was in a plain water tumbler, not a wine glass, he dipped a small ball syringe into the glass, filling it.
He parted my cheeks, daubed on a little lube and slid the tube into me.
“What an odd way to ply me with drink,” I allowed.
It was tingly when it was squeezed in; probably the alcohol. Alex said, “I hope you like it.”
He kept me on his lap, rubbing my anus, circling, tickling and teasing, his other hand massaged my back and sides.
After about ten minutes I got a mellow feeling, like I’d had several glasses of wine.
“Alex, what did you do to me, I feel so good.”
“Alcohol is absorbed through the wall of your rectum much faster and more powerfully than when you drink it; you’ve got a little buzz going.”
I got off his lap and crawled up on the bed, on hands and knees I wiggled my bottom at his and said, “Make love to me Alex, fill my pussy, I want you in me.”
He climbed between my legs and thrust into me, hard, driving my face against my pillow, and got just what I wanted, a pussy pounding, deep thrusting fuck. He gripped my hips and thundered deep, powerful strokes, I was grunting each time he hit bottom, he was fast, I was going ugh, ugh, ugh, oooh, ugh, ugh.”
God, he was tearing me up, stretching me, it hurt, an exquisite pain, I wailed in agony and ecstasy. He went even faster, I was panting, his exertions and my rising climax taking my breath away, I slammed back to meet his thrusts, he pulled me tight against me, I felt him swell, be bucked hard against me then held me tight against him, I climaxed just as he filled me with pulse after pulse of his ropy cum, our mixed juices were oozing down my inner thighs when we collapsed face down on the bed.
Finally after regaining my breath I whispered, “Oh I like, Mommy likes.”
He rolled beside me and held me; I told him I had the home test kit that we could check to be sure. He told the doctor’s test was more accurate but, we’d wait a week and use the kit. I never made it home that night; we slept until morning in each other’s arms.
The two weeks leading up to our wedding sped by, for the first week I got my nightly enema and my “sip” of wine. We fucked like little minks, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the sofa, even bent over the kitchen table.
Alex loved to toy with my bottom as he aroused me, and I came to look forward to it. Between my enemas and his fingers, my little rosebud had become a major erogenous zone. Gosh he could make me squirm.
Our wedding went off without a hitch; we were married on a Friday evening with my bride’s maid, Madlyn James and Alex’s brother and best man, Marc Wiggins in attendance. We took them out to dinner afterwards and, yes we had steaks. After finishing dinner and with their best wishes, we drove to the resort hotel where we would spend our honeymoon, just two nights; we had to work come Monday.
There was champagne chilled and waiting when we checked in. Alex opened the bottle while I changed. I’d bought a jasmine yellow nightie, sexy, just so he could take it off.
I sat on his lap and we had a glass of the wine, it was nice, I could feel his erection rising under me. I wiggled my bottom. He lifted my nightie over my head and massaged my breasts, saying, “Colleen, you’re perfect.” Then standing, he carried me to the bed, lay me down and undressed.
We fell on each other, mouths and tongues and fingers and hands, heavy breathing, my juices flowing, Alex took me with his mouth and I climaxed, he continued to lick until I couldn’t take any more, I was so sensitive that it was almost painful; then he took me. One deep plunge and he was in me.
I plunged into her, sliding deep, God, it felt good, her vagina, taking me in. Maybe because she was now my wife but for whatever reason, she’s never felt better, soft as velvet and smooth as butter then she tightened her muscles, the walls of her vagina contracting, squeezing me as I stroked into her the extra friction this caused, urging me on. I swelled and came, calling out her name, “Colleen, Colleen, Colleeeen, you wonderful woman, you fantastic lover,” I filled her.
My orgasm had been smaller, after what he’d done to me with his mouth I was surprised I’d cum at all. I held him in me, reveling in the fullness, hugging him to my breasts, cooing my love for him. We just held each other for minutes, his weight on me, his flaccid penis on my thigh.
Alex finally asked if I’d like a little more champagne, he got up and I rolled on my stomach. I said, “Serve my, husband.”
