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It is kinda like a diary too, not many ppl know about this until now!
It was Friday February 2, 2001. I was a sophomore in high school and 15 years old. I was staying at my friend Samantha’s house and had just broke up with my boyfriend John after 9 months. John told me he wanted to have sex, but he wasn’t willing to go buy condoms, “We’ll be together forever.” He had told me. Forever didn’t last but a week after he said he wanted to fuck me. He was a sweet guy but also a control freak. Anyways, I had went on the rebound and was dating a guy named Brody for 2 weeks and he wanted to have sex, I told him I wanted to wait until I knew him better but he ended up fucking my neighbor, so I dumped him on February 2, 2001. Sam and I went to McDonalds to see her mom who was a manager, it was 2:30 pm and we needed some money for my dad to buy us some Vodka and some Tequila along with some mixes. Both our parents were always cool about us getting drunk as long as we were with a friend and their parents were there. When we got to McDonalds we had a bite to eat and a shake, Ryan came out and talked to us and asked us to meet him at the park, it wasn’t a big deal, I figured he wanted to fuck Sam, she was a few months younger than me and yet she had lost her virginity and was now also fucking females. I thought that was cool because I had fooled around with females before too. When we got to the park Sam and I had a cigarette, and then Ryan showed up. He pulled me into the bathroom and started kissing me, he wasn’t a good kisser and I told him so! I left him in the bathroom and Sam and I went back to McDonalds to meet my dad. When he arrived he took us across the street to the Grocery store and asked us what we wanted. Of course this being Sam and I we got our Vodka and Tequila and mixers…but my dad brought out some Bacardi 151 silver, some wine coolers and 2 decks of playing cards, he knew we liked to play poker for shots and then when the alcohol was gone we’d play strip poker! When we got back to Sam’s house her mom said that Perry had been asking about me, Perry was a high school drop out but he was so hot and only two years older than I was. He was very experienced sexually, but I didn’t care, I just couldn’t believe that he was asking Tammy (Sam’s mom) about me! I was in shock when I looked behind her and there he was, in a wife beater and a pair of jeans. He looked at me and smiled. The phone then rang and it was Delilah she was having a party and invited us to go as long as we brought our own booze. She came to pick us up and by now it was 7pm. She had Ryan with her and he looked at Perry and then me and looked at Sam and started talking to her. We went to Delilah’s boyfriends house and he was making a bon fire, it was nice, he was nice to Chris was his name, he was 22 and not attractive, but he had slept with Sam and she said it was good (I now know he isn’t that great in bed!). Anyways, Perry and I sat on a wooden bench and were making out and smoking a cigarette, then he handed me the bottle of Vodka and we all downed the whole fucking thing by the end of the night. I wasn’t totally drunk, so I didn’t let Perry do anything, just kiss me and I let him finger me on the way to Sam’s house that night. We dropped him off first then we went to Sam’s and me and her drank for a while and played poker (Strip and Shot at the same time). I was so horny and she was too, we ended up fingering each other then we made out and finally fell asleep. Saturday we sat around the house and Perry came over and we showered together, it was weird having him in there with me, he watched me shave my pussy and I watched him shave his dick. Then he gave me a kiss and left. Sam and I didn’t do anything but play video games and watch movies, Delilah wanted us to come over again but we said we had to clean. We didn’t fool around that night, just kissed. Sunday February 4, 2001 Perry came over at 7:30 am and we took a shower together. Then we all watched Scary Movie and played video games. Then Perry decided that me and him should play poker, I agreed of course we played strip poker, by noon I was in nothing and neither was he, Sam was horny so she was playing with herself by the computer talking to guys and cybering. Finally Perry looked at me and said “Ok Cici last hand now, this time if you loose I get to sleep with you, if you win then you get whatever you want from me.” I was so stupid because my idiot ass agreed. I lost the hand of poker and he laid me down on the bed, Sam in the room and all, he was the size of a coke can and about 8 inches long maybe nine fully erect. I still remember how bad it hurt when he put it in. What was sad is when Sam’s mom showed up and we both got dressed then we all went to the park and he yelled at me for not telling him I was a virgin. I honestly thought he knew. We were inseparable from then on, or at least I thought we were, I remember the last time I talked to him was a 2 weeks to a month after we had sex, and I told him I loved him, you all know how it is to have your emotions run wild after you loose your virginity. After I said it he rushed off the phone and I haven’t heard from or spoken to him since. Sunday February 4, 2001 should have been the most memorable day of my life and it should’ve been special, but I lost a lot that day…Many hands of poker, my virginity, but most of all my morals and values, after that night I didn’t have sex for a year, and after that I haven’t went over a month with out it! My senior year I became a total slut comment on this and tell me if you want to hear about my slut experience!! Thanks


2008-11-01 17:18:39
Im a guy, that sucked to read, it hurt my eyes... but you were honest and the fact that he used you is completely unforgivable

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2008-08-06 11:16:47
Totally crap and so hard to read. Learn to use paragraph breaks.

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2008-05-30 08:37:36
That sucked


2007-12-02 11:35:24
i think that was good
but u need to talk about details more


2007-11-13 23:37:05
what the fuck was that, nobody wants to hear about your slut experiences unless you actually have a sex story

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