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Our anniversary was coming up this weekend. It would be our
fifth wedding anniversary. I married Michelle when she was 17 and
I was 21. I had a really great job when I met Michelle and she was
just graduating high school. I met her when she came in for a
job interview and ever since then it was nonstop romance. Her
parents were not sure about her marrying so young but they didn't
stop her. Sex had been good for both of us and Michelle was a very
cute girl. She was now 22 and her body had matured into a thing
of perfection.

She had long brown hair and really tried hard to work out and
keep her body in shape. You could tell it, there wasn't a bit of
fat on her anywhere. She was very sexual but my fantasy was
always to let somebody else see her. I had told her this many
time before but that wasn't something she wanted to let happen.
We were planning a really nice dinner out on Saturday night
which was our anniversary day. I was working hard to make the
night a really nice occasion. Michelle was also planning a lot of
surprises for me also. One of her surprises was she was going
to shave her cute little pussy bald. She knew I liked it that
way but had only done it one other time for me. This was just
a special occasion and she decided it would be part of her
gift to me. She also went out and bought a very sexy short dress
and picked some sexy erotic undergarments to go with it.

I bought her flowers, champaign for later on in the evening, and
to top everything off, a diamond tennis bracket. It was really
beautiful and cost me a good little penny. I wanted to surprise
her as much as I could. When Saturday finally arrived, we spent
the day out on the town, shopping, eating, going to the movies.
It was a very nice day. Finally around 6:00 pm we got home and
we both went to separate rooms to start getting ready to go out
for dinner. When my wife finally came out, my eyes popped out of
my head and I just had to whistle. She was dressed very sexy and
had really put some fantastic makeup on her face. She looked so
good I wanted to take her to the bedroom right then and there.

I whistled and told her the new outfit was really fantastic. She
liked the attention and soon I was walking her out to the car.
We ate dinner and drank two bottles of champaign right there in
the restaurant. My wife wasn't a big drinker so the champaign was
already starting to get to her. She was feeling no pain but still
having a lot of fun. We went dancing then and again we ordered
more champaign. I thought about giving her the bracket right then
but I decided to do it at home. We drank and danced for about
two hours and then we finally headed home. We got home around
11:00 pm and I immediately opened the bottle of champaign I
had bought just for this occasion. We had already drank way
too much but we were at home and decided not to let the
champaign go to waste. We then decided to give each other
our gifts.

I told Michelle I would give hers first. She had no ideal I had gone
out and spent a lot of money on her. I had her close her eyes
and I slipped the Diamond Tennis Bracelet around her wrist. When
she opened her eyes and saw her present, she actually started
crying. It just overwhelmed her. Then she thought about what she
was going to give me. Her present to me was the cute outfit and
her shaved pussy. She now thought it was not near enough. She
really started feeling guilty. She said she would be right back
and she quickly went into the bedroom and found a small 3X5 card.
She started writing on it: The owner of this card is allowed one
wish. Whatever it is, I will grant it. NOTHING will be denied.
Just tell me your WISH and the answer is YES!

That's about all Michelle could think of to help make her gift a
little better. She knew she would remember that Tennis Bracelet
for the rest of her life, she wanted her husband to hopefully
have something to remember also. She was drunk and really didn't
think of what might happen, she just wanted to not feel so
guilty. She put the card in a little envelope and took it out
to her husband. She said it was now time for his present. First
she had him close his eyes. Then she guided his right hand under
her dress and right to her shaved pussy. It took him about two
seconds to figure out what she had did. He loved his present
now too. He would have been happy with just that. But then Michelle
handed him the card. He opened it quickly and as he was reading
it Michelle told him she meant it, ANYTHING, ANYTIME, all he had to
do was ask.

He knew Michelle was a little too drunk tonight. And he still knew
what his fantasy was. This was the most drunk she had ever been.
If there was ever a chance of him getting his wish, tonight would
be the night. He quickly told Michelle he wanted to cash in his
ticket tonight. Michelle seemed pleased and asked him what he wanted.
Michelle's face dropped a little as her husband told her. I want to
invite Mike and Jeff over and I want you to put on a show for us.
Michelle was drunk but this still took her by surprise. Then she saw
her husband hand her the card. It was their anniversary night and
she just promised him anything. Now how could she say no. She
was stuck. Finally she just shook her head OK.

Her husband got up and ran to the phone leaving Michelle just sitting
there looking at her new expensive bracelet. She was in so much
awe of what her husband had done for her. While she was there
thinking all those good thoughts, her husband had called both
Mike and Jeff and told them what was going to happen. Neither of
them could believe that he had talked Michelle into it. They knew how
perfect a body she had and they both said they could be there
in 15 minutes. They were told to park in front then walk around to
the back yard and put a couple yard chairs right in the middle
of the yard. They would hopefully get a show like they had never
seen before. Finally Michelle's husband heard their cars and watched
as they walked around to the back yard. It was close to midnight
now so it should be fairly safe as most people would be in bed.

Michelle's husband led her upstairs to the bedroom and he opened up
the sliding glass door. There was a little balcony that they
never really used that you could go out and stand on. It was just a
frame metal balcony and not very useful for much of anything.
After some LOUD hot sexy music was turned on the stereo, Michelle was
led to the balcony and then her husband started giving her commands.
Michelle did not even know the two guys were down there sitting. Just
before Michelle started to dance, her husband hit the switch to the
patio lights and she was lit up like she was on a broadway stage.
It was a good thing she was really drunk as she would never be
able to do this normally.

She started dancing outside on the small patio. She was lit up
very brightly and both Mike and Jeff had great seats. Michelle just
sort of closed her eyes and listened for each of her husbands
commands as he gave them. Slowly her short skirt was unzipped as
she danced in place and she let it drop to the floor. She had
on a very sexy teddy that was thin and pink. She looked very hot
in it and her husband had her dance a couple minutes in it. He
had Michelle feeling up her breasts and rubbing her hands all over
her thinly clad body as she danced. The lights made the thin
little outfit completely see thru. The guys below were getting
the best show of their young lives.

She finally heard her husband tell her to move the straps of the
thin teddy off her shoulders and let them fall. As she did the
teddy slowly worked its way down her body. First her firm breasts
came into view and she was told to massage them as she danced.
Then finally her movements caused the teddy to finally drop
completely off her. She was now entirely nude dancing on the
lighted back patio. Her freshly shaved pussy was on view and
very easy to see. Something that was meant for only her husband
to know was now being seen by his two best friends. Michelle was
now getting into the sexy feeling that was taking over her body.
She was very hot and bothered at this point. Her husband told
her to start rubbing her hot pussy and her hand just flew down
to her lips and sunk into her very wet pussy. As her husband
and friends watched, she buried her fingers deep inside her pussy
and finger fucked herself as her hips moved around to the music.
Her eyes were shut and she was turning herself on more then she
ever thought she could.

This was so unlike her to be doing this and it made it all that
more enjoyable. Her husband recommended that she put one of her
legs up on the railing and work on her clit with her fingers.
Immediately her right leg lifted to the top of the small black
railing and this split her pussy fairly wide open. She then
attacked her clit and in less then a minute her body started to
shake. She was really into it and wasn't even thinking she was
on the patio. She started telling her husband she was Cumming, she
was Cumming hard. She jammed one hands finger into her tight
pussy hole and continued to rub her clit with her other hand.
Her whole body shook as she exploded right there in front of
the guys. She kept saying that it felt so fucking good, so
fucking good. Then finally her head lowered and her hands fell
to her sides. At that moment she opened her eyes and they grew
huge in her eye sockets. Right below her were both Mike and Jeff
and they had watched the entire show. She was now in panic mode.
She woke up some out of her drunken stupor and saw how lighted
up the patio was and exactly where she was at. She couldn't
believe what she had just done with all the neighbors that she
knew lived just right next door. She quickly moved from the patio
and back into the house. Her face was now bright white. All
the blood had drained from it.

Her husband turned off the lights, closed the patio door, and
left the music playing. Before Michelle could say a word, he pushed her
on the bed and proceeded to fuck her for a good 30 minutes. This
did make Michelle begin to forget about the embarrassment she had
just been put thru. By the time they were done fucking they both
were in each others arms and within minutes they were sound asleep.
It had been a special night for both of them. One that neither
of them would forget for many years to come. The next day Michelle
was too embarrassed to talk about what had happened. Her husband
didn't bring it up thinking maybe Michelle was so drunk she didn't
remember it. Either way, they weren't talking about what had
happened. The week got back to normal and Michelle put the experience
behind her. She had her Tennis Bracelet to love and wear and she
had given her husband exactly what he had been asking for since
they were married. She was sorry she had done it but it was
behind her now.

About eight days after their anniversary, Michelle was home alone
when the doorbell rang. When she answered it there was two young
boys at the door. They must have been around 12 or 13 years old.
She thought she recognized them as the kids from the street
behind hers. She asked how she could help them. They told her
they had something they found that they would like to show her.
They asked if they could come in and Michelle let them in. She asked
if they wanted something to drink and both boys said sure, a coke
would be great. While Michelle went into the kitchen, one of
the boys saw the VCR on top the TV and he quickly powered it on
and shoved the tape in. Right there next to the VCR was the remote
control for it. The boy picked it up and hid it in his hand. The
boys were a little nervous but they sat down on the couch and
waited for the woman to return. Michelle had been watching TV and
it was already on. Finally she returned to the living room with
three cokes. She gave the boys their cokes and then asked what
they had for her. Without saying a word the boy pressed a
button on the remote and the TV had static for a couple seconds.
This brought all three of their eyes to it. Then it settled down
but what they saw next made Michelle's face go pure white. She was on
the patio, he entire body was painted by the bright white lights
over top the patio, and you could actually hear the loud music
playing. Michelle watched with her mouth open as she started dancing
and removing her clothes. After two minutes she started to
get up to turn it off. One of the boys told her to sit down if
she knew what was good for her.

