Marcie gets in trouble ovr Faith's Party. Her father diciplines her, both get aroused, sex ensues. Faith is next.
Marcie, my beautiful, beautiful fourteen year old daughter, with dark brown hair as bright and glossy as a sable’s pelt, enchanting hazel eyes, the face of an angel and a budding body that would drive young men crazy; small high proud breasts, a wisp of a waist and flaring hips, a cute derriere, rounded and full, my daughter Marcie. She was smart as a whip, too, a straight A student, I was so very, very proud of her. She was my pride and joy. My wife had killed when Marcie was only three. I’d been the only parent she’d known for most of her life.

She’d gone to a party at a friend’s house and I knew she’d be late but it was nearly midnight, far later than I’d expected. I tried waiting up for her but had fallen asleep in my recliner in the den, she awakened me with her wailing and sobbing, the sound was coming from the living room, I followed her sounds, the room was dark but I could hear her. I turned on a lamp, in the dim light I saw her. Her blouse was torn, she only had one sneaker on, her hair was a disheveled and her face was messy, streaked with tears and mucus. I went to her and hugged, rubbing her back, petting her hair, talking to her, “What’s the matter, baby, tell Daddy what’s the matter, tell me maybe I can help.”

“Oh Daddy, I was raped, I was raped.”

Instinctively, I wanted to see the damage, I reached to unbutton her shorts but she said, “No Daddy not there, not there. They made me suck them, two of them. Oh God it was horrible. I choked and gagged and they just kept sticking their things down my throat they came in my mouth then laughed at me when they forced me to swallow it, Oh Daddy, they took turns one holding me down and the other one made me suck him then he held me down for his friend”

“Do you know who they were?” I asked.

“No, they were older; at least seventeen or eighteen, they were big. I’ve never seen them before.”

I realized it wasn’t mucus on her faith, it was dried semen. Those bastards, I thought, those miserable bastards.

“Marcie, I’m going to call the police. If they were at the party someone will know them.”

I got up to walk to the phone but Marcie’s plaintive wail stopped me.

“Nooo, Daddy, nooo, please don’t call the police, please, no.”

“What do you mean, no, Marcie we have to call, those guys have to be caught and punished.”

“You can’t Daddy, please.”

“Marcie, can you give me one good reason I can’t call?”

She sobbed, renewed crying, deep soulful sobs before saying, “Daddy some other things happened at the party, I could get in trouble.”

“Marcie, what happened, what did you do?”

Shaking her head no, she buried her face on the arm of the sofa.

I calmed her down and said, “Come on, let’s go upstairs and get you cleaned up.”

I took her to the bathroom and sat her down. I got a wash cloth and washed her face, I gave her a tissue and she blew her nose. Then I said, “Let’s see the damage.”

Her blouse was torn, most of the buttons were popped, I opened the remaining button and slipped it from her shoulders. One of the straps of her bra was broken. There was bruising on her shoulders and on her upper arms. Bruises from when she was held down. I took her bra off, she modestly tried to cover herself but I said, “Let me see.” Her breasts were massively abraded; they’d attacked here there, too.

“Stand up,” I said. She stood and I unhooked her shorts and let them fall to the floor.
She was embarrassed and reddened. She still had on her panties, I left them on. I didn’t see any evidence that she’d been harmed there

“Why don’t you get cleaned up and have a shower. Get dressed for bed and come to my room, I’ve got some stuff that might help with the bruising,” and I left.

I heard her brushing her teeth, she was gagging on the tooth brush, then she gargled with mouthwash, finally I heard the shower start.

I wanted to talk to her tonight while she was still upset and in shock There was a lot I wanted to know and I wanted to get to her before she and her friends could get together to concoct a story.

Somehow, somehow, I felt my perfect daughter had been a bad girl. After getting over my shock at what had happened to her I remembered some things. I’d smoked a little weed when I was in college, its unmistakable odor permeated her clothes and hair and, if wasn’t mistaken, the sour smell of alcohol was on her breath. Tonight would he my best chance at the unvarnished truth, a truth that I didn’t want to hear but needed to know.

Marcie came in, she was freshly scrubbed, her hair was brushed, she looked better but still a little worse for wear, her eyes were red from crying and her ebullient personality was certainly absent.

“Sit down, I want to talk to you,” I said, motioning toward the bed.

“What happened tonight?”

‘Daddy, I don’t want to talk about it, please,” she said in a pleading voice.

“Baby, we are going to talk about it. We don’t have secrets, important secrets from each other, do we?”

“No Daddy.”

“Marcie, I know marijuana was being used, I could smell it in your clothes and hair and I know alcohol was being consumed, your breath reeked of it when you came in, now I’d like to know what went on.”

“Daddy, if I tell you you’ll punish me, I know you will.”

It wasn’t a Cavalier attitude I was displaying when I answered, “You’re probably right.” Marcie had been across my knees before, not often, only three or four times in fourteen years, but she’d been there and I did it the old fashioned was, panties off, on the bare, and I had a feeling that was where this was going to lead.

So did she, she sniffled, she knew she’d be sore.

“Tell me.”

She rushed to tell me, the words poured out, running together.

“Oh Daddy I did smoke marijuana and I did drink booze, two wine coolers and then some vodka, oh Daddy, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

And old Daddy wasn’t fooled. Confess to the lesser offence to hide the larger and that was what she was doing, trying to confuse the issue with irrelevant facts.

“Slow down and let’s go through this more thoroughly,” I said.

“First this party was at Faith’s home, is that right.”

I knew Faith and wasn’t too fond of her, she was a year older than Marcie and far more “sophisticated,” I’d seen her with boys, older boys at the mall and she was smoking. I thought she came across as a little loose.

“Yes Daddy, it was Faith’s party.”

“Marcie, were her parents there?

I knew Faith’s folks, her father and I were golfing buddies and her mother was a fine woman, how they ended up with Faith, God only knows.

“They were visiting Faith’s grand parents; they won’t be back ‘til tomorrow night.”

Working in one of my incriminating questions I asked, “Marcie, did you know they were going to be away?”

She hesitated so I said, “No secrets, remember?”

“Yes Daddy, I knew.”

“Then you knew I wouldn’t let you go if I knew that, you deceived me didn’t you Marcie?”

She sniveled but answered, “Yes Daddy.”

“Did you know the booze and the marijuana were going to be there?”

“Daddy, I thought we were going to have a few wine coolers, I didn’t know about the weed and the vodka.”

“Who brought that stuff?”

‘Faith already had the marijuana and the wine coolers then, when we’d finished the wine coolers she got into her parents vodka. The boys brought beer but I didn’t drink any of that.”

“Marcie, did you know the boys were going to be there?”

“I knew, Daddy I knew.”

“How many boys were there, Marcie?”

“Four or five, I’m not sure.”

“Ok, you’ve drunk several wine coolers were feeling pretty nice, what happened next?”

“One of the boys was nice to me, he danced with me and he rolled a joint, we shared it then he fixed me a screw driver. We split another joint and he fixed me another drink. He hugged me and kissed me and I thought it was way cool, he was older than me and he liked me.”

“Want to tell me what happened then?”

“No Daddy, I really don’t want to tell you.”

“But you will, won’t you?”

“Daddy, we went into the bedroom and got on the bed together, he kissed me, real kisses, he put his tongue in my mouth. Daddy, I feel so much the fool but it felt nice, nice being kissed by an older boy, nice being held. He put his hand on my breasts and I let him. He played with them, it felt good. He put his hand under my blouse and rubbed me, I didn’t stop him, I couldn’t, it felt so nice. I got tingly and Daddy, not in my breasts, my tummy felt funny, like it was gonna do flip flops and down below, oh Daddy it felt so good.”

