Suggest reading parts 1 and 2 in succession.

IT had been a few more months, since our little, encounter, and my family were going back, hopefully little Joe was there too.

As per usual, my parents and little Joe's were going out, I was expecting to either go with them or Joe come over, but yet again, they were going to the 18 + bar, so I would be looking after Joe, but this time I was going to his house.

'We'll be back round to pick you up at about midnight OK?' Said my parents, on the way, in the car, to Joe's parents house? Just babysit him until then. By now we were at the house, Joe's parents walking out, and Joe stood at the door, looking at me in the same delightful vein, he ran over, his hair even longer, no change in height though, this lil' boy was still about 4.5 foot. So we got inside, I settled down, and we just played some play station, messed about with Lego.

'Hey' Joe asked. 'What do you want to do now?'. 'I dunno, could go on the computer'. Joe shrugged, yeah but there is nothing to do on there. So we logged on, and searched about for some video games, well Joe did. The great thing is, Joe ran over and sat right on my lap, his cute round butt above my placid penis, but he was shuffling about to some online racing game, being a kid, moving the actual controller about thinking it would move the car. His perfect, tiny butt was massaging my crotch, I was beginning to get a semi hard on, Joe not noticing, still shuffling about on my lap.

My mind was racing, just thinking about the couple of things we had done a few months back, it got me horny as hell, maybe tonight Joe can tug and suck on some my 15 year old prize meat. Then he asked 'loads of people at my school go on computers and talk to each other and play games like this, I think there boring'. 'Well some people don't have expensive play stations like you Joe, there are loads at my school with computers, but a lot of boys at my school, use the internet, for, let's say, different reasons, fun ones'. 'What are they, please tell me!' He had his classic sweet, innocent look about him, gazing into my eyes, our last encounters were so far away in his mind. 'Erm, well Joe, just something called Porn! It's like a game but different buddy'. 'What's that? Is it like a racing game, or a shooting game, or that stupid thing called Facebook?' he asked. 'Oh no, not really close, do you really want to know?' 'yeah!' he replied in joy. 'Well Joe, you can go on these sites and look at naked girls and boys with their Boobies and Willy's out!'. Joe was ecstatic, laughing away, 'what, really! Oh wow, let's go on!'. I hesitated, this computer will probably have adult lock on, but I checked around and there was nothing but a firewall!.

My cock was pretty hard now, sticking right up into Joe's thigh, but he wouldn't know, or notice, although he is fast becoming a damn good cock teaser!. 'OK then Joe, what shall we look at, boobs?'. 'yeah, boobies, booby boobies!' In a silly squeaky voice he puts on with anything like that'. I clicked onto google, and was ready to type, trying to remember some good sites, you see I have about 4 good sites for different things, for the obvious reasons, that will get me and Joe excited, then I look at no other sites for cocks, except on X hamster, typing in Big Fat Cock Stroking, that would sure get Joe's eyes set on something! I wanted him to see what I love, just the Cock and boobs to start with, no add ons with links and pictures, to other intimate images I didn't want him to see yet, I was going to do this in order, things like boobs, all the way to the most erotic. Next I would be taking him to Priest Anal Fucks boy on X hamster, my favourite video, a nice glory hole blowjob, and some nice piece of smooth, hairless ass hole being crammed by a 7 incher, the ass lube oozing out of the crack.

I couldn't believe this, I was starting to type onto google, Joe was giggling away to himself, shuffling about, my cock was very, very restricted. This was it this 11 yr old kiddo's first naughty site, I clicked on the link and up came about 5 rows of fabulous young teen girls with there nice boobs on display. Joe let out bigger laugh, 'woah, there boobies are really big! 'Who are they?'. Joe's eyes darted onto the screen and back to me 'well you know there just schoolgirls who get their big boobies out for fun, like a game!'. 'Oh wow, that cool!, there boobies look good'!. I didn't bother scrolling down, there was enough on display, I was just watching Joe, fixated one of the good ones, with an itty bitty top pushing her boobs right out, perfectly round.

