comments accepted. This story is altered a little bit. The fucking happened, but not the circumstances. ask me if you want to know
“What did you just call me?!” Julie yelled.

We were both naked. I had just called Julie, Jane. Since I had been fucking my cousin, Jane for the past couple months, and had fucked my girlfriend for the first time in months, I had subconsciously forgotten that I was fucking my girlfriend.

“uh uh…” I stammered.

Although we had had our most amazing fuck a couple of minutes earlier, the euphoric atmosphere had vanished. O my dumb mind, why the fuck did I have to say Jane?! But it was too late; I had said Jane and I knew as well as she did that I had fucked up everything.

“Why did you just call me Jane?!” she demanded as she threw my arms off her naked body.

With that I relinquished. I told her everything about my relationship with Jane; how she had been my first fuck and how she helped me get better at fucking and the different times we’ve fucked. Julie would throw in the occasional question here and there and continually say, “she’s your cousin…” When I was done telling her of my sexual adventures with Jane, she put on her clothes and as she walked out the door said in a disgusted voice, “You’re just one of the thousands of guys Jane has fucked.”

So on my birthday, I had the best fuck I ever had with my girlfriend and somehow fucked it all up. The next day, Julie and I had an awkward conversation and agreed to take a break. I fell into depression and stopped socializing with friends. After several weeks of holing myself in the house, Jane had called me to come over for a surprise. I decided to go, hoping to release some of my frustration by banging it out of my cousin.
I got to Jane’s house like the hundreds of times I used to. I walked in, however, instead of her normal bra and panties, she wore a pink negligee. The nightgown was see-through. I could see Jane’s pink areolas stick out of the fabric and her white thong, which only covered her pussy. Although the negligee was very loose, her curvy hips and plump bust was well-defined. “I hope I could make you feel better Jon.” She said smiling. I felt my pants tighten; I smiled and said, “You have no idea, it’s been hell.”

“You ready for your surprise?” she asked. “This isn’t it?” I answered. “Come with me.” she said smiling. She grabbed me by the hand and started dragging me to her room. Once we got there, she and I started caressing each others’ tongue and she took off my shirt. Then, she pushed me onto her bed; while started to unbutton my pants. . She “I’m sorry about Julie, Jon.” “Yeah. she was amazing. I wish I was just honest about it and didn’t hide it.” “Do you love her?” “Yeah…” Jane smiled, “I’m glad you do…do you love me?” “Yeah I love you too.” I answered. Although the sex was amazing, I didn’t just lust after Jane and Julie, but truly loved them. The sex was a culmination of our love. “I love you too Jon…but so does she.”

Just then, Julie came out of Jane’s closet. Her cheeks were blushed and she was wearing an equally sexy negligee. Hers were black, but not see through. She wore lace stockings and a very tight, lacy bra. Her thong was black that also barely showed the pussy. Julie smiled. Her eyes disappeared as she smiled. “I love you Jon. Sorry about the last couple weeks.”

Julie started walking toward me. Jane took a step back as Julie got on top of me and started to kiss me. Her ass stuck up in the air as she carefully hovered her pussy over my cock. I felt my boxers getting wet as she started to feel up my chest. “I’ve missed you. I’m so sorry.” She said as she finished unzipping my pants with her teeth. Jane took off my pants and boxers as my fully erected cock popped into view.

