The daughter joins her mother and her lover
This is of course purely fantasy and not to be taken as a real event.

"Mom, what are you doing." The speakers voice rose up three octaves within one sentence. Hannah froze on top of me, twisting round to look towards the speaker. I glanced over in the same direction. Standing in the doorway was Hannah's daughter, Melissa. She was staring at her mother in shock. Which was not really that surprising as her mother was naked, riding my cock. And I was not Melissa's father, just their neighbour. Now, this was the first and only time that Hannah and I had fucked. Up until today we had simply been neighbours and friends. Often we would chat on a morning, about life etc. At no point had I ever made any sexual advances towards her. Even though I knew she and her husband were having problems. There had been nothing, until this morning.
This morning we had started chatting as usual. Hannah had been upset, I knew why. The fight between her and her husband the night before had been extra loud. So I was offering a shoulder to cry on, so to speak. As she was still upset I had accepted when she invited me in for a tea. At first it was just tea, we chatted and drank. That changed sharply, when she suddenly came on to me. I was shocked, surprised, caught off guard. I attempted to resist, but it was not easy when a hot woman come on to you. And Hannah was hot, no mistake. She was tall, slender with long legs. Blonde hair, blue eyes on a pretty face. Her breasts were not large, but were firm and shapely. And once she got naked I saw that they were topped by large pink nipples.
Getting naked had not take too long, Hannah had me stripped naked within seconds. I did the same for her in just as quick a time. Nakedness led to foreplay, which led to sex. Hannah had just begun riding me when her daughter walked in. Now she was scrambling off me as fast as she could. I was not sure who's face was the more horrified, mother or daughter. I sat on the bed watching as Hannah tried to explain. Tried to get her daughter to not tell her husband.
"Please Melissa, I can explain." Hannah had started, then realised she really could not explain. So instead she tried to beg. "Don't tell your dad, it was just a momentary lapse. I've never done anything like this before." That made me feel great, but I really did not mind. I had spotted something Hannah had not. In all the time Hannah had been talking Melissa had not taken her eyes off me. What I saw in her expression was not disgust, nor anger. Instead there was lust, want. It made me wonder about the possibilities of the situation. I began to give her an appraising look.
I knew that she was sixteen, her birthday had been only a month ago. She was a younger version of her mother. The same slender figure, with long legs. Her hair was dark rather than blonde like her mother. With dark eyes and a darker complexion I guessed that she had gained that from her father. I could not see her breasts under her school uniform. But, I had seen her out of uniform so knew that she had similar breasts to her mother. The uniform was a short green pleated skirt with a green blazer, under which she was wearing a white blouse and a green and white tie. Finishing off the appearance were a pair of black shoes with short heals and a pair of white ankle socks. I found the idea of a hot schoolgirl looking at me with lust in her eyes, very exciting.
I pushed myself up off the bed, instantly silencing Hannah. She turned to look at me as I walked across the bedroom. I ignored her in favour of watching her daughter's face. Melissa's eyes widened as I approached, I saw her gaze flick down to my cock them back. She ran her tongue along her bottom lip nervously as I approached. I stopped directly in front of her, staring straight into her face.
"I don't think she is going to tell her dad." I said to Hannah, all the time watching Melissa's expression.
"Why?" Hannah asked.
"Because she wants to join in, don't you." I said, reaching forwards to hook my hand around Melissa's back. Her eyes went wide as I pulled her towards me. I lowered my head down, bringing my lips down onto hers. For a second she did not react. Then I felt her pressing her lips back against mine. I gently pressed my tongue against her lips, felt her opening them. Softly I snaked my tongue into her mouth. Twisting it around her tongue. My kiss grew in passion, pressing my lips firmly against hers. Melissa kissed me back with a matching passion. I held the kiss for a couple of seconds longer then pulled away. "I take it I was right." I hissed softly, she nodded. "Prove it," I added. I was not sure what she would do, but felt like I had to throw the challenge to her.
She smiled softly at me, before wrapping her fingers around my cock. I gasped softly at the feel of her hand wrapped around me. She sank down until she was crouched with her head facing my groin. I looked down, just in time to see her slip her mouth over the head of my cock. I bit my lip at the pleasurable feel of her mouth sliding over my cock. She sucked my into her mouth. Curling her tongue around me, before pulling back. Her mother placed her hand on Melissa's shoulder.
"Are you telling me you really want this?" Hannah asked, slightly shocked.
"God yes, he's fit." Melissa answered glancing up at her mother. Hannah looked down at her for a second then shrugged. She gently pushed Melissa towards me.
