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Her husband wath a dumbath, and he lost her.
Kat and Old Man

I was sitting at a slot machine, lost in the beauty of the scantily clad sirens, as the reels spun. One hundred six free spins... total win, three dollars fifty cents. I had nothing else to do, so why not sit here, wasting money?

“Gueth who?” The tiny hands, and the lisp, gave Kat's identity away immediately. Kat worked for her dad, as a second job, in the bingo hall. It was not far down the street, but it was only open on weekends.
I had seen her at the casino a couple of other times, usually with a girlfriend,Julie, from the insurance company, where she worked her regular job.

A very small girl of twenty two, she had short, dark hair, big, black eyes, and a small mouth, with a beautiful smile. The rest of her body was perfectly proportionate, with a tight, round ass, slim waist, and high, b-cup tits.
“Let me see....”, I pondered, “it must be Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty.”
Her little arms wrapped around me, hugged me soundly, and she said, “Yeah, you guessed it. It'h Snow White.”

I could never figure out why her lisp was only heard on the end of words. If the 's' were in the middle, or on the front, of a word, she pronounced it perfectly. I really didn't care, though, I just loved being around the bubbly girl.

After my wife and I had split, one of my older neighbors talked me into going with him to play bingo, and I discovered...I like it. As I got to know more of the people, both working and playing, I really enjoyed the social part of it. Speaking of social life, bingo is mostly played by women. Many of them are there, because they are lonely....which means pussy.
Yep, over the last three years, I've scored with eleven different women, aged twenty-seven, to fifty-one. Some only wanted one good fuck, others were looking for marriage. So far, I had been able to get what I want, without making commitments.

Kat didn't know it, but I had spent five or six awesome nights with her mother, Bessie. Bessie and Kat's dad, Jake, had divorced when Kat was nine years old. Jake was fucking several of the bingo customers, too, but (so I was told) I was Bessie's first cock in eleven years.

Kat was married to a chicken-shit named Alex. They were married two months before their little girl, Sissy, was born. Kat swore that Alex was the only boy she'd ever screwed, but the asshole never hesitated to accuse her of other lovers, especially around other people.

I spun my chair around, and there she was, looking me straight in the eyes. Yes, she was that short, just under five feet tall. I didn't even have to rise, in order to return her hug.
“You out chasing old men, tonight?”, I asked her. I'm just forty six, but she always calls me 'old man'.
“No,” her eyes smiled as bright as her teeth, “my husband decided he wanted to come up here, but I've lost him in here somewhere. I need to find him, too. He ran off and left me here oneth before, but I called daddy, though, and he came for me.”

Never one to waste an opportunity to hit on a beautiful woman, I told her, “Next time he dumps you, call me, I'll be happy to take you home.” I hugged her again, scratching her back affectionately. She gave me a quick peck on the forehead, told me, “I'll remember that, old man”, then said, “I gotta go see if I can find hith sorry ath. See you Friday.”

I knew I would jack off that night, thinking of her short skirt, stretched over that tight ass. Actually, 'ath' was the word that came to mind.

About forty-five minutes later, as I was leaving, I saw Kat sitting in one of the lobby areas. She looked sad, and I couldn't stand it.“Hey, sexy thing,” I said as I walked up, “You gonna have to call daddy again, tonight?”

She broke into tears, as she stood and circled my waist, with her arms. “I called him, becauth Alekth went home. Hith mom wath here, too, but he left her and me both. When daddy got here, he got in an argument with her, and security took both of them to jail. My phone wath in her jacket, so I just sat here, hoping I'd catch you. Can you take me home?”

When I started my pickup, I jokingly asked, “Your place or mine?”
“Mine, I gueth,” came her half-hearted reply, “I'll be in deep shit, anyway. It'll be my fault that I lost him. My fault that he left me, and hith mom. My fault that her, and daddy, went to jail. Every time something bad happenth, it'th alwayth my fault.”

I pulled up in front of her small house, told her I would watch, until she got inside, safely. She leaned over, kissed my lips, ever so light and quick, and said, “Thankth, old man.”

