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Having a father who founded a company and made billions can be great, but having that father all a sudden die of a heart attack and leave you will the company before you are even done with college is a dream come true.
Hi, my name is Sam and I’ve been the CEO and president of my father’s company for the past five years. In that time I married my girlfriend from college because a family man looks better for the company then a single young guy right out of college. My wife Mary didn’t seem to mind the big house, nice car, not having to work anymore, and all the money that came with marrying me. Before my father’s untimely death, I knew the company inside and out. I was only in college for the show of having a degree in business; so after his death I picked up the company and ran it just fine even growing the company and making all the old stock owners richer.
Now my mother on the other hand was a looker not a worker, even with her being in her mid twenties when she had me; she stilled had all her looks to her. She lived in the house with my wife and I; being that it was so big that you could go days without seeing each other in it. She enjoyed still not having to work and just spending the money in the bank account. It didn’t bother me because she was my mother and there was more than enough to go around. The only problem I had is that I looked up to my father all my life and there was one room in the all house that was not to be touch. That was his (now mine) office, I kept it just the way it was on the day he died. I was the one place that I could go to be reminded of him and so I didn’t change a thing about the room. My wife on the other hand never could listen to me and would do things that I would tell her not to and tell me that she forgot. So that brings us up to the day things changed in the house for good.