'Ok Joe, you like that? Well how about we go see a huge fat willy!'. I said, Joe chuckled away, 'Yeah, bit fat Willy, a Mr Willy, like yours! I remember now, your's is really fat with a big head! Oh and it was really stinky when I put it in my mouth!' Joe chuckled. Images darted across my mind of 2 months back, my cock barely squeezing into his boy mouth, and him sniffing my helmet saying it stank something real!'. So I typed in 'Big fat cock stroking into google', Joe wouldn't know what a cock is, in his mind it's just a Mr Willy, but he wasn't looking, he was readjusting himself, his thighs and cute butt shuffling on my swollen cock head, still he didn't feel it, he must think it's my trousers.

I knew Joe was going to get a shock when he saw this cock on the net, it was about 11 inches long, and the fattest real one I've seen, with a head about 2 inches on it's own, as thick as my arm, very curved, with a guy running his fist up and down it for just a minute. So I clicked on, and the video started straight away, the guy on the screen pushing his cock forward and letting go, it springs right into his stomach with a thud, the full glory revealed. 'Oh, Woah, wow, that's huge!' Joe giggled, 'he's rubbing it just like yours, bit it's even longer and fatter, and oh! Look at the big fat purple bit, it just like yours!', Joe splurged out.

'Well little Joe how about we see something special!' 'Do you know what boys can do apart from Mr Willy rubbing and Mr Willy in the mouth?' 'What, what is it?' Joe said anxiously. Well, sometimes, a boy bends over onto his knees, or sits down, lays back a bit, opens his legs wide and show his pink butthole!, a gasp came from his mouth, 'oh wow! That sounds cool, is it clean?', Joe quizzed, yeah Joe it's clean, a pink butthole, really smooth, and guess what, another boy can come along and stick his fingers up and lick it to get it wet and juicy so he can fit his fingers right in! I said. Joe was still in amazement, with a big grin, the screen was blank on google ready to go. 'Oh and one more thing boys can do little Joe, they can get there big hard willy and stick it right up the butthole and rub the big fat smelly purple bit in and out!'. Joe was amazed, probably so many thoughts in his head, and he asked the obvious 'wow, isn't that dirty? But I bet it makes Mr Willy feel good'! Said Joe. No Joe it's clean with a juicy hole, there won't be any poopy only if you tried to!'. Joe laughed so hard.

I had the link typed, clicked right on it and it took me to the video. A typical start, an altar boy going to confession, the priest rubbing his cock, then the priest ramming his cock through the glory hole into the boys mouth, sucking up and down the shaft, Joe was watching in delight, saying quietly 'he's sucking that big Mr willy, it looks the same as yours! Joe looking right at the cock in his mouth, not too shocked and excited at a cock, he had a bit experience before!. Then I said ' look Joe he's bending him over, look how far his legs are apart!'. The priest had the altar boy on his back, legs as wide as a barn door, fingers placed round his ass hole, opening it slightly, this guy on film was tight, no lube or spit, just the 7 inch cock in, slowly fucking. Joe was watching in amazement, giggling away 'that looks fun', he was still shuffling on my cock, I couldn't take it, I wanted some release, so shut the computer right down.

'OK Joe, this video is making my Fat stinky Mr Willy excited, he wants you to rub him!' Joe was excited, 'Yes!!! OK Mr willy let's see you, I'm going to rub and put you in my mouth!'. Joe giggled. 'OK Joe, here he is, here's Mr Willy!' I raced my pants and boxers down, I was stood up this time, not sat like twice before, Joe kneeling in front, we were in the middle of the living room. 'There he is!'. I whipped my 7 inch hard cock out, my veins bulging, shaft curved upwards, and fat purple head with a shine from the light, sticking right out into his face, my meat pole was too hard!. Joe chuckled 'mmm, it's Mr willy haha', always laughing like always, looking into my eyes with glee and wonder, then eagerly reaching for my cock, his face was at my crotches height. As always, he started slow, his tiny hand not even getting round my full girth, his hand pumping my cock shaft up to my cock ridge head. Joe was getting a knack for this, but I knew where I wanted to go.

