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this is my first story! please rate and leave comments!
Dear diary,
Today was the best day of my life! I woke up late and had to skip
breakfast so that I could catch the bus for school. It was going to be
a long day. I had double math to start with, then chemistry, then
French and finally swimming, SHIT, I had forgotten my Swimming kit.
The day was going very slowly, the highlight came at break when one of
my mates tripped over his own laces and crashed head first into a

Anyway that wasn't the best part of my day. It was fifth period,
swimming. I thaught I would be in detention for forgetting my kit but
instead the coach told me to get some spare trunks from lost property.

As I found the right size trunks I heard a girl giggle, i turned round
and saw that there was an air vent between the storage room I was in
and the girls changing room. I new that all the girls I have fancied
in the past where naked a few feet away from me. I locked the closed
the door so that nobody would be able to see me, then went over and
looked through the vent.

None of the girls had started changing yet so I could watch the whole
show. Bethany was closest to me. She was beautiful: blonde hair, brown
eyes and c cup boobs. She took off her school jumper and threw it onto
the bench, I could see her red bra through her top and I instantly got
a hard-on. She then started unbuttoning her White school shirt.
Instead of unclipping her bra she took off her skirt, it was as if she
was teasing me. Her panties matched her bra which I thaught was quite

She unclipped her bra and I saw my first real boobs, I have seen lots
of porn but the real thing was 100 times better. Her breasts where
lovely and firm, she had pink nipples that looked so soft. I slipped
my cock out of my trousers and started stroking my shaft. She picked
up a small bikini top and put it on. It hardly covered any of her
breasts but I didn't mind and I don't think any of the other boys
would have either. She then bent down and took off her panties giving me
a good look at her teen arse. She then turned around and I saw her
pussy, it was shaved to my suprise. I them reached my orgasm and
squirted on the wall above the vent.

To my horror our swimming coach, miss Walker, opened the door to see
what was taking me so long. I was recovering from my orgasm so didn't
react quick enough. She saw my cock, she was so shocked at first and
didn't say anything.

When she thaught it through she said "well this could be an
interesting detention." she winked as she said this. I then replied
"why does it have to wait until then?"

With that she shut the door and started unzipping her tracksuit top,
then her shirt and finally pulled down her tracksuit bottoms. She said
"your turn." I quickly dropped my trousers and ripped off my shirt. We
both stood there in our underwear. Miss Walker's boobs where about the
same size as Bethany's but were covered with a dark blue Nike sports
bra, but not for long. She took it off to show off her beautiful
breasts. I then took off my boxers and she took off her panties.
Unlike Bethany's shaved pussy Miss Walker had a huge bush above her
pussy. She was about 25 so had matured more than the girls in my year.
She was stunning, we admired each others bodies for a few minuites
then got down to business.

Miss grabbed my cock and started stroking it. Her hand felt amazing as
it gently glidded up and down my shaft. She seemed to know what she
was doing so I assumed she'd done it before. She was so good that I
came within a minuite of her starting. My cum splashed on her face and
boobs. She was taken by suprise as I had forgotten to warn her.

She sat down on the floor and spread her legs. She told me that I
shouldn't bother fingering her and go straight to eating her out as
she didn't have much time before her lesson started.

I stuck my head between her thighs and licked between her pussy lips.
She was already wet as I started poking my toungue deep inside her.
Her pussy was amazing, it was all warm and it felt like she was
pulling me on further. I started playing with her clit, sending a
shiver through her body. She then started squirting her cum into my
mouth, it tasted better than I had imagined.

Miss then suggested we got into the 69 position. I thaught that it was
a great idea. I lay down on the floor waiting for her to get on top of
me. When she did she put all her wait on my face. Her vagina was
squashed up on my mouth so I started licking it again. Then she kissed
the head of my cock. It was amazing but then she made half of my cock
disapear in her mouth it was unbelievable. She made me cum within
seconds. She swallowed every last drop.

As I stayed lying on my back miss stood up then sat with her pussy by
my dick. She rubbed by head between her lips then took it all. I
watched as my shaft went deep inside my coach. She was much tighter
than I expected. She started bouncing up and down on me. It wasn't
long before I reached my orgasm. I didn't want to make miss pregnent
so I pulled out and squirted all over her.

"SHIT" miss was late for her lesson, we got changed quickly and she
went to her lesson. I decided not to bother getting into the trunks I
had found so went in and watched the lesson instead of taking part in
it. At least I could watch all the sexy girls in the sexy swimming
costumes. Then I realised there were no boys. They must have gone to
the outdoor pool with Mr Davies, the other coach.

It was just after this realisation that miss told me to stand by the
edge of the pool. She said "sorry I was late girls, I was shagging
this young man who was watching you all getting changed." with that
she pulled down my trousers and boxers and said "come and get him

To find out what the girls did to me read the second part of this
story which I'll try and write soon! Please rate my story and leave
comments! Thank you!

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-13 16:16:23
Nice story but sorry i'm not impress... Try to write briefly

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-16 17:59:27
Sorry mate I understand that water sports is miss tagged but how is it not -young- the boy is under 18 and the girls he spys on are also under 18 making perfectly reasonable for the author to tag it as -young-!


2011-02-16 12:57:33
I agree with 'Nonny 2011-12. Watersports and water sports are NOT the same thing. Not much -young- in it either.

Plus, this story went from not very believable to full of shit at the end.

anonymous readerReport

2011-02-13 23:41:23
Ok good story but you jumped around alot slow down and take your time
good ideas in the story but you should let them develope more only other
thing i can say is spell and grammar check.....great pottential keep writing


2011-02-13 06:56:44
I loved this story! Very sexy. Can't wait to see the next part!

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