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Willie the dog…II

I heard scratching at the door. I knew it was Willie. I let him in. My cat took of like a shot. Willie just wagged his tail and jumped up on my couch. I petted him and he looked around, then looked at me. I said: “It’s safe to talk Willie.,” and he started to talk.
“Every thing has changed. Lady has a boyfriend now. I hate him and he hates me. I hump his leg every chance I get. He tells me to ‘Get off the fucking couch!’, and ‘Don’t put your nose in lady’s pussy!’
He’s fucking lady. He gets pissed if I come in and watch.

I set this fool up. He was being a bum sitting on the couch watching cartoons. I went into action. I started humping his leg, he pushed me off….I yelped!, and limped in to the kitchen where lady was and in my best sad puppy dog eyes…I whimpered and looked at her, holding one leg up. She ‘assumed’ he kicked me, and went in and threw his ass out the fucking door!

Ahhh success! I limped and whimper some more. She carefully picked me up. I laid my head on her cleavage and I gave her tits a few licks. She smiled big and said: “Awwwww Willie, your so sweet. You sure do like my tits, don’t you.” She smiled as she took me to the couch and held me. She opened her blouse (no bra) and let me lick her tits all over….that, I liked!

The boyfriend never came back again…what a fool. Outsmarted by a fucking dog. Well, I gotta go back. Lady’s two sisters come over tonight. Their teenagers. One likes to suck me off, the other likes me to fuck her from behind. I better go take a doggy nap.….oh…. ya got any doggy treats?”
I gave him some doggy treats and off he went, pissing on all my trees.
A few days later…….
I got a visit from Willie this morning…

....Willie came in my kitty door, ate some of her cat food, drank some her water and came and laid down on my couch and went to sleep. An hour later he woke up looking tired. He looked it me....I said it's ok to talk. He said:
"Boy am I tired, Lady took me over to her parents house where her two teenage sisters live. Those two little bitches dressed me up in doll clothes! They took me down stairs to show the parents...ha ha they all said... “Aint he cute.” I put my 12 ½ inch dick out for them all to see, and the dad said: “Take him away!”
I tried to tear the dress off but they stopped me. Next time I fuck them, I'm biting their hair into knots, see how they like it.
After lights out, I fucked them both and made them moan. The dad yelled out to “Be quiet in there!”...hee hee.
But this morning I saw this beautiful cocker spaniel golden hair, curly and she smelled good, even her ass. I jumped on her, she held real still and then here comes a guy with a fucking water hose and squirts us! He called me names, so I shit in his yard in two places and left,
but he was too late. I dropped my load in the little bitch before he got there.
Well, time to go and give lady her afternoon pussy lick. See ya.
Oh…...that cat food you got, tastes like dead fuck’in fish...ukkkk!”
"See ya Willie"....and he was off...pissing on my bushes.
The next time I saw Willie, he just walked in the kitty door and chased my cat away from her food dish. He sniffed it, then lifted his leg and pissed in her dish. He jumped up on my couch and I petted him as usual. I said: “Hi ya Willie!, (we can talk in a minute, as my girlfriend is leaving soon.) He sat waiting. Soon the girlfriend kissed me goodbye and said: “Oh, this must be Willie!”

She petted him and he licked her fingers, then she left. Willie watched and then began to talk. “Damn her pussy smells good! I’d love to fuck her, but you guys have shitty food here.” I asked how his home life was. He said: “Fuck’in women!…always trying to give me a bath. They want me to smell like peaches and stuff. I hate that. Lady’s little nephew came over one day for a while. Kids are ok until they hit me. I bite them in the ass when no one’s looking and then I yelp like they hit me. Works every time.
Lady brought over a girlfriend that had never been fucked by a dog. She got her good and drunk and told her I was a ‘blow up dog’ and the stem was under my belly. Dumb bitch tried and tried to blow me up, finally she got excited and sucked me off. Lady laughed herself silly and said: “See, Willie gives milk too!”

We got her naked and I fucked her while she sang: “Some day my prince will cum!”….It’s Willie, ya dummy, not ‘prince’. She comes by once a week for a ‘lick up’ and her pussy always smells like plastic cucumbers. The things I do for a bag of steak chunks.
Well I gotta take shit in your neighbors yard, cause he yelled at me…”Get off my lawn, you mutt!” I bit holes in his garden hose yesterday.” I said: “Ok Willie, the doggie treats are in the corner. “ He gobbled them up and went to shit in the neighbors yard.
Over the next few days I saw many yellow circles appear on my neighbors lawn. I sat on my porch and watched Willie. He fucked all the females dogs he could. He came over and jumped on my lap and licked my face, then whispered: (“I got a hand job from that Mrs. Perkins over there….I bet I‘ll be licking her pussy and fucking her in a few days. Her pussy smells like a dogs dick…must be that Skippy I keep running off.”)
A few day’s later, in comes Willie. He jumps up on my couch for my ok for him to talk. “It’s ok, Willie, my girlfriend is gone to the store.” I said.
“Well I’m having fun now. Mrs. Perkins is having me fuck her a lot….then her 13 yr old teenage grand daughter sees us fucking. Now she wants to know everything about me. When everyone is gone, she gets me in bed and looks at my dick real close. I of course let it out full length. Next she starts giving me a hand job. Next she’s got her skirt up and is poking her ass in my face. I love to lick a first timer…