“Next?” I inquired.

She hung her head shamefully. “He started rubbing me between my legs and I let him, Oh it felt so good, I felt like I was peeing myself, my panties got wet. Then he started to unbutton my shorts. I pushed his hand away, I said, I’m only fourteen, I’m a virgin what are you doing. He kept trying and I kept pushing him away. Finally he just pinned me down and called, “Jason, come here.”

“I think I’m getting the picture, one of the boys who forced himself on you was the boy you were with, am I right.”

“Continue,” I said.

“Jason came in and shut the door and locked it. He said, “What you got, Jimmie?”

Jimmie said, “I got me a fourteen year old virgin that wants to keep her cherry. So, ok, she keeps her cherry but she gives both of a BJ, sound fair to you?”

“You want me to hold her for you,” Jason asked him.

“No you go ahead, mouths ain’t like pussies, I got no problems with seconds in a mouth.”

“Daddy, I heard the rip of his zipper coming down then he was sitting on my chest and rubbing his penis on my lips. Jimmie squeezed my face, he made me open my mouth and Jason put his thing in my mouth. Oh God Daddy, he pushed way down my throat, I was choking and gagging then he said, “Suck, bitch.”

“Daddy I did, I sucked him, they were hurting me and I was afraid they were going to rape me. I thought if I sucked them they wouldn’t hurt me more.”

“Daddy, it was terrible, he came in my mouth and Jimmie held my lips closed, they made me swallow it then Jimmie did the same thing to me. Oh Daddy, I can still feel their cum in my belly, it’s awful.”

“Anything else you want to tell me?” I asked.

“No Daddy, as soon as they left I ran out, I walked all the way home.”

“So Marcie, let me recap. Like Larry the Cable Guy says, correct me if I’m wrong.”

“First you went to a party at Faith’s home where you knew no parent would be there to chaperone, where you knew alcohol would be available and where boys, older boys you didn’t know would be. Then you drank wine coolers until you ran out. So, you started on vodka and a joint then you had more of both that one of the older boys fixed for you. You went into the bedroom with him, kissed him, let him play with your breasts both over and under your blouse then you let him fondle your privates through your shorts. It was only when he tried to take off your shorts that you fought him. He decided you could keep your virginity but you were going to give him something and then he shared you with his friend. Did I miss anything?”

“It sounds terrible when you put it that way but, yes, that’s what happened.”

“Jesus Marcie, I know when a girl says no, a guy’s suppose to stop, I know all the PC stuff but, facts of life Baby, you play with fire you’re gonna get burned. Be glad they didn’t rape you. By the way, where was Faith while this was going on?”

“She was in another bedroom, with another guy; I heard them before Jimmie took me in the room. Daddy, I don’t think Faith’s a virgin.”

I thought, surprise, surprise.

“Ok, go to bed now, it’s late. We’ll pick this discussion up tomorrow when I get home from work.”

Marcie went to her room but I don’t think her sleep was untroubled; between what had happened to her tonight and what she expected tomorrow night she probably didn’t rest well.

I thought about what Marcie had done, I thought about Jimmie, I hated him for what he’d done but I could almost sympathize, my “perfect daughter” had cock teased him.

Her sins were myriad and she’d pay tomorrow night, she was going to get a spanking and it would be a bottom scorcher. After my decision was made I slept like a baby.

Marcie probably had a long day the next day; she had a lot to think about. For me, it was a normal work day. I’d already dealt with my feelings. Did I want to discipline Marcie, no, of course not; was I going to, you betcha, she’d earned it.

I got home just after six, Marcie had already fixed supper, not normal but, conversely, not uncommon. We had a tossed salad, spaghetti and bread sticks, I poured us each a glass of Chianti. The meal was quiet, conversations limited. After we’d finished Marcie cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. Then she stood mutely waiting for me to say something. I finally did.

“Marcie, go upstairs, my room, and take off your panties then sit on the bed and wait for me. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“But Daddy,” she started, I cut her off.

“Marcie, go up stairs and take off your panties.”

She trudged up the stairs, the weight of the world on her shoulders.

When I entered the room Marcie was sitting on the bed. I sat in a straight backed chair I’d brought in for this evening. I looked; everything was off except her panties.

“Marcie, I thought I said to take off your panties.”

“Please Daddy, please let me keep them,” she said, she had tears in her eyes.

I said, “Come here Marcie.”

She walked to me and stood less than a foot from me. I said, “Marcie, they’re coming off, do you want to do in or do you want me to?”

Her eyes were welling tears but she rolled them over her slim hips and let them drop to the floor, then stepped out of them. She stood before me, her breasts were high, firm and proud, she was developing a woman’s figure, her hips flaring and her pelvis widening. She already had a dark brown pelt, still sparse but filling in. I understood Jimmie’s interest. I said, “Marcie, come stand at my right side.”

She moved and I bent her over my lap, scooching her forward so that her bottom was her highest point. I didn’t wait; I slapped her hard and fast, ten on one check ten on the other, up and down, from the top of her buttocks down to the crease where her butt met her thighs. Marcie was wailing and begging, “Please Daddy, no more, please don’t spank me any more, oooh please Daddy.”

She didn’t know but I’d only just begun. Her transgressions had been severe, so was her punishment going to be.

She was wiggling on my lap, trying to escape. I pinned her down with my left hand and whaled her, spanking her time and again. Her wailing turned to sobs, a scream when I slapped her thighs, then moans. I spanked her, making her pay. Finally she just lay on my lap sobbing. I stopped spanking and let her rest. She started to get off me. I held her down, saying, “You’re not going anywhere yet, we’re not done.”

I picked up the hair brush, nothing fancy, it had been my wife’s; it had a broad flat back and was made of wood. I laid it against Marcie’s bottom, finding the range then I hit her, she yowled and slid forward, I hit her again and again. She’d been flaming red from my hand but now I was bruising her. I gave her about twenty of my best. She was lying limply in my lap, I spread her legs so I could reach her inner thighs and gave her ten on each, she moaned, an agonized moan.

Modesty was beyond her. She lay on my lap, her legs splayed, her cheeks open, I could see all of my little girl’s treasures.

All of the muscles that would have held her closed had been beaten into submission, her labia were agape, her vulva open to view. She was a light; virginal pink, her little rosebud, so tightly clamped was a dusky rose. Because she was open I could smell her, a faint, light delicate scent. The redolence of young virginal pussy; certainly not the sights and smells a disciplinarian Daddy should be considering, no, worse than that, enjoying.

I let her lie across my thighs until she lifted herself.
“Can you help me up Daddy?” She asked.

I helped her to her feet, she nearly collapsed so I steered her to my bed and lay her down on her tummy.

“Why don’t you just lie here for a little while ‘til you feel better.” I said.

She crawled onto my bed and buried her head in my pillow she was still sobbing.

I went down to the kitchen and took a beer out of the fridge; I popped the cap and sipped, replaying what Marcie had done and how I’d dealt with it. I didn’t regret having given her a severe spanking, she’d deserved it. It was the unDaddy like feelings I’d gotten from her sights and smells that disturbed me. She was, after all, my fourteen year old daughter. I’d reacted to her charms, oh God had I reacted, my erection was straining for release when I’d left the room, honestly, I had to get away, let myself calm down. I finished my beer and went back upstairs. Marcie was still sprawled across my bed but at least she’d closed her legs. I looked at her poor abused bottom, surveying the damage I’d inflicted.