She couldn't believe the young boy had just talked to her like
that. She started to say something and the other boy spoke up.
Please don't say a word till the tape stops. Unless you want
every person on the block to get a copy. This shut Michelle up
quickly. She sat back down and watched as everything went on. She
didn't remember everything she had done that night but she was
quickly getting a refresher course. Soon she watched as her top
was off, her dress was off, then finally her little teddy fell
to the ground. The video zoomed right in on her shaved pussy and
then she about fainted as she started rubbing her pussy and
fingering herself. She looked over and these young 12 or 13
year old boys were also watching what she was doing. How could
she ever walk outside her house again. Then the part she
really didn't remember was putting her leg up on the railing
and fingering her pussy with one hand while the other one
rubbed her clit. The video every now and then would draw back
and show Mike and Jeff sitting in the chairs down below watching
her do that. She had tried hard to forget about that also.

Then she could barely hear herself saying how "FUCKING GOOD it
felt." And that she was "CUMMING, CUMMING HARD". She finally
watched as she came right there in front of the two guys on
the ground and whoever was running the video camera. The tape
finally ended and Michelle felt like she should crawl away
and somehow disappear. The boys started everything up. They first
told the girl not to say a word till they were done, then they
took their time stating their commands. They had made three copies
of the tape. The one in her vcr was the fourth copy. If she
didn't want a copy going to the police station, her two neighbors,
and to her husbands place of business, she would agree to do
exactly what they wanted for four days. Each day she would get
one tape back. They would be telling her everything she had to
do for the entire day. If she just said no once, JUST ONCE, they
would give the tapes out. And what she did was against the law
especially since kids were able to watch and film it.

Michelle's hands were shaking very badly as the boys went on with
their demands. Today would be day one and she could keep the tape
in the vcr. But if she said no, and tried to call the police or
their parents, all the tapes would find their way out. They knew
she had a lot more to explain then they did. Plus they were only
teenagers, they would get a slap on the wrist. She would get a
criminal record and maybe even jail time. They were finally done
and one of the boys went and grabbed the tape out of the VCR.
They told Michelle she could speak for one minute exactly, then she
had to give them an answer, YES OR NO, nothing else would be

The first thing she asked was how they got the tape. The boys said
their bedroom was in the house right behind hers. The two boys
were having a sleep over and playing with one of the boy's
father VCR camera when they heard loud music start up. Your music
was way too loud for that time of night. When we opened up the
curtains to our window, there you were. We already had the VCR
camera so we just opened our window, and pushed the camera out
of it. The telephoto zoom lense is what made it capture everything
so good. We have watched it for hours on end for the last week.
We finally were able to make copies and after we did that, we knew
we could come see you.

Michelle tried to offer the boys money, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00.
The boys just shook their heads no. They were just turning their
sexual bodies on and all they had been able to do was jack off
to the video. Two or three times a day. Now they wanted a real
girl to play with and learn about. Their minds were made up.
Michelle now knew exactly what they wanted her for and her eyes
started to tear up as she tried to figure a way out. Then one of
the boys said "Your Times Up, YES or NO? Michelle sputtered out a
few words then the boys got up and headed for the door. They had
the tape in their hands. Michelle ran over and asked them where they
were going? The boys looked right at her and again asked just
one question, "YES OR NO?"
Michelle didn't answer so the boys opened the door and she watched
as they walked out. She couldn't answer them. She couldn't say YES
and if she said No, her life could be ruined. The boys started
walking down the stairs and Michelle heard one say lets drop the
tape off at the POLICE STATION. She started to get frantic, she
didn't have time to call anybody or do anything. She finally ran
after the boys and YES, YES, just don't go to the police. The boys
got a big smile on their faces and went back in with Michelle. They
told her if they were happy today when they left, they would give
her the first tape. They also told her that from now till 4:00pm,
she was not allowed to speak, she was not allowed to say no, and
she would cooperate with everything they did. They knew her husband
returned around 5:00 pm everyday. They had been watching his routine
for the past five days. Michelle looked at the clock on the TV, it was
now 11:00am. That meant the boys would be here for five hours.
She started to speak when one of the boys again threatened her.
She finally resigned herself that for now there was nothing she
could do.

The boys put the tape back in the vcr and pressed the play button.
They had Michelle sit down and told her to point to her bedroom.
She pointed it out and one boy stayed with her while the other
boy went into her bedroom. About five minutes into the tape the
boy came out of the bedroom with the exact outfit she had on
the other night when the film was taken. He had everything, her dress,
high heels, her teddy, everything. They told her to start getting
undressed right in front of them. She now knew for sure they
weren't kidding and she started to talk. This really pissed one
of the boys off. He had to find a way to make it so she would do
everything they asked without question. He got up and went into
the kitchen and then found exactly what he was looking for. It
was a large plastic flipper that you would use on a good pan to
turn pancakes or french toast. The flipping part was very wide and
it was made out of firm white plastic. This would do just perfectly.

The boy put the flipper in his back pocket and walked out where
the other two were. Michelle was just staring at the clothes the
boy laid on the couch next to her. The one boy that just came from
the kitchen spoke up right away. We don't want you fighting us the
entire time, we will ask you this last time and your answer will
be final. You wont get us to come back again. Do you accept our
offer and do you promise to do everything we say? And you also
give us permission to punish you if you don't cooperate fast enough.
Now just answer, YES or NO. No second chances and this is final.
Michelle was so tuned out of everything she didn't even hear half the
words he had said. But she did hear last chance, YES OR NO. with
her head sort of looking down, the word YES softly came out of her mouth.
PERFECT, its a deal then. Now start getting undressed. The words
stuck in Michelle's mind. She had to undress right here, right now,
in front of these very young boys. She gave the boys one last
pleading look and the boy with the flipper yelled again at her,

With trembling hands and teary eyes, Michelle was being forced to
pull off her pants, shirt, shoes, and undies. She was finally
entirely nude and the boys noticed quickly that her pussy had
rough hair on it like a mans face. It didn't look near as soft
as it did on the video. They grabbed her by the hand and took
her into the bathroom. They had her start a bath and then handed
her a razor that was laying next to the sink. It was her husbands
razor and they told her to make her pussy smooth again. She again
asked if she had to. The boys were having more trouble with her
then they thought they would. Of course they had never done this
before but they thought the fear of the tape would be enough to
keep the older girl quiet. She was still questioning their commands.
They both said yes and Michelle soaped up her pussy and took about
five minutes to shave all the stubble off. Her pussy was now
totally clean shaven. They let her get out of the tub and then
when she was dry they found her perfume and sprayed what seemed
like a half a bottle on her. They really liked the smell of the
perfume and it really turned them on.

They guided her to the living room again and had her redress in
the outfit she had on the other night. Once she was dressed they
turned the TV to one of the music channels and turned it up a little
loud. They told Michelle to do the exact dance she did on the video.
Last time she had to do this she was really drunk and wasn't thinking
about every little movement. Today she was totally sober and she
had to watch the two young boys eyeing her as she tried to dance
sexy. Her cute little tight dress came off easy and she was
still covered. But she wasn't taking her teddy off. She just kept
putting it off. Finally the boys couldn't take it anymore, they
told her to come over to where they were. She didn't know what was
up but they had her bend over forwards. When she did one boy pulled
her towards him on the couch and before she knew what was happening
she was bent over his lap and both boys were holding her down. The
music was still playing loudly and the boy pulled the large white
flipper out of his back pocket. It was sudden and it was loud.

POP, POW, POP, POW, POP, POP, POP. The boy started slapping the
hard plastic item against Michelle's ass cheeks. At first it startled
her but she could take it. But he never stopped. Soon her ass
cheeks were bright red and then it really started to hurt. The
young boy was strong for his age and he was swinging the plastic
flipper as hard as he could. It took about a minute or two and then
Michelle really started to kick. She started yelling to stop and the
boy started counting backwards from 25. Every time she said a word
the count started over. Her ass was totally on fire and it took
both boys to keep her from moving away. The whippings stopped for
about five seconds and the boy laid down the rules. If she says
one word, the whipping count will start over at 25. If she stays
quiet, once they reach zero the whippings will stop. Then the
attack began again. Her ass was just on the verge of turning
blue. No body had ever whipped her like that in her entire life.
She wanted to scream out but instead she just started crying at
the pain and humiliation of it all. Finally she heard the word
Zero and the spankings stopped. She was crying very uncontrollably
and it took a couple minutes for her to stop. The boys told her
that from now on the number was 50. If they had to use the
paddle, they would start at 50 and if she said just one word while
they whipped her, it would restart all over at 50 again.

She was still crying lightly when they let her up. The look of
anger and fear were both in her eyes. The boys told her to
stand up in the middle of the room and continue dancing to the
music. Her ass had now really turned blue and she danced as
her tears ran down her cheeks. Then she heard them tell her to
drop the last outfit. They didn't know what it was called but
they wanted it off. This time her hands went right to her top
and it fell to the floor rather quickly. They let her dance
around naked for three or four more minutes then told her to
start rubbing her pussy and putting her finger inside herself.
She had to act out the entire night on the patio. This time
they didn't care if she came or not. None of this was about her,
it was about them. They finally were both so excited they
couldn't hold back any longer. They guided the lightly crying
Michelle to the back of the couch and pushed her body forward over
it. They had already decided who would get to go first earlier
by a coin toss. The first boy got behind Michelle and then Michelle
heard a zipper go down. She looked behind her and then realized
exactly what was going to happen.

ready for that. One boy was holding her arms forward over the
couch and the other boy already had the FLIPPER in his hand.
It started up again and louder then the first time. This was a
different boy whipping her and with her bent over the couch like
this, her butt and pussy were pushed out even further. The loud
POPS were easy to hear. It sounded like firecrackers going off.
Michelle started crying real loud. They only wanted her to do one
thing, shake her head yes when she was ready to let the boy
do what he wanted. For two minutes she wouldn't shake her head.
She wasn't on the pill and her husband always wore rubbers. She
couldn't let these young boys fuck her. Besides, the only man
to ever touch her pussy was her husband. But the hard spankings
on her already blue ass was more pain then she could ever
remember. It took three minutes but the boy spanking her finally
saw her head move just a little up and down. He told her if she
wanted him to stop, she better really move her head up and down.
POP, POP, POP, POP, POP.......

