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I was drunk and went to a party which ended up as an orgy and i was no longer a virgin -
At 16 I lost my virginity in a drunken orgy with a few of my team mates at an after game party when we took out the premiership. Six of us girls engaged in an orgy of sex with multiple partners at a party at one of the girls place when two of us including me lost our virginity and one girl had an unplanned pregnancy. It was also the first time I had been as drunk as I was. I was a willing party and the effect of the alcohol completely overwhelmed my inhibitions and I willingly participated in what eventually developed into a drunken sex orgy. A couple of the girls were older and far more experienced than I was. I was not going to display my lack of experience and did not refuse any request or suggestion in regard to the things that were suggested and accomplished. I also had my first girl to girl experience with everybody watching us and cheering us on. I accepted a dare and performed oral sex on another girl and she then performed it on me. It was my first oral experience and by the next day I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had achieved that way from both the girls and guys. I love it that way.

The first guy to have sex with me immediately realised I was a virgin after he penetrated me and showed his blood covered cock about. I had never told them I was a virgin. Four other guys lined up to get their cocks covered with my blood. Each experience lasted only a minute or two and they didn't ejaculate inside me. I lay back and watched one after the other go into me - I was on a real high. The other virgin girl suffered the same fate. It was an orgy of rapid sex with them lining up just to enter the two of us and having their blood covered cocks photographed. They all claimed later they had sex with a virgin. Being drunk I was not disgusted but actually proud of the fact and by the time the night was over I had engaged in sex with all the guys in various ways and positions. During the period of the orgy each guy had at one time actually ejaculated inside me during one of the many times they actually had sex with me. Sometimes it was only for a few minutes in one position or another and sometimes until they came. I didn't mind. I have no idea of how many times I was actually fucked by them all. The boys all had sex with all six girls in the same way they did it with me and we all enjoyed the orgy WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING AND THE BOOZE WAS FLOWING – for some reason I never got sick as a couple of the girls did from too much whisky. I stuck to Vodka and orange (often semen enhanced).

Even though it was my first time and my hymen was ruptured I felt no pain when the guy penetrated me for the first time – perhaps due to the degree of my intoxication. He went straight in hard and had no idea I was a virgin until a few moments later. Also I had never been naked in front of anybody before and here I was completely naked in the company of so many people and having unprotected sex with any boy who wanted to have it with me and I had no care or concern about who he was or how often they had it with me. Many entered me, fucked me for a few minutes then pulled out to do it with somebody else or have their cock sucked by me or another of the girls. It didn't matter if their cock was covered in the mess from inside one of us. I was kissed or had my nipples sucked and bitten many times and they all had their way with me in a variety of positions often a number of times. It was a mass orgy. I also had no problem sucking their penis or letting them finger me. All the girls were the same and we probably tried to outdo the depravity the others engaged in.

I stayed at the house that night as did a few other of the girls – in the morning we could not believe what we had done when we compared notes. It was fun and we had no shame – then. We boasted about our experience and how fantastic it was and compared the different boys we had sex with and some of the girls. During the night I had showered a few times in the house to remove the semen that often covered my body from guys ejaculating on and inside us as we engaged in masturbating or sucking or fucking them. I have no idea how often each of them came during the evening, I know I did quite a few times. The stench of sex still permeated the entire house and we had to use cans of air freshener to remove the smell.

It was not until I got home and looked at myself in the mirror when I showered again for what must have been one of a half dozen times that I could really see the mess my body was in – my neck, breasts, stomach, backside and inside my thighs were covered in love bites or hickeys. My vagina was devoid of hair – that was shaved off early in the evening and I was sore internally – after all the ways I had sex with some of them it wasn’t hard to believe. Some had long cocks and others were a bit rough. I also had the foulest taste in my mouth as well. It was only then I considered I could have become pregnant, nobody used condoms and I was not on contraception. All of this had been done with me and there was no protection used by the guys or by myself. God knows how much semen was ejaculated inside me or any others of us. I learned later two of the girls were on oral contraception and the four of us had not used any form of protection. Unfortunately one girl did become pregnant and obviously had no idea whose sperm had impregnated her. It was amazing nearly all the guys wanted to claim it was them but none was prepared to contribute to her abortion that eventuated. She became a martyr amongst us due to her refusal to reveal the circumstances of her pregnancy and claimed she was gang banged alone and could not identify the guys as she had been date raped.

What happened to us soon became common knowledge at our school. We were all either very popular or despised for a week or so as it soon became common knowledge of what we had done. A few of my friends said they were jealous of me and wanted to know all the very intimate details and which boys did it to me and how. I told them as much as I could remember.

All six of us girls were seen as an easy mark for a while and a few agreed to have sex with the guys who asked. We all remained friends and members of our team. All the guys who asked me for sex were not amongst those at the party and I refused every request and I avoided all contact with any guy after that as my shame consumed me privately but my public attitude did not reflect it.

A few guys called me a slut when I refuse to have sex with them. Maybe they were right but I was not going to perpetuate my shameful actions of that night again. My next fuck would be with the guy of my choice.

As I continued to constantly refuse to have sex with any boy who asked me out I was soon ostracized and shunned. After many refusals I was never asked out on dates afterwards for a few months.

I became very friendly with the girl who became pregnant and was aborted. She and I became constant partners as no boy would have anything to do with us due to our refusal to have sex with them. We were frequently called lesbians – and in one way they were right. We eventually began to kiss masturbate and have oral sex together and we both really enjoyed it and engaged in our private sex life together regularly. We both knew we were going to one day resume contact with boys again – ones who didn't want us just for sex so we were not true lesbians – we had become bi-sexual.

After a couple of months she and I decided to abandon our team and try a different sport in a different locality. We soon met guys who didn't know our past and we began to date a couple but not get too serious. A few months later we had both found guys who liked and respected us and we began a steady relationship with – yes, we became intimate but under completely different circumstances.

A few months later my affair ended amicably – I moved to another country with my family. A new life – a new beginning – but nothing changes – I was soon in a relationship and sexually active again and enjoying it the way sex was meant to be enjoyed. Neither of us wanted it to become a permanent relationship and we enjoyed each other’s company in every way. Our sex became basically recreational – great sex but no commitment to be faithful to each other – it was a way of life in that country – until you decided to marry – then it was different I was told, but had some reservations.

I can and do have relationships with other women in the same way I do with men – casual and without commitment and I have never been happier. I could go on living like this forever – perhaps. Variety is now the spice of life – respectable sex and not a degrading orgy, having been there and done that, I shall never repeat that episode of my life..

I am 20 now and have no idea of what the future holds, but I been there and done that. I believe I can handle myself extremely well – and safely now.

Bring on my next adventure.

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2011-02-06 11:19:18
not enough detail of sex acts


2011-02-05 18:05:24
From my experience you could find that casual sexual adventures pall after some time and you will start looking for a close relationship. You can be very lonely in a crowd of acquaintances.

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2011-02-04 17:14:12
Pity you were drunk - or maybe it was better - you certainly made the most of it.

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2011-02-03 11:10:39
This was a great story combined with alot of real life truths.

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