I couldn’t help myself; she was in so much evident pain, I asked, “Baby do you want me to put something on you that will take the sting out?”

She murmured, “Please Daddy, if you can.”

There was some aloe vera gel in my bathroom, I got it and sat down on the bed beside Marcie. I inspected my handiwork. From the pink of her hips where only my finger tips had struck during her hand spanking to the fiery reds and crimsons of her thighs and high on her bottom to the purple welts on her sit spots inflicted by the hair brush it was evident that she was in pain. It would look worse tomorrow.

I took some of the aloe and warmed it between my hands and gently applied it. Marcie winced when she felt my hand on her mewling, “Daddy, I hurt.”

“I know, baby, I know. It was suppose to hurt. Don’t you think you deserved it?”

“Daddy, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I just wanted to be a big girl with a boyfriend, I’m sorry.”

“Marcie, you took a lot of risks yesterday, it could have turned out a lot worse,” I talked as I slathered the gel over her.

“Oooh Daddy, I know, I know,” Marcie said with a little sob.

“Is this helping?” I asked.

“A little, it feels cool and I’m burning, it’s helping some.”

I smoothed the cooling gel over her hips and along her outer thighs.

“Can you do my legs Daddy, they’re burning like fire.”

I thought I was doing her legs but she slowly, painfully she parted her thighs. The tender inner flesh was inflamed; I’d used the hair brush.

“If you want me too,” I said.

“Please Daddy, please,” she implored.

Dipping into the jar I got more of the aloe vera, and anointed her where I’d brutalized her.

I was rubbing high on her inner thigh when Marcie shifted her hips; my hand brushed against her lips.

I stopped. There was an intake of breath from both of us, a force was holding us, quietly we both waited.

Marcie broke the silence. “Touch me, Daddy, touch me.”

I shouldn’t, I couldn’t, I did. I reached under her; she lifted her hips to give me better access, and cupped her sex.

A finger spread her lips and glided along her pink slit, I watched as if it was someone else’s hand. I wished it was someone else’s hand but it wasn’t, it was mine.

A finger probed forward encountering her clitoris; it was swelling being engorged with blood, sensitive to my touch.

Marcie rode my hand, humping against it, grinding her pelvis. Her breathing changed becoming shallow and raspy.

From deep in her throat I heard a small moan then she sighed, “Oooh, oooh, oooh.”

She shivered, I could see the moisture form on her lips as she climaxed. I let my finger wander down her vulva. I found her; small and tight opening and probed it, slipping into her to the first knuckle and pumping her; shallowly, I didn’t want to break her hymen, at least not with a finger.

Marcie was pushing back, forcing my finger a little deeper each time. With my other hand I reached under her, toying with her clit, pulling on it, teasing its pearly tip.

She rode me faster and faster, her cheeks spreading as she pumped up; I rested my thumb against her there and pressed. My hand was still slick with the aloe, the tip of my thumb slid in.

Marcie wailed and bucked back, her clenching anus was drawing my thumb further in. She wailed again then ground down, pressing, her clit hard against my finger. Her body trembled, she moaned, a deep guttural moan and her love juice flowed from her.

I massaged her back and stroked her hair as she recovered.

Propping herself on her elbow she looked back at me. Her eyes were tear stained and her hair was lank and sweat matted. She smiled at me; she was beautiful.

I still had a raging hard-on, my shaft as rigid as a titanium rod; it was bulging from under the leg of my shorts.

Marcie asked, “Daddy, what did you do to me, your finger was nice but when you pushed in my bottom I thought I saw stars then my insides turned to molten liquid and flowed out of me, God Daddy, sore bottom and all, I’ve never felt any thing like it, never felt so good. Can we do it again?”

I nodded, yes but I was thinking, oh yes we’ll do it again, we’ll do it again and more. It was all that I could do from taking her right now. My balls were cum filled and aching, I was more aroused than I could ever remember; oh yes, we’d do it again.

Marcie was still looking at me expectantly like she was waiting for me do or say something.

After a few moments of silence she asked, “Do you want me Daddy, do you want to go in me? I want you to.”

“Baby, I’d hurt you and you’re already so sore.”

“Daddy, my bottom hurts and I really didn’t want that. I know you’ll hurt me, I want that hurt, please Daddy?”

She’d rolled on her back as she was talking to me. She spread her thighs and said once more, “Please Daddy.”

I moved between her legs and opened her with my fingers, guiding my cock to her vagina, we didn’t need any lubricant, she was still slick with her fluids. I pressed forward until I pressed against her hymen.

I stopped and said, “Marcie, this is going to hurt.”

“I know Daddy, I know.”

I thrust forward, breaking her, I felt her fragile membrane being ripped, then I was into her, all the way, buried in my fourteen year old daughter and I started to stroke.

Marcie had given a yelp of pain when the evidence of her virginity was shredded and her eyes leaked tears but she was smiling.

She’s given me a girl’s greatest gift and she was pleased that I’d taken it. I smiled back.

Her pussy was so tight, even slippery with her cum and her blood it was like being gripped by a velvet glove.

I continued to thrust. This was the best I’d ever had, not my wife, none of my lady friends; Marcie, my fourteen year old daughter.

I knew I wouldn’t last very long; her constricting cunt was clutching me. I was holding Marcie’s hips. Her body began to tremble and I watched her tummy, her muscles were rippling and I enjoyed the spasming of her vagina, clenching, milking me.

I pushed deeply into her and pulled her back against me, as a series of orgasms roiled through her, I roared as cups, quarts, gallons of cum poured from me, I drove into her, my pulsating cock filling her, overflowing her; her tight vagina was still gripping me as I stroked out.

I leaned back, on my knees; I was still between Marcie’s legs. I gazed at her and I felt remorse, what had I done?

Marcie was watching me, I think she read my thoughts, she said, “Don’t Daddy, I wanted this to happen, and I’m happy. Can I sleep with you tonight?”

I asked, “You want to get your nightie and clean up?”

“No, I want to sleep naked. I’ll clean up in the morning but I want to keep you in me tonight.”

Her comment about keeping me in her; she could get pregnant; Marcie had been having her periods for three years. I hadn’t thought about that earlier but I sure thought about it now, I needed to get some condoms.

It wasn’t all that late but both of us were tired. I turned off the lamp and we lay down. I was holding her, her head against my chest, we both dozed off.

In the middle of the night, in the throes of an exotic dream, I woke up. I cursed my luck; I didn’t want it to end. And it didn’t; Marcie was under the sheet, her head was bobbing up and down, she had me in her mouth.

I had a most irreverent thought; I thought she must have learned something from those boys, she was taking me deep in her throat, she had almost my entire length contained.
I just laid back and enjoyed it, watching her head bounce.

She licked along my shaft, teased the head with her tongue then went down on me again. God, it felt fantastic, I hadn’t had a good blow job in years.

I felt the cum rising and warned her, she just continued to bob. I arched my back and released, pumping my ropy cream, she swallowed. She sucked me ‘til I was soft then she came up from under the covers and beamed at me, she had dribbles of cum at the corners of her mouth, she swirled her tongue and wiped them off.

“Hi Daddy,” She said.

“Come up here and let me hold you,” I answered. She crawled into my arms and we finished our night’s rest.

I was the first awaken. Marcie was sleeping on her stomach. I lifted the sheet off her bottom. She was kaleidoscope of color, deep red, flaming red, purples of various shades, blue and a little yellow was evident, she’ be uncomfortable sitting today.

