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I was a shy kid going up; I didn’t have many friends because we had to move a lot. So it was easier to not have any. It was only my mother and I in the beginning because my father left before I was born. We moved in with my aunt Sue after my uncle Jim died at his job. Sue collected a big sum from his employer and since my mother and her were the closest growing up, when my mother lost her job and had to move again to fine work; my aunt told us to move in with her in the new house she bought. I was sixteen at the time and was still a virgin; never had a girlfriend and only knew about sex from some porno mags I would fine. I didn’t know it at the time but I had a gift that not a lot of guys could do. I had an average size cock six inches, but I could cum over and over and stay hard for hours. Once I jerked off seven times in an hour and fill a coffee mug full with my cum.
Since I was shy, I never got any girlfriends and nobody knew that I could do this. So when we moved in to my aunt’s house she was still in the middle of redoing the whole house so I shared a room with my mother for the first couple of months till her room would be done and this one would become mine. My mother was in her mid forties and still looked hot; she would get guys to turn their heads all the time and my aunt was not that bad either. Sue was six years younger but was a littler heavier then my mother; later I found out that both my mother and her didn’t have sex in years. My mother due to working all the time for us and my aunt because she put on some weight after the wedding and my uncle didn’t want to fuck a pig in his words. So I was the only male in a house with two horny sexless females; you can only guess what would happen soon.
The first couple of nights I would jack off in the shower before sleeping on the floor to give my mother the bed. Over the weekend my mother and aunt went out for a “girl’s night out” and left me home. I watched tv for a little till I knew that they were gone for the night and headed up stairs to do something I been wanting to do since I moved in. I do have one little secret about myself; I love the smell of dirty female panties and dress up like my mother too. I would take my mother’s used panties and smell them as I jerk off and it would make me cum so much. After a while I started to put on the stockings and heels my mother wear to work and put the dirty panties on and jack off in them and cum while wearing them. I did most of the laundry so getting away with cum all over my mother’s underwear was easy. So after moving in I couldn’t wait till I could get to smell my aunt’s panties. I headed to her room and made my way to her master bathroom. I found her hamper and dug through it in till jackpot; I found some dirty panties. I grabbed them and pulled down my pants; my cock sprung out and I began to stroke my cock as I sniffed the panties. As I smelled them I saw some public hairs in the wet spot of the panties and thought of how my aunt’s pussy looked. I never saw any hairs in my mother’s and she always had a razor and cream out so I thought she had kept hers bald like I saw in the porno magazines. I walked to her dresser to see what else I could find. There in the top draw behind some clean bras and panties I found a sexy lingerie piece. I took off my cloths and put it on; my aunt was bigger than my mother so it fit me perfectly. I found some stocking and attached them to the straps on the bottom of the lingerie. I headed to the closest and found a blue pair of heels and put them on and went back to the bathroom to jerk off as I looked in the mirror at myself. The rich smell of pussy was felling my nose as I pumped away on my cock. I was almost there and I was smelling the second pair when the door to her bathroom opened to relive my aunt standing there in shock. I was too far gone to stop and I blew my load all over her sink.
My aunt didn’t yell out for my mother as she witness me cumming all over the place; she just walked up to me and slapped me across the face hard. Still with my cock in my hand and wearing her things she called me a pervert and asked what the fuck was I doing jacking off to her used panties looking like that?
My mouth was dry, I was lost for words; the only thing coming out was uh, uh, uh. Sue slapped my again and told me to stand there and not move a muscle. All I wanted to do was run and get out of there then face her and my mother, but I did as I was told and stood there still with my hard cock in my hand. So standing there all I did was look to the ground and wait for what would come next.
My aunt told me to watch her as she pulled up her dress to a black thong she was wearing. She asked me if I enjoyed the smell of lady’s underwear and I nodded yes; she then asked me if I would smell my mother’s too. She asked me if I dressed up in my mother cloths. Again I nodded yes and she ten asked if I wanted a fresh pair to have; with this I gave a puzzled look and my aunt took off her thong to relive a thick bush. She then rubbed them through and deep in her pussy and told me to open my mouth; I did and she placed the now wet balled up thong in my mouth. The smell was a lot greater then the other and I could taste her juices. She then went to the toilet and sat down to pee. As she was peeing she asked me what she should do with me; she couldn’t have a pervert going through her dirty panties and wearing her things as she was out. I mumbled through the thong that I didn’t want to be kicked out and that I would do any thing she said. An evil grin came across my aunt’s face as she said “anything, you say”. All I did was drop my head and said yes.