My father had a secret, no more like a passion for bondage and control that only I knew, this was because I had it too and he could tell. It was only a matter time before the rest of the house would find out about it.
I told my wife not to touch the office, but thinking she knew better she had the maid change out some paintings in the room and when I got home I was pissed. I confronted the maid and asked her why she did this. She told me that my wife told her to and that she warned against it, but my wife told her to do it. That she liked these new paintings and wanted to change the look of the room. I was totally flumed hearing this and waited till my wife returned home to teach her to listen and respect her husband.
When Mary got home I called her to my office and asked her why she told the maid to change the paintings. Mary walked in dress to the nine; she looked at me like it was no big deal and said why not. I grabbed her face and told her that she was not to touch this room and now she has gotten the maid in trouble for not listening to me. Mary tried to say she was sorry, but it was too late for that. I pushed her down to her knees and told her that she was going to be punished for disobeying her husband. I slapped her across that face and Mary cried out that she was sorry. I slapped again and told her that this was the only when she would learn to listen and slapped her again. Mary face was red and she was crying for me to stop. Another slap and I asked her if she was going to listen for now on. Mary nodded yes in tears and asked if I had to do this in front of the maid. I slapped her one more time and told her that she told the maid to change the painting so she would be punished too. Mary cried and told me that this was humiliating and begged me to stop. I laughed and told her that if she wanted humiliation I would give it to her, and with that I pulled the dress that she was wearing up over her head and off. The maid had this shocked look to her and Mary tried to cover her body with her hands. I grabbed Mary by the back of her neck and told her not to cover herself at all. I then ripped her bra from her and her “B” size tits were now out to see. I picked her up and told the maid to remove Mary’s panties to which she did. Mary kept it nicely trimmed down there but always had a bush covering her pussy. Now Mary was standing there with only a pair of high heel shoes. I pushed Mary back to her knees and went to the bookshelf and pulled on a book. The shelf spun round to revile a wall of bondage items. I took the yoke and went back to Mary; I told the maid to help me put it on her. This made it so that her hands and neck were all locked in a bar and she could not stop anything from coming at her face. I then told the maid to kneel in front of Mary as I started to whip her across her ass. Mary begged for forgiveness and for me to stop, but she needed to learn to listen. I switched to her tits and back to her ass; Mary had tears flowing and the maid did not know what to do. I ripped open the maids top and her “DD” tits fell out of her bra; her tits were the color of cream not like my wife’s you would go tanning every week. I turned to Mary and told her that I knew that she always hated the maid because she had big tits, blond hair, and long legs. I removed the rest of the maid’s top so that she was only wearing the black skirt, stockings and heels; the maid’s tits were so big that they sagged down. I whipped the maid’s tits and the maid was pleading to me that she was sorry and that she would listen only to me for now on. I then pushed Mary’s face into the maid’s tits and told her to enjoy those big tits that you would need to buy to have. Mary pushed back but I was too strong for her, her face was now in deep with the maid’s tits and Mary started to suck on the nipples. I whipped her ass again as she sucked the nipples and on one whip Mary bit down on the maid’s nipple causing her to let out at little scream. I grabbed Mary by the hair and pulled her back from the maid and told the maid to bit Mary’s nipples for biting you. The maid did and I told her to bite harder, to make Mary scream out from the biting. She did and I told her that for being a good girl she would get something nice.
I opened my fly and pulled out my nine inch very thick cock. The maid was in shock at the size of my dick. I grabbed it by the base and bought her head in to it. I told the maid to suck her bosses cock. She opened her mouth and tried to get the cock in, but only got half way in. Mary pleaded no and turned her head not to see. I slapped her in the face and told her to watch it all. I asked how she like to watch the maid do something better then her. It is because Mary never got in to sex outside the man on top, woman on bottom. I didn’t care at the time because I had my ones on the side. The maid was sucking as much of my cock as she could as I pinch her nipples and slapped around her tits. Mary continued to beg for this all to stop and that she would never disobey me again. I had only begun with them both and whipped her on the ass and told her the more she wined the more she would get whipped.
I grabbed the maids head with both hands and started to face fuck her with my huge cock. She was gagging and her saliva covered my dick and her face. I was starting to get the whole thing in her mouth and down her throat. I told the maid to remove her skirt at once; she stood and started to undo the back. I told her that she was not go fast enough and ripped the skirt from her body. The maid only had on black stocking under the skirt; I asked where her panties were and she said that she never liked wearing any. I could see a plumped bald pussy under the thin material covering her, and I wet spot in front. I told her to get and all fours like the dirty naughty maid that she was, and slapped her across her ass. I ripped a hole in the back so that her asshole was exposed and told Mary to clean the maid’s ass with her mouth. I turned to Mary and she was not moving so I gave her a whip across the tits to tell her I meant it. Mary still in a yoke stuck out her tongue and began to lick the asshole of the maid. I got back in front of the maid and gave her my cock once again to suck.
From in front I could still reach Mary’s ass and would whip it if she slowed from licking. Mary’s ass as bright red and could see some lines in it from the whip. I pulled my cock from the maid’s mouth and as I was doing this my mother walked in to the room. She dropped her glass of wine and stood there in shock of the view in front of her. With my wife’s tongue deep up the asshole of the maid’s and hands bond to a metal pole, and the maid saggy tits hanging to the floor as her face was covered in saliva from the fucking my cock had giving her. I turned to my mother with my rock hard nine inch cock coming out of my pants and told her that my wife and maid needed to be punished from disobeying me and I rules of the office. I mother never took her eyes from my cock and I knew why.