I kissed her on the cheek and she opened her sleep blurred eyes. She turned her face toward me and I kissed her lips and rolled her onto her back. Her pert little breasts lured me in; I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it while I played with the other circling the aureole then lightly pinching and squeezing.

I moved down her body, kissing her belly then further, over her mound, I tongued her slit. Her vaginal opening was red and swollen, evidence of her lost virginity. I sucked on her clit, tugging on it with my lips, laving it with my tongue. Marcie was lubricating, I used her moisture to dampen my fingers spread her bottom and slid into her anus. Her little rosebud clenched then relaxed then clenched. I pumped in and out of her while I sucked harder on her clit, teasing its tip with my tongue.

She was pumping her bottom working me deeper into her, my entire finger was buried in her bowels when she climaxed, her body trembling, she wrapped her legs around my hear, riding my tongue while her little bottom worked my finger pumping herself on me. She shuddered and moaned. I held her tight continuing to lick and pump. As she came down from her high I looked up at her pretty face. I was still buried in her bottom.

“Daddy, that feels nice,” As she contracted her tight anal ring holding my finger in her. She pumped her little bottom a couple of times and said, “That feels real nice, are you going to do me there, Daddy?”

I was a little taken aback by her question but then I thought, she seems to be quite anal erotic.

My finger was still in her. I wiggled it and asked, “Do you want me to.”

She paused for a moment in thought then said, “Yes I think so, your finger feel so nice, it excites me, yes, I want you to.”

“Baby, I’m a lot bigger than my finger, I could hurt you.”

“I know, Daddy.”

“Daddy, I have to go potty.”

I pulled my finger out and helped her up saying, “Why don’t you use yours, I want to get a shower.”

“Ok,” she said as she bounced down the hall.

I drained the mule and showered. Put on a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops and went down stairs to fix breakfast.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and juice were waiting when Marcie came down. She had on a light, summer weight dress. Surprising, she’s a shorts and tee shirt kinda girl. I said, “Cute dress.”

She pirouetted around, with her back to me she lifted the back of her dress saying, “No panties, I tried, they hurt and I sure wasn’t going to wear shorts with no panties.”

“Want a pillow to sit on,” I asked.

“I’ll be okay,” as she sat and dished out some eggs.

After we’d finished eating Marcie got up to leave. I asked her to stay a few minutes, I wanted to talk.

Sipping my coffee I said, “Marcie, I think you deserved what you got last night. You may not agree but that’s done and over. I want to talk to you about Faith. I think you were guilty but I also think you were a victim albeit a willing victim, but I think Faith bears a lot of the responsibility, she set it up. She knew her folks were going to be away so she scheduled the party while they were out of town, is that true?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“Marcie, I want you to call her, ask her for dinner and ask her to bring some clothes, to plan on spending the night with you, can you do that?”

“Sure Daddy, I can do it but what if she says no?”

“You tell her I want to talk to her about the party. If she doesn’t want to talk to me I’ll take it up with her parents, ok?”

“Ok Daddy but what are you going to do?”

“Wait ‘til tonight, I’ll let you know and be sure to tell her what happened to you.”


“You get it set up, I’ve got to run out and do a little shopping.”

I didn’t need much but I did need to get to the drug store, I purchased two dozen condoms. Then I stopped at the supermarket and got the makings of a salad. I was planning a simple supper, tossed salad, pasta and garlic bread sticks, iced tea, Coke or red wine.

I put things away and got a container of my frozen sauce out to thaw. Marcie wasn’t around. She was upstairs, laying on my bed reading.

I asked, “Want another treatment with the aloe?”

“Please, yes,” she replied as she pulled the dress over her head.

I got the aloe; I also got a tube of KY Jelly. I laid them both on my night stand, then tapping her hip I said, “Scoot over.”

I sat beside her and slathered the gel on, gently massaging it in, cooling and soothing the burn I’d created. She spread her thighs and I smoothed the lotion along the insides of each.

Then I parted her lips, letting my fingers glide up and down her glistening slit. I didn’t finger her vagina; it was still red and swollen. I rubbed her rosebud with one hand while I diddled with her clit with the other.

When she started to work her hips, pushing back against the pressure on her anus I got the KY. I took a huge glob and pressed it into her then followed it with a finger, letting her pump against me, letting her do the work. I squirted another glob on her ring and pressed a second finger in. She gave a little sigh and humped harder. Both fingers were buried in her when I introduced a third. That one elicited a gasp; still she tried to force me deeper. I thought she was ready. I was going to take it easy on her; I’d enter her from behind and let her push back against me, sliding in at her pace.

I took my fingers out and got up, dropped my shorts and peeled off my tee shirt.

Marcie moaned, “Don’t stop.”

“I’m not baby, I’m not,” I said as I lay down beside her and turned her onto her side, her back to me.

I circled her hips and pulled her bottom to my groin. “Arch your back, baby.”

She did and her tight little bottom was presented to me. I guided the head of my cock to her rosebud, pressed against it and pushed in.

Marcie moaned, “Oooh, oooh, ooooooooh,” as I slid deeper.

“Daddy, it hurts and I’m so full. You’re stretching me, oooh, oooh.”

Even as she moaned, she was edging back against me, forcing me deeper. I let her take me at her pace. That was pretty fast, I was buried, maxed out in just a few moments.

She didn’t wait for me, she was bucking against me, incoherent noises were coming from her throat, moans, growls, grunts; she slid her hand under mine, I was encircling her waist, holding her tight against me, letting her buck. She went for her clit and started masturbating herself while she rode my cock.

I’ve fucked a few gals in the ass but never one like Marcie, God, she loved it. She started contracting on me, squeezing me with her sphincter muscle. Like a little python she was constricting me, milking me, pulling the juice out of me into her with her hot clasping bottom. She was trembling in my arms, pounding me with her bottom, wailing as her orgasm shook her. I was just behind, growling like a beast as my cream filled her, flooding her bowels, flowing into her dark, dank depths.

I was spent, but she continued to squeeze me until I softened and fell out.

She rolled over, hugged me and gave my a big kiss, saying, “Oh Daddy that was wonderful, I felt so full; I still feel full, I’m going to keep you in me forever.”

Typical teenager, she added, “Oh and Daddy we need to pick Faith up around five thirty, ok?”

We just lounged around all day, we traded oral and I broke out a condom. After we’d had sex Marcie said, “I can go on birth control pills, you know, the school nurse will give them to me.”


“Really and I think I should, don’t you?”

“I think that would be a good idea.”

“Ok, I’ll see her Monday.”

It was Saturday; I thought I’d get to use at least a few of the rubbers.

We got to Faith’s house just at five thirty, I went to the door and knocked, Faith’s father, my golfing buddy answered. “Afternoon Fred.” I said.

“Hey Mac, come on in, Faith will be ready in a few.”

I guess I should have introduced myself. My name’s Colin McNaughton but every one calls me Mac.

“I didn’t see you at the course today, how come.”

“Ah Fred, you know how it is, I had things I had to get done at the house.”

“Well, don’t let work get in the way of your golf, I always say.”

“Yeah Fred, I agree with you but this was real important stuff.”

Faith came down then, she had a little overnight bag. I took it from her.

“Fred said, bye sweetheart.”

Faith’s reply was almost surly, “Yeah, bye Dad.”

When we got back to the house I cooked and served supper. Every body had opted for wine. We’d finished the meal and were sitting at the table, sipping the last of the wine.

