This is a follow up to a previous story
The following takes place the morning after Sonya, a senior manager in the bank, who was leading some of the training on a residential course, had been well fucked by Michael, one of the young males that she manages. There were 5 young males that Sonya manages on the course and they had got her really drunk and then Michael took advantage of her in her room.

This story follows on from the end of the previous story:

Sonya stripped off what remained of her clothes and made her way to the shower and stood in it for about 20 minutes with the water almost unbearably hot and scrubbed herself as clean as she could get. After getting out and drying off Sonya got dressed and went downstairs in a bit of a daze, with her pussy and ass still throbbing. Thankfully she wasn’t presenting today, just sitting in on the training. She was unusually subdued and embarrassed when she saw Michael and his 4 mates as they were all smiling as they looked at her. Sonya tried to work out which one of them had well and truly fucked her the night before with his big cock.

During the morning break Michael and his mates approached Sonya. Michael stood off to the side and Gary lead the others over to Sonya. “Hi Sonya,” Gary said, “We heard that you gave Michael some extra training last night, and we think that it’s unfair if we don’t get the same, we might have to make a complaint to your boss about it.” ‘Oh Fuck!’ thought Sonya, if I don’t do anything I’ll lose my job and my marriage, and if I do something I’ll be letting these 4 guys fuck me. “L...L....Look, let me think about it” Sonya stammered, “and I’ll speak to you later,” before quickly excusing herself and heading back to her room, where she lay down on top of her bed and cried thinking of the situation she had got herself into.

After a while, Sonya came up with a plan, got up and headed back down to the seminar. During the next break she spoke to Gary and the other 3 and told them to come to her room at 9pm that night. She sat through the rest of the session in a daze before going to dinner and eating very little. After dinner she went into the toilets and bought two 3 packs of condoms and went back up to her room and straight to the mini bar. After demolishing the 2 small bottles of wine in no time, she started on the spirits, something that she would never normally drink. Soon she was well on the way to getting drunk and starting to relax a little.

Lying on the bed she started to think about what was going to happen later. She was filled with mixed emotions, absolute horror that it looked like she was going to let 4 young men fuck her, yet if she was honest it was also turning her on a bit. The closest Sonya had come to an experience like this before was when she was 17, when she and her then boyfriend came home from school to her house when there was nobody else in and up to her room and shagged. Then later that evening Sonya went to a house party with some other friends and fucked a hot guy in the toilets. And of course not counting the hours that she has lay on her bed and fucked herself with her rampant rabbit dreaming that it was a number of different men having her.

Just before 9pm Sonya got herself ready, she stripped completely and then put on the dressing gown provided by the hotel and drank a miniature of vodka straight from the bottle in 1 go. A short time later there was a knock at the door. Sonya sat on the edge of the bed for a few seconds, closed her eyes, took a deep breath before getting up and opening the door. Gary, Rob, Kyle and Dave were standing there outside trying to look all calm, but Sonya could tell they were almost as nervous as her. Sonya held the door open and the guys came in to the room and just stood there waiting. Sonya then told them “OK, I don’t really seem to have much of a choice here, but there are 3 rules. 1, you all must wear condoms which are on the table, 2, no kissing me on the mouth and 3, nothing inside my bum. Do you agree?” “Yes” they all answered, “Anything you say” added Dave.

“Right, lets get this started, who’s first?” asked Sonya as she undid her dressing gown and dropped it on the floor to admiring gasps. “I’ll go” said Dave as he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. “Uh! Condom!” said Sonya as she laid down on top of the bed propped up on her elbows. Dave’s cock was about average sized and he struggled a bit trying to open the condom and slide it on. Sonya had decided that she was just going to lie there and let them fuck her in turn, and try to switch off from what they were doing to her. She was going to let them do what they wanted but didn’t want them to think that she was enjoying it at all. After he got the condom on, Dave climbed on to the bed and slowly inserted his hard cock inside Sonya’s pussy and started to fuck her. Sonya just lay there with her eyes closed and displaying no emotion whatsoever. After about a minute Dave stopped and pulled his cock out. ‘Phew’ thought Sonya, ‘That was quick and not so bad’. She looked up and saw that Dave’s cock was still rock hard and that there was no cum in the condom and that he was putting his face down in between her legs. Before she could do anything, she felt his tongue starting to probe her pussy. “Whoa, stop, what the fuck do you think you are doing!? That’s not part of the deal!”

“It’s not one of the rules you gave and besides I’ve never yet fucked a girl who hasn’t enjoyed it and I’m not starting now!” Dave replied as he dived back down and started to probe just inside her pussy with his tongue. He then licked round her clit and started to pull at it gently with his teeth, before lapping her pussy and pushing his tongue as far in as he could. He could tell that Sonya’s body was certainly enjoying it as she was so moist and he started to gently but quickly rub her clit with his fingers. A short time later, Sonya let out a very loud moan as she came with great force squirting all over Dave’s face and into his mouth. Dave swallowed as much of the sweet liquid as he could before getting back up on top of Sonya and ramming his cock into her now very welcoming cunt.

