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My dad's cousin has been married twice, as had her 2nd husband. That 2nd husband had a son who had his own family which included my "cousin" Lisa. We weren't related, but were all part of the same family. She is 6 years younger than me and I always knew she had a crush on me. She'd always follow me around and ask the rest of the family about me. The year I brought my girlfriend to the 4th of July picnic was the final proof I needed as she avoided me all day and was very moody. Anyway, nothing ever came of her attraction. Well, not never.....

We were at a wedding for a cousin at a resort. I was 24 and was stag. She was 18 and had ripened into a very attractive young woman. We danced a couple times, but caught more than one look from others. We felt the attraction between us grow as the night went on. When the reception was over, she slipped me a note...."Call me. We need to talk" with her cell number. A week went by and I finally called her. She was VERY glad to hear from me and was nervous that she had gone too far with the note. She certainly didn't want me to tell anyone in the family what she had done. No way I told her....this was between us. She asked me if we could meet for lunch that weekend, and I agreed.

As we ate, she finally confessed her feelings for she had had a crush on me and how she had waited to tell me this. I told her how flattered I was and that I thought she had turned into a real fox. She is about 5' 6", maybe 120 with a tight little figure. Small, perky tits led into a nice waist and her ass was as round as an orange. She blushed and told me how during her first and only time with her ex boyfriend all she could think about was me being the one to take her cherry. My cock kept growing as I envisioned her naked and spread open for me, just waiting for me to penetrate her tight pussy. I knew she went as far as she was going to go with talk and finally asked her if she wanted her fantasy to come true.

"Yes, I do. I have been playing with myself thinking about you for years. I need to feel you."

We went to a nearby motel, where I paid for a room. I offered to stop for condoms, but she told me she had been on the pill for years to regulate her period. I knew this from family scuttlebutt, but wanted to offer so she wouldn't be embarrassed. As I closed the door behind us, it was like a wall of restraint had been shattered. We attacked each other, trying to get each others clothes off while sucking each others tongues with a fury. She dropped to her knees and pulled my underwear down and gasped. Apparently her ex had a smallish dick, maybe 4 inches she later said. I go close to ten inches and am fairly thick. She wasn't really aware cocks came in different sizes....LOL.

She seemed intimidated, but was eager to please. She took me into her mouth and showed she didn't have much experience. She told me she had blown her ex a few times and had blown two other guys, but wasn't sure how to handle me. I told her to go slow, cup the balls and use her tongue. She caught on pretty quickly and found a decent rhythm with her hand and mouth together. She even was able to suppress her gag reflex a bit and take me deeper. I told her she needed to stop or she was going to bring me off too quick. She responded by sucking and stroking even harder. I grabbed the back of her head and started to force myself down her throat.

As I got to the point of no return, she pulled off and said, "I want to see what it looks like when a guy comes". As soon as the words left her mouth, I exploded, The first bolt splattered against her chin and into her mouth. The 2nd and 3rd squirt were monsters and landed on her face, making her recoil a bit. The next couple found her eyes, forehead and hair. The last gooey strings dribbled onto her tits. She had a look of disgust, then a look of wonder and delight. "I liked that." she said. She then swallowed as much cum as she could get into her mouth. I got a washcloth so she could clean herself a bit, then told her it was her turn.

I laid her back on the bed, which seemed to intimidate her as she kept her legs closed. "What are you doing?" I told her I was going to lick her pussy. She said she wasn't sure if she was going to like it...her ex told her he thought it was gross. She relaxed a bit and told me she trusted me. I went slow at first, licking the insides of her thighs and gently fingering her incredibly tight pussy. As she got into it, she opened her legs all the way and let me dive in. As I licked and nibbled, her clit became a little rock between my teeth. Her breathing got heavy and she started to move her hips and grind her now-dripping cunt in my face. I looked up at her and her face was a mask of ecstasy. I slid a finger into her ass, which made her gasp. She grabbed my head and started telling me to lick her harder. I felt her pre-orgasm trembles start and ramped up my licking. As she started to cum, I felt her pussy spasm and she squirted a gush of female cum into my face. Screaming now, she grabbed my wrist and shoved that finger deeper into her asshole. That orgasm must have lasted 20 seconds and she nearly broke my finger with her ass contractions.

As she finished, I slid up between her knees and pressed my again-erect cock to her pussylips. I knew I had to be gentle as she was practically a virgin. I started to enter and she pulled her legs damn near behind her head. As I got about halfway, she told me she needed to stop as I was too big. I told her to relax and let her pussy stretch around me and grasp me. She tried, but she couldn't. I had an idea....flip over and get on your hands and knees. She did and presented herself to me. The angle was much better and I slid in to the hilt. She gasped and I could see her face in the mirror on the wall next to the bed...eyes rolled back, jaw dropped and tongue out. I started slow, then picked up speed as she wanted it more. She reached under herself and started playing with my balls and her clit. I scooted up a bit and decided she was ready for some pounding.

I re-adjusted my grip on her hips and went to town. As she started screaming with another orgasm, her tight little cunt was going crazy. I felt another hot gush of female cum splash against my thighs as she came again. After she was done, I pulled out and flipped her over onto her back and slid back in...nice and easy this time. Her face was streaked with tears as I hammered away on her, throwing her legs over my shoulders. She was in hysterics as I pounded, crying and begging me to both stop and fuck her harder. I knew I was hurting her, but i knew the pleasure was even greater.

I felt the cum building and asked her where she wanted me to cum. Beyond rational speech by now, she grunted, "". I went into the final strokes and put my face into hers. As I exploded inside her, she came at the same time, our eyes locking as we screamed in each others faces. I think I blacked out for a second as the waves of pleasure crashed in my head. As we came down, all sweaty in each others arms, we panted and kissed and touched. She cried and laughed and said it was even better than she had dreamed.

We showered and got back into bed to fuck a bit more. After it was over and we were dressing, she said as great as it was, we could never do it again. There was no way to let the family know we were involved, both of us agreed. That fall, she went off to college and I met my future wife. Whenever we see each other now, we share a sly look and feel that shiver we shared together.

I've never felt that way with a woman again.

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ho hum...another 10 inch cock...yeah right..

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yer cuz whoz 9 with a 6in dick i know is true becuse i was sucking his dick too and he buttfucked me dozzens of times soooo howd my shithole taste?

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10 inches of total bullshit. stop writing you lying cocksucker.


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Awesome story. I love your Cousin Lisa trilogy.

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I also have a cousin who is like 3 years younger than me. He is so fuckin hot. I have gave him a b job about 28 tines he has touched me everywhere excePt for my pussy. At 9 years old with a 6" dick.

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