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Dad and me stayed in the same hotel room for a week long trip to Jamaica.The magic started when we both were drunk and needed sex very badly.
My dad frequently needs to go abroad for business trips. Since mom is dad’s business partner, she too often travels abroad either alone or with dad. My brother also studies in the States, but I never had an opportunity to visit any other country except Middle East. In July last, when dad had to visit Jamaica for his business trip, luckily it was period of summer holidays. Since he was going alone, I expressed my desire to go with him. However, he was reluctant and told me that I could go with my mom during her next trip to Europe. This highly disappointed me. In the evening, I requested mom for the same. It was on her insistence that he finally agreed and booked my seat with him. Being from an ultra mod family, I knew why dad was reluctant. He perhaps wanted to be alone and enjoy life at night clubs and nude beaches of Jamaica. On the other hand, I was also interested to breathe at the sandy beaches while exposing my curvy and seductive figures, which I could not afford in my country. I had heard a lot about such naturist and nude beaches from my friends and was dying to be part of nature.
Let me tell you something about me and my figures. I am 19 years old, horny girl with fleshy body, flat and firm tummy and deep belly button. I have some extra meat around my thighs and waste; and my melons are splendid in size. I have plump breasts with pink hard nipples and a deep cleavage between the two meaty mounds on my torso is very outstanding. My ass cheeks are round and firm with deep ass crack and soft rectum. My pussy mound is slightly bulging outside, making clear triangular outlines of my cunt at my soft trousers. I have been blessed with breasts of 36 C sizes, waist above my pussy is 30 and my round ass is 38. I love to expose my cleavage, curvy waist, deep belly button and even my legs as close to my thighs as possible. Let me also inform you that I lost my virginity to one of my girl friends. While watching a porno movie on one of the nights when she was staying with me, she started touching my legs. When I didn’t stop her she started fondling my pussy. The feeling was so nice that I did not stop her even when she lowered my trousers. The touch of her wet wingers at my clitoris was so enthralling that I started moaning. Encouraged by my waggling, she started pinching my pussy bud. I was completely enticed. She bent between my legs and started eating my pink pussy. We became so hot that she entered her wet fingers in my moist hole and ruptured my hymen. However, we continued making love until we both spurted our juices eating each other’s pussies. Since then we turned out to be the best lesbian friends. She even stole her mother’s old dildo and several times we fucked each other very hard. When she told me that she has had sex with two of his cousin brothers; my craving for a hard meat started increasing by every passing day. Let me also tell you that since my first lesbian sex, I have never slept without masturbation. Since I didn’t have a dildo, I once even masturbated with a cucumber. It was slightly slender and perfectly fitted in my pussy when I used it with lubricant. It did satisfy my cunt but it was still far less than the thrill of a genuine meat.
Now I come back to my foreign trip. Since my travel arrangements were made at a very short notice, my dad could not arrange two rooms in the same hotel. Initially he tried to convince me not to accompany him but on my insistence, he booked a room in another nearby hotel for me. Although, I was not happy on staying alone, but the mere thought of visiting a new country with warm and nude beaches was enticing. I agreed on the condition that dad would take me around in the city whenever he is free. In the evening, when mom came to know about this arrangement, she snubbed my dad and forced him to make me stay with him. Mom perhaps also wanted to have some check on dad. After all, I am dad’s adored daughter; he reluctantly agreed to keep me with him and made the hotel arrangements for double booking. We reached Jamaica on Saturday morning and I was happy that dad was free till Monday. He would be able take me around to the best places in the town and that is what he did on very first day. After day long hangout on various tourist resorts and dinner on a beach restaurant, we came back to the room. After dad took a quick shower, I entered the bath room. After an hour long bubble bath, I came out of the shower with bath gown wrapped around my waste, covering my mounds and thighs. The mere reason to be in the gown was that I needed to iron my dress. I saw dad sitting on the chair with a glass of whisky on the table and watching television. He was wearing his shorts only; which is a normal practice for him at home. He gave me a cursory look and immediately gulped the remaining whisky.
