I now place the head of my rock hard cock at the entrance to Anne`s little asshole.
I drop some spit down on to the tip of my cock and rub it around her little rosebud
Anne; please Mr Brown, please don’t hurt me, and she starts to sob

Its at this point I that I start to come to my sences...i cant hurt a young girl just because of what her father and brother did to my baby girl. I stand there for a few minutes just rubbing her soft little ass cheeks, my god she feels so good.

Me; turn over baby sorry sweetie, I'm not going to hurt you
She turns over and lays on her back on the bed, I lie down beside her and stroke her little tummy

Me; I'm not going to hurt you baby. None of this is your fault. Your just a 13yr old that doesn't’t know any better
Anne; Thank you, your really nice, I always liked you...wish you were my daddy.

Me; well thats nice of you to say baby, but I am sure your daddy has his moments too.

Anne; he has, he can be really nice and I even enjoy having sex most of the time with him....just don’t like been done in the bum..espicially by my phyco brother
Me; Why does your father allow your brother to fuck you? Especially if you enjoy sex with him
Anne; I think his actually afraid of my brother as well. You see, my brother caught daddy molesting me when I was younger and he says that if daddy stops him from fucking me he will kill him.

Me; Christ, sounds to me that your brother needs a bit of his own medicine . But you said earlier that Jordan liked your brother fucking her ass

Anne; She did...but he was really nice to her. He put lube on his cock and all. Plus when he was doing her from behind, he was whispering sweet nothings into her ear, telling her that she was gorgeous and beautiful and the sexiest girl ever and she seemed to get of on that cause she told me after that she exploded all over my daddy's cock when my brother came in her ass

Me; Fuck me...Jordan, my Jordan really said that?

Anne; Yes, but she has no idea what his really like. He just said all those things to keep her sweet before he takes photos of her. Photos of her naked and smiling like, cause that what he did with another friend of mine, Chelsea. He pretended to Chelsea that he taught she was gorgeous and tricked her into posing for where she was smiling all the he later told her he would show the cops if she ever grassed on him raping her

Me; Fucking hell baby, did he rape her?

Anne; Yep, he raped her every way he could. He came all over her 4 times. I know, he showed me the video he made of it one night while he was having sex with me
Me; Jesus and now he is setting Jordan up for the same thing?

Anne; yep, but I have her warned now...but I don’t think she believes me, I actually think that shes in love with him or at least things shes in love with him.

Me; Well don’t worry about it baby cause I will sort it...she will never set eyes on the creep again..and you don’t worry either baby girl cause by the time I am finish with him he will never hurt another girl again

Anne; Really? Would you do that for me too?

Me; off course I will baby girl..from now on your my secret little girlfriend...thats if you want to be my little girlfriend?

Anne; god, of course I do Mr Brown..thats deadly

Me; It has to be a secret mind you baby...and you can call me Tony when theres nobody else around.

Anne; Thats so kool..Tony or can I call you daddy when were having sex?

Me; of course baby and speaking of daddy, what do you like your daddy to do to you like when he rubs your little bald pussy like this?

I am lying beside her. Stroking her tummy. I move my hand down and rub her tight then back up and let my hand rub her little pussy.

Me; Your little pussy is nice and wet baby...i think my little girlfriend wants my cock in you you want me to fuck your little pussy?

Anne; Oh yes daddy, please fuck me daddy fuck me now
Me; How about you getting my cock nice and hard again with that little teenage mouth of your baby?

She doesn't’t have to be asked twice. Little minks puts my cock into her mouth and starts sucking on it like its her favorite ice cream. God the feel of her young mouth, the feel of her tongue licking the head of my cock. My cock is soon throbbing again...god theres nothing like the feel of a young girls mouth to make a grown mans cock ache. I am knelling on the bed beside her. My cock in her mouth while I'm rubbing her little baby tits and fingering her little tight pussy..just the sight of her laying on her back with her legs spread is enough to nearly make me blow my load again and all the time I'm thinking.....mmmmm I now have a plan to get into little Jordan's knickers, a plan to fuck my little good as this is with Anne...imagine what its going to be like with my daughter Jordan...and you guys..yes you the readers are going to be there with me every step of the way.

Me; Stop baby..jesus you are so good at that I am nearly coming....can I fuck you now wont take long for me to blow my load..just a few strokes in your pussy.

Anne; of course daddy, you can fuck me for as long and as hard as you want, I love it in my pussy and your cock is gorgeous.

I knell between Anne's legs....god what a site..a 13 year old eagerly awaiting my cock. I part her pussy lips slightly with the head of my cock...god she is wet..thats when I decide to give her my whole 8 inches in the one push. I just want to see this baby girls reaction. In an inch I go, making sure I have entry, I look down at her little sexy body, then I look straight into her eyes. She smiles...and bang, I push my whole 8 rock hard inches into her tight pussy. I keep it push right up to the hilt. She wriggles but doesn't’t make a sound. She releases a gasp of air..and catches her breath. I start pumping her pussy..really fucking hard. In and out, stroke after stroke, all the time she grasps for air..on and on for 10 minutes...all the time I am shouting....take that baby girl..fuck you are super my cock bigger than your daddy's? All the time not a word from her, not a peep just deep breaths in and out and then.

Anne: Ooh god daddy I'm cuuuummmming. Don't stooooooooooooop pleeeeeeeeeeeeese

Jesus....i can feel the cum rush to my cock...then I feel an explosion around my cock..i sort of panic and pull my cock just squires out of her and cover my legs my stomach. She quickly puts 2 fingers into her pussy and start pumping them in and out of herself. I knell back up beside her face and watch I amazement at this young girl finger fucking herself..and then she explodes again..a fucking amazing..i start stroking my cock..watching her fingering herself is getting me off bigtime...i rub my cock head against her soft cheek...she opens her eyes and turns her head and licks the top of my cock..she moves over to try and take my cock in her mouth but...

Me; no baby...keep fingering it for daddy..close your eyes and pretend it your daddy's cock in your pussy

She does, eyes closed and back fingering herself like she has years of frustration build up inside her little snatch...I start stroking my cock..i can fell my cum building up..i reach out with my free hand and rub her pretty I cum. I put my finger to her lips

Me; Down stop what your doing baby, just open your mouth wide, daddy's going to come in your pretty little mouth so you can shallow his hot sticky cum. She opens her mouth..i move closer..jesus this is going to be the orgasm of the first load lands all over her face..second load flys into her open mouth and the rest follows....she never even flinches, she just keeps on fingering herself..and then she pulls her fingers out and nearly passes out..and the cum..pee..fluid just flows out of her little pussy...i put my hand down on to her pussy and rub it gently

Me; good girl, my good your a great little girl. Next time I'm licking that little pussy baby cause I have got to see that close up..she your a little squirter. I have never seen that in my life.

Anne; Thats what my daddy said as well..he loves to watch me doing that. Jordan can do that to cause I taught her, its easy really.

Me; you are an amazing little glad your my little secret girlfriend and tomorrow I want you to do something for me...I want to fuck Jordan but its going to be our secret cant tell her that I know about her and your father and brother..

Anne: what do you want me to do?

Me; just play a game, you do this for me and you will always be my little girlfriend and I will stop your brother from ever touching either you or Jordan again..ok baby?

Anne; defo, anything you want Tony

Me; Love you little baby doll

Anne; Love you too Tony..this is going to be fun...................................


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