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With the bell ringing I knew I had to get out of the toilet as fast as I can as it would be filled with pupils pretty quickly. I quickly exited just to be stopped in my tracks by the vice-principal.
“Michelle, would you please come to my office, I need to discuss something with you.”
It was probably about that test I skipped. Now let me stop here and note that our vice-principal is a stunningly hot 29 years brunette, about as tall as I am, but with bigger boobs and killer curves. I gotta say I have fooled around with few of my girlfriends and I often caught myself checking out her body.
That being said, I followed and we entered her office. Her desk was just opposite the door and was one of those big sturdy desks with many drawers. Ms Angelo (that’s the vice-principal’s name) was wearing one of those black sexy office dresses that really bring out your body and make all the boys drool (although I was close to drooling myself) and the fact that she was wearing high heels didn’t help much . In fact I was staring at Ms Angelo’s swaying hips as she made her way to her desk and sat behind it. Apparently I was so evident that Ms Angelo shot me a quizzical look.
“Sit down, please.”
I quickly obeyed her and sat down.
“Do you know why it is I called you, Michelle?”
“No, Ms Angelo, I don’t”
“Well I find that hard to believe, since you skipped your … “
There was a hasty knock on a door and without waiting the headmaster rushed inside.
“Ms. Angelo I need you to come with me immediately. There has been a fight in a classroom.”
She quickly rose and followed the headmaster but before exiting however said:
“Michelle, you will wait for me to get back and do not touch anything.”
And with that she closed the door and wend out.
Yeah, as if. Curious as I am I quickly went around the desk to her part and sat down on her chair.
‘Hm this is comfy. I could get used to this.’
I started rummaging through her drawers until I found a weird looking lipstick. I rolled it to try it out, but instead some buzzing sound came out. At first I could not comprehend what I was seeing, then I realized that this is one of those discrete vibrators that are so popular in sex shops. As soon as I returned it and closed the drawer I heard the door open. Now understand my predicament, I was already in trouble and the vice-principal catching me red handed doing precisely what she forbade me, would not help my situation at all. I was thinking at one thousand miles per hour and finally decided to hide under the desk and hopefully she would think that I had gone out and would come search for me. As I mentioned earlier, she had one of those big desks, where there is plenty of space for your feet ( in this case me ) and it also has a wall, so the person standing in front of the desk can’t see beneath it ( or in this case me).
“So Michelle, thank you for ..”
“She’s GONE, I can’t believe it! I explicitly told her to wait! I guess I should go look for her, but this does give me a few minutes to myself …”
Then contrary to what I thought she would do she came and sat down. Luckily she didn’t notice me nor did she put her legs under the desk. If anything she sat down with her legs rather spread, which gave me a perfect view of her black lace panties.
“I wonder … was that girl checking me out? No that’s not possible.. Although .. I could use the action .. I haven’t been fucked in ages and I’m so horny ..” She moaned and started rubbing her breasts through her dress .
“Mmm, I gotta say Michelle is a pretty hot girl.. and if she is really into me, we could really have some fun … “
“Jesus! Would I listen to myself?! She is a student for Christ’s sake and an underage one at that! How could I think such things of my students?”
I have to say listening to her rubbing herself and saying all this things about me was really turning me on and I was starting to look hungrily at Ms Angelo’s long legs. Well my thoughts and her activities were quickly interrupted by yet another knock on the door, again by the headmaster.
“You’ve come to discuss what the punishment should be for those students?” Asked Ms Angelo.
“Yes, and that’s a tough one, as one of them has already final notice for … “
I wasn’t really paying attention to them, when a very naughty and dangerous idea struck me..
I hesitantly went for Ms Angelo’s leg and gave it a little stroke. Her leg twitched and she immediately looked down at me.
“Is there something wrong?” the headmaster prompted.
“No, not at all, please continue.”
Now this was getting interesting and I was seriously wet. I started grinding my bare dripping pussy against the rug on the floor, leaving my juices all over it. I took Ms Angelo’s leg into my hands and took her high heel of and put her foot in my mouth and started licking it. I trailed my tongue over her toes and then I started sucking on her big toe. Her voice trailed off for a second before she regained her composure. I could tell I was really turning her on with my little game. While I was sucking on her toe I took off her other shoe and ran my hand along it all the way to her now very hot pussy. I could literally feel the heat from it through her panties. Ms Angelo spread her legs to give me better access and pushed her chair more toward me. Her breathing was turning into gasps and she was having a hard time covering them. I started rubbing her pussy through her panties and damn those were soaking wet! Then she did something that totally caught me by surprise – she starting rubbing my tits with her leg while I was rubbing her pussy. Things were getting out of control, I was so horny that I just wanted to slurp at her oozing pussy and jam that vibrator of hers into my cunt. So I decided to speed things a little bit. I pulled her panties aside and slipped two fingers into her oozing twat. She was tight but so wet that she probably though I inserted only one finger. I started fingerfucking her slowly and this time she let out an audible moan.
“Oh my!”
“What is it Ms. Angelo?”
“I feel a little lightheaded, could we continue this conversation later?”
