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Suggest for readers to read Jane and Me parts 1 and 2 before this. I prefer comments to see what i can improve on.
Julie was embarrassed that Jane had walked in on us skinny dipping a couple of days earlier. Julie had gone paranoid that Jane would tell her religious parents (one of whom was a teacher at our school) that she was sexually active, and had requested that we stop all sexual activity for the time being. I agreed with her and although we were still dating, celibacy had strained our relationship. However, my cousin, Jane, helped me with my sexual frustration by fucking me two or three times a week. Nobody knew that Jane and I fucked and it was one of my most well guarded secrets.

Couple of months later, Julie took me out for a picnic for my birthday. I had turned 17 and we had a great time conversing about the random things in our lives. We came back to my house and started to eat the cake Julie had made for me. Julie then excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up while i finished eating. I continued to eat until my girlfriend came out. I had not expected what i saw; she was wearing a pink bra, with a hot pink tutu and white stockings that went up past her knees. I sat there stunned. Her gorgeous breasts, flat stomach, and curved hips almost sent me off the edge. The cake i was holding fell off my fork onto my pants... but I still didn’t move. . “I’ll get that for you.” Julie said. She slowly walked up to me, got down on her knees and slowly started eating the cake off my pants, neglecting to use her hands. Some whip cream got on her nose, which she slowly wiped off with her finger and licked it off. I started to breathe heavily; I could feel my pants getting tight.

She unbuttoned my pants and started to unzip my pants with her mouth. She reached inside and pulled out my cock. My cock hung there; it was halfway to a full erection. She licked her mouth and put my growing cock into her mouth. She sucked on the head like it was a popsicle and stroked my shaft with her hands as she slowly started to eat the full length of my cock. Soon, she got too deep and started to gag; she couldn’t take 6 inches of cock. “O my're so big...and you taste so good…I can’t wait to taste your cum.” She said as she started to grab my balls. She then slowly started kissing down the spine of my cock until she reached my balls. She started licking my balls and plopped one in her mouth like she was eating a grape. She gave both my testicles the suck they yearned for while she stroked my shaft with her free hands. She slowly started to lick up my cock’s spine and then put my cock into her mouth. My cock was about 1 1/2 inches thick and i could see her cheeks expanding as I i fucked her tiny mouth. I could feel her mouth envelope my cock and could feel her tongue tasting the different areas of my shaft. Soon I couldn’t hold it in any more. “Ju..Julie… I’m…I’m about to cuu cumm” i said. I took my cock out of her mouth and immediately climaxed onto her face. Burst after bursts of hot, sticky cum blasted on her nose, hair, cheeks and open mouth. I let out a satisfied grunt, “UGHhhhh!” as my orgasm ended. I sat there panting. Julie grabbed as much cum and put it in her mouth. "o honey, your cum is so sweet." she said. Some cum was left in her hair, though she didn’t know, I didn’t bother to say anything. “That was fucking amazing, where did you learn to suck cock?.” I asked. “I've been practicing on my dildo.” She responded.

I quickly grabbed her hand, took some whip cream from the table and took her to my room. I pushed her onto the bed and started to strip off my shirt. Julie grabbed the whip cream and started to put it on my chest as I stripped off my boxers. We started to kiss as I felt up her squishy, but firm tits. She moaned and said, “Did you miss my titties?" "O my god yes...."

She started to cover my cock in whip cream as it started to recover from its last orgasm. I took off her 32B sized bra and threw it aside. Julie was a bit tan and her areolas were brown. Her nipples were about 2 inches in diameter, but were not perfect. They didn’t fully grow yet and looking at her, you could tell that her body was still growing. She started to surround her titties with whip cream, when I got on my knees and lifted her pink tutu. I put my face into her pink panties and kissed where I thought her slit would be. Her panties were moist and some of her pussy juice had gone on my lips. I licked it off and started to eat off the whip cream on her tits. She immediately dropped the whip cream canister on the bed and let out a huge moan. “OHHhhhhhh!” she cried. “eat my titties Jon. EAT THEM!” she yelled. I ate the whip cream until I reached her flesh. I started to lick around her brown areolas and started to suck her stuck out nipple. When I finished with one side, I started to eat the other, while one of my hands would massage her other lonely tit.