That did it, her head started bobbing up and down. The pain was
killing her and she was crying out loud and sobbing. The second
the spankings stopped she felt the boy grab her legs and spread
them even further apart. He didn't know what he was doing so he
used his fingers to try to find her entrance. It took a minute
as he was looking much to high. Her pussy was soaking wet but
he couldn't figure a way in. Finally his fingers moved much lower
down then he would have ever thought and his fingers slid into
a very moist and hot hole. He knew he had found her pussy
entrance. With his finger still there to guide the way, he pushed
his small but very stiff dick to where his finger was. His dick
disappeared immediately into Michelle's hot tight pussy. She knew
immediately when the boys finger was replaced with his dick.
Her hands were still being held by the other boy in front of her
and when the boy started moving his dick forward and backward,
Michelle now knew another person was fucking her. Her crying got
really bad again. She wasn't saying anything out loud but she was
crying to herself, WHY, WHY, WHY ME, WHY ME.

The boy had never felt anything so warm and tight in his life.
Michelle's cunt walls grabbed the young boys dick like it was in a
warm leather glove. And being young, the boys dick was stiffer
and harder then anything Michelle had felt inside her. It was like a
stiff board or something. Also the boy's dick was the most
sensitive it would ever be. Michelle didn't have long to think about
what was happening before she felt a weird jerking. At that
moment the entire insides of her cunt received a warm spermal
bath. The boy had so much sperm saved up in his balls and
the pressure of each squirt was so great that the sperm shot up
about three or four inches into her pussy. She couldn't believe
the power of each squirt. She could easily feel it. At that
very moment she was a defeated woman. Her pussy had been sprayed
with sperm for the first time in her life and it wasn't even her
husband doing it.

The boy holding her arms felt the girl sort of relax so he
also relaxed his grip. She was still crying very loudly as the
boy behind her pulled his very gooey dick out of her cunt. The
boys moved quickly while Michelle was still crying so hard and they
guided her to the middle of the floor. She was on her knees
and crying into her hands when she suddenly felt another dick
at her cunt. It too was not anywhere near her cunt hole. She
sort of looked up and saw the boy that was fucking her a few
minutes ago standing in front of her. He had the white plastic
flipper in his hand and pointed it at her. Don't make any
trouble was all he said. It was then that the boy behind her
made contact with her freshly fucked pussy hole and pressed
himself inside her. She now had a second young boys dick
fucking in and out of her pussy. The boy in front decided he
wanted to see what it looked like when a girl fucked a boy so
he told his friend to quit moving. Then he pushed the paddle
in front of Michelle's face and told her to start fucking the dick
that was in her. At first Michelle didn't move but when the boy
with the paddle started to move around behind her, her ass
started moving back and forth. Michelle was now riding the young
boys cock that was inside her.

Again, this boy had never felt anything so smooth and tight.
The tears kept flowing and Michelle kept rocking back and forth.
The boys dick was fairly small so her pushes and pulls weren't
that big. But his dick like the last boys was as hard as a
rock. Barely two minutes went by before the boy grabbed her hips
and pushed them much faster up and down on his dick. He also
exploded just as hard and violently as the first young boy did.
His sperm must have shot three or four inches up inside of
Michelle. The pressure coming out of the boys dick was incredible.
They were finally done with Michelle. It was around 3:15 and the boys
had such a good time, they couldn't wait to go back home and talk
about it. They left the video tape on the floor next to the
crying Michelle. They said she would not know when they would come
back next, but they had three more visits planned. And if she
told anyone, all the tapes would be given away. Michelle heard
some of it but not everything. She was crying so hard in her hands
she didn't really care. Her ass was still on fire from the
whipping the young boys gave her. She cried a good thirty minutes
before she could pull herself up off the floor.

It was about 4:00pm and her husband would be home in an hour. She
could never tell anybody about what just happened. How would
she explain being raped by two 12 or 13 year old boys. And then
at the trial they would for sure show the tape of her show for
the boys. Any jury would say she deserved it. It was a no win
situation and she knew it. When she stood up the sperm poured out
of her pussy and down her legs. This started another round of
tears as she slowly walked to the bathroom. She showered for 30
minutes and the water really hurt as it hit her blue butt cheeks.
She also looked down at her freshly shaved pussy. She couldn't let
her husband see her for a day or two. He would definitely start
asking a bunch of questions that she didn't want to try to answer.
Luckily she walked into the living room and saw her outfit and
the video tape on the floor. The boys had kept their word and
left the first tape for her. She went and hid everything and first
chance she got, she would destroy the first tape. It was now too close
to the time her husband would get home. Ten minutes later he walked
in the front door. He immediately asked Michelle how her day went.
With a forced smile, she looked up and said it was just the
average boring day. She knew she couldn't sit down for a while.
If she did her facial pain would definitely give everything
away. Most the night she kept busy doing laundry and house work just
so she wouldn't have to sit. It took about two days for the blueness
to go away and the pain to disappear. She had not heard a word
from the boys and she was very glad of it.

It was an exact week later that the doorbell rang at Michelle's
house. When she opened the door the two boys were there with
one boy carrying a small bag and the other boy had a tape in
his hand. Michelle gasped and said please not today. The boys
just pushed past Michelle and into her house. They took the
tape and put it in her VCR and pressed play. Sure enough
it was the same tape as she saw last time. The boys then said
today was day two. No complaining, no yelling, NO TALKING.
The boys pointed to the tape playing, don't say a word. Just
shake your head, Yes if you want us to stay and take our
second day, NO if you want us out and walking to the police
station. Remember, no talking, just shake your head.

This brought back all the memories of their last visit. She looked
up to the TV and she was dancing on the patio again. She knew
well what was on the tape. She watched as one boy went into the
kitchen and came back with the large white plastic flipper they
had used last time. Quickly he said "REMEMBER, NO TALKING, YES OR NO?
What could Michelle do. She had already been thru one day. IF she
said no, that would all be in waste and they would head directly
for the police station. She knew they had her and she shook her
head yes. The boys quickly grabbed Michelle and they started
taking her clothes off for her. They were in a hurry to see the
cute little body that they had just fucked a week ago. She was
naked in about a minute with her clothes in a big pile in the
floor. The boys noticed the exact same problem as last week. Her
pussy hair looked like a guys face. They led her to the bathroom
and in 10 minutes she was out completely clean shaven. After a
quick thick spray down of perfume, the told Michelle to lay
back on the bed. So far she had cooperated very nicely. The main
reason was she remembered it took her two or three days to get over
the blue welts that showed up on her butt. She didn't want that
to happen again.

They handed her only the teddy that she wore last time and they
had her put it on. Once she had it on they handed her some high
heels shoes from her closet and then they were ready to get going.
They put the music on from the stereo in the bedroom. They turned
it up pretty loud then they had Michelle stand at the foot of the
bed and dance for about two minutes. Then one of the boys opened
his bag and pulled something out. It was a grey sleeping blindfold.
The boy had noticed that his mom used it on many occasions when
she couldn't sleep. He had BORROWED it today and he walked over
and put it on Michelle's face. He told her today she would be
doing just about everything from behind the blind fold. It would
be better for them, and better for her as she wouldn't have to
keep looking at the boys. They again warned her against talking
at all and they guided Michelle back into the living room. The
speakers in the living room were also playing very loud with the
same music playing in the bed room. They had Michelle start
dancing in the middle of the room and she did her best even
though she was blindfolded. All she kept thinking about was how
bad they beat her butt last time. It definitely made an impression
on Michelle.

While she was dancing one of the boys went to the front door and
slowly opened it. There on the porch were two local girls and
two other boys. They didn't believe the story about the girl
till they saw her video then they begged to be part of everything.
The young girls were 13 and 15 and both wanted to see what an
older girl really looked like when she was playing with herself.
Quietly the four new kids came in and sat on the couch. Of course
they all looked on in awe as Michelle was dancing around as
sexy and suggestively as she could. Also in the bag was the boys
video camera. They promised to return the original tapes, but no
promises were made about any new tapes. The boy who's father
owned the camera turned it on and started filming everything.
He filmed Michelle dancing, the six young kids now in the room
watching her, and about everything he could think of to film.
Finally they guided Michelle to the floor right in front of the
couch. They put her down on the floor and she heard a boy behind
her unzip her pants. This sent her mind reeling again. They fucked
her 7 days ago without rubbers and now they were going to do it
again. She wasn't on the pill and she couldn't let them get her
pregnant. She moved her legs together and started to ask them
not to fuck her today. This was a very wrong move. The boys
didn't say a work. Michelle was pleading her case as they guided
her to a large chair next to the couch. As quickly as last time
they surprised her and she was pulled down over the side of the
chair. One boy pinned her hands behind her back and then the first
of many powerful POWS hit her ass. What she had dreaded was
taking place again. She struggled as much as she could but with
her hands pinned behind her back, she couldn't do very much at all.
Her ass and pussy was pointed directly at the four new kids sitting
on the couch. They could not believe that the two 12 year old boys
were actually whipping a woman of about twice their age.

The boy was counting down from 50 but Michelle kept trying to talk
to them and explain about the pregnancy stuff and at least for them
to wear rubbers. With each word out of her mouth the count started
over at fifty. It took a minute but Michelle finally shut up as
the hits got harder and harder. She knew not to say a word but the
count was only at 35. Her ass was now on fire and she still had
35 to go. By 15 Michelle was crying out loud in front of all the
kids and at 5 her ass was turning blue. It hurt so bad she wanted
to die right there. She didn't say a word except for the loud
crying that she was doing. Then the number finally hit zero and
the spankings stopped. The girls actually gasped when they saw
the blue and red welts starting to form on Michelle's tight little
ass. As soon as it was over, even though Michelle was cry fairly
loudly, they guide her back to the middle of the floor and had
her on her hands and knees. The entire whipping and crying was
caught on tape. Now the boy again unzipped his pants but not a
word came from Michelle's lips. Only loud crying. This time the
boy knew her pussy hole was at the bottom of her pussy slit..
He guided his dick there and pushed it right in. She was again
super wet from the dancing she had to do earlier in front of the

The boy fucked her for a minute then pulled her hips and told her
to fuck him. He stopped moving and Michelle rocked her body back
and forth on the young dick inside of her. He lasted barely
two minutes when the hot sperm splashed again inside of Michelle's
unprotected pussy. The dick was soon replaced with a second one
as the next boy started fucking her. The kids on the couch were
now up and standing right behind and beside Michelle watching
how the young boys dick would disappear into her pussy. This
was the best sex ed class the kids could have. They now all knew
exactly what fucking looked like and how to do it. They also saw
the white sperm starting to leak out of Michelle's pussy from the
first boy to fuck her. It was now time for the second boy to add his
collection to her pussy. He also soon erupted and released a large load
deep into the back end of Michelle's pussy. She knew exactly when
both boys came because she felt it squirt up very deep inside her.
She prayed the cleaning out she will do once the boys leave
protects her from getting pregnant.