"Don't let me stop you then." She said. Melissa did as her mother told her, quickly slipping her lips back over me. I watched as she began to suck on me in earnest. What she lacked in experience she was making up for in enthusiasm. If I had thought having such a hot schoolgirl looking lustfully at me was hot, having that same schoolgirl sucking on my cock was even hotter. It was made mind blowing by her ability to take all of my cock in her mouth. Something her mother had not done. I could see, and feel, her sliding her mouth right down the length. Taking me into her mouth until her lips were pressed around the very base of my cock. As she did she was sucking firmly on me. I was totally turned on by both the sight and feel of what she was doing. Reaching down I cupped the back of her head, not that she needed any encouragement. She was rapidly sliding her mouth up and down me. Her dark eyes continually glancing up at me, as if checking I was enjoying her. If the look of pleasure I knew had to be on my face was not enough, then the moans I was making should have been.
“God Melissa, that feels so good. Don’t stop please.” I gasped to her. I felt Hannah move next to me. She cupped my face, turning me towards her. I felt her lips press against mine as she kissed me. Being kissed by the sexy mother of the equally sexy girl sucking me off was too much. I gasped as I felt my control fly away.
“Going to cum, god.” I murmured softly. I did not know if Melissa heard, if she did it had no effect on her. She continued to suck on me, sliding her lips right down me. I felt Hannah’s hand cover mine on the back of Melissa’s head. She held her daughter’s head still just as I came. With a sharp grunt I pumped my cum into Melissa’s open mouth. I heard her give a short startled squeal, which was cut off as her mouth was filled. Hannah made sure Melissa swallowed my cum, before releasing her. When I glanced down I could see how wide Melissa’s eyes had become. But I could also see the glint of lust in them. She had a satisfied look at having made me cum. Hannah pulled me towards her.
“I think we should continue where we were interrupted.” She hissed, pressing her lips against mine. I nodded softly before kissing her hard. Pushing my tongue into her mouth, and twisting it round. She kissed me back, twirling her tongue around mine. Slowly I moved her across the room, back to the bed. When we reached it I sank down pulling her onto my lap. Still kissing me hard, she manoeuvred herself on to me. I felt the head of my cock probing at her cunt. Then she sank down sliding onto me. She gave a soft hiss, through the kiss. For a second she held herself still, with my cock buried deep inside her. Then slowly she began to ride me.
I gasped at the feel of her cunt sliding up and down me. The warm, wetness opening to my cock. Reaching up I cupped her breasts. Softly kneading them with my fingers, rubbing over each nipple. Hannah hissed sharply at the feel. I broke away from the kiss, lowering my mouth down to suck on one breast. I ran my tongue over the hard nipple. Hannah jolted softly, her movement on me suddenly increasing. Sliding her cunt up and down faster. I sucked hard on the breast, licking over her nipple. She cupped the back of my head, pressing me into her breasts. I quickly moved to suck on the other breast. Again sucking on it, licking all over the nipple. Hannah’s gasps were growing in volume by now. As her movement on me grew in speed.
I lifted my head, glancing up at her. Her eyes were closed, she was biting softly on her bottom lip. Soft moans of pleasure slipping between her lips. A counter moan drew my attention across the room. Melissa was leant against the wall. One hand softly squeezing her one breast. The other inside her skirt rubbing at her cunt. I could not believe my luck. I was being fucked by a hot blonde, while her equally hot daughter was fingering herself as she watched.
Leaning back onto the bed I began to push up into Hannah. Timing each thrust as she sank down onto me. Her moans quickly turned into soft squeals of pleasure. I reached up to cup her breasts. Pawing at them roughly, squeezing each nipple between my fingers. Hannah lent back, resting her hands on my knees. She was riding me hard now, sliding up and down my cock. I could feel her cunt opening around me. Each time she sank down I buried myself deep inside her.
“Yes, oh god yes.” Hannah gasped as she rode me. I hissed in reply, fighting to keep control. Sensing how close to cumming Hannah was. I slid one hand down between us. Rubbing my thumb against the hard button of her clitoris. Hannah gave a sharp squeal of pleasure. I continued to rub at her, feeling her body’s instant response. She squealed loudly, her movements suddenly wilder and ragged. Seconds later she was cumming, her whole body shuddering at the orgasm. I gripped her hips, thrusting up into her hard. Just as she finished cumming I slipped into my own orgasm. Grunting hard as I pumped cum into her. I felt her nails dig into the flesh of my thighs for a second. Then she sank down on top of me. I held her for a few seconds before rolling her onto the bed. Again I glanced over towards Melissa. She had realised that her mother and I had finished. She was leant against the door frame, breathing hard.
I sat up and pushed myself to my feet. It took a second to gather my balance after the orgasm I had just had. Once I was steady on my feet I moved towards Melissa. As I did I spot her eyes go wide. She licked her tongue along her bottom lip. I stopped when I was directly in front of her, looking her straight in the eyes. Her mouth was open slightly, she looked like a startled rabbit. I smiled softly at her before hooking one hand behind her waist.