she moaned and jumped when I licked her clit. She was leaning over the pillows and I mounted her. ‘Aooooo‘, she said, you should have heard her moan. She moaned in spurts…“oh oh oh oh”, as I buried my dick in her and fucked her fast. I think it was her first real climax, she really humped and moaned good. Now she calls me ‘sweet Willie’and tried to put a leash on me and some sort of fuzzy collar. I put my nose in her pussy, and when she jumped, I ran away without that junk on me..…
Next, she brings over her girlfriend, who’s older at about 16. She’s told her about me and how I fucked her so good. This girl smells real good, and gets all hot for me.

They both get in the bed and play with my dick. Soon the older one is sucking my dick, while the younger one plays with her friends pussy. I though they were going to fuck themselves, but the older one had to try me out. She sat on the younger ones face, and then they had me start fucking older one. The younger one licked me and the older one as I fucked the older one. That felt really good, but sorry young girl, I came and flooded the older ones pussy and splattered the young ones face. She was a good licker, and tried to lick me. With that short tongue of hers ….no way,
I like to lick myself…thank you.”

“Where’s your girlfriend Blue?
“Now why do you want to know that Willie?”
“Because her pussy smells so fuck’in good, that’s why. Let me fuck her just once, I’ll never ask again.”
My girlfriend came home from shopping and Willie’s nose went right for her pussy. She giggled and came in a sat by me. She said: “I must be loosing my mind.” I said: “Why?”…”I could have sworn I heard that Willie dog whisper: (“Wanna fuck?”).
Well…Willie had the hots for my girlfriend, so I wondered if she had ever been fucked by a dog. I discovered she had a friend who’s dog use to fuck her, and loved it. She always wondered….(she was ‘dog curious’). I told her what I knew about it and that was all women like it for something different. The more I talked about it, the more curious she got. I said that Willie has several women he’s fucking.
She looked at me strange and asked: “How could know that?”…I said the mailman told me, he’d seen a few thru their windows, and It was always Willie. “Oh”. she said.

The next time Willie came by, I told him all about it. He said: “I know just what to do. I’ll start by sniffing and nudging her pussy, if she has no panties on, in goes my long tongue for the clit lick. That starts the ’curious’ thing in their mind and when the opportunity comes, I let my dick out all the way. This excites them and they always end up touching my dick, and usually start stroking it.” “Well Willie, lets us find out how ’curious’ my girlfriend is.” I said.
We got a plan going. I would get the girlfriend a little drunk on wine, (an easy task)….get her panties off here on the couch, then turn on the porch light. Willie would be Willie’s signal and he would take it from there. Saturday night I got some of her favorite wine and she got tipsy in no time and started getting hot. I got her panties off and played with her pussy. I turned on the porch light un-noticed when I got more wine. Soon I heard Willie come in the kitty door and we both greeted him, as he had his dick all the way out. The girlfriend couldn’t take her eyes off his dick.

She was already laying down on her back and Willie’s nose went straight for her pussy and out came his tongue and went deep in her. She gasp and said: “Ahhh ..Oh my god Willie that tingles me, WOW!.” I got up and said I had to go to the liquor store, and left. Willie tells me later what happened.
“As soon a you left, I got up on her chest and licked her face. My dick was rubbing in her open blouse with no bra, right between her tits. She squirmed and held it saying: “Ooooo Willie, your dick is so warm…mmmm.”
“Sure enough, she just had to stroke my dick. My dick was long enough that the tip touched her lips. She closed her eyes and started licking the end of my dick.
This drives me crazy! Only human women do this and us male dogs can’t stand that much pleasure! I backed out of it, and my dick landed right on her clit. That’s when she jumped, and started Yodeling like an Alpine girl getting fucked. Human women do that sometimes…strange.

I dropped back a little more and shoved my 12 ½ inches her hole. She wrapped her arms around me and we fucked fast. She fuck’in yodeled loud, right in my ear!…jezzzz. She started yelling, calling me “Oh God“. The names “Willie”…ya dumb bitch. I let go with good quart of cum in her, She spit up wine on me…yuck…and said she loved me so much.

I got the fuck off her, I had to go lick my dick. I licked my dick as she looked at me with that sleepy smile…and tried to kiss me.
Lady!… I just licked my dick!…and I bolted out the kitty door.
She won’t try and put sweaters and shit on me now will she?” I said: “I’ll keep her from doing that Willie, the doggie treats are in your very own bowl now Willie. She bought a 50lb bag for you.” Willie ate his treats and then said: “She’s a good bitch, but I’m fuckin her from behind next time, I don’t want her burping up wine on me ever again!”
…and off he went out the ‘doggy door’, the girlfriend calls it now.
I watched him shit on the neighbors newspaper, piss on the guys lawn chair and wipe his butt across the guys white cement front porch….then he was gone….

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