He chuckled then poured us each a flute of bubbly, handed me mine and sat beside me. It wasn’t long before he was kneading my cheeks, caressing my bottom, opening me and circling my ring he said, “Colleen, you no doubt have the world’s most perfect bottom.”
I said, “You like?”
“Oh yeah, I like,” he said as he pressed a finger tip into me.
We’d gotten each other small gifts, I asked, “Alex can we open our gifts now?”
He seemed pretty intent on what he was doing but answered, “Yes, let’s do.”
“I said, give me mine first.”
He got off the bed and took a small wrapped package from the pocket of his coat, silently handing it to me and sitting back down and continuing with the attention to my bottom.
I unwrapped the package and looked at him, saying, “Alex are you sure.”
“I’m sure,” he replied. It was an exquisite cameo, I knew its history. It had been his great grandmother’s, next his grandmother’s and then his mother’s. It came to Alex upon her death, he was the older of the two sons and there were no daughters.
There were tears in my eyes, glistening tears of love when I said, “I’ll keep it safe for our little girl,” and I hugged him.
“My turn,” he said.
I didn’t have any keepsakes like the cameo to give, I couldn’t give him my virginity, I already had, I couldn’t even give him a baby, I was already carrying. My purse was beside the bed on the floor. I pulled out a small rectangular box, gaily wrapped in red paper and handed it to him and waited.
He looked at the contents of the package then looked at my, “My God Colleen, are YOU sure?”
I pulled a pillow behind my and rolled onto it, my hips elevated, and said, “Will you share your gift with me?’
He took the small tube of KY Jelly from its wrapper, opened it and squeezed some onto his hand then he lubricated me.
I pulled my legs back, my knees rested on my breasts, lewdly exposing my all and everything. Alex moved against me, he guided the head of his penis until it was in contact with my anus.
My eyes were wide open, watching him watching me. He said, “Oh Colleen, my wife, my lover, I know you’re beautiful, I know you’re sexy and now I know you’re perfect, my perfect woman, my perfect lover. He pressed forward, the head of his cock popped into me; I thought I was ready, I wanted to give myself to Alex this way; I saw stars, I wailed and tears flooded my eyes; oh, he’d split me, torn me, I just knew my flesh, my tender tissue had been rent, split. I wailed, oh how I wailed. Alex stopped, he didn’t pull out, he just stopped, letting me adjust to his intrusion. He massaged my tummy and my sides, he even played with my clit, masturbating me while he crooned, “Relax Baby, just relax, relax for Daddy, just relax.”
His gentle words and soft hands helped, my sphincter loosened and the pain wasn’t so intense. Alex continued stroking me with hands and words but I could feel him. Gently and slowly he was pressing into me. I could feel him as he slid deeper and deeper into my bowels imparting a fullness that even the two quart enemas couldn’t rival. I moaned as he inched into me, my eyes were tear filled, I opened them and looked at Alex, he was looking at me, he said, “My perfect wife, my perfect lover.”
Through the tears I smiled at him, “And my perfect husband, now I’m ready.” He started to stroke into me.
The pain, though not forgotten was put aside. Added to his slow rhythmic hip motion he took my clit in hand again, massaging me, matching his pace into me, I was getting aroused, I started to leak, lubricating, my moisture oozing down to add to the lube on Alex’s cock , wetting him even more as he slid in and out of me. I was the one who finally urged him on; wrapping my legs around him I pulled him in letting him know that I was ready for more. And he gave me more, pounding into me, I was wailing, I was screaming, I was sobbing and he was pounding, deep violent thrusts, gouging my guts, filling my bowels and then he came. My eyes were open, I watched him. His eyes rolled back into his head, only the whites showing, he locked himself tight against my bottom and screamed as he came. I could feel his hot cum flooding me, filling me and God did I want it. I wanted to be the sex Goddess he thought I was. I’d never felt more a woman, I’d taken him, my lover, my life, my husband. He collapsed into my waiting arms.

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