My father only had an average size cock and only had fucked him before he died, and now hasn’t been with a man since. I knew I was lucky with a cock this size and I was about to use it to it’s fullest. My mother was in her fifties and was average height and had “B” size breast like my wife, she had wider hips and always kept her body in fit shape. I could see my mother’s nipples start to get hard as she moved over to my wife; picking up her face at the chin. My mother spat in the face of my wife before slapping her across it. My mother told my wife with all her son had done for her, to not listen to him was not only a disrespect to her son but to her as well. I never knew my mother had this in her, but I liked it. She walked over to me and grabbed hold of my cock and as she stroked it she told Mary if she had a cock like this she would never think of disobeying its owner. She looked down at the maid who was still on her hands and knees and told her how she very disappointed in her. For all that her family has done for her, helping her get membership into the country and letting her live in the house when she had nowhere else to go. My mother never stopped stroking my cock as she let my wife and maid know how mad she was with them. I turned to my mother and gave her, her first kiss on the lips since my father passed away and she returned it with putting her tongue in my mouth. I removed her dress and stepped back to really look at how beautiful my mother was. Under her dress she had on a matcher pair of pink and black bra and panties and her stomach was flat and toned. This had to be from going the gym every other day and all the yoga she did in the back yarn. She removed her bra in a more of a teasing way to Mary and showed us her big brown areola and nipples the size of pencil easers. Next she removed her panties and was sporting a full hairy bush of red hair that looked like it was never trimmed. My mother noticed my looked and told me that my father loved it hairy so after he died she never changed it. It did have a sexy look to it. I took two fingers and put them in my mother’s pussy and sure enough she was wetter then ever. I pulled out and feed them to the maid and told her to eat my mother’s pussy and do it good.
My mother sat back in my father’s smoking chair and raise one foot since in her red heels up to the armrest and the maid crawled to her pussy and licked it. I pulled the rug back to revile five d-hooks in the floor and went and got some wrist and ankle cuffs. I removed the yoke from my wife and replaced it with the cuffs and lead her to the hooks where I attached her to the floor. I put a collar around her neck and chain that to the floor too. Next I got a spreader and placed it between her knees so that she could not close her legs on me. I got a pair of clamps and some weights and attached them to her nipples and weighted them down so that they were pulling on her nipples. I then got my whip and began to whip her clit and ass. With hit of the whip Mary’s body tensed but more and more pussy juice was coming out of her. I grabbed an inflatable butt plug to insert it into my wife. Mary would never let me fuck her ass or even put anything in there, but that was about to change now. Mary yelled out not to do that, so I had to shut her up with a ball gag to the mouth. I inserted the plug and pumped it up so that it would stretch her asshole for my cock later.
When I was finished I got some rope and headed to the maid; who was still sucking on my mother’s pussy. I stood the maid up and tried her tits so that they weren’t sagging anymore; next I got a small table on laid her down and tried her legs up to her arms so that her pussy and ass was wide open for me. As I was doing this my mother was with my wife running her nails down my wife’s back and slapping her ass. She then got down on her knees and started to pull, pinch, and slap Mary’s tits around. This whole time Mary still wined and begged through the gag for all this to stop. I could hear muffled “sorry” but she needed to learn. I stuck a ring gag on the maid that would keep her from closing her mouth and left her there to drool all over herself as I tended to my wife. I went to my mother and whispered in her ear, she smiled and nodded yes and followed me to the front of my wife. We got down on our knees so that my cock was right at eye level for Mary. My mother took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it as she told Mary how she was going to please me more then she could every.
With that my mother started to suck on my huge rock hard cock right in front of Mary. My mother would stop and pulled my cock from her mouth with a “popping” noise and slap Mary in the face with it before going back to sucking on it. She told Mary how she should treat her son better and how she knew that Mary was never good enough for me. I pulled my mother up from my cock and told her how I wanted to put my cock in her sweet pussy. So my mother turned and gave me her ass and pussy, and what a nice ass she had for some one in her fifties. She was hot in her red heels and red bush sticking out the back between her legs. It was totally wet and I put the head of my cock and the entrance and turned to Mary as I pushed in. Now my mother was tight and I had to work a little to get it in, but it was fucking awesome to be fucking my mother in front of my wife. I took the ball gag off Mary and she started to say something but I cut her off with ramming my cock into her mouth. I fucked her mouth for a bit and returned to my mother’s pussy and than back to my wife’s mouth.
After I got my mother’s pussy good and messy I had her back up to have my wife clean it up with her tongue. Mary started to lick her pussy and my mother was pushing back to get Mary’s tongue in deep. I left them two and went over to the maid who had drooled all over her self from not being able to close her mouth. I scooped up some of the drool rub it on my cock and put the head at her asshole. As I pushed it in the maid yelled out in pain from the size of my cock entering her tight asshole. I pulled out a little and pushed back in; this time getting the whole thing in her. I picked up the paste and started to really slam it in her; all the time she was moaning out from my huge cock in her ass. I pulled on the maid’s nipples and slapped her tits around as I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could. With a loud yelled the maid climax from probably the biggest climax in her life and squirted a bucket of juice all over her self; as I continued to ram my cock in her. This most of been too much for the maid, because she pasted out right after she came.
I pulled my cock from her ass and gave it to my wife to suck. As she was doing that my mother grabbed hold of it and stroked it and I pulled from my wife’s mouth and cummed all over her face. I too had a big load to give and completely covered he face. when I was done I told her to suck the last bit of cum from my cock and told her that she had learn her lesson for the paintings, but she would still need to be trained on how to act like a proper wife.
I picked up the maid who was stilled past out and place her right in front of Mary. I shortened the chain so that her face was touching the maid’s pussy and told Mary to clean up the maid and her face and that I would be back later to get both of them. I took my mother by the hand and lead her from the room; I turned off the lights and shut the door. I asked my mother if she cared to join me for a shower and a drink; she smiled and said that would be lovely. We had for the master bath both naked and my mother’s hand wrapped around my cock.

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2011-04-18 21:35:15
content was ok - not enough paragraph spaces - you need to check gramar and spelling a lot better - storyline was good though - can't wait for the next one

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2011-03-03 08:32:42
OK story just so cliche. Billion dollar company, thick 9" cock, maid that wears heels sounds like a copy, paste from a poem . Once I got to the part where you slid the book and the bookcase spun around I could have told you the restof the story from there.

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2011-03-02 21:40:08
Poooooooooop!!!!!!...........-sighs- I don't care what anyone says potty humor is the best anyway great story.

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2011-03-02 17:36:21
fgfgffgdfjdrydrycffwfceydgyrtefzvdggg it was bullsh*t


2011-03-02 14:42:25
nearly impossible to read.. the paragraphs were a headache..while the action was interesting ii a ll just seemd to be a run on stream of consciousness

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