“Your turn,” I whispered as I pulled her towards me. She gave a soft gasp as I pulled her against me. I could feel her shaking gently. Lowering my head down I softly pressed my lips against hers. She instantly kissed me back, pressing her lips against mine. I probed my tongue against her lips, which quickly opened. I pushed my tongue into her mouth, twisting it around her tongue. As I did I moved my hand round from her waist. Sliding it up under her blouse to cup one breast. I could feel her hard nipple through the soft material of her bra. I heard her soft gasp as I ran my thumb over the hard bud. I squeezed the breast, probing its firm flesh with my fingers.
I continued to kiss her as I moved my free hand down over her leg. Once I reached the hem of her skirt I slid my fingers back up the inside of her thigh. The tips of my fingers running slowly up the soft skin of her leg. As I reached the top of her thigh I felt her shiver in anticipation. I could feel the warm coming off her cunt. I gently ran one finger along her panties, feeling how wet they were. I smiled through the kiss, knowing how turned on she was. I quickly pushed my fingers inside her panties, rubbing them along her cunt lips. She shuddered and I felt the soft moan slip from her lips. Slowly I ran my fingers along her, pressing them deeper into her. Melissa moaned deeply as I rubbed at her. As my finger slipped lower down her cunt I could feel how wet she was. Reaching her entrance I pushed a single finger inside her. She gave a soft gasp of feeling.
I pushed a second finger into her. Feeling her slick warm around my fingers. I pushed my fingers deeper into her, opening her. She felt tight around my fingers, hot and wet. I could imagine how it would feel having that tight wetness around my cock. I also wanted to taste her, see if she tasted as good as she felt. I sank down in front of her, pulling her panties down as I did. As my face grew level with her cunt I could smell her, musky, alluring. I pushed my head under her skirt, kissing at her cunt softly. As I pressed my face between her leg she parted them. I borrowed into her soft down, licking along her cunt. Melissa gasped softly. I pushed her one leg upward, parting them further. She lifted it up, resting it gently over my shoulder.
With her obvious approval I pushed deeper between her legs. As I did I began to taste her, musky with a soft sweetness. Surprisingly she tasted a lot like her mother. I used my fingers to open her for my tongue. Probing deep into her, licking my tongue as deep into her as I could. I heard her sharp gasps of pleasure. She wrapped her hands in my hair, pushing my face into her.
“Yes, oh yes, don't stop please.” She moaned loudly, her voice high pitched. It confirmed what I suspected from the moment I began licking at her. She was close to an orgasm. It was not going to take much to tip her over the edge. Her moans grew louder, sharper the more I licked at her. For a second I considered keeping her on the edge of the orgasm. But I wanted to be deep inside her too much to be bothered. So I ran my tongue up to the hard bud that I knew would trigger her orgasm. I flicked my tongue over it, felt her jump slightly. I circled the bud with my tongue, Melissa gasped sharply. I focused on the hard bud, licking over it. Running the tip of my tongue rapidly over it. Melissa's fingers dug into my head as she gasped hard and loud.
“Fuck, oh god yes that's it, that's it.” Melissa squealed and I felt her tip over into her orgasm. I licked repeatedly at her clit, adding to the power of her orgasm. Then slipped my tongue back inside her, to taste the extra flavour her orgasm brought. She gasped hard as the waves ran through her, until they slowly ebbed away. As they did I pushed myself back to my feet. As I did I kept her leg hooked over my arm. Her eyes went wide as she felt the head of my cock pressing against her. I looked her straight in the eyes as I pushed into her. Sliding my cock up inside her. I gasped softly as her tight cunt wrapped around me. Her loud gasp as I entered her drowned my gasp. I gripped her hips with my hands as I began to thrust in and out of her. Pushing my cock as deep into her as I could. She was so tight I was fighting to keep my control. Her cunt was hot, wet. I slid in and out easily, in spite of how tight she felt. It added to the pleasure I was feeling.
I had built up my thrusts slowly, letting her get used to the feel of me inside her. I had guessed that she was no virgin. But doubted that she would have had much experience. I had wanted to let her get used to me before I began to fuck her harder. Now I was thrusting hard, sliding in deeper. Her gasps had turned into sharp squeals each time I entered her. Her fingers clawed at my shoulders. I kissed her neck, hard open mouthed kisses. She moaned and squealed. Then I felt her tighten up, her squeals turning into one long scream of pleasure. She was cumming again, her whole body shuddering as the orgasm swept through her. It took all my control not to follow her into an orgasm. I fought to keep control, there was no way I was cumming that quickly. Fucking her was simply to good.