'OK Joe, take a big sniff of Mr Willy's big fat purple head!'. Joe smiled at me, and pushed his nose right down onto my cock head, his nose not even as big as my purple headed helmet, sniffing deeply. 'Cwor' said Joe, 'it's stinky, it absolutely stinks, Mr will is a fat stinker!'. Then without asking he gaped his mouth wide open, grabbed the base of my cock, pulled it more horizontally, and put it right onto his wet lips which he had just liked, I pushed my cock right into his mouth, stretching his cheek, but it wasn't very far in, this boys mouth was tiny, but it felt so good. My massive mushroom head sliding in and out very slowly, his saliva lubricating it. But I wanted to go further, the net sites and turned me on 100%, 'OK Joe take another big sniff of my smelly dripping wet cock head!' So he followed, waving his hands in-front of his nose after pushing his nostrils right onto it, 'pwor, Mr Willy is set and stinky now, it smells really weird, stinky Willy Head!' giggled Joe.

I'd had enough of this play, I wanted his tiny little butt hole. 'Right then Joe, were going to do what those two boys on the computer did, I'm going to stick my fingers up your ass and lick you butt hole!'. Joe looked at me with wonder, unsure at first, 'I don't know, will it feel nice'. Yeah sure Joe, but I'm going to be seeing your Mr Willy too!. Joe defended 'Noooo, mine's tiny', Joe tempered. 'Oh, come on Joe, I don't care, let's do it, it's fun, I have to, so I get get to your butt'. 'Joe had a smaller grin now, this was unfamiliar. I unbuttoned his trousers, and felt his stiff little cock through his trousers, it was tiny, even for a kid his age. I whipped down his boxers and what a sight. A hairless boy cock, about 2 and a half inches, stood right up, with a full foreskin head. 'Joe moaned, see I told you it was tiny'. 'Oh Joe, I don't care'. So I reached for it to rub, trying to pull the foreskin over the tiny bulge of a cock head, but it was tight as hell, so I rubbed for a bit, with literally 2 fingers, down this very thin cock, not even able to sea his pink helmet. Joe started giggling a bit, 'It doesn't really feel of much, it's because it isn't huge like yours, my hand can't fit around yours!'. 'Well sorta Joe, mine is ¾ as big as your arm!'.

I was bored of this, little Joe was fully naked now, I wanted some boyhole fun, so I bent him over to the doggy position, and rubbed my fingers down his crack, it was ecstasy, his perfectly round lil but, smooth as baby skin. 'This is it Joe, I'm going to finger your little butthole, where doing it right now, for fun! No turning back. Joe was no longer smiling, just obeying, waiting for a new expirience. So I turned him over, put him onto the settee, and widened his legs, this was the best thing I've ever seen, I tiny pink round butthole 'OK I'm ready said Joe'. This is it Joe, don't say anything from now on until I say so, got it, this will be cool.

I darted my face right onto his boy butt hole and took a big sniff of the pink circle, it was sweet and amazing. 'I'm going to lick you tiny little boyhole now Joe, it's going to get wet and sticky'. So I but my tongue right on the little hole, licking all over, licking the skin on his but cheeks to get all his butt wet, just how I like it on the web, as much excessive juice as possible. I was spat 7 or 8 times onto his butthole, with the juice accumulating on the pink circle, and the rest oiling his ass cheeks, and some running down onto the sofa. Joe was completely silent, so I was ready and he was lubes up for some finger fun now.

