This sort of follows on from The Nineteenth Hole, but you probably don't need to read that to work out whats going on !
The Nineteenth Hole - Day Two

As I walked towards the first tee the following Wednesday morning, my spirits sank. There was a man standing with the two girls. Several thoughts went through my head at the same time. “There goes my after game fuck session. Looks like he might be Susan’s husband, perhaps Carol will be up for a little one on one, but then she’ll probably beat me at golf which will mean I’ll get fucked again, perhaps she’ll give me a blow job or a wank. I was hoping I could scrape a win over Susan and I would get to fuck her.”

“Hi John, this is my husband David. He has a day off and asked if he could join us, I told him I was sure you wouldn’t mind.” David and I shook hands.
“No its fine with me, I’m getting over my embarrassment of playing in a group.”
“Great. What are we going to play? How about four ball match play? Susan and me against Carol and John?” David obviously liked to be in charge, not sure how that would go down with Carol.
“No, we’ll play boys against girls. Susan’s told me you’re a pretty good player, that’ll compensate for John, oh and we usually give John a shot a hole.” Carol was letting him know she was the boss.
“You can have the honour David, you’re the newcomer to the group.”
As he teed up and addressed the ball, Carol winked at us and said “Usual side bet?” Susan looked unsure but nodded and I smiled eagerly back at her.
“What’s the usual bet?” David asked.
“Don’t worry darling, I’ll explain later.”

David was a pretty good player and we were soon leading the game. Not entirely due to him, I did win one hole, thanks to my extra shot, when we all took five on one of the par fours. By the time we walked off the sixteenth green, we boys had won, three up with two to play. We played the last two holes just for fun and then walked back to the car park. As we passed the clubhouse David wanted to call in, but Carol insisted we all go back to hers for a drink.

When we arrived back at the house, Carol said, “It’s a nice day, you guys go and sit out by the pool. I’ll bring some drinks out. Pimms ok for everyone?” Pool! I’d missed that the last time I was here, although I was pretty occupied. The pool was at the back of the house, with the patio and a large lawn completely surrounded by flower beds and a tall conifer hedge. Carol brought out a tray with four glasses and handed them to us. We chatted and drank, enjoying the sunshine. We were all wearing shorts and Susan and I, sitting next to the pool, kicked off our shoes and dipped our feet in the pool.
“Oh David” she said “this water is lovely. Shall we have a swim?”
“Sorry darling, we can’t. We don’t have any costumes.”
“We could skinny dip, we haven’t done that for years”
“There are other people here, darling.”
Carol interrupted “It’s ok David we’re all adults. But, John and I will go for more drinks. While we’re away you two can strip off and once you’re in the water it won’t matter, we won’t be able to see anything. Come on John.” and we walked off into the kitchen.

I followed Carol through the french doors and the dining room and into the kitchen. She turned around to face me. pulled me towards her and kissed me passionately. She put her hands on my backside and rubbed herself against my semi hard prick. I returned the favour and my hands went to her lovely arse. She isn’t as curvy as Susan but everything is in the correct proportions and she is toned, she obviously spends time in the gym as well as on the golf course. I kissed her on the throat, moving my tongue around her neck and nibbled at her ear lobe. She apparently liked that as she groaned and squeezed my buttocks. I played my tongue around her ear and breathed lightly into it. She groaned louder and her hand moved around to the front and started to undo my shorts. She dropped them to the floor and freed me from my pants. The pants joined the shorts on the floor and she rubbed up and down my now rigid penis with one hand while squeezing my balls with the other. I started to undo her shorts and she pushed me away slightly.
“I want to be sure you understand something John” she said “I know you won the bet, and you will definitely get to fuck me, but I think you know that I’m ‘The Mistress’ in this house and it will be on my terms. Do you understand?”
“Yes I understand”
“I’m sorry?”
“Yes I understand, Mistress”
“Very good, now get the rest of your clothes off and go sit over there.” I pulled my polo off and went to sit on the dining chair she’d pointed at. She dropped her shorts and knickers and took off her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her tits firm enough she didn’t need to. One of the drawbacks to these sessions straight after golf was that the girls were in sportswear, I like watching a nice piece of lingerie being removed or, better still, getting to remove it. Not that I was thinking that as a nude Carol walked towards me. She spread her legs and sat on my lap, kissing me on the mouth and pushing her tongue into my mouth. She took my hand and brought it down between her legs, letting my fingers run along her cunt lips and encouraging them to play with her clitoris. I broke away from the kiss and lowered my mouth to her nipples, sucking and nibbling them both in turn. She moved my fingers from her clit and guided one into her fanny, then a second. Her fingers took over the clit rubbing as I pushed mine in and out. After a minute or two she was breathing heavily and making little squealing noises, she pulled my fingers out and raised herself so that her fanny was just above my neglected dick. In one move she lowered herself onto my full length, we both gasped and she rested for a moment. She was tall enough that her feet were on the ground and she was able to take her own weight, she lifted her hips again, almost dislodging me and then fell again to my lap. God that felt good. She quickly got into a rhythm, rising and falling, and I was able to keep my mouth on her breasts while my hands were gripping her arse. Her fingers were still rubbing at her clit and she was rapidly approaching a climax. She came with a yell and bit into my neck, but didn’t lose her rhythm. I was getting close myself, I thought I’d keep in her good books,
“Mistress, may I come now?”
“Oh what a nice touch, you charmer. Of course you may, it wouldn’t really be fucking me if you didn’t.” That did it and on her next downstroke I came in a flood. She rested with her weight on me and we hugged for a while. She climbed off me and tiptoed towards the French doos.
“Stay there while I go peep to see if Susan has worked her magic on David.” She came back in a few moments, “Its ok we don’t need to dress. Susan did her bit, either that or it was the Viagra I put in his drink.”
“You drugged him!”
“It was only half of one of my late-husband’s, probably well past its sell by date. Don’t worry, I didn’t put one in your drink. I knew you wouldn’t need it!” She must have seen me glance down at my slowly deflating dick.

