Two potheads walk in Denny's...
My friends Karl and Mike used to love going to Denny's for some reason. It's not like the food was anything special, but it was cheap and close by. We'd go and chow down, usually with me stoned. They didn't smoke but didn't care if I did. They were both sort of straight arrow-types, but we had known each other for years. Anyway, one night in the summer, we were at a booth near the window when I caught the eye of two girls in a booth across the restaurant. I smiled a couple times and they winked back. Before I could go over, they got up and left.

As they were outside, they came over to our window and mimed smoking a joint. My buddy Karl had long hair and a mustache and looked more like a stoner than me, the one who did smoke pot. I always wore nice clothes....Cavarricci shirts and Guess jeans, which dates this story a bit. I went outside to see what was up. They were named Julie and Brenda and were on a church choir trip and staying at the hotel next door.

Julie was short and had a great little figure....big boobs and a nice round ass. Brenda was almost as tall as me and had less curves than Julie but had the best eyes I'd seen in a long time. She was for sure a beauty. They asked me if we had any weed and wanted to party in their room. I asked where the choir was and they said most of them went downtown to Chicago for the evening and they stayed behind, hoping to hook up with some guys who partied. Luckily, I had just scored some kickass weed that week and said they were in luck. They said to go get it and some beers and meet them in their room. I lived 10 minutes away and said no problem. Off they went.

I went back inside and told the guys what was up. They both seemed less enthused than I thought they would have been. Mike drove, so we took his car back to my place. Karl lived three doors down and was gone when I came out of my house with my weed and bowl in my pocket. I asked Mike where Karl went. I guess the girls intimidated him and he wanted no part of what might happen. Cool, that's more for me, right?

"You're really going back there?" he asked me.

"Fuck yeah I am. Those girls want to party and probably fuck. You should at least get a blowjob from one." I told him. I even said he could pick which girl he wanted to hook up with. Instead, he said he didn't wany to come with. I couldn't believe these guys. I set us up with two cuties who were ready to get fucked and they both wanted to chicken out.

"Fine, I'm out of here. You don't know what you're missing." I jumped in my car and headed to the liquor store for a case of beer.

I rolled into the hotel and went up to their room. They opened the door and let me in. Both had changed clothes....Julie was wearing short shorts and a tight tee-shirt with no bra. Her big tits were straining that fabric for sure. Brenda was in tight jeans and a tank top.

"Where are your friends?" they asked. I told them they both chickened out. "Their loss!" Julie said. I knew I was in right there.

Both looked ready to fuck right there. We put the beer in the mini-fridge and I packed a bowl. We cracked beers and smoked a couple bowls. Both got really giggly. Julie said that good pot always made her horny. I told her this was great pot and they both laughed.

Brenda made her way over to the bed and Julie followed. They started to rub and smell each other, which really turned me on. They touched and kissed as I got up to join them. They said to wait...they wanted to play with each other for a little, then I could join in. What fucking idiots I hung out with, passing this up.

They stripped each other and started with the probing fingers. Julie had a nice dark bush that was trimmed down, Brenda was shaved. Brenda lay back and spread her legs for Julie, who dove in with her mouth. I locked eyes with Brenda who said, "Now you see why we room together." Julie went down on Brenda like an experienced little pussylicker. I could see she had a finger in Brenda and was in control. Soon, Brenda started to buck and spasm and let out a moan that almost made me cum in my pants. Julie rolled them both over and Brenda repeated the process on Julie.

I was going crazy waiting for them to be done so I could get in there. Finally, Julie came with a flurry of shudders and gasps. I looked down at the bed and saw a wet spot that I knew was gonna grow soon enough. They licked their own pussy juices off each others faces and turned to me.

"It's your turn."

They got up and took my clothes off. My underwear were messy with pre-cum. My cock was rock hard and ready....I was hoping I wouldn't cum in 4 seconds the first time, I was so horned up. They led me to the bed and laid me down. They got on either side of me and took turns sucking my dick and balls. While one sucked, I'd kiss and finger the other. Their pussies were so fucking hot and tight I wished I could finger them all night. As I got closer to coming, they both put their mouths on my cock. I told them I was close and Julie got on her back.

