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Makeup sex with Leah
Im 175lbs, age 18 brown hair, 5'7" average build. hazel eyes. 6in dick

Leahs 125lbs 5'2" age 15. blue eyes, 36D boobs, big ass, sandy blonde hair.

I felt like a huge dick. Thats the way "huge" and "dick" could be associated together with me at my mere 6 inches. I called for the eighth answer. I had decided to tell Leah about me and Brittany, she didnt take it very well. I called up Leahs friend Mariah hoping that maybe she could tell how sorry I was. She said she would talk to her, but it was a slim chance because i knew Mariah was jealous of me and Leah and didnt want us together in the first place. After a couple days I finaly got a text from Leah. "I miss you." she said. I texted back, "I miss you too. Im so sorry for hurting you. I will never do anything like that again." "Its okay. Im really hurt but I love you too much to lose you." "Aw your the best girl ever leah, Im so lucky." I replied. "Yeah well i have something I have to tell you" "What?..." " me" "Okay." I went through my contacts and called Leah. The phone rang a couple times and she picked up. "Hello" "Hey baby what was it you was wanting to tell me?" "Nothing" "No tell me NOW Leah." I said with a frustrated voice. She got quiet. Lots of things were going through my mind as to what she wanted to tell me. Was she sick? Was she dying? Did she have an STD. Anything i could think of no matter how dumb it was sounded logical in my moment of panic. She finaly broke her silence and i listened eagerly "Well...Edward....I was so mad at you. I was mad and hurt! and" "Yeah?" I cut her off "Well I...I kinda started talking to a guy. His name is Brad, and we had phone sex." "Oh....." I did not know what to say. A strange feeling came over me. not a feeling of anger or jealousy, although i did slightly feel both and i was hurt but all of those feelings were completely overpowered by this feeling. I felt an adrenaline rush and all of its efforts were focused on my dick. I got hard as a rock in no time. To think that she made another dick cum. To think that another person made her cum. To think what if they had sex. What if she had gotten her pussy pounded by this guy got the blood really pumping through my cock. " Baby?...." "yeah?" i answered. "Im sorry" "Wow i cant believe you would do this to me...I have been killing myself for days over what i did. Two wrongs do not make a right Leah. I have begged you to get back with me and tried everything I could to get back with you and you treated me like shit, and then you do this? your just as bad as I am. We are even." all of the hurt started flooding in and the anger came along with it. I was hurt and mad because I knew I loved her. I hated what i did to her but I also hated how she reacted. She was suppose to forgive me, not get her pussy off by some other guy.

I forgave Leah but over time i kept finding her flirting with boys and it seemed like she was cheating on me, maybe she did it to get back at me for what me and Brittany had done, and then once she tried it she realized she loved it, I dont know, but i couldnt shake the feeling so i finaly broke up with her. She called and texted non stop for days. About four days after we broke up I got a text from her saying "Im at a halloween party and I dont want to be here Ed, Come get me and take me home? please im scared, guys are hitting on me" by that time i missed her so much and I wanted her so bad. I knew if i seen her I would end up fucking her fat and juicey pussy. I didnt reply. i hurried and ran to the bathroom and shaved, jumped in the shower, and got ready before I texted her. "Im on my way." i sent. "Okay thank you. Its past the movies and you have to make a right turn at the red light by the wendys." "Okay. Ill text you when im about there."

It took me a little bit because i got lost since it was night time and ive never been to this part of town before. I called Leah and she told me to turn around and turn left on the first street I saw and that she would be walking down the street. I turned and seen Leah, couldnt miss her. shes the only girl her age who would wear a jean skirt. She had on a red and white plad shirt with her hair in pig tales, and a cowgirl hat on. She opened the door and hopped in the car. "Hi." she said. "Hey. you look cute." "thanks." she got a huge smile on her redening face. "your making me blush" "well its true. so where do you want to go?" Leah suggested the school but i decided to drive up on a hill where no one would see us. we drove up part of the hill and parked. Surounded by woods we got out and headed for a driveway that looked like a trail in the woods. We talked about what was new and asked eachother if we was talking to anyone yet. Neither one of us was. "here take my hoodie" i took my zip up hoodie off and handed it to her "aw thanks, are you sure you arent cold?" "Im sure." I lied. I just wanted her to be warm and more importantly wear something that was mine. I love you is all that was going through my head. I wanted her. I wanted to make love. Leah took my jacket and put it on. At that moment a car pulled up to mine. It was a cop. "oh shit!" i said " Oh man Edward. what are we going to do?" "we are just going to stay here till he leaves then we will leave" after a couple minutes of shining his or her flashlight in my car, the cop finally left. We ran down the driveway, got in my car and drove away.