As Jane started to suck my cock, Julie continued to kiss me. Julie broke the kiss and quickly tried pushing Jane away to feed her crazed cock appetite. As Jane unselfishly gave up my cock, Julie hungrily threw her mouth into my cock and started to eat my shaft. Jane started to massage my balls and alternated the testicles. Jane started licking my taint and back up to my balls as Julie licked my cock’s spine. “ughhh” I moaned as I never had fucked 2 girls in my life before. “mmm” Jane and Julie both said as they ate my throbbing cock. Jane then started to lick up the left side of my shaft, while Julie started licking up the right side. When they got past the head, they started kissing each other, while both pumping my cock with their hands. As their kiss broke, Jane moved up and started to kiss me, while Julie started to lick up my muscular chest. As Jane and I continued to kiss, Julie moved and positioned herself to 69 me. She sat on her knees above my head and once my kiss with Jane broke, Julie got on top of me and started eating my cock again. I moved her lacy thong just even to show her pulsating clit and started to kiss it. “ugh” she moaned in pleasure as we started to eat each other. Jane with not much to do, went inside her closet to grab something. I almost had climaxed into Julie’s mouth by the time Jane had gotten back. She was hiding whatever she was holding from my view. “I’m coming” I said to Julie. Julie had pulled her mouth out and I splurt burst after burst of cum onto her perfect figure. Cum had gotten on her titties, her lingerie and her stomach. As I finished, Julie licked off the remaining post-cum, while Jane licked off the cum that had gone on Julie’s body. Julie moaned as Jane ate off her titties.

Julie and Jane then started to kiss. They subtly took each others’ lingerie off until they could rub their pink (Jane) and brown (Julie) areolas together. I decided to join in and took off Julie’s thong. I had laid my head on the bed and continued to eat Julie’s pussy. Julie flinched and Jane started to moan. “Ohhhh.” They both cried. I started to slowly run my finger up and down Jane’s thong, going up and down the slit. Her thong was moist as I continued to tease her hungry pussy. “Come here.” Jane said to Julie as Jane stood up. Julie, who had been on her knees, with my head eating her pussy, started to eat Jane’s throbbing clit, while she stood up. “UGHhhhhh” both girls moaned together as each were having their pussies eaten. Julie and I both started to lick quicker as both girls were approaching orgasm. Jane wasn't able to stand anymore,so she used her flexibility to arch her back into a bridge position. Jane’s perfect ass was now inches from my hardened cock as i ate my girlfriend's pussy.

“Switch.” I said as I grabbed Jane and started to eat her pussy. Julie started to get eaten by Jane as both girls switched positions. Both girls tasted of sweet honey. A bit salty, but delicious nonetheless; I felt that I could eat both girls’ pussies until my stomach burst. Jane’s eyes went to the back of her head as I started to quicken my reps. Just then, Julie came. “OHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she yelled as her pussy squirted its juices all over Jane’s face. “I want some!” I yelled as Julie took my spot and I started licking pussy juice off my cousin’s face and luscious breasts. I started sucking on her pink areolas, while she massaged the other tit with her hands. As Julie licked up and down Jane’s slit, I used my spare hand to start fingering my cousin’s tight pussy. “OHh” Jane yelled as I played with her clit with 3 of my fingers. As my hand started to quicken its pace, and Julie started to lick faster, Jane came. “UGHHHHHHHH” she yelled as pussy juice glazed my hand and Julie’s face. Julie started eating the rest of the juice, while I hand fed Jane her own pussy.

As Jane laid on the bed, recovering from her last orgasm, she slowly said, “I got something.” She pulled out, what she had hid early; it was a double-sided dildo! It was latex and the exact same color as my cock. it was about a foot and half long.. She handed it to Julie who asked me, “care to do the honors?” I paused. “I’m not using that.” I said. “No silly... i want you to stick it in me!” she yelled as sexily as she could. I smiled and slowly put one side of the dildo into my girlfriend’s tight pink pussy. Julie, then stepped over my cousin and inserted the other end of the dildo into my cousin’s pussy. Either Julie was riding Jane or Julie was penetrating Jane. Either way, it was a beautiful sight..