I had always been curious about the effects of wines and alcohol but my mom despite herself being occasional drinker, never allowed me to have such drinks. However, my dad is a regular drinker and he always maintains a nicely stocked bar at home. I only had been taking beer with my same girl friend who introduced me to lesbian experience. Watching my dad with a bottle of whisky on the table, I craved for drink but could not muster sufficient courage to ask for his permission. I wanted to exploit the moment, thinking that dad may perhaps allow me to drink but he vehemently refused. Seeing my disappointment and gloomy face, he became a bit nervous and gulped another glass of whisky without mixing water. Perhaps he wanted to finish it soon. I could see immediate effects of alcohol on his face. I took a water bottle and poured water in his glass, leaving half empty. “You can take a coke, honey” dad spoke pointing towards mini bar in the room. “No dad, it is for you. Please don’t take whisky without water” I said and took the whisky bottle in my hand. He was watching curiously when I filled the remaining half of the glass with whisky and handed him over. “I hope you do mind if I take it without offering you” he asked while lifting the glass. “No dad” I replied with innocence. He smiled and stated enjoying the drink. I could feel he was under the influence of alcohol. I know my dad is not very strict but to see his reaction, I started reading the label on the bottle. He just watched and didn’t speak. I opened the cap, poured some more whisky in his glass and just smiled. I just wanted to smell the flavor and moved the bottle towards my nose. “No, no, this is too hard for you. Don’t drink this one. This is not for you” he spoke at once with slow move of his curved arm and drooping fingers. “So what is for me?” I asked with gentle smile while placing my hand at the back of his palm. I could make out that he was not in his full senses. “Go and take champagne. That big bottle” he pointed towards the mini bar. “That is soft and tasty, your mom likes it very much” he mumbled. “And don’t forget to take ice cubes from the freezer” he added.
I brought it on the table and dad prepared it for me. Compared to my imagination, it felt so tasty that I gulped the whole glass. “Drink it slowly and you will enjoy it, honey. Otherwise it may have an immediate effect on you” he said and prepared another glass for me. While talking to dad, I forgot and again gulped the whole glass. “It does not have any effect on me, dad” I replied and placed the empty glass on the table. “I don’t know honey; your mom likes it too much” He replied. I was looking towards the whisky bottle with curiosity when he sort of baffled. “No, no, don’t take it. It may harm you now”. “What is wrong with it, dad? Why mom does not allow me to take these drinks?” I asked abruptly. “I cannot tell you the reasons my baby, but I have allowed it to you today”. After few seconds, he further added “I am not sure, what is going to be your mom’s reaction, when she comes to know about it” he was nervous about mom’s wrath. “Don’t worry dad, I will never let mom know about it”. With my remarks, he felt relaxed. “Mixing different drinks may cause reaction, you can take more champagne”. He replied and filled another glass for me. By that time, I started feeling the magic and gulped the third glass quickly. Soon after that I felt like flying in the skies and dropped the glass at the table with thud. “This is goooood dad” I said watching dad pouring more whisky in his glass and I also filled my fourth glass.
This time I started sipping it, like him. I was enjoying the way dad was enjoying. We both were now laughing and chatting loudly. “Dad, you are great, you are so goooood” I was tottering in the room and felt like flying in sky. Dad was also standing but was fully under the hangover of alcohol. While stepping, I felt a sudden jerk and stumbled. I was about to fall on the floor. One end of my toweling gown had got stuck with the end of the chair and my feet wobbled on the floor. In the process, the strap of my gown got unfastened and I fell on my dad. Dad immediately supported me while wrapping me with his arms. I felt my huge melons crushed against his naked chest and felt my whole thighs up to my crotch naked. It was at that moment, when I realized that I was wearing only the gown and nothing underneath. Realizing that dad might have seen my bushy crotch, I felt a bit ashamed but not too much, perhaps due to hangover. Despite some effort, I could not pull my gown back and dad also didn’t help me. He kept me wrapped in his arms with my hard tits and soft lofty melons crushed with his chests. My tits were felt tantalized and I stayed in dad’s arms for quite some time. I could feel some stir on my crotch from his shorts which gave me amazing enticement.
