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This was inspired by a journal I used to keep.
Figures. It's been like this everyday ever since my mom got a new boyfriend. 3PM rolls around, school let's out and I have to walk the 6 mile trek home. She promised to pick me up but who cares, it's just another lie. 

She was always a liar though, to my father, me, heck even the dog, that's why he starved to death. Shes probably giving him a deep-throat surprise  on the kitchen floor...again. It doesn't matter though, the walking is good for me and I get to be with my thoughts. 

Most people didn't notice me, nor did they notice when my body started to change. I had always been small, only growing to a height of 5'3, and weighing in at a measly 98lbs . My skin was pale and I usually dressed very conservative. 

When high-school started my body 
changed. My waist became more defined, my bottom became sweet, and round. The biggest surprise was how large my breasts got, blooming into beautiful, round C cup, delights. But still I hid my body, I didn't want to be bothered.  My green eyes seemed to catch enough attention.

I start down Morcan Ave. Keeping my head down, not talking to my fellow classmates heading my way. I've always been known for being kind of...weird. So I keep to myself most of the time. My books are my friends and so are my sketch books.

Oh how I long for my sketches to come alive....I hide my passions in them, how desperately I want to be fucked by these rugged men with machine guns, stubble and, holding those curvy girls by there necks, fucking them into oblivion. 

The day had become increasingly warm, almost unbearable so I decided to take a detour through the park, with the large trees to protects me.

My men still mindfucked me as I walked and I could feel myself growing excited. I pressed my books into my breasts, trying to fondle myself without anyone noticing.  I turned into a incove that had the largest trees in the park. It was almost completely deserted except for some fleeting birds. 

Hungry for some playtime I sat down behind some bushes and pulled out my sketchbook, and set it down next to me. God those men were so sexy...I spread my legs and began to rub myself through my pants, using my palm to rub my lips slowly. It had been a while since I'd last touch myself and god it felt good. I pressed my fingers into the center of my lips and rubbed harder, my pussy growing wet. 

Biting my lip I slipped my hand into my panties, touching the slippery slit slowly, enjoying my fingers. I had never inserted more than one finger, my pussy still untouched by anyone but me. Sliding my finger in I let out a soft sigh,  closed my eyes, and began to pump myself vigorously.

I slid my hand up my shirt, fondling my breasts. My nipples were perk and sensitive and I pinched them in delight.
I opened my eyes and stopped.
Looking over the bush was the Boy who sat across from me in chemistry. It was Jason Hawkins. Jason Hawkins had caught me with my pants down. 

I become flushed and just stared, I didn't know if I should move or...what. 

"I...I..." I gulped. Embarrassed I frantically got up, and tried to fix my clothes. 

He just stared at me, not in disgust but with...something else..he had never looked at me that way before. The only time had ever spoken to me' was when he wanted to copy my homework. 

"please...I was only..admiring you" he said sheepishly " I saw you walk back here...I just...think your pretty...don't stop.." 

He pushed the bush aside and walked towards me, not with anger but as if he was trying to comfort me. He touched my arm and face, I froze. 

His hand was so warm against my skin, so strong and calm. He moved into me, wrapping his arms around my waist and looking down into my eyes.  

"I've always thought you were beautiful...please...let me help you.."  with that his hand traveled down around my bottom and he squeezed it gently. Before I could object his lips were pressed around mine, hungrily sucking. 

I melted in his arms, giving into the kiss. His tongue brushed along my lip and soon I was experiencing my first French kiss. His saliva tasted so good and my excitement had come back. 

He fondled my breasts, squeezing them in turn, pinching my nipples and tugging on them gently. I shivered with each pinch, growing more intense with the kiss. I pulled away and looked at him, touching his face. 
His face was so beautiful up close. The contours of his lips so defined and his nose so blatant. I had never thought of this until now. 

I pressed up against him. His swelling cock was bulging on my leg.  He squeezed my ass pressing me into his cock even harder. 

I grabbed his bugle and rubbed it. He was just as surprised as I was. He let out a soft moan as I rubbed him through his pants. 

The feeling of his cock sent shivers sent  down my spine and I suddenly hungered for more. I quickly undid his pants and rubbed him quickly through boxers. He smiled down at me then released his cock from it's cloth home. I blushed as I popped into view.

I never thought Jason would be so...Large... I had only seen cocks like his in movies, and never expected to see one up close. I needed it.. Oh I needed it. 
Dropping to my knees I took it in my hands and licked the head. He gasped and looked at me with wide eyes before stroking my hair.  

I continued to lick the head, his cock now rock hard. I place the head in my mouth and sucked on it, swirling my tongue as I worked it into my mouth. His hand tightened it grip around my hair and soon he was thrusting into my mouth slowly. 

His moans became louder and he tugged at my hair sharply , causing me to stand. Jason began to strip me, yanking off my shirt and pressing my breasts together to kiss them. I moaned at his advances and he pulled down my pants. I was soon naked and so was he. 

Jason grabbed me, pressing my nude body against him, he brought me' down to the ground with him. He hovered above me and kissed my neck, biting it and tugging at the flesh. His hands traveled me' greedily, pulling and squeezing whatever they like.

I continued to stroke his throbbing cock. We were playing with each other, licking, biting, tugging, rubbing. His Vick was slippery and hot and my pussy ached for something, anything! 

His hands traveled lower and lower, when I thought he was going to fondle me too, his hands traveled pass down to my legs and knees. He grabbed both and pushed my knees to my chest with one swift move. I was pinned. He plugged his tongue into my mouth and crushed my body. 

He repositioned himself over me and smiled, still keeping me pinned. 

"What a nice little pussy you have, how about we tear it open" 

My eyes grew wide, suddenly realizing what I had gotten into. I squirmed and to kick but he pressed his Cock against my slit, stopping where my hymen began. He pushed hard, and I yelped, breaking though into me. 

I tried to scream but his hand pressed against my face. He thrust into my bleeding cunt, sending shocks of pain towards my head. The pain began to decrease and soon I could feel him stretching me open, slowly burrowing his meatstick within me. He increased in speed, causing me moan in approval. My body was reaching it's maximum sensory point, I was nearing my climax.  

I came , squeezing his cock in convulsions. I had never orgasmed that hard before. My body shook and I bathed his cock in my juices. 

Jason quickly pulled out and shot his cum all over my stomach and 2 hot loads. One reaching my breasts while the other bathed my belly. 
He collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck. 
"thank you..." he whispered into my ear "come back tommorow, I have a surprise for you" 
He stood up and smiled, offering his hand. I took it and stood, looking over the bush we were still alone. He kissed my cheek, got dressed then ran off.

I looked at my used body. Oh how I loved it. Using a piece of paper, I cleaned myself up, got dressed then walked home. 

Today had been the most exciting day of my life. I can't wait for tommorow.


2011-03-06 13:49:18
It's pretty good, it is a fantastic event in the park....relatively realistic....I could see it happening...and would watch, eagerly


2011-02-26 13:51:53
Very nice story! Please go on with the surprise,I can't wait!!!!

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-21 03:52:15
gud story n sense of sex carry onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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