She got what she had coming
When I was a freshman away at college in 1988, I was eager to start sowing some wild oats. My high school girlfriend made me wait over a year to fuck her, then ended up being awful at it. We were each others firsts and she never got past the dead-fish phase. She'd lie there and hardly move or make a sound, even when she came. She'd make a little grunt and that was that. I dumped her before senior prom....she was a college freshman at DePaul....and took a girl I worked with. We had a great time at prom and ended up fucking that night. I learned what a real lay was like and couldn't wait for the fall, where I was sure all college girls fucked.

Barb was in my English comp class. We sat near each other and eventually I asked her out. She was a farm girl from Iowa and looked it. She had an trim body, nice perky tits and an ass that made you wish you were a pair of her panties. Naturally blonde, she looked like the prototypical midwest farm girl. We went out a few times and she never let me past the kissing/groping stage. She let me finger her a couple times and I did get her off, but that was where she drew the line. I figured I'd give her one last date and see how far she'd let me go. If she held out, I was gonna move on to another girl I had my eye on. This wasn't high school anymore.

My roommate went home for the weekend, so we grabbed some dinner and a movie to watch in my room. As we watched, things progressed as usual. She was wearing an outfit I loved....a sleeveless peach-colored top with a matching skirt. Not a mini-skirt, but it was above the knee. As I slid my hand up her thigh, she opened her legs for me. I worked my fingers inside her panties and started stroking her clit. She responded quickly and I ramped it up, figuring I'd drive her crazy enough that she couldn't hold back and I'd finally bed her.

As she got closer to coming, I was able to undo her bra and get her top off. Sucking her nips and stroking her clit was too much for this farmgirl. She let loose a scream and I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers that were now inside her. She grunted and groaned as she milked that orgasm to it's fullest. She relaxed and closed her eyes for a second.

I took her hand and pressed it up against my hard cock that was still inside my jeans. She rubbed it for a second and fumbled for my zipper. YES! I thought...she's going for my cock. As she lowered my zipper, I undid the button so she could take it out. As she did, a glob of pre-cum dripped onto her hand. She drew her hand back and made a face like she tasted a lemon.

"What?" I asked.

"Umm....I think I should go." she said. "It's getting late,"

"Wait, what about me? You can't leave me like this."

"Well, you can take care of that after I leave." as she reached for her bra and top. She started to get up off the bed. I thought, "This bitch isn't doing this again." and pulled her back down onto the bed. I held her there for a second.

"I'm done jerking off after our dates. You're going to take care of this for once." and forced her hand back on my cock. She tried to pull away, but I tightened my grip on her. "I get you off and you can do the same for me."

She pushed me away and reached across and slapped me in the face.. My temper flashed and something dark took over. I pushed her onto her back and belted her across the face, first a forehand, then the backhand. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she neared unconsciousness. I knew I had to be quick about what I had decided in that instant. I reached down and pulled her panties off before she could respond. I stuffed them in her mouth and pulled my jeans down. Spreading her legs, all I could think was how much this tease deserved to be raped.

Her pussy was still wet from her orgasm and I rammed it into her. She came around with a gasp of pain that was muffled by those cute little pink panties covered with red hearts. She was incredibly tight and I looked down to see a trickle of blood leaking from her pussy. It hit me that I was breaking her cherry right there in room 605. No wonder she was so unwilling to fuck. Too bad, it was too late to do anything but finish.

As I fucked her harder and harder, her screams became mixed with tears. She started crying in both pain and humiliation as I took what I wanted from her. Looking in her eyes, she knew she was getting what she had coming. As I held her arms down and pumped away, I noticed she stopped fighting. Figuring she had no fight left, I let her arms go to re-adjust myself. She took another swipe at me, but only got my shoulder.

I was more pissed at myself than her, but I lashed out with another backhand that bloodied her lips. The blood stained the panties jammed in her mouth. I decided that the only way to make her submit was to bring her to orgasm if possible. I slowed my strokes, which seemed to surprise her. I went deep into her and slowly felt her pussy respond. The slower I went, the more her cunt twitched. When it was clear she was on the road to an orgasm, I increased the power and speed of my thrusting.

Feeling my balls slap against her asshole was a great feel. As my balls started that familiar tightening, her pussy let loose and she moaned against the stained panties in her mouth. Hips bucking and grinding, she let herself go and came harder than she had before. I pulled the panties out of her mouth to hear her delicious groans of pleasure. She pulled my mouth close and kissed me harder than she ever had.

"I want to feel you come in me." she begged. I didn't want to get her pregnant, but couldn't stop myself. As I was ready to release the first splurt, she whispered in my ear, "Hit me again. Please?"

I looked at her to make sure I heard right. She nodded yes to my silent question. I responded with a hard open-palm slap to her face. "Again, you motherfucker." she begged. A quick backhand followed.

"You dirty rapist. Hit me like you mean it." With that, I balled my fist and belted her in the mouth. I felt her jaw rock and hoped I didn't break anything. I couldn't believe what i was feeling, but she started to come again with that last shot. That was enough for me as I exploded deep into that popped pussy. As I came, my head was filled with pleasure that came from her pain. I finished coming and looked down between her legs....blood and cum were leaking out of her pussy. Her white-blonde pubes were tinged red. I pulled out and wiped my cock on her thigh.

"Can you get me a wet towel or something?" I went into the bathroom and got her one. She cleaned herself off and lay there for a minute.

"How did you know that I would like that?" she asked. I told her I didn't know and really didn't care after she hit me.

"I liked it, obviously, so I'm not going to tell anyone what you did. Does this make me weird?" No, I told her, because we all have things we like that others don't. She seemed okay with it and decided to spend the night in my bed.

We stayed fuckpals for freshman year. Every time we tried to fuck straight, it was never as good as when I'd belt her a couple times. I learned how to leave no marks, but still get her off with the pain and violence. She transferred to U of Iowa after that year ended and we lost track of each other. I really miss her sometimes.

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