She looked under the welcome mat, then behind a flower pot. Then she knocked on the door, hard. I watched as she tried to peek through the windows, tapping on each one. She walked back to my truck, got in, and blurted, “That ath-hole locked me out. Hith car ith gone, too. Heth probably watching from around here, somewhere. Sissy ith at my sister'th houth, so at least I know she'th okay. Can I stay at your houth tonight, Don?”

All the way home, I was trying to remember if Kat had ever called me 'Don', before. She was settling down, but I could tell she was seething inside. All I could think of was.... revenge fuck. God I hoped so....

When I took Kat's light jacket, I asked if she wanted something to eat, or drink. She declined, but when I told her I was going to have some hot chocolate, she decided to have some, too. I quickly slipped into the bedroom and lifted the phone off it's cradle. If she wanted to make a call, it wouldn't work.
Good soon as I walked back to the kitchen, she asked about calling Bessie, her mom.
“Sure, sugar,” I smiled, as I began pouring up the warm milk, “we have lots of phone problems out here, from time to time, so don't be surprised if it doesn't work.”

She told me there was no dial tone, and I made a growling sound, “I don't know what the deal is, the phone companies make billions, yet we still have to put up with their crap. I can't get cell service this far out, either. We'll try again in a little while.”
I sat on the couch, as close to her as I could get, kissed her little forehead, and assured her we'd get in touch with somebody. As we finished the hot chocolate, I put my left hand on her leg, and began rubbing it, slowly.
“You okay?”, I asked, “you need anything else?”

When she made no move to get my hand off her leg, I started moving it, slowly, to the inside, between her knee and crotch.
Immediately, I could tell she was scared, to the point of being submissive. She looked down at the action of my hands and her legs, only stealing a quick glance at my eyes.
I set my cup down, took hers away, and started using both hands, gently spreading her legs, and working my way toward her cunt. My cock was growing hard, fast.

“Don?” The word sounded more like a plea, rather than a question.
“Shhhh,” I spoke as softly as I could. I bent, kissed her lips, and told her to relax. I pushed her legs apart, as far as the short skirt would let them go, “This is going to be okay, sweetheart. It's going to very, very good, okay?”

“But..,” another kiss cut off her protest. Her sorry-ass husband had done one thing right. He had trained Kat to do what a man wanted her to do...this was gonna be good.

Lethargic is the only word I can think of, to describe her condition. She leaned back against the couch, and let my hands fondle her lithe body. On the third kiss, she responded with a little return pressure of her own.
I worked her satin shirt off, and released the catch, on the front of her bra, exposing her gorgeous, small, but adequate tits. She sat still, as I kissed and began to suck, on her delicious nipples.

When I detected a slight response to a little teeth scrape, I quickly worked my right hand inside her bikini panties, and began working a finger into her slit. Again, when I curled the digit up to her g-spot, I felt another movement, indicating she felt something desirable.
I stood, looked into her teary eyes, and told her, firmly, but not loud or coarse, to take off her skirt and panties. She dropped them, quickly, and stood, unmoving and naked. What a beautiful, little body I was staring at. Although she didn't know it, I would been completely subservient to her whims at that moment.

Bending, again, I took her in my arms, lifted her from the floor, and kissed her with a passion. Her arms went around my neck, but it was to help support herself, not to embrace me. I took her to the bedroom, laid her on the edge of the bed, and told her to slide her ass as close to the edge as she could. She grabbed her ankles, pulled her feet back, until they were, actually, beside her ass. She scooted to the edge, knowing she was going to get fucked, as much as I wanted.

While she maneuvered into position, I dropped my clothes as fast as I could. My cock was hard and ready, but I had to taste that delicious pussy I was looking at, first.
Since she was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed, I fell to my knees, and began kissing the inside of her thighs.

I could hear her sobs. She was going to be raped by a much older man, and she was powerless. If her husband had just been there...if he'd just opened the door...if her dad hadn't lost his many things had to be going through her pretty little head.
She lay as still as a rock, as I kissed and licked my way to her shaved pussy mound, giving her slit and clit some quick attention, along the way. I worked up to her cute belly button, which had a small, round, gold stud in it.