"I want you to cum on my big boobs, Tony." I rolled over and straddled her chest. I told Brenda to jerk me off onto her friends tits. As she stroked me furiously, I felt my balls tighten and I could hold back no longer. I let the first rope go and it nailed Julie right in her face. The next couple bolts squirted into her open mouth, which she quickly swallowed. The rest of that huge load glopped all over those beautiful boobs. Brenda let go of me and started licking up my cum. She got it all in her mouth, then swapped it with Julie. As they snowballed my seed, I knew I was gonna be able to stay hard.

I got behind Brenda and slid all the way into her. She gasped and pushed back on me. Julie scooted up in the bed to watch me fuck her friend. As I hammered away...this was no time for slow and gentle....Julie started fingering herself. I knew I was going to last a while before I came again. It was too much for Julie to take as she started to cum again. Brenda was too busy screeching and moaning to take notice of her friend's orgasm and told me she wanted me on top of her.

I flipped her over and slammed into her. Julie got up and took a hit off the bowl, then came over and blew the hit into Brenda's mouth. As she held the hit in her lungs, Brenda began to buck and jerk her hips as she exploded with another orgasm. She exhaled the hit and screamed. She pushed me off her so I could fuck Julie while she recovered.

I asked Julie how she wanted me. She said she wanted to get on top of me and ride me. She mounted me and hung those big tits in my face. As I kissed and sucked her nipples, she was doing all the work, bucking and grinding her hips into me. I reached around her round ass so I could finger her asshole, but found that Brenda had beaten me to it. Not only that, but she had two, then three fingers up Julie's ass. As Julie's pace on me quickened, Brenda came around to me and put her pussy on my face and faced Julie. I licked her pussy and asshole while they sucked each others tongues.

Julie began to come first....her pussy was clamping my cock like a visegrip....and Brenda came just as Julie's orgasm subsided. Brenda squirted a bit on my face and chest, which I love. After they were spent, they rolled off me.

"Didn't you come again"?

"Nope, not yet. I'm not done with you yet." Since I'm a gentleman, it was Brenda's turn to get fucked again. I put her on her back and got ready to invade her again when she said she was too sensitive for me so quick, but had an idea.

"Would you fuck my ass?" She turned over and showed me her pink little asshole. It was as perfect a starfish as I'd ever seen, even those in porn flicks. She was well-lubed from all the action so far, but told me to go slow. I slid into her and she was TIGHT up there. I took my time as I didn't want to hurt her, but she loosened up pretty quickly. As I fucked her asshole, Julie slid under us and got into a 69 with Brenda. As she licked Brenda's pussy, she'd reach up and lick my balls. Brenda wasn't able to concentrate on licking Julie too well as she was in total ecstasy, what with a dick in her ass and a mouth on her cunt.

I started slapping Brenda's ass which really got her going even more. She was reduced to monosyllabic grunts....she was beyond even moans. As she neared her inevitable orgasm, she bent down even lower and changed my entry angle a bit. I must have hit her G-spot because when she came, she GUSHED a geyser of female cum all over Julie's face. Julie gagged and gasped and tried not to drown. Brenda was a wild woman, screaming and grunting while her asshole nearly ripped my cock off with it's pulsations.

Brenda pulled away as she lost total control of herself. She buried her face in Julie's gaping cunt and directed that orgasm's energy into her friend's pussy. Poor Julie....nearly drowned in pussy juice on one end and being eaten to death on the other. I was nearly ready to cum again, but watched as Brenda brought Julie off again. When Julie came this time, she started whimpering and crying like a dog. My throbbing cock was glistening with spit, pussy juice and ass glaze. I knew what I had to do.

I knew they were physically done, but I still had more to give. I dragged them both to the end of the bed so their heads hung over the edge. They were almost totally limp and couldn't fight what they knew was coming cock driving into their throats. When they had blown me earlier, they did a great job, but weren't able to deep throat me. That was gonna change.