“OH fuck!” she yelled. I want to eat you. She threw me onto my back and started to eat the melting whip cream on my chest. I felt my body tingle as she licked my sensitive body. Soon, she started to eat the cream on my cock. At this point, her panties were in my face and I took the opportunity to eat her pussy. I slid her panties just enough to show me her pulsating clit. I stuck my face into her slit and started to eat her pussy. She tasted very sweet. Her pussy was very wet and her pussy juice cocktail felt as if I were eating honey. i could feel her wet juices on my face as I started to lick her clit. “UGHHH O MY O SHIT!” she yelled. This was her first time being eaten. She stopped sucking on my dick and her body had spasmed. Her face flinched and got slapped by my hard cock. “ohh…shit!” she yelled, trying to regain control of her body. I slowed down and she started to suck my cock again. After a bit, I sped up and she lost all control once again. This time, her front 2 teeth scrapped off my cock as she once again lost control of her body. “I’M SORRY! IT JUST F-FEELS..SO GOOD.” She exclaimed. She thrusted her hips forward and her back arched up. “uhhh…” she stopped eating my cock; she could not continue the 69. She used her free hand to massage her juicy titties. As I continued to eat her pussy, I looked up at her and stuck my finger into her virgin asshole. I only put it in a centimeter and I saw her chinky eyes open; her eyes looked like a normal person’s size. I had never seen her eyes get that big in my entire life. “ukk…f fuck my ass hole.” She said quietly, trying to savor the pleasure. As I pushed my finger into her a little bit more and a little slower, I could feel her trying to split her ass to give me more room to fit my finger in. However, as I continued to enter into her asshole, she couldn’t keep her ass open and felt my finger feel her asshole cave into my finger. She let out a high pitched yelp as her hips moved up from the double penetration. I slowly took out my finger (only about an inch maybe less was in) which led her to make another high pitched yelp. I increased the speed of my tongue; it was French kissing her throbbing clit. “LICK MY PPUSSY…HOLY SH” she yelled as her pussy walls caved in around my cock. Her pussy started to squirt out juices onto my face.

She panted. “Oh my God, that felt so fucking good…” “Thanks, you tasted so fucking good.” I said. She faced me and we started to kiss again. “it feels like it’s my birthday.” She said. I chuckled and kissed her. I waited for her to recover as my cock reached full erection. “Are you okay?” I asked. “can’t believe how fucking good you are!” she responded. I couldn’t tell her that I had gotten so much better from fucking my cousin, so I lied and said, “I didn’t notice.”

She was still panting when I dragged her to the edge of the bed. I had took off her tutu and panties and lifted both her legs. I stood on the floor and glided my head to her slit. I felt her pussy juice smearing onto my head. “FUCK ME!” she yelled, clearly wanting to fuck. I continued to tease her magnificently pink pussy. I ran my cock up and down her slit, to make sure that she was hungry for it. She let out a moan that implied that she was getting antsy. Just then, I rammed the entire length of my manhood into her hungry pussy. “UGHhhhhhhhhhhhh” she yelled as I started to ram my cock in and out of her body.

I took out of hard cock and lifted her legs. Her pussy was hungry. “Lift your legs honey!” I yelled. She lifted her legs and rammed my cock into her. I saw her toned abs contract as I rammed downward into her pussy. Julie had to thrust up as I continued my saw-like motion. “EEHEEHEEHEEH” she moaned. Like, Jane, she started to moan so fast it sounded like a chipmunk (in my experience, asian women do this a lot). “Can we switch positions” Julie asked, almost not wanting to stop me from drilling in and out of her. “Yeah, hold on to me” I said. I picked her up and she held on to me with her arms. I lifted her light body and rammed my cock into her body again. I held her up by her plump ass and she wrapped her legs around me. Our hips rhythmically started to go up and down together as I continued to pound her. I passionately threw her into my wall, which made a ‘boom’ noise throughout the entire house. “OHhhhhhhh” she yelled in pleasure as I used the wall as leverage to drill my cock deeper and deeper into her delicious cunt.

The entire house echoed as I continually pounded myself into Julie. “UGH UGH O FUCK CUUM INSIDE ME, YOU’RE SO FUCKING GOOD!” she yelled. She started to sound like a chipmunk again as I sawed my manhood in and out of her. Just then I felt her pussy walls cave in and she came. “UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” she yelled as she came; I’m not sure whether or not she felt herself cumming or if she didn’t want to tell me. Her pussy walls caving in set a chain reaction where my cock was in complete bliss. Almost immediately, I climaxed load after load of cum into her pussy. “UGhhhhhhh!” we both moaned. My knees had gotten weak and I almost dropped Julie to the ground. I had finished cumming and we both panted. We were both exhausted and I fell onto my bed with my cock still inside Julie. We kissed as I slipped my cock out of her slippery vagina. Some cum and pussy juice stuck onto my cock as I pulled my manhood out of my girlfriend. I laid next to her, holding her hand as our juices spilled out of Julie onto her white stockings and my bed. Post-cum drizzled out of me as Julie wrapped herself in my arms. I embraced her and closed my eyes. We were in a spooning position and my cock rubbed some cum onto Julie’s ass.

“Seriously…that was the best we ever fucking had.” Julie said. She was clearly satisfied.
“Fuck yeah...your pussy is fucking awesome.” I said. “it’s been way too long. I missed you.”
“I missed you too. I bought a dildo , but you’re so much better”
“’re better than masturbating too.”
She sighed. She kissed my hand. “I love you Jon.”
My eyes closed, just in the moment I whispered back, “I love you Jane.”
There was a pause. My eyes opened. “O FUCK!” I thought
“What did you say?!” she said.

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2011-02-20 00:18:53
Very hot! The girls in your stories are super hot and I loved the bit where you put your finger in Juli's ass... and how much she enjoyed it. Fantastic!

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