“Yes of course”
The headmaster got up and started to leave and I picked up the pace, I could feel her muscles twitching and could tell she was close to cumming. I admired her for exercising such self-control over her body and not screaming like a wild animal as I would have done.
The headmaster left and she did something that I did not see coming. She immediately stood up and pulled me out of her desk.
“Are you out of your mind?! What you think that just because I’m horny you can finger-fuck me in front of the principal ?” She didn’t wait for an answer she grabbed my hair and bended me over on her knee.
“In my opinion you deserve you a good spanking for acting like a total slut.”
She pulled up my skirt gasped at the sight of the flowing juices from my naked cunt.
“No panties, huh? And you are this wet? Well I guess you are a slut.”
WHAAAAAACK. The first blow to my butt came without a warning quickly followed by another.
“Pleeeease, don’t … it fucking hurts !” I whimpered.
WHAAAAACK she spanked my bare bottom again.
“Don’t? You are fucking slut and deserve to be spanked !”
I’ve never imagined getting turned on by this, but her talking dirty to me and the spanking on my butt was really making my pussy throb and twitch with excitement. I could feel getting even wetter and wetter.
WHAAAAAAAACK. This time she used way more force and I felt the sting of her palm on my butt cheek. I was really getting close to cuming and totally lost my senses.
“You like it, don’t you? You like getting spanked, don’t you filthy whore?”
I could feel my pussy spasm and my orgasm on the verge of crushing into me like a ten foot wave. I was losing it and heard myself cry out:
“Yes I’m a fucking whore, c’mon spank me ohhh I fucking deserve it! “
My body arched and I came so hard I squirted all over Ms Angelo.
“So you came?! You fucking came ?!”
She yanked me by the hair and made me come down on my knees. She quickly pulled her panties down and grabbed my face and pressed it against her flaming cunt.
“Lick my fucking pussy, make me cum I need it so baaad.”
With my face pressed against her cunt I didn’t wait before starting to eagerly eat her out and slurp her juices. My hand went to my pussy and I immediately jammed two fingers inside me and started finger-fucking myself rapidly making squashing noises from all the juices my cunt was leaking. Ms Angelo made other use of her hands – she was pressing my head with both hands against her cunt and letting out moans which were slowly turning to shrieks of pleasure.
“I’m soooo fuckiiiing close ! Make me cum slut, don’t you dare fucking stop !”
Like I intended to stop. I found her clit and started sucking on it vigorously which send her over the edge. Her legs clamped around my head and her entire body shook from the strength of her orgasm.
The strange thing was I could hear only muffled noised coming from Ms Angelo and when she relaxed I saw she had put her panties in her mouth as not to alert the whole school. After her orgasm washed over her she removed her panties from her mouth and just left them on the desk.
It took her a couple of minutes to recover and then she brought me up and kissed me gently on the lips. Our tongues swirled together and we started kissing passionately while our hands explored each other’s bodies for yet another time. She grabbed my butt cheeks and made me lay on the desk.
“My turn to taste those delicious juices”
And with that she started eating me out in the most teasing manner. She first licked my outer pussy lips and circled around my clit, only barely touching it, but enough to make my body jolt and shudder. With her hand she started teasing my anus while she continued to make me moan. In fact I was starting to moan rather loudly so she jammed her panties in my mouth to muffle me.
She started licking my inner lips and again barely touching my clit with her tongue. Then all of a sudden she drove her tongue deep into my cunt and started lapping furiously. I was tossing my head right and left and my hands were pulling at my nipples at the height of my arousal and impending orgasm. As suddenly as she had started so suddenly she stopped and just as I was about to raise my head and ask her what the fuck is going on she sucked hard on my clit sending me over the edge and thrashing on her desk, with things falling from it all over. Now although I leak a lot when I’m horny, I’m not a squirter, it only seldom happens, but this time I squirted again and in at her face, hair, mouth…. All over, you get the picture.
Now it took me a few minutes to come down to earth and when I did I saw that Ms Angelo had already fixed her dress and was looking at me.
“My panties please.”
I withdrew them from my mouth and gave them to her. She quickly put them and her handbag and said:
“Ok Michelle, what happened here was very wrong and must never happen again. Also you can’t tell anybody for obvious reasons. Now I hope you’ll excuse me I’m going to the toilet to clean myself and I suggest you do the same.”
Luckily, class had started long ago and the school halls were empty as was the toilet. I quickly washed myself and decided to head home before the Principal invited me for a talk in his office.
As soon as I got to my dorm room I threw my clothes on the floor and went in the shower to wash myself off from .. well everything that happened today. My roommate was gone so I had the shower all to myself. The water started running and I took a look at my red bum.
“Damn, who would have thought I would enjoy a spanking, from Ms Angelo nonetheless? “
I cleaned myself quickly, washed my hair and stepped out of the shower. I threw on my bathrobe and spent half hour blowing my hair dry, at which point my body was also dry. I left my bathrobe at the bathroom and came out naked. I was so tired from today and all the intense orgasms I had that I just collapsed on the bed and fell right asleep.

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