pure fiction Z and S are names
Let me introduce myself. I wasn't the typical teenager. Very nonsocial, kind of athletic, blond hair, fairly strong, and smart only i didn't use that smart as well as i should've. I did okay in school, and the few friends i had were okay. I had known her from when we were about 6. We went to the same elementry school, same middle school, and then after one year of high i transfered and we didn't see eachother again. We never went out or anything, and we only spoke to eachother about 3 times in our lives. But i'd always had a huge crush on her. Not such sexual, but loving. I didn't know if she felt it, but occasionally in class we would look at eachother from across the room for a long time. I didn't know anything from her point of view, but i hoped. Then one day in my sophomore year of highschool things changed. It was mid-may, and the weather couldn't be any better. I was biking to a friends house on saterday, and i almost ran her over. I ended up swerving into the road, right into a pothole. I crashed, and needless to say got bloodied up pretty bad. Skinned elbow, knee, and ankle. I lay in the street for a minute, not sure of what just happened. Then i heard talking, and saw S coming towards me. I pushed myself up with a grunt, again not thinking i was as bloody as i was. I shook my head and looked at her as she knelt down beside me.
"Oh my god Z, I'm so sorry! I should've looked up, I'm sorry!"
"No, I should've been looking to. My fault, not yours" i said.
"No I...oh my god your leg! And Arm!" I looked down to see a lot of blood.
"Oh". I pushed myself up and used my shirt to stop the elbow bledding. Then I limped, her holding onto my nonbloody arm to help keep me steady, to her house which was much closer then mine. Her parents were home, and when they saw us walk in, at first they didn't see the blood. Then her dad opened his mouth to say something, then stopped, seeing the blood running down my leg. I grimiced, and without a word we rushed over to table, and got a ton of paper towls. A trash bag full of bloody towls later, S's mom applied anti-biotic cream and bandages as I explained what had happened. After my leg and arm got fully wrapped up (the cuts were quite deep) S and I went outside. I pulled my bike up to her house and we sat down on her porch. We talked for quite a while before my phone rang and i had to leave. Before i left, S gave me a hug and asked if i was sure i was okay. I said i was fine and I'd see her later. That was the first in many times we would see eachother.
I asked her out 3 weeks later, after we were going places anyway and school was out, so we had a lot of time. It wasn't until our 4th real date that we kissed. And it wasn't quick, but it didn't last for 5 minutes. After that we began spending a lot of time at eachothers houses. We would play ping pong at mine, swim at hers (she had a swimming pool in her backyard) and sometimes we would just cuddle. Those were moments I loved, except when we swam. Her resting her head on my chest, the sweet smell of her hair, the softness of her skin. When summer was over and we had to go back to school, we promised to meet at her house every other day, mondays, wednesdays, and fridays after school and knock out homework togather. So we did, and when we were done, we would just talk. We talked about everything, and i loved it.
Then one day when her parents were out in the middle of november, we finished our homework early, and then she took me by the hand and led me up to her room. She shut the door and the curtains and then put her arms around my neck and i put mine on her waist. We stood there, eyes locked, for several minutes, before she leaned in and kissed me. We held that for several more minutes when i realized I had been backing up, and i hit her bed and fell seated on it. S pushed me down and we kissed more, our entire bodies pressed togather. Her breasts smashed against my chest felt so good, i wanted to squeeze them, but i wanted her to make the first move. She did. She moved her hands under my shirt and pushed it off. I broke the kiss and fully removed my shirt. She smiled and removed her shirt to revile her beautiful chest. She had on a pink bra, which was so sexy against her chest. We kissed more, then she moved her hand down to my stiff cock. She paused, then slowly grabbed it.
"Oh!" she squeeked. She leaned back and removed my pants and socks. My cock was so stiff my underwear did a poor job of conceeling it. She then pulled off my underwear to leave my cock uncovered for the first time in front of a girl. She rubbed it for a minute, then took her pants and panties off. With the both of us completly naked, I knew this was just the beginning. We kissed more, know more aggressivly, tongues locked in a tough battle. We broke, and gazed into eachothers eyes, love everywhere in them.
"Are you sure" I asked.
"Yes" she whispered. First she moved down my body, grabbed my cock, and began slowly sucking. As her pace increased, we began to moan. As inexperienced as i was, this was the best experience of my life. But i knew there was more to come. She sucked until it was nice and moist, then we kissed more, more romanticly this time. As we kissed, she moved her pussy, now dripping over my cock. I moved until it was sitting at the entrance. We stopped kissing and I pushed in. We moaned as I slowly fucked her. I pushed a little farther and left her hymen. We kissing again and she whispered
"Yes". She locked her arms around my neck and took a deep breath.
"If it hurts to much, tell me" I said.
"I know". I was about to push, then I stopped.
"I love you babe" I whispered.
"I love you to" she whispered kissing me. I pulled out almost completly, then pushed in as hard as i could. She gasped and held me tight.
"Wait a minute". She wiggled her butt a little, pushing me in farther. Finally I could feel her ass on my skin. I pulled out almost completly, then pushed back in all the way.
"Ooooooooooohhhhhh that feels good" S said. I increased the pace, and so did our moaning. Soon i was slapping against her ass, pounding her pussy, and boy was she loving it. We kissed and kissed until she finally shuddered and gasped and i felt juices running down my cock. I pulled out, both of us panting. We lay there until we stopped breathing so hard, then she rolled on top of me and we kissed.
"I love you S" I whispered.
"I love you to Z" she whispered back, and we kissed more.

Part 2 coming up

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2012-04-23 20:20:30
Why did you not use real names

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2011-05-01 20:07:45
Give S and Z at least a first neam. Thats the stupid part.

The rest is more then okay. A part two with a little more development.

You are at leat readable and that is good.

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2011-04-16 20:11:43
Ok story, longer next time and watch spelling! 7/10

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2011-04-07 14:10:21
Stupid!... man! cant use imaginary names in story.Good plot but could be long ,interesting and better.

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