As Julie started to push both parts of the dildo deeper into her and Jane's respective pussies, I stuck out my 6 inch cock and slowly put the head on my cousin’s asshole; it was puffy and looked to have taken a cock before. Before I pushed, however, I asked if it was okay. “go slow..” she said as I slowly pushed into her cornhole. “UGHhhhhhh!” she yelled painfully as I started to enter into her ass. “O MY GOD!" Jane yelled. I slowly pulled out and slowly pushed into the tightest part of her body. Both girls moaned, one in pleasure and one in pain. “PULL IT OUT PULL IT OUT! O MY GOD PLEASE!” she cried. I slowly pulled out and back in again, trying to make room in her tight ass. Julie continued to moan in pleasure as she started fucking the dildo herself as Jane stopped moving. After several minutes of pleading and slow reps, her cornhole got stretched to the perfect size of my cock and wasn’t as painful. I started to increase my motion as Jane and Julie started moving their hips rhythmically. “Ohhhh” Jane moaned as she was getting double penetrated. As we sped up, both Jane and Julie started moaning so fast they sounded exactly the same; like a chipmunk. They started both squeaking in pleasure as I couldn’t decipher the difference between their voices. I could feel Julie’s ass muscles expand and contract as my cock pumped in and out of it. I pulled out my stinky cock and Julie and Jane both slowed their rhythmic motion.

“I want Julie's pussy” I yelled. I took out Julie’s side of the dildo and inserted my stinky cock into her wet pussy. “Ughhhhhhhhhhh” moaned Julie as I inserted it. I bent over her body and Jane guided the dildo straight into Julie’s virgin asshole. “Aaaaaarghhhhh” Julie cried as her asshole stretched out for the dildo."It's going to rip" she yelled as her chinky eyes had once again grown to the size of a normal person’s. Although her asshole had never been fucked before, her own pussy juices helped lubricate the dildo and made it easier to fuck. Jane wasn't as soft as i was with the anal fuck and had instead fucked Julie's asshole as hard as she did her pussy.

Jane was fucking Julie doggy style, and Julie was riding me like I was a pony. Julie’s titties started to flail as she was getting double penetrated. “Ohhhh FUCK!” she yelled as her body started to spasm. This was the first time she had been double penetrated. “Ohhhh” I moaned as Julie’s pussy went up and down my cock. Jane had been yelping as her pussy was being fucked by the dildo. Her eyes were closed as she massaged both her titties with her hands while yelling out “JON O FUCK ME…JON!”

I grabbed Julie’s flapping titties and started to pinched her nipples. Her body started to twitch, and there was so much pleasure from all parts of her body that her spasms were out of control. Julie’s head fell onto my chest while Jane pumped her ass as fast and hard as I had ever seen her. Just then Jane came. Her chipmunk moan died, but was replaced with a “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” as she splattered her pussy juices all over the dildo. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as watching Jane come had sent both me and Julie over the edge. “ugh ugh ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH” Julie yelled as her ass and pussy walls clamped onto the dildo and my cock. My cock exploded and shot cum inside Julie’s delicious pussy.

Julie slowly pulled the dildo out of her asshole. “uuuuuhghghhh.” She moaned as she felt the long dildo come out of her body. She mustered the rest of her strength as she stood up to take my cock out of her pussy. Immediately after my cock left the moist region of my girlfriend, Julie had collapsed on the bed. She panted like she was going to die from the pleasure. Jane crawled into my arms as both our hearts beat as fast as it ever had. Her still hard, pink areolas pushed against my nipples and my cock sat on her pussy, both dripping juices. I grabbed the unconscious Julie and laid her on my left, and held Jane on my right. As i held my cousin, I reached my hand down to Jane’s delicious cunt to finger her a little why we talked.

"How did you talk Julie into this?" i asked after my first threesome.

"Well, she came up to me and got mad about us fucking, but i told her that you asked me to help you get better so that you could satisfy her because you love her."

"Wow...well thanks Jane."

"Don't mention it."

She sighed and put her body,closer to mine. She made sure that her pussy was touching my cock.

" did you get her to do THIS (threesome)"

"Well she bought me the double sided dildo and asked me to help her get better to satisfy you, we practiced together and i thought you would be satisfied with this.."

I smiled. "i fucking love you Jane."

she laughed. "You better after all i've done for and to you!"

i laughed. "Yeah i know."

"You know, i don't think you have fucked my pussy yet."

"I will just wait for me to reload." i said as i waited for my cock to stiffen again.

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