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Sarah reflects on her journey to sluthood
Long after I had realized that I was a submissive lesbian slut, my sister told me how she trained me to be that way. After hearing her story in Training Sarah Part one, two and three, many of the things that happened during my junior year of high school began to make sense. This part should be read after Part one-three.

Here's where it all began for me:

Somewhere at the beginning of my junior year, I began to have erotic dreams, and was almost always horny. It was weird, kind of like a light switch was turned on in my head. I would drift in and out of sleep, and would dream about masturbating and having sex. Sometimes I would wake up and my pussy would be on fire, swollen, wet, and throbbing, my nipples were rock hard and super sensitive, and I needed to cum. I would look around the room to make sure my sister was asleep, and would furiously rub myself off in the silence of the night, and would ravage my own nipples. This was happening almost every night!

Then I began to wake up with an odd taste in my mouth, and hints of that familiar musky smell of pussy juice. Later, the smell seemed to take over the room, I had pussy juice on my fingers, around my mouth, and seemingly from ear to ear, like I had been eating pussy in my sleep. At first the smell bothered me, but later it became just as familiar are smelling raisin toast in the morning. In fact, whenever I smelled it, my pussy would begin the throb.

I would have dreams of my sister masturbating me, pinching and bitting my nipples, and even eating my pussy. I'm not talking once in a while, I'm talking for months in a row, and it was getting freaky. I found myself waking up and masturbating myself to very powerful orgasms, thinking about having sex with my sister. I would lick my own fingers clean, thinking about how my sister would taste.

I went to see the school shrink, and talked about my dreams, what was happening to my body, and she told me that some people may well be attracted the same sex rather than the opposite sex, and that in this day and age, to put yourself under undue stress to fit into what society thinks you should do with regard to sex can lead to many complications. She suggested that lesbianism and incest was not the right combination, and that possible joining a lesbian and gay discussion group might be better to sort out the situation.

It was soon after that meeting that I watched an x-rated video with my sister that ended up with two women eating each other's pussy, and woke up in the middle of a powerful orgasm with my sister pussy on my mouth. I was shocked, embarrassed, confused, but almost had another orgasm on the spot. My sister seemed confident and in control, and I felt like a second-class citizen, she knew what I was, and I didn't want anybody else to know. I tried to get it out of my mind, but I kept having these intense erotic dreams about eating my sister's pussy, and would wake up either in the middle of the night with fresh pussy juice on my face or dried pussy juice in my hair in the morning. I smelled like a lesbian whore. I would masturbate in the shower in the mornings, in the bathrooms during school, and a few times each night. I'll bet I had 4 or 5 orgasms every day.

It was the spring trip to our cousin's house that sealed my fate. I was dreading being found out and hoped my sister would help keep my antics secret. I did the most disgusting thing I could have imagined to keep my secret. My sister forced me to eat her pussy while she sat on the toilet seat, making it so that my entire face was inside the toilet seat and my chin was only six inches from the water in the toilet. She had an intense orgasm and smeared her pussy juice all over my face, then held my head in place while she peed in the toilet just inches from my nose. I felt completely used and humiliated, but had the ability to keep my secret a secret.

The next night, she forced me to munch on the crotch my cousin's dirty panties while masturbating on the counter of their bathroom in the nude. This was the point where humiliation began to excite me, and I was getting horny from the humiliation.

Every thing seemed to be ok, well in a relative sense, until we played truth or dare. It seemed that everybody knew my secret, and kept asking me questions that would reveal my dilemma. I kept taking dares, but the dares were humiliating, which began to make me horny, which led to even more humiliating dares. I gave myself away a little when I was walking over to put my hand in my cousin's panties and I sucked my pussy juice off my fingers in front of everyone. Then gave away a bit more when I was told to switch hands in my cousin's panties and lick off my wet fingers. When she had an orgasm at the sight of me licking my fingers, and I was left horny and wet and forced to sleep on the floor inches away from my younger cousin, I knew more trouble was coming.

I was floored when my younger cousin caught me in a lie about putting her panties in my mouth the night before, and when she told me to masturbate myself and eat her pussy to keep that a secret, I knew what path I was going down. I just didn't expect to have the lights turned on and put a show on for everybody.

From that point on, I became a cunt-licker, and loved to have my cunt licked as well. The feel of having a pussy orgasm in my mouth sends me over the edge. I can almost have an orgasm without touching myself, except that it is much better to have my fingers buried in my pussy, or to have another mouth on my pussy.

I am now about 25, and I have been eating pussy for about 8 years. I like pussy, like to be told what to do, and enjoy being humiliated. I am having trouble settling down to just eating one pussy, as they all taste different, and the smell and taste of my sisters is forever etched in my mind. I hope I can conquer my insatiable appetite for pussy, and settle down like a nice submissive lesbian wife.


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I had to stop reading here, and start rubbing one off.


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i touch myself when i read my own stories

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