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Sweet Young Hallie

I still can’t believe what just happened. The young woman is sound asleep, facing me, her arm over my waist. My left hand is traveling up and down her smooth, naked skin, from the auburn hair to mid-thigh. Never have I loved a person more, and I figured that out, just before engaging in the most fantastic fuck session I ever had.
I had known Hallie for about six years, since she was sixteen. My wife, and I, met her in a local, small town grocery/general store. She was a delightful child, and treated all the customers as if they were special members of her family.
Since the town was so small, the store served coffee, donuts, and pancake wrapped sausages, called ‘pigs in a blanket’, each morning.

Hallie greeted all us old men with a bright smile, and a hug, each day. Needless to say, she made good tips. She opened the store every day, seven days a week. On school days, she was only in for an hour, then back again, after school.
About eighteen months after we moved to Allentown, Betty died with a brain aneurism. Hallie sat with me for hours in the funeral home, holding my hand. My wife and I had been married for thirty-six years. It was hard.

Fast forward five years…Hallie had completed her associate’s degree at Wheeler State, a junior college, about fifteen miles from Allentown, next to an army post. She had met a captain, thirty-four years old, who swept the trusting, loving, girl off her feet.
I, being fifty-five, could tell that I didn’t like Gary, the first time I met him. Hallie’s parents didn’t care for the conceited officer, either. They advised her against a deeper relationship, but the girl was smitten.

Within a year’s time, Hallie got pregnant, followed by a quick wedding, the birth of Kevin, then a divorce. As facts and details surfaced, Gary had been cheating on her, even when they were dating. He had been so confident of his status, he took cell phone pictures of Kevin, as the baby was leaving Hallie’s birth canal, and emailed them to his girlfriend, another army officer. What a bastard.

The day she finally left Gary, Hallie needed a safe place to hide. He had beaten her before, and she was smart enough to stay away from her parents’ house, which would be the first place he’d look.
When she came to my door, I took Kevin from her, and carried the sleeping boy to my extra bedroom, which was closest to the living room. After we propped pillows around the tyke, and she made some coffee, we sat in the kitchen….she talked, I listened…all night long.

Being a retired colonel, I had no problem checking on Hallie’s legal options, and Gary’s past assignments, as well as possible future deployments. On my recommendation, his sorry ass was to be sent to southern Africa, for an eighteen month tour.

I visited a friend of mine, a military attorney, and he agreed to handle her divorce. Hallie would receive a healthy alimony, as well as twenty-five percent of Gary’s pay, for child support, an unprecedented amount. In addition, all of her, and Kevin’s medical expenses would be covered by military policy. Captain Gresset was getting a good screwing, but no more of her pussy.
Within a few weeks, he was sent to Africa, and Hallie moved in with her parents. She resumed her old job, at the store, and began taking courses online, to get her bachelor degree.

Many days, she, and little Kevin, would grace me with their company, in the evenings, after the store had closed, and her homework was done. I began to love the happy boy, as if he were my own. Hallie enjoyed watching the two of us crawling and playing. Each time they would leave, she would hug me affectionately, kiss my cheek, and say, “Love ya, Don.”

One evening, I told her I was going to make a casino trip, to Atlantic City. I explained that I wasn’t getting any younger, and I needed the company of a woman, one who needed the company of a man…even if I had to pay for sex. Hallie kissed my forehead, told me ‘good luck’, and promised to see me, when I got home.

I had taken a shower, slipped a pair of light flannel pajama bottoms on, and was about to call the number, provided by the concierge. The prostitutes were expensive, but the women were guaranteed to be beautiful, skilled, and disease free. A condom was required by the company, for all sex acts, except for blow jobs.

Peeking thru the sight glass, in the door, I couldn’t believe my eye.
The knock had come from Hallie. I immediately thought something was wrong with Kevin, so I jerked the door open, without putting a shirt on. When she smiled, I knew everything was okay, but wondered what she was doing in Atlantic City. She placed her soft hand in mine, and pulled me back, into the room, letting the door close.