As I walked out onto the patio I could see Susan on her back, on a beach towel, on the lawn. Her legs were spread wide apart and David was between them, thrusting into her in the good old fashioned missionary position. He was grunting on every push and Susan’s hands were on his arse pulling him in as far as possible. She saw us approaching.
“I explained the side bet to David and he was more than happy to accept his winnings.”
“Just as long as he saves some for me.” Carol said.
“Oh he’s a quick recoverer, Just like John is.” Susan had noticed my now reflating dick. “Come and kneel down here and let me help you with that.” I knelt alongside her head and she reached up, rubbed the length a few times and fed my prick into her mouth.
“Mmm, you taste of Mistress.” She mumbled around me. I glanced at David who had a surprised look on his face. Not only was his wife sucking another mans dick, but she was referring to her golf buddy as Mistress and she apparently knew what her fanny tasted like! After a few moments sucking I was hard and ready to go again. Susan pulled away from me and said,
“Excuse me for a moment John. I think David’s about to come.” Her hands went to his backside and I could see her fingers digging into his cheeks. David came with a massive groan and Susan started to make coming noises “oh, oh, ohhh”. I’d seen and heard Susan have an orgasm from very close range and this one sounded nothing like it. Speaking as a man, I can say that we appreciate women going to the trouble of faking it to make us feel good, but if we’ve just come or are about to, we don’t really care. David collapsed onto her and then rolled off to lie on his back alongside her.
Susan looked at me, “I cleaned you off, now come and do the same for me.” Brain and Little John had a quick argument, Brain: Don’t even think about it, she’s got a cunt full of spunk. Little John: Yea, but I’m going to fuck her afterwards. Guess who won. I got between her legs and started lapping at her fanny, I pushed my tongue inside. Now I have a mouth full of David’s spunk and her cunt juice, I’m not swallowing it. Oh, I know what to do. I crawled up her body, feeling those magnificent boobs on the way, and kissed her, pushing the mixture into her mouth. She played with it in her mouth for a while and then swallowed. She pushed my head back downwards, I pulled her fanny lips apart and pushed my tongue even further in, rolling it around to get every last drop and then journeyed back up to her mouth. She swallowed the load and smiled, “Mmm, more, more” pushing my head back down again. I think we both knew there wasn’t a drop left, but she was enjoying it and I certainly was. I spent a little longer playing with her, then took the mouthful of imaginary spunk up to her.
Carol had seen what we were doing and had liked the idea. She was stood over David, who was sat up with his head between her legs licking. He was going to have to swallow my spunk, because Carol’s hands were wrapped around his head holding it in place and she wasn’t going to let go.
Susan smiled, watching her husband sucking at ‘Mistresses’ fanny and swallowing my spunk.
“John, that was lovely. Now, how do you want me?”
“Actually, I’d rather like to fuck you up the arse.”
“Yes, I’d expected you’d want a little revenge for last week. Of course you can fuck my arse, just get him a bit lubricated first.” David was spluttering into Carol’s fanny, listening to our conversation, his wife had just agreed to something he’d probably never suggested and almost certainly had never done. Susan turned over onto her hands and knees and I moved into position behind her. I put my penis against her fanny and pushed, it slipped smoothly in. I pulled her cheeks apart, wet my finger in my mouth and then slowly pushed it into her arsehole. I moved it in and out until she began to loosen up. I slid my dick out from her fanny and immediately pushed the head into her arse, she gasped.
“Remember last week, you little bitch?” I asked. She giggled, getting the joke and I pushed in the whole length in one go. “Oh my God!” she stopped giggling. “That feels good.” I pulled out to the head and then slammed back in. “Yes, yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I don’t think this was the first time she’d had a dick in her backside, but probably not David’s judging from the spluttering noises he was still making into Carol’s cunt. Carol was enjoying his discomfort because, from the noises she was making, she was just about to come and wasn’t about the let him go until she did.
Susan lowered her front to the ground, taking her weight onto her shoulders and freeing her hands. She brought back her right hand and stuffed three fingers straight into her fanny, rubbing her clit with her thumb. I held her by her hips and was slamming into her arse, I could feel her fingers through the thin membrane. She was starting to come, this time the noisy one, “Yes, Yes, YESSSS.” I picked up the pace and after two more strokes I was there too, I joined in “Yes, Yes, YESSS.” And we collapsed into a heap.

Carol joined the chorus as she tightened her fingers in David’s hair and pulled him further into her fanny, if that was possible. She pushed him back to the ground, dropped to her knees, positioned herself above his (I have to say this) massively engorged prick and lowered herself onto it in one movement. Her hands were on his chest pinning him to the ground as she raised and lowered herself like a woman possessed. His hips were lifting up to meet her every time and he was again grunting, obviously his thing. He came with an almighty groan and her fingers tweaked his nipples drawing an even louder groan. They came to a standstill and I could see his spunk leaking out around the base of his dick. “I’m not cleaning that up.” I thought.
Later, as we sat drinking in the Jacuzzi, yes Carol has a Jacuzzi as well, David said
“I must say I’m rather in favour of this side bet thing that you have going. Just one thing, I know it’s not very likely, but what would have happened if John and I had lost?”
“Oh come on darling, surely you can work it out.” Susan replied. “You were at Public school.”
“Public school? What’s that got to do with it? Oh I see! I’m not sure I would have liked that, I was always a giver not a getter.”
Carol looked at me and winked.

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