She felt the boy pull out and she was left right there in the
middle of the floor. She didn't know all six kids and the camera
was watching all the sperm slowly ooze out of her shaved pussy
lips and run down her legs. It was only 2:00 pm and they still
had two more hours they could spend with Michelle. Today they
were not going to leave near as early. One of the boys went
into her bedroom and when he came back he gave the thumbs up
signal. The next thing they did was bring Michelle into her own
bedroom and lay her down on the bed. The only thing Michelle
didn't know was that they had opened the large curtains all the
way and now Michelle was on show from anybody that might be
watching thru the widely opened window. They positioned
Michelle's leg spread out wide and then they talked to one of the
new boys. They asked him if he would like to feel what it was
like to have a grown woman service him. At first the boy shook
his head no but then one of the young girls poked him in the
ribs and shook her head yes that he should do it. He finally
shook his head yes too.

They all listened as the boys told Michelle what they
expected her to do. They wanted her to start rubbing her pussy
and she was to make herself come. If she stopped or really
didn't come, 50 more swats would come to her ass. Michelle
knew her butt couldn't take even on more spanking. She started
rubbing her pussy with everyone watching. The boys whispered
something to the new boy and he unzipped his pants and pulled
out his small but very erect dick. They guided him up to
Michelle's head and they were going to use him as their guinea
pig to see how a girl sucks on a guys dick. It surprised
Michelle when she felt another person get on the bed. But it
really caught her off guard when something touched her lips.
She heard the boys tell her to open her mouth. As soon as she
did a small stiff dick was pushed into her mouth. The boy
didn't know what to do so Michelle was told to make the dick
in her mouth happy. They didn't know what she would do but they
all watched to see. While she was rubbing her pussy her mouth
started slipping up on down on the tiny hard dick in her mouth.
20 seconds, I'm not kidding, 20 seconds and the young boy explodes
in Michelle's mouth. She sucks and swallows quickly as the boy
has never really cum before and he is squirting his very first
orgasm straight into Michelle's very hot mouth. Some of it runs
down the sides of her mouth and the girls sort of make ugly
faces as they realize the girl is actually swallowing the white
gooey stuff.

The boy gets up and is immediately replace by another boy.
Michelle just assumes this is the second boy. Well, in a way she
is right. It is the second NEW boy. As she starts to suck him her
own cunt is about to explode. Her fingers never stopped rubbing
her pussy and everyone noticed when her butt came off the mattress
and she started making grunting noises with the dick still in
her mouth. It took about ten more seconds before her entire
body shook and a very loud moan came from her throat. Of course
just about the same time she was rewarded with a hot rush of
white goo blowing past her tonsils and down her throat. This
new boy didn't last that long in her mouth either. Finally
the boys got up and they actually let Michelle get up. It was
back into the living room. Michelle had a really bad taste in her
mouth after having to swallow two large loads of young boy sperm.
But she knew she couldn't say a word. He ass hurt bad already
and she wasn't going to chance more whippings with that plastic

They still had just about an hour left. The boys all huddled with
the girls in a corner of the room. Nobody knew what to do next.
It was one of the girls that came up with the answer. Put her on
her knees and make her suck one guy and fuck another. Both the
boys eyes lit up and within two minutes that is exactly what
Michelle was doing. She couldn't believe the stamina of the young
boys. She thought they had already came twice and now they were
forcing her to take both of them at once. She could never do any
of this if she wasn't being blackmailed. It was probably her
husbands fantasy to be doing something like this with her, but
instead of her husband getting it, a couple of young neighbor
kids are using her as their toy. Again, Michelle started to feel
really guilty. Then she was brought back to reality by first a
fresh load pumped into her throat. The third load in about 30
minutes she has had to swallow. Then she felt the boy behind her
grab her hips and bury his small dick inside her. The hot wet
feeling flooded her cunt and again a third coating was pumped
into her belly. She was hoping everything might be over. For once,
her hopes turned into reality. The new boys and girls slipped
out of the house and the two boys packed up the few things
they brought and left the tape on the floor. They finally took
the blindfold off of Michelle's face and walked to the door.
Her eyes were just adjusting to the light when she heard one of
the boys say day two was over.Two more to go. They would be back
someday in the future. Then she barely saw the door close as her
eyes finally adjust to the light.

She quickly got up this time and again her butt was on fire. It
was probably just as bad as last time. They beat her hard and
long today. She jumped in the shower and the water really stung
her blue welting ass. But she was in there to wash away the
evidence and push as much sperm out of her as she could. She
douched twice and hoped that was good enough. She finally dried
off and got dressed again. She wore a soft dress so she wouldn't
have to have anything touch her stinging ass. She didn't even put
underwear on. She took pleasure in destroying the second tape. She
had destroyed the first one about four days ago. She somehow
managed to again make it thru the night without her husband
finding out about anything. He did want to make love that night
but Michelle talked him out of it saying she had a special
weekend planned for him. She really didn't but she couldn't let
him see her ass for at least three days. That's how long it
took last time for the blue marks to go away.

Slowly the days passed by. Michelle didn't know it but the only
days the kids could really get away to come over was on Mondays.
Their parents thought the boys were out playing baseball on
those days so they didn't keep that good an eye on them. That's
why the last two days were both Mondays. Again a full week
had just about passed and even though it wasn't now in the front
of her mind, Michelle was always having flashbacks of what she
had been forced to do. She was happy that she had been able to
hide it all from her husband. She never wanted him to ever find
out that someone else had fucked her, especially two young
teenage boys. Well, just like Michelle always had flashbacks, the
boys could never get Michelle out of their minds. Because of her
the boy's sex drive were thrown into overdrive. Now its all they
every thought of. They spent most this last week doing two things,
watching the new HOT video they took, and searching the Internet
very late at night after their parents had gone to sleep. They
looked at more pictures and read more stories trying to get
ideas on what to do. They would put notes in their little
notebooks then compare them the next day when they were together.
Tomorrow would be Monday again and the boys spent most of Sunday
planning their three hours or so they would have with the sexy
mature woman they were blackmailing.

Michelle had not caught on to the fact that the boys had been here
the last two Mondays. She started this Monday out as she usually
did by seeing her husband off to work about 8:30 in the morning.
She then did some house chores and read the daily paper. Around
12:30 she sat down and watched the midday news on TV. For some
reason she started thinking in her head when her last period
was. It was about three weeks ago. She would be starting her
next period very soon and she would be very happy to see that
happen. Then she started having one of her small flashback sessions
of the boys and the first night out on the patio. She pushed
the thoughts from her head as quickly as she could. She finally
cleared the thoughts and started listening to the news again
on TV. It was then that the doorbell rang. She got up and when she
opened the door her face told the whole story again. The two young
brats were back. Her whole body was frozen right there with fear
and panic. The boys just pushed the door open and came right in
leaving Michelle at the door with it still wide open. Not a word
had been spoken yet. When Michelle saw the boy put the tape in
the VCR and press play, she hurriedly shut the door and still just
stood there not moving. Then the VRC tape came to life and she
was now watching her night out on the patio again.

The boys told her to come sit down and they had brought the third
tape with them. At first Michelle didn't move. One boy went into
the kitchen and grabbed the stiff plastic flipper that they liked
using as her punishment paddle. With that in his hand he again
told her to come sit on the couch. Her mind raced to her brightly
welted ass and how for three days that's all she could feel. She
slowly started walking towards the couch. The boys could see her
eyes watering up as she finally sat down on the couch. Her head
was sort of lowered and she didn't look at the boys directly. The
boys started talking and told her this was day three. They had
brought the third tape with them and they only had one tape left
at the house. Today they wanted her to be on her very best behavior.
The punishment count was going to move from 50 strokes to 75 strokes.
They were very serious that she had better do exactly as they
said today. Michelle's mind couldn't even comprehend how bad her ass
would look after 75 strokes with the plastic flipper. She never
said a word and continued to stare down at the floor. She was
wearing some blue jeans and a shirt. Of course the first thing they
had her do was stand up and strip.

It took about four minutes but she was again on display in front
of the young boys completely nude. They led her directly into
the bathroom and started the bath water running. They told her
she knew exactly what to do and they would be back for her in
five minutes. They actually left her there by herself and then
went in and started exploring the drawers in her bedroom. They
knew exactly what they were looking for. Michelle in the meantime
was softly crying and doing what the boys had expected her to do.
She soaped up her pussy and shaved the stubble hair off of it.
Her husband had noticed that she was keeping it shaved and really
thought it was for him. He had made several very nice comments
about how nice she looked that way. There was no way she could tell
him it was for a couple of the neighborhood kids. The boys had
found what they were looking for and they went into the bathroom
and pulled Michelle out of the tub. Today they perfumed her up
but they also wanted her to put makeup on. They had read enough
stories to know that the more makeup she put on, the sluttier she
was suppose to be. They wanted their woman to be very slutty from
now on. Both boys couldn't wait to fuck her but they needed to get
her fixed up good for the video taping that would soon be started.

