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**Completely FICTIONAL**; Kayla is a 12 year old girl. Seth is a 23 year old man.
Seth Basham was a 23 year old male. He was 5’11 and had an athletic build. He wasn’t a
large mass of muscle, though having a six pack and noticeably worked arms. Seth had medium length
black hair that hung barely past his ears. Nice blue eyes, and very distant freckles on his face.
Seth was at his home, but was planning on going to get a drink at the bar. It was 6:33pm. The day was Saturday,
and Seth didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. What he didn’t realize is, today was October 30th.
When Seth went outside to his car, he say Halloween decorations all across the block.
He was so caught up in his everyday life that he forgot all about Halloween. Seth’s house was more
Reserved, being a few house spacings away from the others. Seth was thinking:
wow, I forgot all about Halloween this year. He brushed away the thought and hopped into his car.
Driving down the road, he saw crowds of people, small children attended by the parents going door
to door to retrieve their sweets. Not many people, if any at all, came to visit Seth’s on Halloween to get
candy, because his house was so spread from the others. All of a sudden, he sees a little girl getting candy.
But, this little girl is all alone. No crowd of kids, or even parents. It also didn’t seem like someone was watching her.
This girl had to be around twelve years old. She had a purple, see-through, fairy skirt on, and it sparkled.
Underneath was tights that were the same color purple, but not see-through. She had darker purple wings
attached to her back. And a ballet looking type thing to cover her top. It all had the little girl sparkles.
The girl had long brown hair, that went to touch the middle of her back, and it was straight.
Seth had a few beers back at his home. When he saw this little girl, his 8 inch long, 5 inch girthed cock got rock hard.
When it seemed like nobody was around, Seth pulled up next to the girl.
“Hey little girl.” Seth called out to her, and she stopped to look at him.
“Hi!” The girl replied.
“What’s your name?”
“My name is Kayla!” The girl seemed very cheery.
“My name is James, you are a very pretty fairy.”
“Thanks, James!”
“Hey, I have a bowl of candy at my house.” Seth/James started.
“No one ever comes to trick-or-treat at my place, so I always have a lot left over.”
“If you hop in my car, I can take you up to my place and give you the whole bowl!”
“Really?! I can have it all?!” Kayla said surprised sounding.
“Sure! Just come on in and I can drop you back off at your house after.” Seth said opening the door.
Kayla then got in, and they both drove up to Seth’s house to “get candy.” When they got there,
Seth let Kayla out and they both walked into the house.
“Okay, sit there on the couch.” Seth said walking into the kitchen and pointing at the couch in the living room.
“I will be right back with the candy.”
“Okay!” Kayla said cheerfully.
Seth actually grabbed a roll of duct tape. He cut off six long strands and tied three together to make a rope-like thing.
Seth walked into the living room, having the couches back t’wards the kitchen. He then walked up behind
Kayla and put the rope/tape around her mouth, and tied it behind her head. After that, Seth tied her feet
together, struggling, with another piece of tape. Lastly, he tied Kayla’s hands. This was less difficult.
After that, Seth picked Kayla up and carried her up the stairs to his bedroom. He took the cases off of his
pillows and used them to fasten the taped hands and feet to the headboard and footing of the bed. Seth grabbed
A pair of scissors from the nightstand drawer, and cut off the tights of Kayla’s, exposing her bare twelve year old legs.
At the same time, Seth pulled off her sandals she was wearing. He then sliced the straps of her wings,
and cut off her top to expose her just-starting-to-develop chest. With the skirt still on, Seth brushed a few
lacy pieces out of the way to get a good view of her pussy. It was completely bald, and you could barely
make out the pink sticking from between her lips. Seth, not wanting her blood on him, grabbed a hairbrush
and lubed the handle with the lube from his dresser drawer. He then slid it into Kayla’s pussy, with some resistance.
You could her very quiet shrieks coming from Kayla, her mouth nearly muted by the rope of duct tape.
Little Kayla’s cherry popped, but she did not bleed very much. This was good. Seth grabbed a hand towel
from the bathroom and wiped her, and the hairbrush off. Then, being able to easily manipulate the twist of
the pillow cases, Seth turned the twelve year old onto her stomach. Climbing on her, after taking off his
shirt pants and boxers, making sure not to squish her little body, Seth lined his cock up to her preteen pussy.
He could hear Kayla crying, very softly thanks to the tape. Without lubing up, Seth slid his cock into her
very tight hole. At first, he didn’t think it would go in. But, Seth ended up forcing it past, and sliding against
her fleshy and amazingly soft walls. Not knowing if it was the lube from the brush or her own juices, Kayla
was very wet. It may have been a mixture of both. Seth started relentlessly pounding her tiny little pussy balls deep.
Kayla laying on her stomach, and Seth holding himself up on his arms ramming his giant cock into this
twelve year old pussy. A little more blood was coming from Kayla’s bald cunt. She was crying at what
could be the top of her lungs. That trusty old tape kept the sound drown out. Seth was releasing a few grunts
here and there. The only other sounds were feint creaking’s from the bed, and Kayla’s baby pussy making
sloppy wet noises, as Seth‘s cock slammed in and out. Kayla’s pussy walls were so tight, wet, and soft on
Seth’s cock that he couldn’t hold on too long. Within around 10-15 minutes, Seth started unloading huge
streams of cum into Kayla. They kept spurting and squirting inside, some started leaking out around Seth’s ball sack.
After that, he let loose three more shots before thrusting a few more times and then pulling out.
Kayla’s pussy started to unleashes loads of cum, pooling on Seth’s bed sheet. He untied Kayla
from the pillow cases, though she was still taped up. Seth then lifted her off the bed, and realized she has
passed out. He takes her to a room near the kitchen and living room. It was some storage area, having no
windows and being close to the center of the house. Seth has a bed alone kept in it. He sets Kayla on it, no
pillows or blankets. Seth unties her hands and feet, and unbounds her mouth. He wiggles off her tiny skirt,
and then takes it with him as he walks out the door. Seth locks the door behind him, now Kayla has no way of escaping.
Seth’s house being fairly far from the others, Kayla in a room with no windows located near the center of the house,
there was no way she was going to escape, or have her screams heard by anyone.

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2014-04-30 03:25:15
give the girl more depth + make the scene longer.

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2013-12-08 02:02:48
Got me rock hard more to cum too please

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2013-10-03 15:07:06
Sorry but this was an big disappointment to me. Add a bit more to the story and slow down the sex some

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2013-09-20 12:18:36
The story was to short the rape went to fast slow it down more foreplay fuck her mouth & her ass cum on her face

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2013-06-19 17:36:06
a good job....but please give the girl more depth.....makes it more real for the readers

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