There was this girl in a class I had
I was putting in some time taking classes at a local junior college. I had gone away for a year, then realized that I'd be better served staying at home and going to school. I tried to make the best of it, but it was rough giving up all that easy pussy on campus, all of it away from home and looking to fuck. Well, not all, but who can't get laid at college? So I ended up at juco for a couple years and scoured the place for ass. I hit the jackpot in my geography class, but had some competition.

Her name was Wendi and she was the best looking girl I'd seen in the first two weeks of school. Long, dark hair framed a beautiful face with huge brown eyes. Her body was impossibly tight and she wasn't shy about wearing clothes that showed it off. Her boobs were easily her best feature....big and tanned and always on display. Every time she entered the classroom, every guy's eyes followed her to her seat. Every day, a different guy would sit next to her and ask her out. Every day, a guy got shot down.

Now, I had designs on her myself, but figured if the direct approach wasn't working, I'd try something else. I'm a natural smartass and very funny, especially when inspired. I took my shot one day when I knew we were going to be watching a video about the Arctic circle or something. I figured if I could get her laughing it might open the door a crack. The video started and after a few minutes a penguin walked on screen. I immediately started singing the theme song for the cartoon Chilly Willy the penguin. Bingo.

She looked at me and gave me a huge smile and laughed along with the rest of the class. I managed a couple more decent one-liners that always made her smile. After class, she waited for me outside the door.

"Chilly Willy was always my favorite!!! That was SO funny!!" she gushed.

I told her I was glad she got a giggle out of it and invited her to lunch in the cafeteria. She accepted, which was more than anyone else had gotten. I bought us lunch and we sat and ate for a while. We were done for the day, classwise and were in no rush. She asked where I lived and told her I lived in Chicago with my mom, but used my dad's suburban address for school so I could get a resident tuition rate.

My dad and his wife had a condo 5 minutes away and I'd go there between classes sometimes and have lunch or do homework or whatever. As we talked, she inched her chair closer and closer to me. I mentioned that they were out of town for a week and had the place to myself, which seemed cool for a 20 year old. She brightened up and whispered in my ear, "How about we go hang out there for a while?" I quickly agreed and we headed over.

I unlocked the door and invited her in. We went in the 2nd bedroom where I'd stay and flopped on the couch. We immediately started fooling around, groping each other. I had my hands up her shirt in no time and was fondling those boobs like a madman. She mounted my thigh and started grinding her pussy on me, rocking it back and forth. I could feel her pussy's heat thru her pants as she rode my thigh. Her breathing got hot and heavy as she tried sucking my brains out my ear. She suddenly pulled up and let a scream loose as she climaxed, shuddering and shaking hard.

As she panted and relaxed a bit, I knew she was ready for some serious fucking. I tore the cushions off the sleeper couch and unfolded it. The next thing I tore off was our clothes. Her body was exquisite...hard, trim, tanned all over and curvy like all hell. I was no slouch myself. I was lean and strong at the time and looked good naked, especially with almost ten inches of cock. I laid back on the bed and pulled her on top of me.

"Suck my cock, Wendi." I ordered. She complied, taking all of me instantly down her gullet. Usually, a girl has to ease down on me as I'm pretty big, but she went balls-deep right away and started slurping, gagging and sucking. As I tangled my fingers in her long hair, she increased her speed on my dick. She then turned her ass towards me, letting me put a finger in her pussy. She worked back on my hand as she worked hard on my cock. I felt a surge building inside my nutsack and gave her the courtesy tap.

She took her mouth off me and said she wanted to swallow my come. I love a girl like that, so I tried to last a bit longer to treat her to a bigger load. She sensed when I was ready to pop because she started sucking hard on just the head. As I shot the first load in her mouth, I could feel her keeping it in there and not swallowing at all. I pumped 4 or 5 more hard shots in her and still heard no swallow. I finished and looked down at her....she had a mouthful of sperm and was enjoying the taste and texture. She smiled at me, gulped once and opened her mouth and said, "All gone".