I wanted to lavish her body longer, but my mind was going crazy. I had to eat that cunt, bad! And I did...

Sliding back to my knees, my tongue went to work on her tiny clit. It wasn't as big as an eraser on a pencil, but, after three or four licks, and a small amount of sucking, it got as hard as my own cock, which, at that point, was hard enough to beat the bark off a tree.
With my mouth on her love button, and two fingers inside her, Kat was beginning to move. She began a slight 'mmmm' and started pushing into my face. Between my saliva, and her natural lubrication, there was enough moisture oozing down her butt crack, I was able to insert my ring finger into her tight asshole.
That did it! The gasps, the groans, the unintelligible words, they all told me Kat was enjoying what was happening to her body.

In one quick motion, I stood, changed the ass finger to my middle one, and sank my dick into Kat's wet cunt. It didn't go all the way in, at first, but I thrust slowly, and on about the fifth one, I was balls deep.
She was tight, too. Her punk ass husband hadn't hurt this pussy at all. God, I was fucking a gorgeous, tiny girl, half my age, and she was beginning to thrash with orgasms. She finally let out some loud moans, followed by more gasping, then a loud “YETHHHHHH!”

Kat shuddered through three more orgasms, before I began blasting a hard, hot load of cum. Normally, after about six to eight spurts, my load is spent. I'll swear, I pumped sperm for fifteen to twenty humps. The slop coming from Kat's pussy was squirting out, every time I pushed forward.

When I finished, the beauty in front of me was lying contentedly, eyes closed, smiling.
“You okay?” I asked her.
Breathing hard, she opened her dark eyes, “Oh, yeth, old man, I'm fine. That wath the most wonderful sekth I've ever had. I've only cum twice, in my life. Tonight, I'm not sure how many timth I did. I know it wath a bunch. How about you, old man? You okay?”

“My God, yes,” I answered, “you're the best fuck I've had in my life! I'm glad as hell your husband left you tonight. Fuck! I hope he leaves you every night. This old man could really get to liking this.”

“You're the second man to ever have his dick in me,” she was smiling as she spoke, “I gueth I've been missing out on a lot. Alekth hath a much littler dick, too. He doesn't care if I get satisfied, or not. He just fu..fuckth me, geth hith own ballth off, then maketh me get my pajamath on. He'th alwayth been mean to me, but he'th my husband, so I do what he wanth. Can I tell you what I want, old man?”

“You never have to ask my permission, sweetheart, you can tell me, or ask me anything.” I answered.

“I would really like to sleep here, tonight, with you,” she said,wincing, as she rose from her cramped position, “naked. I'd like for you to fu.. it seemth funny for me to say 'fuck'. But, I want you to fuck me, all you want. I don't think I can get enough, tonight. God, old man, you made me feel so good. I've never had a finger in my butt, either. My friend, Julie, sayth her husband fu..fuckth her butt, and she liketh it.”

Kat wrapped her arms around my neck,for the third time of the evening, “You wanna fuck my ath, old man?” Her sneaky little grin was followed by an amazing kiss. Not only had I just had the best fuck ever, her kiss melted away any hesitation I may have had.

I broke the kiss, pointed at my re-hardened cock, laid Kat back on the bed, rolled her over, jerked her ass into the air, and planted more seed into her luscious asshole.

Alex had left Kat one too many times. He would never fuck her again.


2015-09-22 14:01:36
Yeah, a lot better than some of the crappy trash you also write. Actually, a good story, and while predatory, does lead to a reasonable conclusion. You may have a rape fetish, you even described the fucking of Kat as rape, but to me, not so. Yes, manipulation (phone off the hook), but no violence, no forcing.

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oUnryh Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.


2011-05-12 02:56:28
Really good and imaginative story written beautifully. Loved it.

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2011-04-08 16:11:14
really good was hard to read with the lispwords.

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2011-04-04 20:34:27
Please,unless you'll go suicidal over some damned fool's criticism open your stories to voting from the anonymous readers, how much pride can you take in your writing if you can't endure someone's negative comments.

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