Michelle put a little makeup on her face but when she grabbed the
lipstick, it was a dull neutral color. The boys knew it was
suppose to be bright red. They looked thru the makeup drawer and
like most women, she did have a tube of the very bright lipstick
in the drawer. She was forced to put it on until the boys thought
her lips were bright enough. She glanced in the mirror and her
lips stood out like a shining beacon. She had never looked like
this before. They guided her into the bedroom and had her put on
their favorite outfit. This time they added a pair of fishnet
stocking they found in one of her drawers. They then brought her
out to the living room and looking her directly in her wet and
teary eyes, told her she had better be good the entire time
today. They really were hoping to see what 75 spanks on her ass
would look like. They knew at 50 her butt was all welted up.
75 would be very very bad for her. She knew all to well they
were totally right. They told her not to talk and that this would
be her last time for an hour or so that she would be able to see
them. She then saw the blindfold in the boy's hand. Very quickly
she was blinded and they guided her to the couch. One boy grabbed
the video camera and started it going. They now were going to
film the entire two or three hours so they could watch the entire
thing anytime they wanted. And they had started getting a lot of
new friends as kids found out about the tapes they would show
about twice a week in their room. Michelle didn't know it at the
time but most the kids in the neighborhood knew all about what she
was having to do.

Once she was dressed they guided her to the bedroom and she
heard the stereo being turned on. She remembered that both the
last two times she was forced to dance for them. Before she
had come into the room they had opened the sliding glass window
that led out onto the small balcony completely open. It was
easy to see the houses that were located right behind hers. She
had no way of knowing the window and curtains were wide open. She
couldn't see because of her blindfold and the music was way too
loud to hear any of the noises coming in from the outside. Today
the boys had many things planned for Michelle. The first one was
a repeat performance of the first night they saw her. Slowly
they led Michelle to the edge of the balcony. She was still inside
the house but if they pushed her one step further she would be
out on the patio and she would know it. With the camera rolling
one of the boys gave her the final little shove and Michelle
could tell by the type of flooring that she was just put out on
the balcony. She didn't even know the window had been open. Then
she heard the boy say start dancing to the music and listen to
what I tell you to do. It hit Michelle's mind immediately that
she was outside of her house in the open and it was midday.
Anybody could be out there and see her. She didn't do a thing
because the chance of her being seen was far to great. She
shook her head NO a couple of times and then the last straw was
when she said "THERES NO WAY!"

She felt the boy pull her in and ten seconds later she was pulled
to the floor. They roughly held her down and then the one thing
she dreaded started to happen. They lifted her dress and the hard
plastic flipper hit her ass for the first time. She had a very
thin teddy on but it just sort of had a G-String in the back and
didn't protect her ass at all. She knew the first five or ten
hits didn't cause the pain. It was the last 50 or 60. Then she
suddenly remembered the counting. The boy was only at 71. She had
only been hit four times and the stinging was starting to have its
effect. She knew not to say anything because they would start the
count over. By 50 her eyes were all watered up and her ass was
cherry red. Of course one boy had the camera filming her kicking
her feet and her head shaking back and forth (NO, NO, NO).
At the 25 count her blue streaks and welts started to form. She
was now crying out loud and tears really flowed down her cheeks.
At 10 she thought they were using an electric rod on her. This
is more then she had every taken and she was crying hysterically
now. It was then that she heard the boy tell her to shake her
head yes that she would do EVERYTHING they asked. If she didn't
he wouldn't stop. Her head moved immediately. She had not wanted
to get whipped again as it hurt so bad and it was very hard to
hide from her husband. Up and down her head shook as the boy
counted down 4,3,2,1,done.

The camera zoomed in on her abused butt. If she would have been
a kid and a parent had whipped her this bad, the parent would
be sitting in a jail cell somewhere. The blue and white welts
had already started forming on her ass. The boys knew it had
to hurt beyond belief. They forced her up and pushed her to the
porch while her lesson was still fresh in her mind. They told
her any more problems and they would start fresh at 75. She knew
that would probably make her pass out from the pain. He ass hurt
so bad it affected the way she moved. She felt that she was on
the patio again and the music was still playing. She had the
stupid blindfolds on and couldn't see a thing in front of her.
The boys told her to start dancing as sexily as she could. She
started dancing even though she was still crying pretty hard
because of the whippings. After two minutes the boys told her
to unsnap her dress and let it fall. With tears still filling
her eyes her hands moved to the short dress snaps and it soon
fell to the ground. This put her boobs right out on view immediately
and the only thing covering the rest of her body was the tiny
little teddy.

If Michelle could have seen what was down in the backyard, she
would have fainted. There below her were all the kids in the
neighborhood that knew about her. Probably 11 or 12 total. Four
young girls and 7 or 8 boys. All were between the ages of 11 and
16. They had seen her other videos and now they watched in
amazement from her own yard as she put on a very sexy dance for
them. They were all totally quiet because they were told if they
kept silent, they might get to participate later. For three minutes
she danced on the patio in her teddy. Then another command had
hit her ears. Slowly remove the teddy and let it drop to the
ground. Michelle knew it was around 1:00 pm in the afternoon and
she could feel the hot midday sun on her body. When she did this
for her husband, she was 90% drunk and it was after midnight. Now
she was 100% sober and it was midday. She didn't act immediately
but when she heard the boys remind her of another 75, she started
immediately removing her little teddy. This brought a fresh
round of crying to her face. She really hadn't stopped crying from
her long ass whipping but this made her cry a lot hard. All she
could do was pray she got away with it without being seen.

Her teddy fell to the floor to join her dress and now all the
kids sitting right below her got an excellent view of her shaven
pussy and very red and blue ass. The boys made her dance for three
or four minutes then one of the boys went out and Michelle felt
him grab her for a second. He guided one of her legs to the
railing and pushed one of her hands to her pussy. He told her she
could get out of the window as soon as she came for them, not
a second earlier. Michelle started directly on her clit and worked
hard to make herself cum. All she wanted was to get back in the
house. Many of the kids watching below had never seen a naked
women, no less one playing with her own pussy. Michelle was just
a little younger then some of their parents. They were amazed
when they thought that most adults must do this some also.

It took her longer then she imagined to make herself cum. A little
over five minutes. She was spread open and on show for a total of
about 10 to 15 minutes on the patio. A long time at that time of
day. Finally her fingers made her tiny little clit stand up hard
and then she exploded right there for everyone to see. Her body
shook as usual and even the young kids knew this was something
special. Some of them didn't know what a climax was. Again, this
was a great sex-ed class for the kids of the neighborhood. They
finally pulled Michelle in and they knew they had captured some
great video tape of her showing herself off to all the kids of
the neighborhood. If she ever tried to go after them, they could
always use this tape in their defense. After all, she was the only
one in the video and she did end up Cumming. No jury would ever
find them guilty, this older woman knew exactly what she was doing.

Michelle was so happy when they pulled her back in and she heard
the sliding glass window closing. One boy took her to the living
room and had her sit down on the couch. She about screamed when
her ass hit the couch. It hurt so very bad. The boy had to laugh
when he saw that. The other boy went down and asked all the kids
how many wanted to come up and see more. EVERYONE of them said
yes. He laid the law quickly, any noise from any of them and they
would be asked to leave. PLUS, they wouldn't be invited next time
they came over to her house. All the kids knew they didn't want
to miss anything, so of course they all agreed to be quiet.
They went to Michelle's front door and the boys let them in very
quietly. The music was still playing loud in the living room
and one of the boys got Michelle and led her to the middle of
the living room. While she was put into position of being on her
hands and knees, the kids gathered around the living room and found
a good vantage point. Of course the boy with the camera had to
catch it all on film that about 15 kids were now in her living
room and watching Michelle do all the things she was about to be
forced to do.

Immediately they let the two boys from last week that knew what
to do go up and stand next to Michelle. It was only about two minutes
later that first she was sucking on a young boys dick, then her
legs were being spread wider and a boy pushed up inside her. She
came the closest she ever had to making them stop. She was so close
to her period and at her most fertile time. But her ass was still
on fire and she knew even if she got her ass beat again, they would
still fuck her anyway. Today had been nonstop crying for Michelle.
Her tears continued to flow beneath the blindfold as she took both
the young boys on at the same time. Four minutes later her mouth
and pussy both had white sperm oozing out of them. Her head just
dropped and she was totally defeated. She knew she couldn't win with
them. They had to much blackmail material on her with the video
they owned and her ass could not withstand another beating. The
boys gave her no rest as she felt another dick in her mouth and
another cock poking at her pussy. She didn't' know it but this
was a brand new set of boys. When they started fucking her in both
ends, 45 seconds and it was all over. These boys had both been
virgins and they will now always remember their first fuck and
blow job coming from the slutty older girl that lived in the

Michelle thought they would be done for a while but another set
of cocks were there. Again about a minute and a half and she
was flooded with young hot teenager sperm. That was six boys in
probably 10 minutes. The boys wanted to see something different
so they helped Michelle up from the floor and guided her over to
the couch. All the kids moved out of the way and they leaned
Michelle's body over the back of the couch and bent her forward.
Next they picked out two more boys and one kneeled on the
couch cushions and he guided his dick to Michelle's mouth. She
couldn't believe the young boys could bounce back that quick. The
boy behind her spread her legs wide and guided his dick into her
now white coated pussy. All the girls wanted to get behind
Michelle and watch the boys dick push its way in and out of her
pussy. Only two of the girls had seen this before and they were
the two that were here last Monday. The other two new girls watched
and their eyes got really big. They could see the boys dick push
her lips open with every inward stroke and disappear deep inside
Michelle. They also saw all the white goo that was flowing out of
her pussy and sticking to the young boys dick. They knew it was
the boys sperm and that it was what caused a girl to get pregnant.

The boys lasted about three minutes and again Michelle felt the
heat of the sperm blasting up into her tight wet cunt. Seconds
later she was worrying about the sperm shooting down her throat.
That was about four loads she had already had to swallow. Again
she had a terrible taste in her mouth and she couldn't ask the
boys for anything to drink. She wasn't saying a word until they
left as her ass reminded her every second to stay as quiet as she
could. All the kids had learned a lot about sex today. The boys
now knew what a pussy and a girls lips felt like tightly pressed
around their dicks. And the girls now knew exactly what they
would probably be expected to do when they started dating boys.
Two of the girls it really bothered but the two 14 year old girls
really wanted to try some of it. They had already started playing
with their selves and watching Michelle fuck these boy and suck
on their cocks made them want to be MATURE like her and do it
also. Of course they didn't tell anyone that but it was exactly
what they were thinking.