“Mac, you wanted to talk to me about the party?” Faith said.

“Yes, I want to talk about the party.”

“Is that all you want to do just talk,” she asked.

“For now, what I’d like to know is why, why did you do something like that?”

Faith looked at Marcie and said, “Marcie, can I talk to your Dad alone?”

Marcie sat for a moment then started to get up.

Faith changed her mind saying, “Ah hell stay here Marcie, I know all about what happened to you, you may as well know about me.”

I looked at Marcie with a quizzical expression, I’d expected her to tell Faith about the spanking but it seemed she’d told everything, she confirmed it.

“Daddy, I told Faith everything about last night.”

“Ok Faith but that doesn’t explain why you did what you did, tell me that.”

“I did that, like I do a lot of things, I’m rebellious, I’m hurt and I’m angry, I do things to try to hurt them, my parents and end up just hurting myself.”

“Faith, why would you want to hurt your parents, I know them, they seem like decent enough people.”

“No Mac, you don’t know them. Goodtime Fred, outgoing, happy guy, every one loves him and prim, proper Angie, never a misstep, that’s what people think, but that’s not who they are.”

“Old Goodtime Fred took my virginity when I was ten, that’s right he’s been screwing me for five years. I’ve been on the pill since I had my first period. He fucks me two or three times a week, even when I’m on my period. He doesn’t care; he takes me in my bed. I’m the one who has to change the bloody sheets.”

“Faith, have you told your mother or anyone?”

“I don’t need to tell my mother, she knows, he doesn’t make any real effort to hide it. No, prim and proper Angie won’t say or do a thing, she’s afraid to, that’s why she’s so prim and proper, she’s afraid to make a mistake, even a little mistake can cost her.”

“What do you mean even a little mistake costs her?”

“Mac, Mom’s terrified of my Dad; if she drops a dish, a little mistake, he punishes her. He spanks, not me, me he fucks, her he spanks. For a little mistake it’s a ten minute hand spanking, her panties to her knees while it happens. A little worse, let’s say she pays a bill a day or two late and gets a late charge. For that, she’s across his lap with her panties off, she can keep her top but her bottoms bare and she gets the paddle, it’s a wooden paddle like they used to use in schools like a hundred years ago. Worse yet, say she bounces a check or, God forbid, dents a fender, she really pays. She’s stripped naked and he lays her over the edge of the bed and whips her with a belt. I’ve seen her afterwards, Mac, it’s terrible.”

I just sat looking at her, finally I said, “Why don’t you go to your school counselor or the police?”

“Mac, Dad makes really good money, if I told he’d go to jail but we’d be broke, Mom doesn’t work, she’d lose the house and we’d go hungry, and if he was arrested but he got off, he’d beat us both within an inch of our lives, he’s got us trapped and he knows it.”

“Faith the way you tell it you and your mom really are trapped. I wish there was some way we could help. Maybe if you spent more time over here, away from him it wouldn’t be as bad.”

“It wouldn’t make much difference; he’d just get me when I’m home, he doesn’t even care if mom’s there, he just shuts and locks my door.”

“Mac, the things I just told you, they’re true, if anything, I held back some stuff but that doesn’t change what I did the other night, does it?”

“Really appreciate your honesty, it shows a lot of character but, I guess you’re right Faith.”

“I know I am and I feel responsible for what happened to Marcie. If she got what she got, I want you to give me the same thing, everything that you did; it’ll be my penance for putting my friend at risk and in pain.”

“Faith, you’re sure about that, everything?”

“I know what you’re asking, and yes, I mean everything. Marcie said you treated her nicely, gently when you made love to her; I’d like to know what that’s like. Dad says I have the best pussy he’s ever had; he wants me more that he wants my Mom and maybe he does, he only takes her about once a month, but he doesn’t treat me nice. He expects me to strip and lay on the bed when he comes in my room. Then he just ruts me like a dog taking a bitch. That’s exactly what he makes me feel like, his bitch.”

I thought, there wasn’t much more to say, though I did say, “Marcie would you take Faith up to your room so she can get ready. Meet me in my room in ten minutes.”

In my room I pulled the chair to the middle of the room, got the hair brush and put along with the aloe and a tube of KY on the night stand, I was ready.

In Marcie’s room things were going a little slower.

Faith said, “Marcie, I’m scared. I feel like I’m going to have diarrhea and I want to pee.”

“Then why don’t you go sit on the potty for a few minutes, I’ll get out your things.”

When Faith came out she said, “I peed.”

Marcie asked, “Faith, do you want to be naked, just wearing your robe or do you want to put on your clothes, he’ll just make you take them off?”

“I’m gonna wear my clothes,” she answered.

“You ready,” Marcie asked.

“Yes,” she answered as she kicked off her sandals. She still had on her bra and tee shirt and shorts and panties as the walked to Mac’s room.

Marcie sat on the bed, she was going to watch.

Faith stood beside her.

I said, “I thought you’d be ready, Faith, please take off your clothes.”

Faith lifted her tee shirt over her head and handed it to Marcie; she stood for a moment then unhooked her bra and let it fall off her shoulders, giving it to Marcie, too. She paused, taking deep breaths, trying to steady herself; her breasts rose and fell with each inhale and exhale.

Slowly she tugged her shorts down, letting them fall to the floor. She bent, picked them up and added them to Marcie’s collection. She stood in just her panties, they had a low cut waist, the leg holes were cut high up to her hips, the had the effect of accentuating her groin. She stood.

I waited, she stood still, finally I said, “Faith, take off your panties.”

Slowly she rolled them down over her hips; she slid them down her long, slender legs and took them over her feet. She stood and added them to the pile on Marcie’s lap.

She stood waiting and I watched, I watched an amazingly beautiful young woman, I could see that she was trembling a little but my God, she could have been a Goddess. Faith had long, luxurious blonde hair, her eyes were blue, as dark blue as the deep sea. Her face would have shamed most leading ladies and her breasts were full, not huge, perhaps 34 C cups but they were high with large aureoles and generous, dark nipples. Her waist was slender but her hips flared, a woman’s hips. And yes, she was a natural blonde; her mons veneris was amply covered but neatly trimmed providing the perfect terminus for her slim, shapely legs. Faith was stately, already nine inches over five feet and though I couldn’t see it now, though I soon would, I knew her bottom was near perfection, each cheek rounded like a ripe melon separated by a chasm where heaven surely awaited. She was unfathomably lovely.

And I was unmoved, I said, “Faith, please come and stand at my right side.” She walked to me and took her place.

“Marcie, please move to the chair, Faith will need the bed in a little while.” I would also give her a far better view.

“Faith, please lie across my lap,”

Slowly she bent, face down, bent so that she hung over my left side, her hair falling forward to wreath her face. I jiggled her a little, getting her in perfect position, her pulchritudinous posterior the apex of the vee her body was creating over my lap; I slapped her, no delay, no preamble, I slapped her. I pummeled her cheeks, beating her almost irrationally, what she’d done to my daughter, what Marcie had had to endure, the near rape, the punishment, the fear and the agony Marcie had lived through, I made Faith pay for them now, oh how I made Faith pay.

She was writhing in my lap, I pinned her down, she was kicking and screaming, I slapped harder. My hand stung, it burned but not as badly as it was making her ass burn. She might do her things again and I understood, I really did, but she wouldn’t do it with MY daughter. I beat her until she was lying, broken and sobbing across my lap, she was gathering herself, I could feel her body assembling its meager resources, preparing to rise. She thought she’d endured it. I pressed down on the small of her back saying, “Stay where you are, we’re not done.”