She was so hot and horny and ready to go that my boner refused to go away. I flipped her onto her back and slid up into her nice and hard. She gasped in pain for a second. I knew she was no novice when it came to fucking, but my size was something new to her. She relaxed enough to let me go to town on that tight 19 year old cunt. I worked it in and out nice and slow at first, increasing my tempo as she responded to what I was doing. Her legs were over my shoulders as I was pounding away on her. By this time, she had her eyes rolled back and was panting like a dog. Her pelvis rocked and shuddered as she came again. Over and over, she begged me to fuck her deep as she came.

I still wasn't close to coming, but she needed a break. I went to go back into her mouth but she stopped me.

"I want you in my shithole. Now." She got out of bed and grabbed her purse so she could get some lube. "Use a lot. I like it hard." I'd never had the guts to ask a girl for this, and this one was demanding it. Life was good.

I grabbed the tube and splurted a big gob onto her upturned butthole. I worked it in with my fingers, teasing her for a few minutes until she told me enough fooling around....jam that cock into her NOW. I put a bit more lube on my cock, spread it a bit and got behind her. My swollen cockhead looked like it would never fit in Wendi's little poopchute. She was tiny back there and I felt like this was gonna be a letdown, but I wasn't giving up that quickly.

I pushed into her slowly and felt her sphincter open a bit. She gasped and tried to pull away, but I had her by the hips and pulled her back. I put another inch or two inside her and she moaned and shook. From there, I was home free. The remaining seven inches went in nice and easy. Between gasps, she told me to go slow at first as I was bigger than anyone she had ever had up there. I was glad that lube did it's job because she had a tough time for a few minutes as I stretched her shithole. She was making these grunts and gutteral sounds like an animal. Every so often, she'd yell, "OW!" or something. I picked up the pace a bit and felt her tighten her shit-ring around me pecker. Finally, she was ready.

"Fuck my ass HARD" she commanded.

As I buried myself in her over and over, harder and harder, she went into serious convulsions that mad me wonder if she was having a seizure or something. I'd never seen a woman come like she was coming, again and again. She came 4 times in 5 minutes and was incapable of speech. I asked if she was okay at one point. All she could do in response was reach behind her and spread her cheeks farther apart so I could get deeper.

The smell of lube, pussy, come and ass filled the room as I neared the point of no return. I was slapping her ass hard while I pounded her. She kept bucking her hips like she was trying to throw me off, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled hard. I knew I couldn't hold this load in my balls for much longer and let her go, so I could grab her hips again. She seemed to go limp as I fired the first couple shots deep into her asshole. Hammering this tight asshole was the best experience of my sexual experience up to that point and I wanted it to last. I allowed myself to squeeze every drop into her. When I was done, I let her go and she collapsed onto her side.

I rolled her over and saw she was in some sort of daze. I shook her gently and called her name. She stirred a bit and asked for a glass of water. I got that and a cold washcloth and wiped her face. She said that she blacked out somewhat during the asshammering. She said it was like her conscious mind shut down and was replaced by something animal that was driven by lust and want. Her "senses simply shut down due to pleasure overload" was how she put it. I smiled and said I hoped we could still be friends.

"You make me laugh, you know that? No wonder you were able to make me feel like know how to press my buttons!"

Press them I did for the rest of the semester.

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2011-04-12 01:04:51
Good story. I have fucked my wife in the ass twice, but I have a big cock and she was very tight. I tried to force it in but I wedged it up to the thick part and no more. She was moaning like I was going to kill her. I shot my load in her ass that first time and then about a week later we did a repeat. I decided to let it rest. Years later I tried to do her again but she had been raped and had a flashback. She cried and shook hysterically, then later she acted as if nothing at all had happened. The psychologist said with PTSD there is a protective memory loss, and my attempt to have anal with her got "filed away" with the other bad memories of the assault. I haven't tried her ass since. A shame on many levels, but I'm sure knowing what I know now, I could have forced all my lubed dick into her ass, opened her up once and for all, and would be enjoying butt fucking her now on a regular basis. Oh well, "for better or worse." But who expects a rape to ruin ass fucking your wife?

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2011-03-05 21:23:51
gr8 story finish love to know how it end

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2011-02-26 07:36:17
just decided 10 inches of story was too much signing off
have a great story life so fictional.Signed just above average

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2011-02-24 02:51:28
Short bit killer man keep em cuming.


2011-02-12 11:21:20
Thanks for the input. I get hard every time I think about her, even years later.

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