I got my index and slid it slowly until half of it into his butthole, It wasn't too tight, but tight enough, Joe Squirmed about, I slid my seriously wet and juicy finger in and out, so I decided maybe 2 or 3 would loosen this boy fuck doll up. I spat on my fingers until my saliva was fully covering my hand, I wiped hit all over his butt cheeks and cock, his whole crotch was soaking wet with out 20 to 30 gob full of my spit, slobbering and shining in the light, his ass lubricated to excess, and the pink butt hole well submerged in my mouth lube. I thought fuck it, I haven't jerked of in a week, I want this expirience to last, and be as juicy as possible. 'here you go Joe', he let out a small giggle 'It felt good when you liked my bum bum, and when you had your finger inside.' 'OK Joe, well this might be better, I'm, going to looses your but walls a bit. So I stuffed my first 2 fingers right in, then a thirds, and pushed them apart, his butt hole walls widened, and contracted on my fingers, juice was oozing out of his ass hole, and my spit lube all over my hand and face from fingering and licking. Joe squirmed more, letting out a little groan, 'stop it!' Joe moaned. 'Aww, come on Joe it get's better from here, once you get a slacker ass hole it will feel great and really really wet and juice, just let me finger you boyhole more, then we'll get onto to some Mr Willy fun.' I said. I was ramming my 3 fingers in and out, widening his hole, his butt walls not squeezing my fingers as tightly. This was hot as fuck, a little kid getting his boybutt fingered with endless amounts of goo from my fingers and all over him.

I was ready to buttfuck him, he was still very tight, butt this should be fun, what with all the saliva lubrication, the sight of my cock sliding into this little pink ridiculously wet butt. 'Here we go Joe, Mr Willy is going up like on the computer but wetter!'.

I directed my fully hard stinking, purple headed, swollen monster at his little hole, spat on my cock a few times, gathered some juice from his cheeks and butt, and pumped it with my fingering hand which was covered in mouth lube and clear butt juice, I gave a long sniff of my hand from fingering his sweet smelling inside ass with a hint of shit. 'Here we go Joe, relax your ass hole, remember how fat and long he is, and remember the big purple end, you'll feel it slide in, then a big ridge which is Mr Willy's cock bump before the huge purple head.'

So I opened his excessively lubed hole boyhole, and pushed my cock head onto the rim, and I pushed harder and harder, his boybutt juice dribbling down my thick shaft, Joe was moaning, so I slid right in until the ridge on the head popped in, this was the best sight in the world. The purple head of my 7 inch cock up this unbelievably tight boyhole, so much lube juice, it felt so good on me helmet, Joe's butt walls clenching my cock head. I thought I'd try and slide it in further, Joe was moaning in pain, but I know he finds it a great feeling, he was still silent. I slid further and further, my massive cock compared to his little boner and tight asshole, I'd got about half way in and that's as far as I Could go, so I decided to slide it up from my ridge head to half way in with my shaft, slowly buttfucking this groaning my, gently saying 'stop, slow down' from Joe, only to be followed by ' Mr willy feels massive!'. I stared at my thick cock slide into his well juiced boyhole as I was climaxing, his super tight hole was clenching my engorged, swollen ridge of my head, so tight, so wet, so good.

Joe stopped moaning as I now pulled my cock out, it was so juicy, ass lube dripping off it in huge thick lumps of goo onto my hand, as I used to to pump my cock, Joe sat up, smiling slightly 'here Joe, get you hand around stinking fat Mr Willy, look at all the juice'. He grabbed for my cock, rubbing the shaft, I a big mixture of boyhole lube and saliva on his hand and up his arm, it was squelching everywhere, he sniffed it 'eeew, it absolutely sticks, it really stinky stinks real bad!, I like it!'. Well Joe get you nose right on my big Purple head with all the juice on in, it will go on your nose and face, and take a big sniff, it's rock hard. He buried his nose onto my cock head again, 'eeeww, it's really really smelly, it's like before but pooier'. Yeah Joe that your boyhole stink from when I buttfucked you, mixing all with the juice I used when I fingered you.

We were both rubbing my huge 7 inch cock now, it was curved more than ever, his hand on the head, getting all the good stinky butt goo, and my hand on the shaft, pumping ferociously until I shot a huge wad of cum all over the floor, the sofa, my hand, the wall, mixing in with the juice!. We let go of 'Mr Willy'. I put him right in my trousers, Joe only smiling a bit, his ass hole will be sore, he pulled his boxers and trousers up 'cwor, there all Juice still on my hole' said Joe. 'Just leave it then haha'. And we sat back down, Joe smelling his hand covered in Saliva boyhole juice, his ass lube and my cock stink, smelling away, smiling.

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