I felt her arms wrap around my waist, as her head rested on my chest. As I returned the embrace, I could tell we both had the same thought in mind… we were going to make love. I placed my hands on each side of her freckled face, and looked into those green, green eyes.
My lips began kissing her forehead, right at the hairline. It probably took three of four minutes, for me to work my way down to the bridge of her nose, that pretty little nose. My caresses made her catch her breath, as my lips crossed her eyes, and progressed to her cheeks.

Each time I got close to her ruby lips, Hallie opened them, slightly, thinking I would kiss them. Fighting my own desire, I circled her mouth, without touching them.
Only a couple of kisses on her chin, then I went to work on her long, smooth neck. Back and forth I went, from the bottom of one ear, across her throat, to the other ear. She began to take deeper breaths, holding them briefly, then exhaling down the back of my head.

When I got to the top of her blouse, I was surprised to find her buttons, already undone. She must have been busy, while I was distracted with her face.
The skimpy bra had a front hook, which I released, easily. Her blouse and bra fell away, leaving the sight I had longed to see for over six years, even though I hadn‘t realized it, until the last year, or so.
We stared into each other’s eyes, as we moved to the bed. As she lay down, her thumbs hooked the waistband of her skirt, slipping it, and her bikini panties to the floor.

As she rolled further onto the bed, Hallie’s back and ass were a sight to behold. Both her butt cheeks had precious dimples in them, I could hardly wait to get my mouth on them.
I don’t even remember removing my pants, but I knew one thing…my cock was in pain, from being it’s hardest, ever.

As I laid beside the young beauty, I wanted to stay in the dream, forever. It had to be a dream. Nobody like Hallie would ever consider, letting a fifty-six year old dick, into her twenty-two year old pussy…what a beautiful pussy.
The pubic hair was slightly lighter, than that on her head. My hand moved up, between her breasts, then down, past her furry mound. Each trip, my middle finger sought her clit, then entered it’s objective.

My mouth closed on her right tit, sucking lightly. Within seconds, I was shifting to the left one. The fondling and nursing, was causing Hallie to begin writhing. My right knee found it’s way to her cunt, which was was getting wetter, by the second. When the knee started rubbing her clit, I moved my hand to the tit that wasn’t being tongued.

She began with a low ’mmmm’, but within a minute, progressed to moans, then became vocal, as her hands pulled my head tight to her soft titties, then soaked my knee with her juices.
When her slim, gentle fingers circled their grip around my dick, I knew….It was time.

Our lips met. Many times we had kissed each other on the cheek, or forehead, but never on the mouth. I was so lost in the joy of her kisses, I wasn’t aware that my cock had found it’s way into the tunnel of love.
I was in her, all the way, just under seven inches, but her face, her lips, her neck, her ears…I couldn’t get enough.

When Hallie’s hips began to push up, toward me, another rush of blood made my old dick fatter. Never had I felt so large, so powerful. I started to fuck back.
Ever so slowly, I slid back and forth, causing her to reach another orgasm. If I hadn’t already jacked a load into the shower drain, (in anticipation of lasting a while with a whore) I probably would have filled her within the first few thrusts, but I knew I had a ways to go, yet.

After she had cum the fourth time, I began pumping hard, cramming my cock in as far, and as fast, as I could. As my balls tightened, the pressure about to send forth it’s load, Hallie screamed, “Oh, my God, Don! Oh, my God!”
Her fifth orgasm racked her hard, as I pressure-washed her cervix with my blasts of cum. I remember feeling the heat of the sticky liquid, as it left my dick, filling her cavity.

It all happened, just a couple of hours ago. It wasn’t a dream after all. I’m awake now, and here she is, naked, beautiful, sleeping…Hmmm, maybe I better go, fat boy is getting hard, again.

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Age 15 sc- Jessica.darbon

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