Finally the boys told all the kids to go back into the backyard
and wait for the final show. The two original boys still had not
had a good time with Michelle. They had let all the other boys
enjoy her and pump their sperm up into her, but they had not gotten
their turn. They handed one of the girls the video camera and asked
her to keep it pointed at the balcony for them until they came
down and got it. The girl agreed and all the kids slowly opened
the front door and left. After they left Michelle heard the boys
tell them if she was good, they would be gone in 15 minutes.
Michelle really was glad to hear that and shook her head ok. She
had not been able to see for the last 90 minutes or so. She had
been forced to do many things and the two boys had used her so
many times she lost count. The boys guided her into the bedroom and
Michelle heard the big sliding glass door open. Her mind began
to worry again as she didn't know what they wanted of her.

Quickly she found out as both boys guided and pushed her out onto
the balcony. This time Michelle did not fight as she knew everything
was about over. But she also knew it was midday and every second
on this porch was an opportunity to be found out by a neighbor.
The boys pushed her down onto her knees and Michelle still didn't
know what they had planned for her. Twenty seconds later she
definitely knew. One boy lifted her head and his dick plowed into
BOYS, I COULD GO TO JAIL!" Just then she felt the other boy plow
deep into her very wet pussy. They started pushing her body
forward and backwards and she knew they wanted her to do the work.
Her mind told her "DON'T DO IT, DO NOT DO IT!", but her ass knew
it would take such a beating if she even uttered a word. Her
only way out was to make them both cum just about immediately. For
the first time ever, Michelle put every inch of talent and
experience she had learned into giving the boys the best feeling
fucks she could. She really pushed forward and backwards very
quickly and she tried to use both her mouth and pussy muscles
to suck and pull on the boys dicks. She wanted off this patio
as soon as possible. This great fuck had nothing to do with
the boys, it was for her own protection.

The boys both looked at each other. They had found a huge weakness
in Michelle. Up until now she had never really tried hard, now she
was a tiger with them and the feeling she was giving them was
the best ever. Her plan really did work. All the kids below
noticed that the girl was doing all the work and fucking the boys
and she was really moving hard and fast at it. The boys made it
about 90 seconds and BINGO, Michelle was receiving two more loads
of cum. The boys stayed about one minute more inside of Michelle
then got up and let her get up. They all went inside and the
boys closed the window. They laid Michelle on the bed and had
her turn on her stomach. One boy got the tape from the vcr
in the living room and laid it next to Michelle. The other made
sure he gathered up all their stuff and put it into his little
bag. Finally the walked up to Michelle, told her to keep her
eyes closed, and pulled the blindfold that belonged to one of their
moms off of Michelle. Michelle heard footsteps and the boys
leaving. She waited about two minutes and finally spoke up.
Nobody answered and she opened her eyes and got up. When she
stood up she looked at her legs and pussy. She had never seen
so much sperm in her life. It was really just dripping all out of
her and all over the front of her shaved pussy lips. She was
very thirsty but she ran directly into the shower and started
trying to get the sperm out of her.

She again douched twice and watched as load after load of white
goo ran from her pussy. She knew what her husbands sperm looked
like even though none of it had ever been in her pussy. This
sperm was much whiter, much thicker, and a lot more gooier. That's
because this was the most potent sperm out there. Fresh virgin
teenager sperm. It was made to search and destroy any fertile eggs
that it could reach. Michelle didn't know it but her body did.
About two hours after the boys left, one of the million of sperm
that was dumped into her today, found its target. It worked hard
and she had been impregnated by one of the 10 or so boys that got
to fuck her. She would never know which one, but one of the
young 12 to 16 year old boys had given Michelle a baby. Her body
would now start the process of implanting the baby inside her
womb and start the growing process. In about three to four months,
her belly would show the first signs of what the young boys had
done to her.

She got out of the shower and finished cleaning up the house. She
then saw that the bed cover was wet with the boy's sperm that
leaked out of her. She immediately took it off and threw it in
the washer. She took another one out of the closet and remade the
bed back up. About an hour later her husband was home and she was
cooking supper. She found out immediately that she could not sit
down or lay down. She hid it as well as she could but her husband
said later on in the evening that Michelle seemed to be walking
funny. Michelle had to think fast and told him she had slipped and
fell on her funny bone on her ass. It hurt pretty bad. Of course
her husband asked her if she wanted him to look at it. Michelle's
answer came quickly, NO, BUT THANK YOU. IT WILL BE BETTER IN A DAY
OR TWO". Michelle didn't know how bad her whipping really was this
time. She couldn't sleep for about three nights and it wasn't until
the fifth day that her butt finally started to turn back to it's
normal color. The last five days had been hell on her and her
life. She couldn't move without thinking of her ass which made her
think of the boys.

The only good thing out of everything was that her husband didn't
suspect anything and none of the neighbors had complained or
acted unusual when she was around. She had figured that everything
was OK up to now. She was about two days late for her period by
her calculations but she was never really exactly on time. Some
times she ran long, other times she started early. She wasn't
worried about it yet. Sunday Michelle and her husband went out
and really lived it up on the town. Michelle was feeling really
guilty and she tried hard to make it up to her husband. She
even gave him a blow job on the way home from a movie. She had
never done that in the car before. Her husband really loved it
and they were very cuddly the rest of the night. It also made Michelle
feel a little less guilty about what she had been forced to do.

If Michelle had been tracking the boys appearances, she would have
known that today was Monday and they would be back over. BUT, she
did not mark it down or write anything about it. She didn't want to
remember it or have any evidence that it happened. If she knew about
the even nastier tapes that the boys had, she would have been
begging her husband to move to another town. She had destroyed the
first, second, and third tape. Only one tape to go and she would
be starting her period any day now, so if the boys did show up, they
would have to postpone it for a while. Michelle was getting ready
to drive to see her husband for lunch. He had such a great time
with Michelle yesterday at the movies, and the great blow job on
the way home, well, he invited her to come out to his work and they
would go get a real expensive lunch somewhere. If Michelle would
have left five minutes earlier, she would have missed the boys.
But she was just getting her purse when the doorbell rang. She
died right in her tracks when the two boys were there with the
last tape.

Again they came right in but Michelle told them her husband was
expecting her in 30 minutes for lunch. The boys didn't really
believe her and continued to put the fourth tape in the VCR and
press play. It started and Michelle again saw it was a copy of
the original tape of her dancing at night on the balcony. She
again told the boys she couldn't stay today, she had to go. One of
the boys stopped the tape, pulled it out of the vcr, and walked
to the other boy and told him lets head over to the police station.
Michelle begged them to let her skip today and they could come
back tomorrow. She really had to meet her husband. But the boys
knew they couldn't make it back till next Monday and they weren't
about to miss this outing. They had arranged with too many kids
to meet them over her at her house. One of the boys went and
grabbed the cordless phone off the wall. He handed it to Michelle,
then he told her, your choice, stay here with us and get the last
and final tape back, of go out with you husband and talk to the
police when you get home.

Like a wounded puppy, Michelle took the phone and called her husband.
She told him she wasn't feeling well and if they could plan it for
tomorrow or another day. He was a little hurt as he really wanted
to take her to lunch, but he understood and told her that would be
fine. The second she hung up the phone the boys jumped into action.
They wanted to use all the available time today. They were going to
push the woman further then ever since she thought it would be their
last time over there. She wouldn't want to waste everything that
she had to go thru so far. As the boys pulled her into the bedroom,
they again went over the rules. No talking, no complaining, and
no being uncooperative. They also told her the magic number today
was 100. Michelle's eyes got huge. They asked her to shake her head
if she knew what the number 100 meant. A quick YES nod came from
her head. In her mind she was still just getting over the five
days she hurt from the 75 strokes she got last time. It would take
her a couple weeks to get over a 100 stroke beating. She could
not afford today to say a word. It was the last day and she knew
they would make her do many things she didn't want to do. She kept
telling herself, no matter what, don't complain, DO NOT COMPLAIN!.

Michelle was dressed in a rather nice dress but it wasn't near as
sexy as her other one. The boys had her remove her clothes and
again saw the seven day growth on her pussy. It was bath time
and while she took care of that for them, they went thru her
drawers and found a few items they needed. The first was a normal
size pink bikini. They pulled it out and put it into their bag.
Next was the dress she just pulled off. They thought it would
make a great cover-up dress. Then they looked out the back
window and the other kids had set up the backyard perfectly.
There was a large blanket right in the middle of the yard with
a radio sitting right next to it. The kids had all disappeared
and the boys were just waiting for Michelle to finish shaving
her cunt and get out of the tub. Michelle knew this was her last
day and she kept telling her mind to make it thru today without
getting spanked. It didn't help her cause one tiny bit and if
she had to get 100 strokes, it would hurt for a long time to come.

The boys came in to check on her and she was just finishing up.
Her pussy was again as smooth as it could be. They had her dry
off then apply makeup again to her face. This time they helped
her and they had her trying about everything in her large
makeup kit. The found out the eye shadow and the lipstick were
the their two favorite things. She had to really put on a lot
of both and her lipstick was the brightest red that she had. She
was so glad only the boys would see her this way. Then it sort of
stuck in her mind that when the boys first saw her nude, she was
majorly embarrassed, now she didn't feel that way at all. She
started to wonder why that way. Then the boys sprayed her down
again with a shower of her expensive perfume and led her to the
bedroom. As they started to get her dressed, they again told
her the rules and did a little more talking. They told her if
she cooperated the entire day, they would probably leave an
hour earlier then normal, and this would be their very last day.
She would get the last tape and never hear from the boys again.
Of course the boys were only telling her half truths. They were
going to give her the last tape of her night outing on the patio,
but they had four hours of tape of her doing all the other kids
and many more things. She would never get that tape back. It was
theirs to keep and show to their friends whenever they wanted.