We drove up the hill further to a spot where we knew we wouldnt get caught. I shut off the car and we talked. "Ive missed you" I said looking into leahs eyes."Really? Ive missed you too, I love you so much." "I love you too. I miss your kisses" with that i went in for a kiss and she let me, but she didnt kiss back. I started to kiss her neck, then i went up and nibbled on her earlobe and heard her moan. My dick got hard instantly. "Mmmm baby Im so wet, dont nibble my ear like that, I dont want to do anyting" "Its okay baby Im not doing nothing" I said as i kissed her neck again, while feeling her massive 36 D tits. "Get in the back seat" I demanded. She obeyed. She got in the back seat and i got on top of her started making out with her. I started to rub her pussy on the outside of her panties but she wouldnt let me. "No stop" she said. "please? can i at least kiss on the insides of your thigh." "okay but no more" "okay" i went down and kissed her thighs. My nose was so close to her pussy i could smell the pussy juice seeping out into her already soaked panties. As i kissed her thigh i took my fingers and rubbed her pussy on the outside of her panties. She didnt protest. At this point i couldnt help myself, i went in for the kill and tried to suck her panties dry. i licked her pussy through her panties. tasting the fabric and pussy juice made me want to blow my load right there. "please let me fuck you Leah" "okay Ed." "really?" "Yes" she was giving in and i loved it. i pulled everyting off of her except for her shirt and bra and shoved my cock into that wet cunt of hers. "ooooo" she moaned. "mmmm" i moaned back as my hips went back and forth, and my dick pushed in and out slowly impaling her. She enjoyed it. Pure pleasure was written all over her face. i picked up my pace and pounded her pussy so hard i thought my car door was going to break. "UH! UH! UH! UUUUUH!!! IM CUMMING!!!!" Leah softly moaned in a sexy voice. She cummed all over my dick. I bent her over, my dick slipping easily into her pussy drenched with her own cum. "ooooo, fuck my pussy" "yeah baby im gonna fuck this pussy up" i said while pounding her bent over fuck hole. I kept thrusting until she cummed all over my dick for the second time, I was still going strong. I had her get on her back again and i fucked her till she came a couple more times. Then I sat up in the seat and had her ride me. "mmmm im your little slut. I love riding daddys dick" she said in a dirty voice "oooo yeah baby it feels so good. ride this dick till i cum" she started riding faster and pounding hard. She slowed her pace and began to rock back and forth on me. it felt so good. I couldnt believe how long i was lasting. I wanted to fill this her pussy with my cum. She picked up her pace again, her ass slamming into my lap. "MMMM....OOOO...DADDY IM ABOUT TO CUM" she started shaking " OOOO CUM on this dick. Drench my dick in your juices.MMMM" " OH....OH OH OH OH DADDY IM CUMMING OH FUCK IM CUMMING." She road me, trembling while her pussy convulged on my dick, flooding my lap with cum. She finaly slowed down after a minute. She got off of me and layed on her back."Baby my pussy is sore" she said as i went to stick my dick inside her. " can i fuck your ass then Leah" "Yes" I pushed in. More slowly this time so i could penatrate her sensative tight hole. it felt amazing as inch by inch i sunk deeper into her big ass. I started pounding faster and there was a mixture of pleasure and pain on her face. I felt like i was going to cum but she made me pull out before i could because the pain became worse than the pleasure. At that i got off of her and she began sucking my dick. She sucked so good. I grabbed her hair and pulled it and then pushed her head forward to force her into the rythem I liked. She didnt suck too hard and she didnt suck to light. She sucked just right. She deep throated and it gagged her"gllcaacaca!" she pulled up feeling sick "I need to sit back for a minute i think im going to puke. I helled her and tried to make her feel better. Once she felt better i stuck the head of my dick into her pussy, it was more dry this time. I stuck the head in and began to jack myself off with the head of my dick into her pussy. It felt good and again i felt as tho i was about to cum when all of a sudden her phone started ringing. "hello" she answered "yeah....okay....yeah im at the party. i walked away from it because it was loud and i was getting annoyed by the people....yeah...okay...yeah ill tell her... okay i love you too...bye." She hung up the phone. "that was my mom. You have to take me back to the party. shes coming to pick me up" "Shit i never got to cum!" i felt frustrated. I wanted to fill her pussy with cum but i decided i didnt want to get caught and go to prison for fucking a fifteen year old i reluctantly took her back to the party. We kissed and i drove off... I went home with blue balls yet again...I will cum in this bitch.

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hay Leah s i would lick your shoe for anything from owen

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عراقي سكسي

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cood my live and your sex

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Samefagging detected in comment thread.

" helled" is even autocorrected by my iPad learn to grammar ...

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I just wish the cock was bigger... Would've really topped off the whole story

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