The cute little Amy learns from daddy
Little Amy’s Curiosity

I thought I felt a draft. My back was to the door of the shower, and it was sliding open. It used to be common practice for my wife to slip in on me, while I was bathing. She left me for her personal trainer two years ago, so I knew it wasn’t her.

School was out for the summer, and Amy, my sixteen year-old, was supposed to be watching her Saturday morning psyche class, and eating her breakfast, so it couldn’t be her, either…..wrong.

There she stood, naked. “Daddy,” she asked, “can I take a shower with you? I spilled my cereal all down my clothes, and the milk is so sticky. I feel yucky..please?”
Seeing her standing there, pleading, I couldn’t resist. When she was younger, I saw her naked, nearly everyday. I always made sure she was bathed and dressed, before leaving for school. She’d run around the house, in just her little panties, all the time. I sometimes wondered if she’d run nude, if I would let her.

Never, had Amy seen me naked….until that morning. I started to protest but my mihd weny blank. I turned to help her into the shower, her eyes fixed on my semi-erection. As I slid the glass door closed, she asked, “Are you okay, daddy? What’s this? Oh my, we've been studying erections in sex ed.”
Her little hand was too fast, she had a grip on my cock, which immediately began swelling. “What is it? It getting bigger. Does it hurt?”

Too many questions, too fast. I needed time to think about how to answer my baby girl. Then she then she pulled on it, and pushed it back.
That did it! The son-of-a-bitch actually jumped to full size. I removed her little hand, told her I’d explain it later, then handed her the soap and washcloth.
“That thing is magic, daddy,” her eyes never left my cock, “It got big so quick. How soon will it get little?”

I avoided answering Amy’s questions, and began helping her wash the milk, off her budding chest. I wasn’t sure, but for some reason, her nipples felt bigger. Maybe it was my imagination, but she seemed to give a little shiver, as though it was giving her some pleasure, when I ran the soapy cloth over them. I couldn’t help myself, I kept it up.
Speaking of ‘kept it up’, Amy reached out, and took my dick again. As she rubbed up and down the shaft, I had no desire to make her stop.

When I washed down her tiny abdomen, she spread her legs and said, “The milk ran all the way down into my pee-pee, too. Do you want me to wash it, or will you do it?”
The slow jacking, my hard-on was getting, was putting me in a trance. I had never thought of Amy, as anything but my baby. Something was happening, and I wanted see how far it could go.

“I’ll get it, sweetheart,” I told her, as I pushed the washcloth between her legs, “spread your legs as far as you can, I’m going to clean you good.”
In a matter of seconds, I had dropped the cloth, and was massaging her young pussy with my fingers. Her eyelids were drooping down, then opening back up. When they would open, they were still watching my cock, which was really straining the skin.

“Ooooh, daddy,” she said, breathlessly, “that feels good. It always feels good when I rub down there, but you make it feel better. Ummmm.”
I inserted my middle finger into the her entrance, just to the first knuckle. My thumb was on the spot where her clit was developing. I imagined I could feel it, and pressed the point, by rubbing in a circular motion.
My little daughter actually began humping my hand, and increased the speed of my thumb, on the object of pleasure. Then it happened…Amy nearly collapsed, after yelling “Oh my, oh daddy, oh shit! Unghhhhhh.!”
She released my cock, just shy of my eruption, but as I held her up, with one hand, I grabbed my cock, with the other, and showered Amy with cum.

When she had recuperated enough, she saw what I’d done, and was intrigued.
“Oh, my, what’s this?”, she teased, running tiny fingers through the slime, “It came out of here.” She took my dick in her hand, again, and felt it softening.
“What happened to it, daddy, it’s getting little. Did I faint? I didn’t know there was a place down here, big enough to put a finger in. I think we need to talk about stuff, daddy.”

We finished the shower, and took turns drying each other off. While we dried, we also played with each other. Amy kissed my dick, and played with my nuts. I sucked her nipples, fingered her cunt a little deeper, my finger probing against her hymen. We laughed and giggled, but I told her I’d answer her questions, later.

We progressed to the bedroom, where I asked her to sit on my face. Within a minute, my tongue had her cumming, again, and again. God, my little girl was going to be a hot one.
After giving her several orgasms, Amy leaned forward, grabbed my dick, which was at flagging at full staff, again, and kissed it.
“Lick it and suck on it,” I ordered, “take it as deep as you can. Bob your head up and down as you suck, baby.”

Although I had cum less that thirty minutes before, I blew another load within minutes. She wasn’t expecting the surge, and gagged, nearly throwing up. “Wow, daddy,” she gasped, “ that stuff tastes good, but there is so much of it. It won’t make me sick, will it?”
‘Morning sickness’ was the first thing that crossed my mind, but I told her ‘no, she could eat, or drink all of it she wanted’. Amy commenced to licking the spill, off my balls and abdomen, making me hard, again.

We sat on the side of the bed, stroking each other, and I began explaining what all had happened, and what cocks and pussies were for.
“You mean your cock will fit inside my pussy?” she asked, “Cool! Let’s do it.”

The next day, I stopped an adult novelty store, and bought a series of dildos. On the third day, as I watched her trying to fit the second size into her well lubricated cunt, I couldn’t stand it, anymore.
I took it from her hand, bent her short legs upwards, toward her cheeks, and started rubbing my bulbous head against her opening. She had popped her cherry with the first dildo, and had been using it as often as she could for two days.

When her hole began to open, wanting to accept the one thing, which belonged in a girl, I pushed…and pushed. She whimpered a little, as the pain of her walls were stretching, but she kept saying, “Yes, daddy, fuck me. Fuck me, please fuck me.”
Three days prior, she had no idea what ‘fuck’ meant, now she was begging for it.

Amy is twenty-three, now. She still lives at home, with me. Only one other boy has ever had sex with her, and she was disappointed.
I wasn’t.

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