What a way to get back at him
Back when I was in my early 20's, my buddies and i played cards most weekends. Sometimes, Dave would show up, sometimes he wouldn't, choosing to go out with his girlfriend Tia. Tia was cute....slender and athletic, she had very small tits, but and great ass and loooong legs. She was blonde with big blue eyes. I always teased her that she was too cute for Dave. She'd laugh and sometimes I thought I'd catch a look from her, but chalked it up to my horny imagination.

As we played poker one night, Dave and Tia showed up at our buddy Jim's house. As we played, we of course teased them a bit. For some reason, Dave was getting pissed. He never got pissed, but they had some sort of argument before coming by. As we finished playing, they started yelling at each other and he yelled at her to find her own fucking ride home and left. The other guys decided to go to a bar, leaving it to me to take her home. She was kinda upset, but I got her laughing and she seemed to cheer up.

As we pulled up to her house, it was dark. Her parents were away at her brothers baseball tourney....he later played minor league baseball. She was nervous about going inside by herself and asked me if I'd make sure the house was empty. She said she had some beer and maybe we could talk on the patio....she needed a shoulder to cry on, as she put it. We cracked a couple and sat down on the padded bench. Of course, she started in on Dave and what an asshole he could be. He's my pal and has been since high school, so I had to defend him. She understood and asked about the teasing. I said that's what guys do...bust each others balls.

She laughed and asked about why I always said she was too pretty for him. I said I knew it got him all flustered and it was funny. She looked at me with a look of total honesty and asked, "Do you really think I'm pretty?" As she asked it, I noticed that she had moved a little closer to me. She touched my knee and looked at me. I said, "I think you're beautiful". We started to kiss, a little hesitantly at first, then with more passion and want.

I pulled away and asked if she really wanted to do this. She said she wanted to know the same about me. We both agreed it was what we wanted and went inside. Her bedroom was very girly and pretty. We tore the bedspread off and then undressed each other. Her little nipples were like stones and I could smell the juice between her legs. She laid me down on her bed and turned herself around so her pussy was on my face as she took my cock into her mouth....a sweet 69. She was bald as an egg down there and had pussy juice running down her thighs. I dove in with my tongue and worked it on her cunt.

As she sucked me, she ground her hips and squeezed my head with her thighs. I decided to change gears a bit and lick her asshole. I know some women don't like that, but Tia went nuts and I did it. She was clenching and releasing her asshole as I licked, which made her suck me even harder. She started gagging and drooling and moaning. She picked her head up and jammed her body weight into my face and told me to jam my tongue in her ass. As I did what she said, it was like she flipped a switch and went into overdrive. Her orgasm nearly shook my fillings loose.

When it subsided, she rolled off me and got on top, straddling me. I slid up into her and she immediately pulled me out. She wasn't on the pill and Dave always brought the rubbers. I was thisclose to getting pissed, thinking she was gonna leave me hanging, but she gave me a coy look. Tia told me that Dave thought anal sex in any form....licking, fucking, fingering...was gross and refused to do it. He didn't even like to do her doggy because her asshole was pointing up at him.

"Would you fuck my asshole? I love it and want you in my butt." Who was I To refuse her?

I got behind her and she spread her cheeks for me....what a beautiful little browneye she had. She was plenty wet from both my mouth and her orgasm, so I was able to slide in really easy. I'm pretty big, so she had a little break-in period, but once she was stretched out, I had smooth sailing. I teased her for a while, trying to get her close to coming again, then holding back. Her moans turned to grunts and she reached into her nightstand and got a dildo. Reaching under herself, she jammed that thing up her snatch and started banging away as I banged her ass.

As she got close again, I decided to bring her off and started pounding hard. She let go of the dildo and grabbed the headboard with both hands. My cock could feel the dildo stuck in there as she started to come. The sensation of her asshole contracting around my cock as her cunt squeezed that dildo almost brought me off, but I had another idea. I pulled out and ran into her bathroom to wash my cock off.....what I had in mind required it.

I ran back with my fully engorged 10 inches bouncing in front of me. She asked if I came and I said no, not yet. I grabbed her and spun her around so her head was dangling off the edge of the bed. Her eyes got big as it was apparent I was gonna fuck her throat. She tried pushing me away, but I wasn't having it. She opened her mouth and accepted her cock pounding her gullet. Hard.

With that dildo still sticking out of her wet pussy, she was able to open her throat for me. I went balls deep as she struggled and gagged. As I thrusted into her mouth, I asked if Dave ever did this. I couldn't tell what her answer was though. I reached down and started to fuck her pussy with the dildo as I raped her throat with my cock. Amazingly, she started to tremble as a result of the dildo. I jammed both of her holes as hard as I could and made that cunt come again. As she tried to moan and scream around my cock lodged in her mouth, I couldn't hold back and unleashed my load into her throat.

She gagged and splurted spit and come out her mouth and nose. I felt like I came a gallon because it didn't seem to stop. When I was finally done, I pulled out of her and rubbed my sloppy cock all over her face, smearing that fuckslop all over. She gasped for air and started wiping her face. As I laughed, she gave me a look that would have melted butter. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" she asked. I told her if she didn't like it, she wouldn't have come at least three times that I counted. She said that wasn't the point. I told her if she didn't like it, I'd leave. She grabbed my hand and told me not to, that she didn't want to stay alone.

She went and cleaned up and crawled back into bed with me. Since she didn't want my cock in her pussy without a condom, I had her play with herself for me twice more and made her blow me once more....just a regular blowjob so she could show me how good she was at it. She was. We parted friends after being fuckbuddies for a couple months.

She and Dave eventually broke up. Tia and I are Facebook friends now and every once in a while we send each other messages about what we did together. I'd love another crack at her someday, but we're both married. too bad, her throat was the tightest I've ever fucked.

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Nice, I liked the you described the sex scenes it made it really enjoyable to read. All in all 8/10 good job !

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