“Should I tell you why your mom doesn’t allow you to drink?” Dad spoke while still keeping me pressed against his warm body. “Yes dad” I replied without making any effort to get out of his arms. The hardness of his manhood was increasingly arousing me and I could feel the bliss and ecstasy at my clitoris. “Your mom believes that alcohol makes people bold” He said boldly. “What is wrong in being bold, dad?” I asked. “Nothing so as far as I am concerned” he added, while gently stroking my back. “So why mom minds it?” I further enquired. I was now convinced that mom was perhaps right, as I was also feeling bold. “She thinks, she in fact, thinks” he became quiet. “What dad?” I wanted him to tell me everything as I was really becoming bold. I encouraged dad to tell me the truth irrespective of the consequences. He was under the magic of alcohol and reluctantly became a little bold. “Your mom thinks that after taking alcohol, your sexual desire increase. But, but I am not sure, please never ask her” he quickly added. With this I felt a twitch in dad’s shorts and I could even feel the hardness of his meat against my pussy. I also felt a twitch in my cunt and a drop of water oozing out of my love tunnel. I wanted dad to tell me more and left myself in the same position. Seeing a smile at my face and feeling the heat of my fleshy breasts, he got encouraged. “She thinks one tends to have sex soon after drinking alcohol” He replied quickly and I could feel the thunder of his heartbeat. “What is your perception, dad? You too drink a lot” I really felt bold and asked him. “I don’t know, I am not really sure, honey” he replied with some sort of shine in his eyes and a cheeky smile on his face. “I hope you won’t mind if I ask you something” Dad questioned. “Why should I dad? You may ask me any question” I replied boldly. Since you are new in the club, can you tell me about your feelings”? He asked me with weird smile. I felt a tickle in my pussy and another drop of my pre-cum oozed out of my pussy. I felt his right hand rolling along my left thigh looking for my ass cheeks. By that time my gown was back in place but its strap was still unfastened and half of inner sides of my melons close to my cleavage were still visible. I could feel his hand at my ass cheeks but he did not try to lift my gown up. He perhaps did not notice that I was not wearing my undergarments. I was under complete hangover and didn’t have the strength to iron my dress or wear it. When I kept quiet, he repeated his question. “I am not sure dad, it is my first experience” I replied but my cunt started twitching. “Can we sleep, dad”? I further added, while turning towards the double bed. “Okay honey, I will help you remove your gown” he replied. Since I had turned my side and my back was towards dad, he instantly pulled my gown and threw it away on the chair. He didn’t know that I was totally naked. I turned my face abruptly towards him and found his eyes wide open.
I tried to cover my huge breasts with one arm and pussy with other hand, but failed due to my fleshy mounds and ample crotch. I could not take even a single step to pick up the gown and kept standing bewildered. Dad’s eyes were stuck at my fleshy curves and he seemed astonished at my spectacular figures. I could see a huge bulge protruding in his shorts. “I need to sleep, dad” I said while looking at dad’s swollen meat with my hazy eyes. I was really feeling bold. When dad asked me that he could find my clothes from the closet, I told him that I can sleep naked as I do in my room. Dad guided me towards the bed and covered my lower part with blanket but intentionally kept my breasts out of blanket. I was in a reclining position with my back resting with the bed rest and my torso was bulging over the blanket. “Let’s have one final drink, before we sleep, honey” dad said and started preparing drinks for both of us. I also nodded feeling myself bold. Dad brought the drinks and slipped in the bed. I was thinking about his bulge with continuous twitches in my pussy. “Honey, I too sleep naked, that is why I was reluctant to keep you in my room” He said, staring at my dazzling breasts. I only smiled while taking a sip of champagne and found some movement under the blanket. Dad removed his shorts and threw on the chair.
The mere thought of a real naked cock under the same blanket where I was hiding my throbbing pussy, made me horny and I felt my moist cunt convulsing. I really wanted to masturbate before sleeping but didn’t know how to manage it. Mom was right; I badly needed to have sex after dinking so much of champagne. “Dad, I need to pee” I tried to come out of bed but fell on the side. Dad came out of bed and supported me to the toilet. While I was sitting on the toilet squirting my pee, I saw dad standing right in front of me, holding my shoulder. His huge shaft looking like a steel pole was very close to my mouth. I could see red veins at his stiff cock and a drop of his pre-cum dribbling from the penis hole. His cock jerked upwards and then downwards and I saw another drop of his juice dribbling out of his cock. After pee, he supported me to standup. I could feel the touch of his hard meat at my thighs and felt a twitch in my pussy. He took a tissue and cleaned my pussy, while standing beside me. Dad was trying to rub his hard penis with my thighs. While moving towards the room, I stumbled but dad clutched me in his arms. It turned out to be a sort of hug. My breasts were fully squeezed against his chest and I found the round head of his hard cock probing my wet pussy. I felt like being in heavens and wrapped my arms around dad. Soon I realized that dad’s hand were probing my back, gently moving down my waist, thigh and then round ass cheek. It was amazing experience and my moist pussy started convulsing. I felt a jerk in dad’s cock which was trying to sneak in my pussy. Dad slightly pressed my buttocks and against his crotch and I too slightly curved my thighs inwardly. I could feel some part of dad’s cock slipping in my smooth and slippery pussy. I moaned with pleasure. “Let’s go to bed, honey” Dad gave a gentle kiss at my lips and supported me to bed.