A shudder passed through her body and she went limp on my lap.

She rasped, she could hardly speak, she pled, “Please stop, please Mac, please stop.”

I looked over at Marcie, her eyes were agog. “Marcie, bring me the hair brush, it’s on the night stand,” I asked

I’d took the hair brush Marcie while Faith and I talked, I said, “The rest is coming now,”

Before I’d even struck, her she wailed, “Please Mac don’t.”

And then I hit her, I centered on her spank spot, low on her bottom; the crack of the wood resounded off female flesh, the second blow echoed the first.

Faith wailed in agony, she tried to squirm away, I pinned her, pressing down on the small of her back and spanked her thighs then up to the junction between thigh and buttocks, up to the top and down the other side, she was a fiery red with some bruising starting to show. She’d gotten the same as Marcie; there was only one thing to add.

I separated her long shapely legs so I could access her inner thighs. She got ten whacks on each. Faith lay, motionless, mewling like an injured kitten.

Marcie stirred in her chair, I looked over and was surprised at her reaction, she had her hand up under her dress, masturbating. She was staring at Faith, her abused bottom and her spread thighs. Marcie was staring intently at Faith’s pussy and masturbating; I looked away.

I rubbed Faith’s back and stroked her hair, saying, “It’s over Faith, it’s over.”

When she got control of her breathing I helped her stand and led her to the bed; she crawled on. She was still sobbing; she pulled my pillow to and buried her face.

I said, “Rest for a little while. I’ll be back soon to try to give you a little help.”

I went down to the kitchen and got a bottle of beer; I popped the cap and sipped, staring at the darkness out the window, just killing time, thinking. I was thinking what a pleasure it was going to be to slip my cock into that beauty resting on my bed, upstairs. I thought about her father, Fred. Was I any better? With what I’d done with Marcie and what I was planning to do with Faith I would be judged a pedophile. Fred would be, too.
Was I any different?

I thought, yes, I am different. He raped and beat, he was a sadistic pedophile. I had beaten the girls but for a valid reason and nobody had been raped.

I went back upstairs. Marcie was on the bed with Faith, rubbing her back. Marcie jumped, startled, her other hand had been under Faith’s chest; she’d been fondling her breast.

Marcie got off, I asked her to hand me the aloe. I took a handful and saying, “This might be chilly; I slathered it on her bottom. I rubbed it down over her hips then I opened her legs and smoothed along her inner thighs.

I cupped her sex and opened her lips, thumbing her vagina and fingering her clit I asked, “Does that feel good, Faith.”

When she started to grind against my hand I took my thumb from her vagina and, spreading her cheeks I rested it against her brown eye and pressed.

She was humping my finger, I slid my thumb into her bottom, she gasped then moaned and stopped her pelvis action. I took my thumb out and just rubbed her ring, the humping started again. No too anal erotic I thought, she’s probably virgin there and I intended to take it.

I let her ride my finger ‘til she’d had a small orgasm. I could see the moisture from her.

I asked, “Did that feel good, Faith?”

She turned her head toward me and answered, “Yes, that felt nice, real nice.”

I helped her to turn onto her back; she opened her legs, lifting her knees. I recalled that she’d said she was on the pill, bareback it would be.

I slid my cock along her vulva, found her entrance and pushed in. I slid in smoothly; she was still tight, no doubt a combination of youth and good muscle tone; she was tight like a sexual active young woman not like a teenaged virgin. I leaned back on my knees so I could see the action, my cock pumping in and out of her. I took her left hand and directed it to her clit, got her massaging herself and I thrust harder, faster; she climaxed, the first orgasm shaking her followed by a rolling series of smaller ones. I released into her and pumped out, softened and pulled out. I stayed between her legs for a little while, studying her body from face to pussy; she was truly a beautiful girl.

I rolled off and lay beside her, propped up on one elbow so I could see her face I said, “You can sleep here if you want to.” She nodded yes.

“Do you want your panties and a nightie?” I asked.

She nodded no.

Marcie had heard me ask Faith if she wanted to sleep with me. She jumped up from the chair saying, “I want to sleep with you too, can I Daddy?”

My bed was a big California King, there was room for three. I said ok.

Marcie went to the bathroom, I heard her peeing when she came out she was nude. She’d taken off her dress.

Marcie started from the bottom of the bed and wormed her way between Faith and me. She was on her tummy, her face turned to me.

She said, “Will you rub my bottom, too.”

I took just a little aloe and rubbed it in. Her bruising still showed but she wasn’t near as tender. She wiggled her bottom; I knew what she really wanted.

I spread her cheeks and rubbed her ring. She was already slick; the little vixen had already lubricated herself. She said, “Please Daddy.”

The thought of getting in her tight little ass had me hard again.

“This way Daddy,” she said as she pulled her knees under her and raised her ass.

I pulled my pillow over and pushed her down to lay her head on it.

Faith was watching as I moved behind Marcie. I pressed the head of my cock against her anus and pushed through her sphincter, I kept pushing, burying myself in her. Marcie wailed at the violence of my intrusion, it brought tears to her eyes. She sobbed into the pillow.

Faith was stroking Marcie’s hair and talking to her, “Relax Marcie, just relax sweetheart,” she was saying.

Marcie turned her head so she could look at Faith. I heard her ask, “Will you help me Faith, please help me.”

“What can I do, Marcie?”

“Play with me, please play with me, help me relax.”

Faith put her hand over Marcie’s pussy and slipped a finger in, massaging her clitoris.

Margie moaned, “Oh yes, oh yes.”

Relax my ass, I thought, the little bitch wants her girlfriend to play with her cunt.

Marcie was being rammed back and forth from my action, she was riding Faith’s finger with the same rhythm.

Marcie started to tremble, she was about to cum and so was I, I pumped harder and faster.

When she climaxed Marcie grunted from my pounding then wailed, I matched her sound for sound as I exploded into her, filling her guts with my hot cream. She clenched me with her tight ring, milking me dry. I fell out.

I was still behind her; Marcie was still on her knees.

Faith gasped and I looked at her she said, “That was awesome, totally awesome, oh man.”

Marcie echoed, “Yeah, totally awesome.”

Marcie lay down and I got up, “Girls I’m going to have a beer, can I bring you something?”

“No, thanks Mac, I just want to lie here and rest, thanks anyway.”

“Me, too Daddy.”

I went downstairs, got a beer and sat on the patio, then I got a second beer. It was about half an hour before I went back upstairs.

When I approached my room, I suppose I should have been surprised and shocked but I wasn’t, Marcie and Faith were locked in a 69. Marcie was on top hunching Faith’s face while sucking on her cunt. They were both whimpering and cooing, paying no attention to anything but each other. I didn’t interrupt.

It was lewdly erotic, exciting and arousing to watch. I waited until they’d gotten each other off before I stepped into the room. “Was the snack tasty?” I grinned at them.

“Daaadeee,” Marcie whined.

“I’m ready to go to sleep, how about you gals?” I asked.

Marcie said, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Faith echoed, “Me too.”

I was in bed when they got back, I wondered how they’d disburse and was happy when they climbed in, one on each side of me; I guess they still like guys.

Marcie had drifted off and I was nodding when I felt a hand grip me and masturbate me, when I was hard she gave a little tug, I rolled on my side.

Faith rolled over, too, then she pushed her bottom against my groin and ground it against me. She whispered, “Mac, will you?”

She arched her back, opening herself. I felt along her slit, she was already wet. I slid into her and she pushed back, taking me all the way in.