By this time the other 3 guys had now stripped off and were stroking themselves in anticipation of what was to come. By now Sonya was so turned on, by the physical feelings of what Dave and his tongue and cock were doing to her and the mental feelings of being fucked by such a hot guy while 3 others were watching. Sonya came twice more before Dave finally shot his load into the condom inside her pussy. Dave pulled his cock out and went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom.

“I’m next” said Gary as he pulled a condom on to his 8 inch cock and walked over to the bed, “Get onto your knees” he told Sonya, who complied. He then slowly slipped his cock as far into her pussy as he could and then started to fuck her with slow, long, hard thrusts. It felt absolutely amazing to Sonya and she could feel another orgasm coming and couldn’t believe just how much she was enjoying this. “Somebody get their cock round here ‘til I suck it!” she cried as the next orgasm hit her, squirting all over Gary’s cock and balls.

Rob went round to Soya’s face with his 6 inch cock sticking out, “Get that condom off, I’m not sucking that dick with that awful thing on it” Sonya demanded. Rob ripped it off and Sonya took his cock in her right hand and licked round the head tasting his pre-cum before taking all of it in her mouth and starting to suck on it. Rob was so excited that he came very quickly filling Sonya’s mouth with hot cum, which she swallowed all of. Dave started to speed up and soon he too came hard inside her almost filling the condom with his cum.

“Just me left” said Kyle as he walked round to the bottom of the bed and got Sonya to lie down on her back. He lifted her legs up over his shoulders and slowly slipped his cock into her very wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her. After a few thrusts Sonya felt something poking at her asshole and looked up to see Kyle poking at it with his finger. “What the fuck! No way!” cried Sonya “That’s not part of the deal!” Kyle stopped and looked at her, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing, just relax and enjoy. Let me do this and if you still don’t want me to I will stop, I promise. Close your eyes and relax. Guys come over here and help take her mind of it.” Rob and Gary then got onto the bed beside Sonya and started to play with her tits, licking her nipples and kissing all over her body.

Kyle then reached down and got some lube out of his pocket and spread a load of it round her asshole and over his fingers. While still slowly fucking her he slowly started to push his middle finger on his right hand against the rosebud of her asshole, until there was some resistance and then pulled it back and pushed again. He did this until his finger slipped a short distance into her ass, and then he pulled it out again. Sonya let out a bit of a scream as she felt the pressure in her ass, and Kyle started to slowly fuck her with his finger until his finger was inside her ass as far as it would go. Sonya didn’t know what to feel, as it was painful but a real turn on. After he had fucked her with one finger for a bit, Kyle slipped a second finger right into her ass and fucked her with both fingers getting faster and faster, before pulling them out of her gaping ass. He then took his cock out of her pussy and slipped it in to her now gaping asshole. Sonya groaned loudly as Kyle’s 8 inch cock filled her asshole while Rob and Gary continued to play with her tits and Dave started wanking as he watched the amazing scene in front of him. After a couple of minutes of ass fucking Kyle came and like Dave, almost filled the condom.

He pulled out of Sonya’s gaping ass, and she collapsed exhausted onto the bed and just lay there as Rob and Gary stopped caressing her as well. “Sonya” said Gary, “Yes” she replied, “Well, that was amazing, but it’s not fair, Rob didn’t have to wear a condom and we all did” and Rob added “Yes, and they all got to fuck you and I didn’t.” Sonya sat up and looked at all of them standing there with their cocks all rock hard again, well except Kyle’s which was getting there. She thought for a minute about how horny she was and how much she would love hard young cocks shooting cum inside her cunt, and anyway Michael had already done it last night and there was always the morning after pill!

“OK, here’s the deal, so long as you all promise never to mention this again, you can all fuck me one more time. Do you promise?” They all agreed and Dave went first again, and this time Sonya gave herself freely to him and kissed and played roughly with his nipples, raked her nails down his back as she fucked him as much as he fucked her. Sonya came and squirted twice before Dave shot his cum right inside her pussy.

As Dave pulled his now limp dick out of her cunt Gary saw the spunk drip out as he rammed his cock into her wet and sticky pussy and soon he too shot his cum into her. By the time Rob and then Kyle had finished fucking her Sonya was absolutely exhausted, with a raw pussy full of cum and a massive smile on her face. “Go now!” she told the guys, who got dressed and left, as Sonya lay on the bed and had one more orgasm as she thought about all that had happened, before falling into a very contented sleep, knowing that she would find it very hard to walk the next morning!

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