He helped me lie down on the bed. The blanket was right under me and I could not cover myself. I had become a real bold. Dad also came on the bed with his swaying cock and sat on my side. His hand was at the part of leg very close to crotch and his lips next to mine. “Feeling sleepy, my baby” he asked while giving another wet kiss at my lips. I could feel his throbbing cock at my thigh and my pussy started pulsating. “Don’t you now think that mom is right, when she says that after taking alcohol one tends to make sex” dad said while taking my huge breast in his hand and rubbing his penis at upper part of my leg. I smiled and he almost sat on my pussy with his cock rubbing the entrance of my pussy. I felt my cervix wet with dad’s warm pre-cum and my pussy started pulsating. “Yes dad, mom was absolutely right” I replied and could not control lifting my thighs up, to welcome his arousing cock. “I can help my baby squirt but cannot think of taking my daughter’s virginity”. Dad mumbled while placing his wet lips at my mouth and giving me long passionate kiss. Despite his efforts, half of his cock had already entered my pussy. “I am not virgin dad” When I uttered these words, he was totally astonished. “No dad, I haven’t slept with a boy. It is my girl friend, she is a lesbian” he was further astonished at my boldness but was curious about my being a lesbian “No dad I am not a lesbian, I only, I mean”. I couldn’t say anything more. “Oh my sweet baby, I think your mom is right. Both of us need sex after drinking”. Dad said while parting my legs. He came between my legs and started fondling my pussy petals.
I sprawled my legs wide open in front of my dad and he started eating my pussy passionately. I lifted my head up just to see how dad was smooching, eating and fondling my pussy with his fingers. “I wish I had brought you with me earlier” Dad spoke while inserting her two fingers in my wet pussy and chewing my tits with her lips. “Ohm sorry dad, I am not in my senses and cannot give you what you really want from me”. I replied. My pussy started throbbing and soon I squirted my juices at dad’s hands. I felt a little embarrassed as I ejaculated so soon. But dad was so passionate. He started licking my pussy clean with his warm tongue. I was again horny in minutes and started hopping my cunt. Dad took his throbbing cock in his hand and gently guided and pushed it in my slippery pussy. “Oh my God, dad, you are so good” I mumbled. He started pumping my love tunnel with his penis, while placing his lips at my mouth. The feeling of my dad’s 9 inches long rock hard and throbbing penis convulsing along the inner walls of my twitching uterus made me fly in the heavens. Soon, his whole body shuddered and I felt his cock pulsating and jerking in my cunt. I could feel his warm sperms sliding deep down my uterus. He gently pulled his soaked cock from my wet cunt and rubbed at my cervix. I was still hot so soon we were in 6/9 position.
I took the immaculate head of dad’s limp but plump cock in my mouth. Drops of dad’s juice were still dribbling from the hole of his dick and I licked and swallowed it. It was amazingly tasty. Soon we were eating, squishing and chewing each other. Dad started licking my pussy and sphincter together with long strokes of his tongue. We were in heavens and our bodies were shaking violently. He made me lie down on my back and inserted his manhood in my pussy again. I think, I was coming out of the influence of alcohol and started enjoying even more. We were rocking and hopping our genitals with pleasure. Dad’s 9 inches long cock was perfectly sized for my deep pussy. We kept fucking with true love of dad and daughter. Even with his 9 incher inside my deep pussy, I never felt that I was doing something wrong. Love making had been my long desire and passion. I could go to any extent even with my own dad, if his cock is meaty, hard and juicy. With all these barriers broken, I could hold it no longer. I felt my body squirm, butts stiffened and pussy wriggling against dad’s huge meatloaf. “Oh, oh dad, I am exploding. I am cum-ing”. I lifted my ass up, pressed my pussy against dad’s crotch and emptied my pussy load. Dad’s body also squirmed and he pressed his ass down. I entwined my legs around her waist and he pressed his cock deep down my pussy. I felt his balls twitching and his dick jerking in my pussy. Dad too exploded and emptied his love load in his daughter’s fleshy, hot and steamy pussy. Dad pulled his wet and cum soaked cock out of my pussy. He bent his mouth at my wet pussy, squished all of my love juice and swallowed it. He brought his wet cock closed to my mouth. I took it in my mouth and licked his shaft up to its base. He lied down and pulled me up towards his wide open legs. I took his wet cock in my hand and sucked all his milk. Since his ball were also soaked in our juices, I tried to roll my tongue around his ball sack but still some of his precious juice dribbled down his ass crack and touched his anus hole. After cleaning and eating dad’s penis it became limp. I placed my ass at his limp and soft cock and dad hugged me passionately. “I love you baby” he spoke with affection. “I love you too dad” I replied while putting mouth at dad’s lips for the first time. He took me in his arms and we went to deep slumber fully naked. What happened on Sunday is even more thrilling.

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I love your stories but can't help myself in calling your bluff. You claim they're true stories but the loss of your virginity is different. First it was your dad now a lesbian friend.

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Really nice :D I'm a girl and loved every word! Made me wet.

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