The boys finally put the blindfold on Michelle's head and from
that second onward, she would not see anything that was happening.
Michelle felt what she thought was a bra and undies being put
onto her. She felt this was unusual for the boys. Then she felt
a dress being pulled over her head. The boys went back into the
bathroom and grabbed the lipstick container. They tried their
best to put more of the bright red stuff onto Michelle's lips. She
now was starting to look like a hooker with all the makeup on.
They even played with the eye shadow and liner. When they were done
she had more makeup then any normal woman would ever wear. Her
face was all painted up. The boys learned about the makeup from
reading stories on the internet. These boys knew way too much now
for their young ages. It would probably set the course of their
lives from now on. When the boys were happy that she really looked
SLUTTY, they grabbed her by the hands and led her down to the back door.
They again told Michelle the magic number was 100 and to shake her
head yes if she understood. Oh yes, she understood all too well and
shook her head for the boys. She heard the door open and to her
utmost horror, the boys were leading her outside the safety of her
home and into the backyard. She had never had to leave her house

That one moment came when she was going to tell them no-way, there's
just no-way! But then she remembered saying that last week on the
balcony and her ass was beat till she couldn't sit. And she ended
up on the balcony anyway. Biting her tongue, she allowed them to
continue to drag her out into the yard. The boys kept a close watch
at her and really were amazed when she didn't say something. They
had the plastic flipper with them and they were sure they would
have to use it like every other Monday. Michelle's mind was racing
a mile a minute and she wanted to talk and tell them to take her
back inside, but the beatings were permanently etched in the back of
her mind. She was going to go thru with everything they said, no
matter what it was. They pushed Michelle down on her knees and
she felt the blanket right away. They lifted her arms and the
dress came right off her head. They had only put it on her to
make her feel a little better about coming out to the outside.
They laid her back on the blanket and went over to the side gate
of the backyard. The boys watched as about 30 kids, some they
didn't really know, came into the back yard. They all knew the rules
about being silent. Both the main boys were amazed at how far
things had come in just four weeks. This was four weeks, 28 days
exactly. Every Monday for four weeks they had visited the
older lady that lived behind them. They also remembered what the
girl begged them to do their first week. She wasn't on any birth
control and wanted them to wear rubbers or pull out. The first
week they did not really comprehend what that was about. But
after reading on the internet and talking to older boys that
were now showing up, it meant that the sperm they were putting
in her would probably get her pregnant.

They had searched on all the facts they could about a woman and
how she got pregnant. They knew that four weeks straight of
putting sperm in a girl would most definitely result in her
getting pregnant. In a way, just knowing that moved the level of
excitement in their minds up one level of intensity. The radio
had been turned on before they opened the gate and let the
crowd in. The boys also knew that after today, the chances of
keeping everything quiet was just about nil. Some kid would
shoot his mouth off to someone and soon an adult would find
out about it. They might not believe everything they hear, but
they would sure be told by one of the kids.

Once most the kids were sitting on the grass about 10 feet or
so away, the boys started the show going. They started it easy
by rubbing a little baby oil onto Michelle's legs. The video
camera today was being run by the girl again. Her reward for
doing it part of last week and all of this week was a copy of
the tape for her OWN personal use. This left both the boys free
to act out whatever they wanted. Michelle was laying there worried
about being outside in the open. And worried she should have been.
Within a minute hands were on both her top and bottoms and as
much as she wanted to scream out, she didn't say a word. She
was completely nude now with her bathing suit laying right beside
her. The girl with the camera came closer and got between
Michelle's spread out legs and filmed her laying outside nude
like that. Next they picked the oldest boy there, he was about
16 and he was there last week also. They whispered in his ears
and he dropped his pants and moved to Michelle's head. One of the
boys told Michelle to start rubbing her pussy and the sooner she
made herself feel good, the sooner she would be happy.

She thought that meant the sooner she could go inside, but that
isn't what the boys meant at all. It was just now 1:00 pm when the
action started. When her hand really started rubbing her pussy,
the oldest boy moved forward and his dick touched Michelle's lips
for the first time. She knew what it was and knew she couldn't
fight anything. With the hot sun beating down on her nude body,
she started slowly rubbing her pussy. The boys went over and
picked five different boys, they had the boys actually take off
their pants and undies. Each one of their dicks were sticking
straight out and hard. All the boys were new here and they
were guided to stand right next to the head of Michelle as
she sucked on the one boy and rubbed her pussy with her hand.
The effect was amazing for the camera. It showed a line of young
boys waiting for their turn for a blow job. This would be
incredible footage to watch for many years to come. The boy
in her mouth lasted about 60 seconds and shot just about all his
load deep down into Michelle's throat. With Michelle on her back,
she had no choice but swallow it all or choke. The boy got up
and within seconds the next one in line took his place. The
camera caught the switch nicely and Michelle started on the next
boy. She was just starting to feel her pussy respond when the
second boy exploded in her mouth. She had to fight all the goo
the boy had pumped into her mouth and throat at about the exact
moment her orgasm exploded. Her hips moved up and down and she
grunted and groaned as she swallowed hard to get all the cum
down her throat.

As soon as she settled down the boys took the next one in line
and had him put his dick in Michelle's mouth. Michelle was still
amazed the young boys could bounce back so quickly. Then the
other boy went over to the large group of kids and picked out
five other boys. Most these boys had been here before. He
again had them strip from the waist down. A line was now formed
down near Michelle's feet. The first boy was guided down and soon
he was laying on top of Michelle and fucking her pussy. The
girl stood back at the side and got a good shot of Michelle
servicing the two young boys, then she moved back further and
got a picture of the two lines of boys now formed at both ends
of her. This one picture would be worth more money then either
of the two boys would ever know. There were four boys now waiting
for her mouth, and four boys waiting for her cunt. Each boy
barely lasted a minute or longer. Michelle noticed now something
was wrong. She kept getting the boys coming up to her and she
would service them but they would be right back. She was now
blowing the fifth dick in her mouth. Five dicks had fucked her
too, if these were the two boys, they never seemed to be satisfied.

Michelle really started getting scared, she was on her 7th blow
job. It had been about an hour since the boys had first shown
up. Finally everything stopped and Michelle tried to put to rest
everything that had happened to her. The camera was now moving
all around her body laying there in the grass. She hadn't been
allowed to move her arms as the boys told her not to move her
legs or arms till she was told. She had sperm running out from
her cunt and it was all over her pussy lips and the blanket. She
wouldn't have to worry about it impregnating her, she was already
7 days pregnant. That happened last Monday. Nobody really knew
that yet. Then the camera came up to her face. She had white
gooey sperm running all down both sides of her lips and face.
She had sucked 7 young boys dry and for all seven of them, it
was there first time to every have a girl touch them. Their
bodies were totally full of hot gooey cum and when they exploded,
it pumped out of their dicks for about a full minute. There was
no way Michelle could have ever kept up with it all.

One of the boys saw how much sperm had spilled out of Michelle's
mouth. He whispered something to the girl with the camera and
she moved into a better position to catch what was about to happen.
The radio was still playing loud and the boys let all the kids
gather in a circle around Michelle. Then one of the boys went
down next to Michelle's head and again told her not to move her
arms and legs. Michelle really wanted to wipe the running sperm
off her face, but then she felt a hand doing it for her. She
felt one of the boys finger run along her right cheek and scoop
up all the goo running from her lips. She was very thankful for
that until the finger ended up at her mouth and was pressed
forward into her lips. She heard the boy tell her to suck his
finger dry. When she closed her lips and sucked, a large thick
sticky glob of sperm slowly made its way down her throat. It was
a combination of probably all seven boy's sperm. Then the boy
cleaned her left cheek and again made Michelle suck it off his
fingers. He worked on her face until there was not a drop of
sperm showing. It was about four fingers full. Michelle's mouth
tasted the worst it ever had. And her stomach had ingested more
sperm in just today then it probably had in her entire married

She finally thought they might be done with her and let her up
but she was so wrong it wasn't funny. The boys hand now moved
down to her pussy which had twice as much cum on it and more
oozing out every second. The girl moved the camera around to
film the kids all standing around Michelle watching the show.
The boys really seemed to be loving every second of it. They
knew she was being forced to swallow the cum that had just been
deposited on her. They didn't want any of their cum wasted either.
But the look on the girls faces were of disgust. They could
just imagine themselves having to swallow all that hot white
goo. They told their selves they never wanted to be in the position
this older lady was now in. At just about that moment Michelle
felt a hand on her pussy and a finger running across her lips.
To her horror the finger was pressed up to her lips and she had
to open them to accept this next load of cum. She found out
immediately this would be much worse. She had so much cum on
her cunt and lips that each finger had two or three big
collections of cum on it. She worked five minutes with at least
20 quick fingers full of cum stuffed into her mouth. She was
so ready for this to end. Finally the finger stopped Coming
but every time she swallowed, all she tasted was big gobs of
cum. She needed a drink bad, but in no way was she going to
say a word.

With the camera rolling, the boys pointed to the last eight
boys. They dropped their pants and four went next to
Michelle's head, and four went to her feet. The girl again got
back and shot the footage of the new line of boys waiting their
turn. To Michelle's surprise, a cock was pressed up to her mouth
and one of the boys was starting to get back between her legs.
Her jaw was killing her by now and both boys started fucking
her at both ends. Less then two minutes went by and she was
rewarded with more cum shooting down her throat. Then after her
pussy got another load, the boys again swapped places. How could
they do that. She couldn't think about it much as new dicks took
their places. More cum then switch places again. She was now
on her forth dick and she was in real terror. No two boys could
do this. Her mind was searching for answers when her throat got
it's 10th or 11th mouth full of sperm. Her whole body started
to shake a little. Something was very wrong. Then the cock in
her pussy shot off like a rocket and she felt tons more sperm
shoot up into her and then flow out and down her legs. Both boys
got up. She was so worried as to what could be going on.

Then one of the boys finally spoke up. You have made the two of
us come so much, we can't really get it up any more. Shake your
head if you'd like us to finish up and leave. Michelle quickly
shook her head yes. Then the voice told her, you take your
fingers, clean your pussy of all the cum on it by feeding it to
hot little mouth, and when your completely clean, we will leave
for the last time. The entire group of kids waited to see if
the girl would do it. Just like clockwork her fingers found her
cunt and she reluctantly guided it to her mouth. What a terrible
feeling she had in her throat and mouth. She worked about five
minutes but she didn't know sperm kept flowing out of her lips
and causing her to have to swallow even more sperm. About 8
minutes after she started, her pussy was totally clean. One of
the boys ran into the house and grabbed the forth tape out of
the VCR. He brought it out and sat it down next to Michelle.
Then Michelle heard the boys tell her that they were now
completely done with her. The camera was still filming everything.
They asked Michelle to answer the next few questions and they
would then leave her.

