My fantasy fuck of all-time
This is a fantasy I've had about my favorite TV starlet for years. Only her name has been altered to avoid any embarrassment.

I was not a native to Southern California as I just was going to school out here. I was on a full-ride scholarship to play football at a renowned university that had produced numerous Heisman winners and pro footballers. At age 21, I was in peak physical form....rock hard from hours in the weight room and full of confidence from finally winning a starting job at free safety. I usually had my pick from the women in my classes or at parties....whatever I wanted, as football players ruled the school.

One Saturday morning, I was out doing an errand. I needed to find an out-of-print book for my mom for her birthday and a bookshop in LA had a copy of it on hold for me. I got to the store and found they didn't open for an hour. To kill time, I decided to get a cup of coffee at the local franchise that you see on every corner and in every mall in America. As I got my tall mocha, I sat down in the patio to enjoy it. I looked over and did a was Marjorie Office, my all-time favorite celebrity female. I was stunned.

She was in her late 40's by now, but still incredible. In her prime, she had about the best body on TV....big boobs, a nice tight ass and long legs. Blonde and blue-eyed, I knew I wasn't the only guy in America to crush on her. In her first TV series, she often wore string bikinis that showed nearly every inch of that great body. On the series she starred in, she wore business suits that covered her up, but still was gorgeous. Unfortunately, she never did any sort of nude scene. It was quite frustrating that she kept the goods hidden.

I knew I had to at least go get her autograph. I approached her table, where she sat alone, reading a book and enjoying her own coffee. She saw me coming over and smiled. I did look good that day....t-shirt that showed my pecs and athletic shorts that hugged my thighs.

"Excuse me, but are you Marjorie Office?" I managed to say. She said she was. I asked her if I could trouble her for an autograph, which she quickly agreed to. As she signed a napkin for me, I just stared. The years had been kind to her and she was even hotter in person. She was wearing a sleeveless dress that showed off her tanned, firm arms. It was cut so that just a hint of cleavage peeked thru. I stammered a thank you as she handed me back the napkin.

"Would you like to sit down?" she asked. I dropped into a chair and faced her. She gave me that smile I'd seen a thousand times and asked me where I was from.

"Chicago. I'm out here playing college football." I told her. This impressed her a bit.

"You look like an athlete. How old are you?" she asked. I told her and I swore she made a sound in the back of her throat that I equated with desire. I got this feeling that she was sizing me up for something. She finshed her coffee, licked her lips and asked me if I had lunch plans.

"Ummmm...n-no. I was just down here to pick up a book. Are you hungry?" Yeah, real smooth, right?

"I am very hungry. Would you join me for something to eat? I know just the place" I agreed and we headed for her car. I had taken the bus downtown and got in her car. We drove along for a few minutes and pulled up to a small apartment complex. We sat there and she noticed me looking for the restaurant.

"I have a place here that I stay at sometimes when I get bogged down and don't want to drive back to the valley at night. I was hoping you'd join me for something other than lunch." she confessed. "I was hoping you'd join me for an afternoon of fucking. I'll be honest, I love fucking young athletes like you."

I told her that I'd been jerking off to her for years now and asked if she was serious. She grabbed my cock thru my shorts and stuck her tongue in my ear to convince me she was. We headed up to her apartment as quick as we could. She unlocked the door and pulled me inside.

She stood away from me for a few seconds to really size me up. As she looked me up and down, my cock started to throb in my shorts. She licked her lips and approached me.

"Take off your clothes, but do it slowly. Give me a show." she ordered. I didn't have much on and it didn't take me long to strip. Standing there in front of this Goddess, my full ten inches was at attention, swaying and bobbing in front of me. Her jaw dropped as she looked at me and gulped.

"Oh are bigger than I had hoped." With that, she dropped to her knees and inhaled my meat. I nearly passed out from her aggression, but managed to steady myself. Her honey-blond hair bobbed and weaved as she made love to my cock with her throat. She took me all the way down rather easily, slurping noisily and really enjoying her feast. I grabbed the back of her head and increased the speed of her head. She liked this and I noticed she had a hand up her skirt.

I was ready to return the favor and told her so. She looked up at me and said, "I want to taste your first load. Cum in my mouth." and returned to work. She didn't know what she was in for as my first load is usually a real gusher. I let her work my cock like an expert as she brought me close to the edge. I grabbed her hair and started violently thrusting my cock as far as it would go. Her eyes watered from the pain, but she never pulled away.

As my cock jumped and spasmed right before my orgasm, she looked up at me and winked. That did it....a river of come exploded from my dick down her throat. She started to swallow then couldn't keep up. She let me finish in her mouth and sucked me dry. She pulled off my head, showed me the load in her mouth and swallowed it with a big, satisfied smile.

I grabbed her and carried her to the bedroom, where I stripped her quickly. Her boobs were everything I'd dreamed of for years. 36D at least with tiny nipples and areola. I threw her down and practically dove between her legs. Her pussy was trimmed neatly and looked and smelled great. I was in no mood to tease her...I buried my tongue up her cunt and licked as hard as I could. She gasped and wrapped her thighs around my head. As I licked her, she started to moan and groan and gyrate her hips. I knew she was close already and to get her closer, I stuck a finger up her ass. That was the trigger as she immediately started to come. Waves of spasm ripped thru her body as she came hard. She pushed and rewarded me with a squirt of her own cum in my face. I loved it.

I rolled on my back and pulled her still-trembling body on top of mine. I was already hard again and she slid right onto my cock. Soaking wet and hot as a furnace, she rode my cock with that cunt more violently that any co-ed had ever done. I grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto me as she screamed, bucked and writhed. As she came again, her eyes rolled back into her head and she released a second gush of female cum. She collapsed on me, nearly unable to catch her breath.

I rolled us both over and re-entered her cunt. She pushed me out and said she needed something else. She reached into the nightstand and pulled out some lube. I knew what she wanted. I globbed a bunch of lube onto her upturned asshole and some onto my cock. Throwing her legs over my shoulders, I rammed myself past her sphincter and went balls-deep. She shuddered and gasped in pain, but stayed with me. As I pounded her butthole, all I could think about was a scene she once did where she was kidnapped at the beach. I jerked off to that scene dozens of times...sometimes I was the kidnappers and would rape her, sometimes I would save her and she would reward me with her body. But this was real....and she was loving it.

I knew I wasn't gonna last and made my final move. I slid out of her ass and jumped up between those magnificent tits, where I slapped my lube and asshole juice-coated cock. I pushed her jugs together and started pumping. She couldn't protest as she was incapable of speaking by now. As I hit the brink, she opened her mouth in anticipation of my load. The first jet of cum went directly into her waiting mouth. As she swallowed, the next 3 ropes splashed across her face. I felt like I was gonna come forever as 3 more bolts shot out of my dick, each one spalshing her chin, throat and tits. The last stringy gobs leaked out and I dribbled them into her open mouth. Then she sucked me clean and dry.

As I rolled off her, she rubbed all that hot jizz into her tits and face, then licked her own fingers clean. We chatted for a few minutes....she said it was the best sex she'd had in years and was up for more. We showered and fucked and showered and fucked and fucked until we both passed out. By the time we woke up, the bookstore was closed, I had missed two classes and she missed a hair appointment. She drove me back to campus, kissed me goodbye and drove off. I never saw her again, except on the TV screen or in my mind's eye, where I can still see myself covering that body with my hot, young come.

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2011-02-11 18:35:07
Great fantasy story. I know who you're talking about and she is a great choice to fantasize about!!

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