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A rigid post
The ambulance finally arrived at the farm, they had to medicate me three times, but I did not sleep, the pain was to great, my daughter rode in the ambulance with me, I should have realised there was a problem when she kept looking at the tent pole that rose up under the sheet, but I had my own problems, they got me into my bedroom (the front room thank God) I could not have handled any more and I slept the moment to pain eased off.

I awoke to find my wife having a good time, I was defiantly enjoying this, I had not really taken much notice but I came quite a lot, the post just never went away, my wife advised me that her sisters and mother had come to stay to look after us, at 25, she was twenty years my junior, her sisters were all younger than her the youngest being just 16, I did not mind and I discussed with her about either selling the farm and buying a bigger place and house or building another house or houses on the farm, we fell into a routine, she would enjoy herself for about an hour each morning she would them medicate me and go to work, I told her she did not need to work but she loved her job.

about a month after I came home, she was running late and although she got my pills out, she left them on the sideboard, I was in no pain so they were not needed, besides if the pain started her sisters and mother were always checking on me (they took turns looking after me) so if I needed to take them I only had to raise my voice, I was not asleep, but just dozing, when I was suddenly aware of a mouth around my member, it felt amazing (my wife had not given me a head-job for years, I opened an eye expecting to see one of the younger sisters having fun, only to be presented with a very smooth pre-teen vagina moving up and down in front of my face.

It took me all of ten seconds to realise my now 11 year old daughter was sucking my cock for all she was worth, I was about to say something, (but what do you say, what can you say) when another voice spoke, we were not alone, my daughter then moved up over my cock and settled down on top of it a slipped straight into her, she took about half of me, then I came to a halt inside, she then started to push down, squirming as she pushed, I felt something give inside her and she dropped to my groin, with me totally buried inside her, she then started to turn her body around (spinning if you will on my cock) not fast, but man I felt my climax coming fast, then I heard the other person speak again telling her to finish, she stared grinding on me and then I erupted inside her and she did the same, I could feel her juices flowing everywhere, she spoke then saying, "oh nanny I love it when he comes inside me", her grandmother then came into sight and told her to go clean up, she then jumped off me and ran from the room, neither of them had even looked up at my face, if either had they would have found me looking back at them.

I was in a state of shock at this point, a nurse is one thing, but my own daughter, with her grandmother helping! I felt the bed move again only this time it was Sophia (my mother-in-law) she climbed on top and stared moving slowly (God she was tight) she only managed to get part of me in and she came, she then started again this time she got a bit more in and I came, so much it hurt and I cried out, she then looked into my face, I saw mixed emotions, fear, embarrassment, then suddenly she was coming only this time she pushed down and I entered her all the way, she was committed now and just kept pounding away, my daughter entered the room and said, "Nanny I thought you said it would be wrong if you fucked my dad", then she also realised that I was awake and looking at her.

Her grandmother's climax was easing off now and I told my daughter (Louise) to sit on the bed as we had to talk, she sat but left me a little dumb founded when she started playing with my cock while it was still buried in her grandmother, at which point Sophia started to come again, this was getting out of hand, what if one of her daughters came in to check on me, Louise snuggled into me and told me that she had been aware of sex since her third operation and that every time anyone touched her down there she came, so they had suggested that she was ready to go home (as the young male doctors were a little perplexed by her), especially when one on them tried to examine her and she had grabbed his hand and shoving his fingers inside her, she came, the young man took a leave of absence that day (I can't say I blame him, but where can I go) Anyway she had noticed my cock in the ambulance and had decided she was going to get a look at it ASAP, so about a week after I got home she snuck into the room, only to find my 16 year old sister-in-law fucking me for all her worth.

So she then decided she was going to have my cock, her chance came the next day when a delivery of hay arrived and all the girls went out to get it in, her grandmother busted her with my cock halfway in her.
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