After she was done peeing she told me that I was to remain in those and that she would buy more and that I was to only wear the cloth she buys when I’m home. I nodded and waited there till told me what to do next. Sue walked from the bathroom and told me to follow her and my hands and knees. As I followed her I was asking myself why were they home so soon. As we got to the kitchen I heard my mother saying “I told you that we wouldn’t get in and that you shouldn’t of drank before we left.” When we enter the kitchen my mother jaw dropped to the floor; there was her son dressed in lingerie and crawling in behind her sister. “What is going on here?” my mother asked as I crawled into the kitchen. My aunt told her that she caught me jerking off smelling her used panties dressed like this and that she would teach me not to be a pervert in her house. My mother was lost for words as Sue told her that her only child was a panty sniffing cross dressing pervert. My mother found her voice and asked me if I sniffed her underwear too at our old place. I nodded and she shook her head saying that I was just a dirty boy. She knew that she didn’t own anything like what I was wearing, but still thought of what I did put on before.
As she was talking to me, her eye caught a glimpse at my hard cock sticking out from the lace that was at the bottom of the piece I was wearing. She came to the side of me and got down grabbing at my cock and asking me if smelling dirty panties made this happen to my cock. I nodded yes again and moaned into the thong in my mouth as she pulled on my cock like a farmer would a cow udder. She continued to stroke it as she told my aunt what a wonderful thing they have now. My mother got up and talked to my aunt in a whisper; I couldn’t hear what they were saying. Something about fucking me and how my aunt was telling my mother not now that to wait and see what see had planned, and that it would be good. they both turned to me and my aunt told me to go and empty the room that my mother and I was staying in but to leave the mattress in the middle of the room and wait there for them.
I did as I was told, too scared to say a word. I headed up stairs still hard and stair in the lingerie. When I was done I sat on the mattress and waited for them to return. I could hear some things downstairs but not much. I heard the door bell and then I hear the voice of my other aunt Betty. Now she was the oldest and bigger then both my mother and Sue; and I could not remember ever seeing her with someone. I could hear them talking and Betty asking sure and is he up there? After a couple more minutes the door to the room open and in walked my aunt Betty. She was need knee high lethal boots and a very tight shiny corset looking top that her big tits almost fell out of and matching panties. She was holding a black stick of some kind and ordered me to my knees. She told me that she was here to teach me how to behave myself. I was in shock, all I could do was kneed there and watch as my aunt stood there cracking the whip in her hand and explaining to me how things will work for now on.
See my aunt dress this way did something for me and my cock started to grow to full size. Betty saw this and hit me right on top of my cock with the whip telling me that she didn’t tell me that I could get hard yet. I tried to tell her that it was because of her, but she cut me off first. She told me to put on the blindfold she handed me and to do everything she tells me. I did and the room went black; I was kneeing then for a while not knowing for sure what I was in for. I could sense my aunt walking around me just looking at me in what I was wearing. I felt the whip touch my cock as she told me that I could get hard but I was not to cum at all in till her and only she gave me permission. I nodded yes as I thought of what she said “only her” who else is here. I heard the door open again and the voices of two people giggling had to be my mother and Aunt Sue. The slight they saw had to be the case; there I was in sexy lingerie with thigh high stockings and high heels, blindfolded with my cock rock hard.
Betty told me to open my mouth and suck on what ever goes in it; I did. I was a little scared of what would go in my mouth, but the first thing was a finger. It entered my mouth and almost started to probe the inside. I sucked on it was it went side to side in my mouth. It started to move faster and I just sucked as best as I could; when my teeth came down and I bite the finger by mistake. I heard my mother yell and with that there was a crack and my ass was on fire. Someone probably my Aunt Betty hit me across the ass with the whip. I said that I was sorry and there was another whip to my ass. I was told that I was not to speck. I lowered my head and was patted on top like a dog.
I opened my mouth again and this time a nipple came next. Now this was nice, I sucked on the nipple like a baby. Never really had sucked one before but I did my best. I started to hear moans as I sucked away on it. I didn’t know whose tit the nipple belonged to but I knew it was not my mothers by the size of it. After a couple of minutes the nipple left my mouth too and I was there on my knees blindfolded waiting for what was next. I felt a hand started to rub the back of my head, and thinking back it felt a little different at first too, like bigger than one of a woman’s.
So with my mouth wide open my life was about to change forever. All of a sudden I felt the large hard but soft at the same time thing enter my mouth and head for the back of my throat. I flew my hand up to stop what ever was going in my mouth but with a crack of the whip across my ass and a voice telling me to take it and not to bite this one. I let what now hit me to be another’s man cock go in my mouth and I was to suck on it. For fear of being hit again I did what I had to do and suck on my first cock. I heard my mother said that since her son loves to dress up in woman’s lingerie that he should do what woman do when they wear it and that was suck cock like a bitch.