Did we keep our end of the bargain and give you all the tapes.
Did we promise not to keep any copies of the tapes.
Did both us and you keep our sides of the bargain.
Then we promise not to bother you again, do you promise not to
bother us or ever tell about what has happened?

Then we are done. We will place the last tape beside you. We will
never bother you again and you will never try to find out more
about us. We will remove your blinders. You will wait two minutes
after we take them off then you can open your eyes and get up.
For the last time Michelle shook her head yes. Then the boys
said goodbye and good luck. You'll going to need it. This last line
really took Michelle back. What did they mean by 'YOU'LL NEED IT'?
Michelle couldn't wait to open her eyes and get back inside. She
waited for about two minutes then she opened her eyes. It took
just a few seconds for her eyes to adjust then she heard a bunch
of clapping. It was very loud and she turned to look behind her.
Right there was about 20 young kids. They all clapped and laughed
and she also saw a girl running a video camera and filming her.
One of the main boys quickly told Michelle they all enjoyed the
fucks and the new videos they took the last three weeks will always
be a treasure to them. All the kids were laughing and within
seconds they ran out the fence. Michelle's brain was frozen with

It hit her all at once. They had been video taping her for three
weeks. The reason the boys seem to never tire out was because
there must have been 20 of them in her back yard. She thought of
the last two weeks before this and how many times the boys had
cum. She had been used the entire time and no telling how many
young underage boy had fucked her body. She was now getting sick
to her stomach. She ran the fastest she could into the house and
straight to the bathroom. She stayed in there crying and getting
sick for close to an hour. She could never see a young child again
in her neighborhood because she would never know if they were one
of the many who had been fucking her. Her ass today was not red and
welted but her life was probably ruined forever. With just the
two boys, she assumed they would be able to keep everything
quiet. But there were so many kids there, somebody would probably
talk about her and get her into deep trouble with the law.
She trembled with fear and got sick again. Then she remembered
the video camera being run by one of the girls. They must have
had hours of her fucking and sucking the young boys. Who had the
tape and what would they do with it. She couldn't leave the
bathroom because every time she thought about it, she got sick.

Around 4:30 in the afternoon she knew she had to get ready for
her husband to come home. She started thinking of what he would
do if he ever found out. She jumped in the shower and cleaned
up the best she could. She still had to clean up the house and
back yard before he got home. She felt so afraid and still her
stomach had huge knots in it. All she could think about was
the tape the boys had and the cops knocking on her door one day.
The next two weeks were the longest in Michelle's young life. If
the doorbell rang or the phone rang, she would immediately think
it was the police after her. Her husband knew something was
majorly wrong with Michelle but he couldn't get her to talk about
it. Another week went by and Michelle knew it had been five or
six weeks since her last period. That day she went out and bought
a home pregnancy kit. When she got in her bathroom she took the
test and waited the five minutes or so it took for the results.
Praying that she would be good the rest of her life, she looked
at the little indicator that would give her the results. A huge
scream came from her mouth and she dropped to her knees crying.
Michelle was pregnant.

She cried and kept asking herself, WHY, WHY, OH MY GOD WHY.
All day long she thought about her condition. She knew her
husband had never made love to her without a rubber on. It
wasn't his child. One of the very young teenagers was the father
of her child. She cried most the day and prayed to somehow
be saved from what was happening to her. For the next month she
could never work up the courage to tell her husband. One morning
she woke up and was sick to her stomach. This lasted for a few
mornings and she knew exactly what it was. She tried to live
her life the best she could but around the three month mark she
was starting to show in the belly. She had never again heard from
the kids in neighborhood. She finally quit thinking about the
cops coming and getting her. She was always afraid of the video
tape the kids had and what would happen to it. She finally one
night sat her husband down and told him the bad news. SHE WAS

Instead of taking it badly, her husband was thrilled. He knew his
wife didn't want any kids but he really was hoping to have at
least one child. Instead of being upset, he had her dress up and
they went out to celebrate. It was a minor victory for Michelle
but she would always know the child was not his. About two months later
Michelle was about five months pregnant. She had to wear the
special clothes made for pregnant mothers and it was easy to see
she was pregnant. She had always made it a point not to go outside
except to get in her car. She no longer kept in contact with the
neighbors and she was just about never seen by anyone that lived
close to her. But one day one of the girls saw her getting out
of her car and sort of quickly running to her front door. The
girl noticed the big belly and the fact that Michelle was pregnant.
She immediately went to the boys house that lived behind Michelle
and couldn't wait to tell the boy. It made the boy smile big and
he invited the girl into his house. They went to his bedroom
and for a couple hours watched the video of the last two weeks
with Michelle.

All the kids in the neighborhood knew if they treated this boy
nice, he would invite them in and let them watch the video. As
amazing as it was, none of the kids had told any adults as of
yet. The boys and girls tried to guess who the father might be. They
counted a total of 21 different boys that had fucked her one way
or the other. It was really anybody's guess who's sperm got her
pregnant. The word got around to all the kids within a day or two
that the lady was now pregnant and going to have a baby. Then
the boy got a very interesting call from the oldest boy that had
been with them. He was 16 at the time but he was now 17. He had
been working for about a year at a burger place and he offered to
buy a copy of the tape from the young 13 year old boy. At first
the boy wasn't interested, but when the older teen said $500.00,
WOW. The young boy thought of the games and good times he could
have with that much money. He was so young that the figure was
too much for him to comprehend owning. He of course said yes
right away. It took him a few days to get another VCR and get the
tape copied. But one day the trade went thru. He had 25 twenty
dollar bills and he hid them in his room. The 17 year old had
other plans for the video.

The 17 year old took the video, and hooked two vcr's up together.
He then used the start, play, record method of copying just certain
scenes to the other vcr tape. He made a small 10 minute video. It
started with the day they made Michelle stand on the balcony and
strip and make herself come, and ended with her in the backyard
servicing two boys with a line at both her head and feet waiting
for their turn. Michelle of course never knew about anything or
what had been taped because she had blindfolds on. But it made
a fantastic 10 minute BEST-OF-MICHELLE video. The boy packaged up the
video and just put a little note in the package, email me at if you want to get the new tape back.

The boy couldn't wait to give it to Michelle but when he went to spy
on her he noticed her big belly and knew now was not the time. He
had the tapes to watch but for the next four months he didn't approach
Michelle with the new BLACKMAIL tape. Then one day Michelle was rushed
to the hospital and had a healthy baby girl. Both Michelle and her
husband was estatic with the birth of the child. Slowly things got
back to normal and Michelle started back on her three times a week
workout classes. She wanted to get most the fat that the pregnancy
caused back off her body. A month after the baby was born she had
slimmed down nicely and her body was finally about back to normal.
The 17 year old boy finally found out Michelle had finished having
the baby and he went over to spy on her one day. She looked as good
as she did before she had the baby. It was now time to get the new
BLACKMAIL tape into her hands.

The boy knew what car was Michelle's and every night for a couple
days he checked her car doors. They were always locked. But then
one night the door was locked but the back passenger window was
down a couple inches. He ran home, got the small package and
pushed it thru the window. He hoped she would find it immediately
when she got into the car. He went home and started really
watching his email every day. He had made up a anonymous email
account at an online email service and hoped he would get an
email soon. One day passes, nothing. Two days passes, nothing.
Then on the third day a email came into his mailbox and he
knew exactly who it was. WOW, he knew immediately that this must
be the woman he left the tape with. Nobody else knew about the
account. He opened the email and he immediately knew it was the
woman. He read thru the email quickly:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't do anything with this tape. I didn't
know all you kids were there. I could go to jail if anybody see's
this tape. I have a daughter now and I don't want anybody to find out
about what happened. You promised me you would never contact me again.
Why are you doing this now and what do you want from me.

The email ended but the boy now had her address. Michelle about
died the day she found the tape in the floorboard of her backseat.
It must have been there a few days and luckily she found it and
not her husband. When she played the tape, she could not believe
the quality or quantity of what the kids had taped. Then for the
first time she saw many of the kids that had fucked her. It made her
sick when she saw her scooping all their cum up and swallowing it
with about 20 kids gathered around her. She couldn't understand how
she didn't know they were there. This tape was so nasty and vulgar
she couldn't believe a person could do what she had done. At the
time she knew she had no choice but if she put this tape in the
hands of the police, she knew they would think she was a child
predator and put her away for many many years.

She got her email answered the same day she sent it. She found out
one of the boys had sold the tape. They didn't have a copy anymore and
this new guy had the only copy. Of course this was a lie and the original
boy and the film girl both had a copy. He told Michelle that she was now
"HIS PROPERTY". She was now to be know offically as his new "CUM SLUT".
The old tears immediately started to fill her eyes again. There would be
no time frame for how long she had to be his slave. All he said
at the end of the email was he had a tape already packed with
a note inside giving Michelle's address. And the tape would be
sent to the local police department tomorrow night unless
Michelle sent back a reply and told the boy she would be his
CUM SLUT till he was done with her. The email ended with a warning
not to delay or beg for mercy, all he wanted was the message
that he requested. If he got no answer, he would now know she
wasn't going to do it. Of course she could expect a police visit
late tomorrow night!

Michelle got the email and another scream came from her mouth. She
knew she was now and probably forever going to be blackmailed and
they had enough to send her to jail for the best part of her life.
She just wanted to die. How had her life gone from the great way
it was to the worst life she could think of. Then she remembered
her husband getting her the anniversary present and her thinking
she would give him just a little more. Why did she have to write
that note giving him ANYTHING he wanted. It had destroyed her life
and she knew she would never be the same normal girl she was ten
months ago. She cried hard as she finally typed out a return email.
It didn't take many letters on the keyboard to give her answer, she
just typed YES - YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR CUM SLUT! It wasn't but five
weeks later she was talking to her husband again, I'm sorry but somehow

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