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The sex life of a 20 year old English student
Thursday 29/6/10

Went into town with Charlotte and Kirsty, my two best friends, on the lash and on the pull!!! Put on my powder blue shorts that only just cover my arse, but with an arse like mine why not, and a little sparkly silver halter neck top that shows off my toned belly and perky boobs. Because we had already been drinking at Kirsty's house while we were getting ready we were already half pissed when we got into the taxi and Kirsty offered the taxi driver a blow job if he charged us half fare, the driver went bright red and started driving really fast which had us in a fit of giggles and when he pulled up outside Cream bar Charlotte in the front seat handed him a fiver and dropped it into his lap, when she made a grab for it she left her hand there a little too long and i'm sure he nearly came in his pants!!

We hit six bars before ending up in Quest nightclub and we were all pretty hammered, Kirsty hit the dance floor while Charlotte and me went to the bar for a drink.While waiting to be served i got talking to a group of lads from Lupset ( a housing estate in Wakefield) and one of them, Danny, was well tasty. about 5" 10' dark hair blue eyes and a fit body 'i wouldn't kick you out of bed' i thought! We got our drinks and went to sit down and Danny and his mate followed us.

Charlotte started snogging the other lad so i thought 'sod this' and grabbed hold of Danny and stuck my tongue in his mouth, he responded by slowly running his hand under my top and playing with one of my tits,gently squeezing my nipple while groping the top of my arse with his other hand. I whispered in his ear if he would like to come outside for a cigarette, " i don't smoke" he replied, "neither do i" i answered! i took him by the hand and lead him to the side door smoking area, through the crowd of smokers, and into the car park.

We ended up behind a 4x4 at the bottom end of the car park and i wasted no time in kneeling down and unbuttoning his jeans and popping his dick out, not a bad size i thought as i slid it into my mouth. I pride myself on my blow job technique and as i sucked him hard i gently cupped his balls in my hand and began to squeeze them, this got a moan of pleasure from him and as i circled the top of his dick with my tongue i could feel it twitch in my mouth. 'Not so fast big boy' i thought as i stopped sucking, 'i want some action as well'. I stood up, ubuttoned my shorts, and pushed them down to my ankles, When Danny could see i wasn't wearing any knickers i saw a smile appear on his face, i turned my back to him and bent over and he grabbed me by the hips and pulled me towards him. I stepped out of my shorts and opened my legs so he could slide his dick into me which was quite easy as i was sopping wet by this time, he started to thrust into me and i had to put my hands onto the car to steady myself. We started up a good rhythm, every time he thrusted forward i grinded back and i could feel his balls slapping into me.

we kept this up for about five minutes then i could feel him getting faster so i eased myself off him and turned round and knelt down, taking his dick into my mouth once more and sucking for all i was worth. He started moaning and his cock started twitching in my mouth and then i felt his hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. i swallowed as much as i could but it felt like there was a gallon of it and when i took his cock out of my mouth some cum squirted out as well onto my top. I wiped it off with my fingers as well as i could but i could still see the stain.

"Thanks darling" Danny said as we walked back into the club and he headed off to his group of mates while i had a look round for Kirsty and Charlotte, they were nowhere to be seen so i went to the Sizzlers takeaway and ordered my favourite, chips and mayonnaise, and as i was walking out of the door i saw Charlotte and Kirsty waiting in the taxi queue, "where did you two get to" i shouted as i ran towards them, "Kirstys been sick and my bloke had a little dick" said Charlotte " so we had a look round for you but couldn't find you so we were going home, and what's that mark on your top?" she giggled. "Mayonnaise" i said and gave her a wink!


Can't wait for tonight, i've been chatting to a few lads on Facebook so i might get lucky! I've got my eye on one in particular i just hope he hasn't got a little dick because it's such a let down when you spend all that time on the chase and there's not much reward at the end of it lol.

it's just me and Kirsty tonight so we will be starting off in Moodys and working our way up into town, maybe hitting or Quest later because you are guaranteed a shag in there if you haven't pulled already!

Anyway, i have got to go because i have to sort out my outfit for tonight and i hope it doesn't rain because i won't be wearing much although i'm getting wet now just thinking about it!!
What a night! Started off in Moodys( 'cos it's cheap) then Reflections( 'cos it's bangin) then we went to the Bank( cos it's shit but the queue for Reflex is terrible). Lots of cute boys out tonite but i had a weird urge for a MAN... all muscles and hairy, not my usual type but what can you do but go with it lol.Kirsty as usual was chatting up anyone who gave her the time of day and i was checking out the bouncers because they are literally the only ones in town over 30!

I was feeling pretty pissed by this time so we went down to Stereo and after 10 mins of waiting to get served 'cos it was packed we got our drinks and went to sit outside and made a beeline for two lads sat on their own in a corner, i went straight up to one of them and sat in his lap, the shock on his face was funny but if you're not forward you don't get anything do you?, and Kirsty sat next to the other one. "I'm katie do you like my tits?" i said to him as i pushed my chest to within inches of his face, his face was going red as he tried to mumble something and i could feel his cock getting bigger under my bum. But then it hit me! as he spoke i nearly fainted, BAD BREATH ALERT, i've got this theory that smelly breath equals smelly cock and after a lot of research i can tell you this is 99% accurate! I jumped up, grabbed Kirsty's hand and shouted TOILET, as i pulled her away. We finished our drinks quickly an went round to the Hub.

There wasn't much talent in the Hub so we decided to go to Buzz but after about an hour, several drinks, and no action we decided to leave the club and get a taxi home, Kirsty was bladdered so we joined the queue and waited for our taxi then i looked up and saw,in front of us in the queue, a black suit and tie. It was one of the bouncers i was eyeing up earlier on, i reached out and pinched his bum and when he turned round i gave him my sexiest smile and as we got talking he told me his name, that he was single and he had his own flat. Just then a taxi pulled up so we all piled in and headed to Kirsty's house to drop her off then back to his for 'coffee' lol.

when he opened his front door i thought 'fuck the coffee', i'd had no action all night so i pounced on him and we stumbled into his room and onto his carpet and i practically ripped his shirt open and started kissing and licking his chest as i reached down to grope his cock. He slid his hand up my skirt and pushed my knickers to one side and started rubbing my clit, gently at first, then as he got int a rhythm harder and faster. I was getting wetter and hornier so i knelt up and unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them off with his MICKEY MOUSE!?!? boxershorts (whatever turns you on darling!) and straddling his cock i lowered myself onto him and started to fuck him when all of a sudden he started to moan.I jumped off him just in time for him to cum over his belly!

As i opened his door to leave he mumbled something about not having my phone number so i said "i'll ring you darling" and slammed the door shut and left.

What a night! bad breath and 10 second sex, but at least i got something i suppose and i always had my toy waiting for me when i got home lol. So that's it for me and men for a while, i think i'll go back to boys next week!

love ya,

Katie x x x

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