Faith stopped moving and worked her vaginal muscles, I just held her, enjoying the sensation.

She released me and I stroked her slowly, she was cooing with pleasure, “Mac that feels nice, so nice, this is the way it’s suppose to feel, isn’t it.”

I said, “Yes sweetheart, it is.”

She quivered as she had a small orgasm and I released a sweet release, into her. We went to sleep, she in my arms and I in her pussy.

I awoke to Marcie sucking me, God, she was good. After I’d cum I said, “Now that’s the way to start the day.” And got up. I told them, “Breakfast will be ready in half an hour.”

I toasted some English muffins, fried rounds of Canadian bacon, poached some eggs and made a blender Hollandaise Sauce, building Eggs Benedicts. I balled a small cantaloupe and half a Honey Dew, drizzled honey and lime juice over it and put in serving cups, then I fixed a pitcher of Mimosas. The coffee was already made, I’d started it first and I called the girls.

Both were attired only in light robes, Marcie said, “Wow, fancy Daddy, and Mimosas, too?”

“I’ve had a lot of fun, well, except for the spanking anyway, and I wanted to celebrate.”

“Way cool,” they both said in unison.

We ate breakfast and were sipping the last of the Mimosas when I asked, “What do you gals want to do?”

Again, in unison they answered, “Bed.”

Sounded like fun to me, I let them lead me upstairs.

I thought Marcie would be in the middle of the action, but instead, she became an observer.

Faith lay on the bed and pulled me down with her, to her, she kissed me, a passionate kiss then said, “Mac, suck my breasts, please suck my breasts. I slid down, took one of her nipples between my lips and sucked while, on the other I circled her aureole and gently twisted and tugged. I alternated between the two then moved lower, kissing her sides and across her tummy, tonguing her little innie belly button, further down, over her mound, nicely furred but neatly trimmed and finally, to her treasure.

I parted her lips and looked, she was the dusky red of an adult woman, a woman with numerous sexual experiences that had engorged her with blood, leaving its trace, its color in her tissue, and her aroma, though heady was deep, strong and scented of musk, an experienced woman’s scent. I covered her with my mouth and drank her in, she was lubricating as I lapped at her, I drank her in, she began to tremble in my arms, I moistened a finger in her and pressed against her tight ring, asking for entrance to her back door. She relaxed, I entered. Not yet, not this time, but soon I wanted her here, for now I wanted her taste.

I covered her clitoris with my lips, it was red, swollen, desire laden. I sucked and teased it with my tongue. My finger was working a slow rhythm but my lips pulled and tugged at her opal tipped gem. I used the tip of my tongue, inflaming her; she ground her cunt into my face and rode me faster. Her orgasm was building, she was panting with her efforts, her juices were flowing freely.

She was trembling, the muscles of her tummy clenching; she scissored my head, gripping me tightly, holding me in place, she was still covered by my lips as she exploded, a mind blowing climax, she rocked against me, wailing, pumping, grinding. I drank her in, sucking her vagina, flooding my mouth with her pungent flow, tasting her tangy nectar, drinking from the flesh chalice of a Goddess.

Faith slowly recovered, her breathing became slow and regular, she opened her eyes, she looked awed by her experience, she said, “God Mac I didn’t know it could be like that, I felt high as the stars, then everything gushed out of me, it was a river of pleasure, hot and intense flowing out between my legs, my insides poured out.”

I let her talk, I smiled but didn’t interrupt, she was reliving the experience and I wanted her to keep the wonderful feelings.

She finally quieted; I had knelt beside her, watching her face while she talked. Now I turned her onto her tummy and pulled her across my lap.

Marcie had anticipated me. She’d gotten up. She handed me the tube of KY Jelly, “Here Daddy, I think you’ll need this now,” she said.

Faith watched Marcie then looked at me, eyes questioning. Then she knew, not a question but a statement she said, “You’re going to take me now.”

I nodded, yes and began to prepare her.

After she was ready, I slicked some of the lube onto me and straddled her hips.

I lifted her to her knees. Again Marcie anticipated, she moved a pillow under Faith head and eased her face down. I heard her whisper, “Relax, just relax, I’ll help you.”

Marcie looked back at me and nodded yes.

I moved to her and pressed against her ring, it was tight and unyielding. Marcie rubbed her back and crooned for her to relax. I felt a lessening of tension and pushed into her.

When I passed through her rosebud, Faith’s head jerked up and she wailed. I stopped, giving her the opportunity to become accustomed to her invader. She dropped her head back to the pillow, making mewling noises. I probed deeper, slowly, slowly I slid into her, stretching flesh that had never been stretched, exploring depths that had never been plumbed; I was all the way in, I rested.

Then I started to pump, an easy in and out motion, slowly working my hips, filling her then emptying her then filling her again.

Faith was whimpering. Marcie rubbed her back and stroked her hair, “You’ll be fine Faith, you’ll be fine, stay relaxed,” she was saying.

I rocked back and picked up my pace, thrusting, my balls hitting her pussy as I started to pound her.

Marcie was still stroking her and crooning to her but I watched as she put her hand under her. She slid two fingers between Faith’s lips and found her clit.

Marcie held her hand in place letting my pumping action provide the rubbing, the stimulation. Faith responded, pushing back, wanting the feel of Marcie’s hand. She got that, she also drove herself back on me, forcing me deeper.

I took a moment to admire, her ass was beautifully shaped, two red melons separated by my intruding cock. I watched as I slid in and out of her, it heightened my arousal; I gripped her hips and pounded her hard

I came, God did I cum, gush after gush of my hot cream lubricated her bowels, filling her, flooding her.

I was holding Faith up, slowly pumping out, Marcie was still fingering her, Faith shuddered, she’d gained a little orgasm. I released her hips, she collapsed to the mattress, I rode her down then rolled off.

I gave Faith a hug and was kissing the side of her face when I Marcie climbed back on the bed.

A warm wetness enveloped me; Marcie had me in her mouth. She looked up, smiled and said, “Lay back and enjoy.”

I did. She laved my cock with long licking strokes of her tongue, cleaning me.

She moved to Faith. Marcie spread her cheeks, her anus was red and distended, still agape, oozing my cum. Marcie placed her mouth over Faith’s opening and sucked, pulling out my juice then she licked her clean.

Faith had passed out or gone to sleep, she had to be exhausted.

Marcie got off the bed saying, “Come on Daddy, let’s let her rest.”

She took my hand and led me to her room. Like mine, she had an overstuffed chair, comfortable for reading or lounging, legs resting over its big arms.

I hadn’t noticed, she’d picked up the KY; she handed it to me now and lay across the chair’s arm saying, “My turn.”

She reached back with both hands, parting her cheeks; her little brown eye was winking. Adding a little lube, I plunged in, pushing forward until I was buried in her. Marcie mouthed, “Ooof,” when I penetrated her then pressed back against me. I stroked into her, long strokes. Having just cum, my desire wasn’t urgent. I spent over ten minutes enjoying her treasures, through her anus, into her rectum I was delving into her depths, my little girl.

I felt Marcie’s ring clench me. She said, “Hurry up Daddy, I’m ready to cum.”

I fucked her faster, her slim body shook as she climaxed, her juices soaking my balls, then I came, not explosive but nice, I stroked her until I‘d softened and fallen out.

I stepped back and Marcie stood up saying, “Thank you Daddy.”

I smiled at her, answering, “No need to thank me Baby, the pleasure was all mine.”