As I felt her orgasm die I hooked my hands under her buttocks. Lifting her up I turned towards the bed. She gave a sharp squeal of shock. Carefully carrying her I walked to the bed then lowered her down. I stared down at her, still not believing my luck. Here I was fucking this hot schoolgirl. In her uniform she looked even hotter. Her dark eyes looked up at me, full of lust for me. If my cock had been able it would have got even harder.
I had a sudden need to see her breasts. I reached up to the buttons on her blouse. My fingers shook softly, surprising me, as I began to undo the buttons. Once each was undone I slowly pushed the blouse open. Taking in the sight of her breasts, covered by her thin white bra. I ran my hands over the small mounds, feeling them under my fingers. With a swift movement I pushed the bra up exposing the breasts. Each was small and round, topped by a dark nipple. I lent down and kissed one breast, sucking it into my mouth. Melissa gave a soft hiss of feeling. I drew out the nipple with my mouth, running my lips across it.
I pushed myself upright staring down at her young body as I positioned my cock against her cunt. I thrust hard into her, feeling her body opening around me. She gave a sharp hiss as I entered her. I reached down, hooking my hands under her legs and lifting them up. Swinging them round I gripped her thighs, pulling her against me. Without warning I began to thrust hard in to her. Fucking her as hard as I could. Her dark eyes widened at the power of my thrusts. She gasped hard as I began to pound her young body with my thrusts. Thrusting as deep and as hard into her as I could. My fingers digging into the flesh of her thighs as I pulled her into me. This was for me, for my pleasure. Just to feel her tight young cunt opening to my hard thrusts.
“Unn, fuck, god.” Melissa squealed loudly as I continued ramming into her. I was so turned on by the sight of her young body being rocked by my thrusts. Seeing her lain on the bed in her blazer. Her blouse open exposing her firm young breasts. Her skirt pushed up allowing me to see you cock sliding in and out of her body. Her cunt seemed tighter, hotter. I was grunting hard, fighting to keep control. Melissa was squealing now, rapid squeals of passion. I kept up the power, ramming into her hard. I could feel my thighs slapping against her body. Knew that my cock was being buried up to its hilt inside her young body. Sweat was dripping down my back, and I was gasping hard for breath.
I felt a hand on my back, glancing over I saw Hannah standing beside me. I had totally forgotten about her in my enjoyment of her daughter. She was watching intently as I fucked Melissa. I felt her hand slide down to the base of my spine, softly pushing me forwards. Urging me to fuck her daughter hard.
“Go on,” she hissed, “fuck her hard. Give her what she wants.” Her voice was husky with lust. Watching me pounding her fifteen year old daughter was turning her on. I turned my gaze back to Melissa. Her eyes were closed, she was gasping and squealing hard. Her hands clawing at the edge of the mattress. Her chest was flushed making her breasts seem even hotter. I lent forwards, reaching up to cup each breast. Bending her legs back towards her head. I could feel my cock sliding along the roof of her cunt. Melissa’s reaction was instant, her squeals turned to sharp screams of passion. I ramming into her as hard as I could, sensing that she was close to cumming. My fingers pawed at her breasts, squeezing the firm flesh. I could feel her nipples pressing into my palms, hard buttons of flesh.
I needed to suck on her breasts. Quickly I released my hold on her legs. Bending down to take one breast into my mouth. Melissa gasped loudly, arching her chest up towards me. As I sucked hard on the breast I continued to pound into her cunt. Slamming my cock deep into her young body. Her screams were hoarse now, filled with wild passion. I could tell it was not going to be long before she came. I quickly moved to suck on her other breast. Running my tongue over her nipple. I felt her go suddenly ridged and knew what was coming.
“Oh yes, fuck yes that’s it. Ohmygod yes.” She screamed loudly as she tipped into her orgasm. This time there was no way I could keep control. Her whole body was jerking under me with the power of her orgasm. I lifted my head and groaned deeply as my own orgasm exploded in me. With one final hard thrust I buried my cock deep inside her as I came, pumping my cum inside her young body. As I came I sank down onto her, feeling her still writhing with her own orgasm. I remained inside her for as long as I could, before finally rolling onto the bed next to her. Both of us were gasping hard for breath. Looking up I could see that even Hannah was breathless from just watching.
“God, that was intense to watch.” Hannah said softly.
“Not as intense as it was to be part of.” Melissa gasped, I had to agree.
“Seriously, but if either of you want a second showing you’re going to have to wait. I’m bushed now.” I said.
“Oh we can wait.” Hannah said, “my husband is away all weekend. So there is plenty of time for a second go.”
“Or a third,” Melissa added. I laughed softly.
“Demanding pair aren’t we.” I said, “but I think I might be up for it.” From the smiles on their faces I guessed that I had said just the right thing.

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