I got in front of Julie and rammed my dick into her mouth. She gagged and fought a bit, but was too spent to resist much. I felt the back of her throat clench and try to keep me out, but that was no problem. I pinched her nose shut to cut her air off. As she gasped for air, I was able to fit the rest of my cock into her and went balls-deep. She jerked and pushed at me, but I was too strong with too good of leverage. I let go of her nose and fucked her throat over and over. Brenda wasn't able to do more than look over at us, but I noticed she was licking her lips. Julie then went limp again, resigned to the fact that she was going to take what I gave her. Spit and tears ran down her face into her hair as she was helpless. I knew she had enough.

I withdrew and moved over to Brenda. Julie coughed and wheezed as she sucked air into her lungs. My cock was cleaned by her throat and was now covered with just Julie's saliva. Brenda knew what was coming and hesitantly opened her mouth. As I slid in, Julie suddenly retched and spit up onto the floor. She rolled over and sat there passively while I tried to get deep into Brenda's throat. As I reached her gag reflex, she tried pushing me out. Sorry, but that wasn't an option here. I reached down for her nose, but she fought that too.

"This is gonna happen, bitch. Relax and it will feel good."

"It did, Brenda. It really did." Julie said. Brenda managed to relax and opened her throat. As I went in to the hilt, her whole body stiffened. I went slow at first, then picked up speed. Julie sat there transfixed while I piledrove Brenda's gullet. I reached down and grabbed the back of Brenda's neck and increased the power of my thrusts. She did everything she could to try to get out of that, but by then it was game over. I knew I was within 10 seconds of coming and told Brenda to get ready. She tried screaming but with a throat full of hard cock, she was only able to gurgle and splutter.

Right before I hit the last strokes, my whole body went rigid with what felt like an electric charge. My brain fuzzed out for a second or two as my balls released. The first couple blots of jizz must have gone down her throat because I felt her swallow. As I continued to fill her mouth with hot come, she couldn't keep up with the flow and started blowing it out her mouth and nose. The cum mixed with the faceful of spit she was covered in. I pulled out and shot my last couple strands on her face.

Brenda's eyes were wide with anger, lust, fear and passion. As she lay there gasping and gurgling, her face dripped onto the hotel carpet. Julie lay there next to her, holding Brenda's still-spasming body. My cock was rapidly softening as it had put in some real work. Julie got a wet towel and wiped both their faces clean. I sat down and packed another bowl while they lay there shuddering together.

"That wasn't what we expected." Brenda managed to say.

"I didn't either, but it was fun, wasn't it?" I laughed at them.

"Yes, it was, but you scared us." Julie said. "My throat hurts, my pussy hurts and my ass hurts" said Brenda.

I was covered in sweat, pussy juice and ass grease. I told them I was gonna jump in the shower. As I soaped up, Julie joined me. I asked where Brenda was. Julie said she passed out. We washed each other very thoroughly...we got all the cracks and crevices. I was tender with her as I knew I put her thru the wringer. As I washed and soaped her pussy, she ground herself against my hand. Slowly, she built to a nice, soft orgasm that was nothing like the monsters she had before.

As she came, I got hard once more. I didn't think she'd be able to bring me off again. I told her so, but she wanted to try. She lathered me up with shampoo and gave me the slowest, most excrutiatingly sweet handjob I'd ever had. As she worked my exhausted cock, she tongued my balls and I let her slide a finger in my butt. Amazingly, I felt my balls stir within 5 minutes. I spread my feet apart and told her I was close. She pointed my cock at her mouth and worked me hard. My cock jumped in her hand as I unleashed onto her face. I was expected maybe a 1 or 2 spurt orgasm as I knew my balls had to be damn near empty, but I let 5 or 6 solid ropes go into her face. Each bolt was like it was fired from a gun, splashing her face with serious force. Her wet hair caught a bunch of the splash off her face.

As my orgasm subsided, I told her she looked like a glazed donut. She laughed and told me I had to wash her hair again. I did and we got out and dried off. As I dressed and got ready to leave, Brenda woke up and they told me they were glad my boys had chickened out, thought they would have taken all three of us on. I kissed them both goodbye as Brenda headed for the shower. I staggered to my car and went home where I passed out, exhausted.

The next day, Mike and Karl asked me what happened. All I could do was laugh at them and what they had missed.

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