I soon learned that my little girl would drop her panties and spread her cheeks in a trice; bent over a chair, up on her knees, anyway she could she wanted her bottom filled. It truly was my pleasure.

We lollygagged around the rest of the day, pausing only to eat. We worked through the positions of the Kama Sutra plus a few more that the girls invented. They were both sore and so was I, they were so cum filled they should have sloshed when they walked; I knew I sure didn’t have any left.

Sadly, the day ended; we had to take Faith home. She promised that she’d be back the next Saturday.

She was, that Saturday and every Saturday and we’d play, sometimes she’d spend the night, sometimes not; we shared lust and love. I loved both of them and they loved me and we all lusted for each other. The only downer was that Fred was still taking her several times a week and she still had to hear her Mother’s cries as Fred whipped her.

Several months into our relationship Faith arrived at our door early, she’d ridden the bus. She needed to talk.

I poured coffee and we all sat at the table. We listened as Faith told her story.

“It was bad last night, Dad came home and he’d been drinking, I went to bed early, trying to avoid him but it didn’t work, he came to my room. He didn’t even bother to undress, he just unzipped, pulled up my nightie and took my panties off then he just rammed into me. I was dry and he hurt me, I screamed from the pain, I shouldn’t have but I did. He was pumping me when Mom called out asking if something was the matter. He finished up in me, zipped back up and opened my door. Mom was in the hall and she said, “Is something wrong Fred, I thought I heard Faith scream.” “We were talking,” he replied.

Then Mom pushed it, something she never does. She said, “Then why did she scream Fred?”

Dad doesn’t like to be questioned, he said, “Go to the bedroom and take off your panties, Angie.”

I thought, oh God, she’d going to get the paddle. She knew it, too. She pleaded, “Please Fred, don’t.”

He simply repeated, “Angie, take off your panties and get ready.”

I heard her sob as she went to the bedroom then a few minutes later I heard wood strike flesh. She screamed once then all I heard was him beating her and her tears.”

I got up early and left. I wanted to be with people who love me, a place where I wasn’t afraid, she said, “Let’s go upstairs,” and led the way.

We enjoyed each other, Marcie and I both spent a little more time with Faith but she was in need.

I had just taken Marcie from behind and was kissing Faith; I wanted to taste her, when the phone rang.

It was late afternoon, nearly dusk; I wondered who would be calling, probably some pesky telemarketer, I nearly didn’t answer but I did.

“Hello,” I said.

“Mac, this is Angie, is Faith there?”

“Yes, she’d here, Angie, is something wrong?”

“Mac, I need her to come home, there’s been a terrible accident.”

“Angie, what is it?”

“A State Trooper was here, he just left. I guess Fred spent a little too much time in the Nineteenth Hole after his round of golf, drank too much and tried to drive home. He ran the stop sign where the county road crosses Route 7, into the path of a semi. The truck couldn’t stop; it hit Fred doing around sixty and drove his Lincoln over 200 feet before he could get stopped. Fred’s car was crushed, Fred didn’t survive.”

“Angie, we’ll all be there in a few minutes,” I said before hanging up.

“Get dressed girls, we need to go. Faith, Fred was killed in a car wreck, that was your Mother, she wants you at home.”

Faith seemed unmoved by the news. She pulled her panties on, shoved her bra into her purse and donned her shorts and tee shirt. Marcie followed suit.

When we got to Faith’s she led the way in the door. Angie was sitting at the kitchen table, Faith went to her and hugged her, I asked if she wanted coffee. She replied, “Yes please.”

I rummaged around, found the filters and coffee and started the machine.

I poured the coffee, a cup for each of us. The girls had gone to Faith’s room.

I asked, “Angie, what can I do to help?” She didn’t seem heartbroken, just pensive. She answered, “There’s really nothing to do, we have a prepaid funeral plan. Fred will be cremated and his life insurance policies are in his desk drawer. I’ll call the mortuary to arrange a small ceremony and let them handle the details, then as soon as I can get the death certificate I’ll file the claims. See, nothing really to do.”

We talked a bit more then other friends began arriving, I gave Angie a hug and told her, “If you need anything, anything at all, please let me know.”

I got Marcie and we drove home.

“How’s Faith holding up?” I asked.

“She’s not upset, if anything she seems relieved,” Marcie answered.

Our Saturday trysts continued.

Faith had a birthday and we had a little party, she was sweet sixteen and she was radiant, she could get her drivers license.

The following Saturday I heard a car door slam and looked out the window, a pick up truck was parked in the drive and Faith was walking to the door; I opened it and gave her a hug.

I had just finished cooking breakfast, scrambled eggs, sausage links and toast; I asked if she’d eaten. She hadn’t.

I called Marcie and we all sat down.

I said, “And the pretty lady has wheels.”

With a moue she said, “Yeah, I got wheels, a pick up truck. Mom has a Miata but she won’t let me drive it, I got the truck.”

Then she brightened saying, “Marcie, want to go for a little ride.”

They were gone about an hour; I’d done the dishes, put a couple of loads through the washer and tidied up. When they got back we raced for the bedroom, shedding clothes all along the way.

Our Saturdays went on although the girls usually wanted to do some things together, Mac wasn’t invited, in the afternoons, after all, they had wheels.

A few months later, just at dusk a car pulled into the drive. I knew it wasn’t the girls, they were going to the mall then have pizza and take in a movie, I wasn’t expecting them back for several hours.

I’d just poured myself a drink and was relaxing. I answered the knock. It was Angie. I ushered her in saying, “I just poured myself a drink, may I get you one?”

“Thanks Mac, yes, I’d like a gin and tonic if you have it.”

I fixed her drink and walked into the living room, I sat in my chair. Angie stood for a few minutes, not saying anything, just staring out the window at nothing, just a far away gaze.

I studied her. Angie was tall, at least 5’11”, a slim body with full breasts straining at her light summer weight dress, she had full hips, a nice tight bottom and shapely legs below her mid-thigh garment, I’d never seen her looking better. Her hair was long and blonde and her face was beautiful, she was definitely Faith’s mother. I knew what Faith would look like as she neared forty.

After long moments Angie sat on the couch across from me.

She paused a moment then blurted out, “Mac, I know what you and Marcie and Faith do on Saturdays.”

I sat mutely, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

She continued, “And Mac, I don’t care. Faith’s happy, really happy. Since Fred’s gone, she smiles and laughs, so I don’t care. I feel like I have my little girl back. I thought I’d lost her when she was ten. She was always so morose then she started doing things, hurtful things and now she’s stopped. We’ve talked, talked about how she feels about Fred’s death, what her plans are and what she shares with you and Marcie and she’s happy, I wanted you to know you have my blessings.”

“I did want to know about the spankings, though. She told me about the infamous party and how things went too far. Then she said you found out about it and blistered Marcie and her butts, a real hair brushing, but she said it was only the one time. That you give them some light sexual whacks now and again but mostly you give them love.”

This was going somewhere; I waited for her to continue.

Angie suddenly seemed nervous, she shifted in her seat, her legs opened showing me her panties, light yellow, she smiled at me, noticed that I’d noticed and curled her legs under her.

Her voice was quivering with emotion when she went on, “Mac, I did something bad, childish. Now I feel like a petulant little girl. And the worst thing is I’d do it again if I could. Still it was an infantile thing to do.”

Again I waited.

“So you remember you told me if I needed anything, anything at all you’d be there for me? Well, I need you now.”

Finally she said, “I know about your bedroom, could we go up there and I’ll tell you about what I’ve done.”

I got up, took her hand and led her upstairs

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