The cock was much bigger then mine; with when he was all the way in my mouth there must have been three or more inches still to go. I could fell his balls slap against my chin every time he pushed forward and all the veins that ran across his dick as it went in and out of my mouth. I didn’t know what to do, never sucking a cock before but I thought of what I would like and since I was going to do this if I liked it or not. I got into it and bought my hand up wrapped it around the cock and started to stroke the base and I sucked on the head. My hand just got around the cock and I could feel that he was completely shaven down there. The base of his cock and balls were so soft and his balls hung low and where big like his cock. I could hear my aunts and mother saying that I was a good little cocksucker and they knew I would do anything they wanted.
I was then pushed down and the cock pulled from my mouth; next I smelled the smell that I loved the most and that was wet pussy. Again I felt a hand on the back of my head and then I was pushed down into a waiting pussy. It was wet and bald and it tasted so good. I wasted no time driving my tongue deep into the pussy sucking out all the juice I could. As I was enjoying the pussy in front of me I heard Betty asked me what else do bitches like. I picked my head up when I heard this and felt something wet hit my asshole, but it was too fast to stop what came next.
The guy whose dick I just sucked rammed his cock into my virgin ass and rammed it hard. This time he got the whole thing in the first time and I was screaming out for the pain in my ass. I never felt anything as painful as this; I would have taken a bullet over this. My screams were so cut off as I was pushed back down into my mothers pussy; this time by the guy fucking my ass. As the tears ran down my face I tried to suck the pussy and not think of what was happening at the other end of me. The guy didn’t let up, he just fucked away at my ass and so the pain was not getting that bad, and the pussy in front of me was getting wetter.
“Look Betty, he likes it” said Sue as she must have seen my hard cock under me as I had a bigger one fucking my ass. With that I felt a hand grab my cock and start to stroke it. Aunt Betty told me if I could last longer then the guy fucking my ass, then this would all stop and I would be in control for the day. As soon as she said that the hand on my cock picked up paste and the guy fucked my harder. “Oh fuck” I thought I can’t last long like this. I had to cum already and I didn’t want to blow first. I started to push back on the cock in my ass even thro it hart to do so just to get him off. I did all that I could do but it wasn’t enough. I blew my load all over the floor under me and I felt some hit my chin. Sue told Betty that she knew I won’t last so why have him tried. Betty said that she just wanted to see me tried. I guess Betty was the one stroking my dick and she didn’t stop stroking it after I came. With the cock in my ass and the hand on my dick this is where my aunts got to see what I was able to do. I started moaning again and shot another big load up under me and I knew that this was hitting my mother’s pussy with each shot. I heard my aunt sue say “wow” as I came again and my cock didn’t go soft either. Betty kept jerking my cock and before long I was cumming again. The guy never stopped fucking my ass and I felt his cock swell inside me and a hot load of cum shot up my ass; he continued to fuck me as he came and after his cock as soft he pulled from me and left my ass. He came around and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked it and this was the first time I tasted cum and it was good. I milked his cock with my mouth and with Betty still jerking away on my cock I came for the fifth time. He pulled his cock out and I was pushed down into my mother’s pussy covered in my cum. I licked and sucked up all the cum, it was different then mine but still good. I could feel cold air going into my asshole and Betty still on my cock.
When I was done cleaning my mother’s pussy; the blindfold was removed from my eyes and the bright light filled them. After a bit I came to see around the room and could see my mother in front of me with my cum going up her stomach and on her tits. My Aunt Sue was sitting to my side naked and fingering her pussy as she bit on her bottom lip close to cumming herself. In the corner was the guy standing there with his limp cock hanging down over is balls and next to him was a camera on a tripod and the red light was blinking. My Aunt Betty was next to me and whispered in my ear that she got the whole thing on tape and if I thought I had no friends now. If I did not listen to my mother and aunts it tape would be all over the web.
With that she placed a butt plug in my ass and told me that she didn’t want all the work she did to her new bitch to go to waste. She got up and told me to rest now and that they would be back later for seconds.


2011-08-31 13:43:04
nice story
when is the ante is going ot get hers

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2011-08-17 15:20:45
looking for the next part is it cuming soon


2011-07-27 16:34:06
fuck yes fuck him hard take him to the club with you and let a couple of men fuck him in the bathroom.

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2011-04-18 21:08:07
loved the story overall - lots of gramatical errors - please try a little harder next time

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simply awesome...nicely done

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