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The rape and beating changed me. I soon started pulling away from the world. David saw this more than anyone being the only one I would let near me. This story happened six months later.
Around two in the morning I was watching the rain pounding the yard outside the only window in David’s basement room. David light snoring filled the room well I’ll sat staring out in the yard as images played in my mind. I keep reliving the memories in my nightmares. It wasn’t long before I started sleeping less and less.
“You still up I see.” I turned towards the bed and found David sitting up watching me. “Can’t keep my eyes closed for too long” he got up and walked over beside me. “Nightmares again?” I laughed softly. “Nightmare, daymares they play all the time now.” He sat down on the table and wiped his mouth. These last few months have been hard on him and I could tell. “Have you thought about taking my parents up on their offer to get you help?”
His parents, Richard and Amy, were nice to me in many ways. They gave me a roof over my head and they kept me well fed and never asked for nothing in return. They have also seen the changes in me as the time passed. Like David they were worried about me and tried to push me into therapy.
“I’m seeing someone tomorrow.” He turned away. “Where you even going to tell?” Without waiting for an answer he got up and went back to bed. Around four I got about an hour worth of sleep before getting ready for school. I was in the kitchen washing my breakfast bowl when Amy walked up to me. “I talked to the school yesterday and they won’t give you any trouble for leaving early this time.”
“They don’t mind that I leave more that my parent don’t know I’m leaving.” When I turned to leave she pulled me into her arms. “Look Mike I know it bothers you about what happened with you parent so maybe you should bring that up with the doctor.”
The moment I walked through the door at school I heard the lull in the noise as many of the student heads turned my way. I walked by them without a word as I headed into the library. No one’s ever in there in the morning so I stayed there until the bell ringed. Class was no better seeing how I couldn’t escape the eyes. When lunch came around I gather my things and head to the offices.
“Miss. Parkerson I have to leave now.” I held out a slip of paper. Once she handed it back it was like she remember me. Her eyes filled with sadness and hand the note back to me and I walked out.
Amy was waiting in the parking lot when I came out of school. The drive was quiet which I soon like more than anything. David and his father tried to get me to talk while his mother was under the belief that I would talk if I wanted to. She pulled up in front of a small country house. “I’ll be here in an hour to pick you up.” I mumbled thanks as I closed the door.
In what should have been a living room there was a desk with a clip board on it. I read the note on the desk telling me to sign in and took a seat. I had just barely taken my seat when a woman no old then twenty five called my name. When I first saw her my mind went blink. Shaking myself mental I followed her into her office and she jested to a chair.
“Your school sent over you file as while as the medic and police reports. So how have you been holding up this last few mouth?” I shrugged. “Have you always avoided looking people in the face?”
“I hate seeing what the other thinking, and lately people been show far more then they know.” She laughed as she wrote on a notepad. “So you can read emotions from people faces.” I looked at her.
“No so much their emotions. I only see what they show. There are the few who are upset about what happened to me, and then there those who just don’t care, and more important I can when they believe what happened to me was my fault. It’s just got to a point when I just don’t like being near others.”
Mary, that was her name, and I talked most about my feelings about the attack. She said as I was leaving that we started talk more about dealing with how I felt now next time. Outside I notice that Amy car was waiting for me but David’s was. He was leaning up against his car’s hood.
“So how did it…” My lips sealed against his cut off his sentence. “It was ok. It was just nice talking to someone that I don’t know I guess but I far from back to normal but she had a point about not letting the past rule my life.” He lightly caressed my cheek. “That was the first time in a while that I saw the pretty smile on your face. How about we get some dinner?”
He took me to a nice sit down dinner at a nice place. “It almost like where on a date.” I said jokily. “Well that because we are.” I slowly met his eyes and I felt the tugs at the corner of my lips. “Correct me if I wrong but doesn’t one ask the other out and the other say yes or no.” He place his hand over my. “I asked if you wanted to go to dinner and you said yes.”
“Yes you said dinner not a date.” Less than hour later we found the house empty with a note from his parent telling us that they’ll be back in a week. We left a trail of clothes as we made our way down to his basement. We ran our hands up and down each other as we kiss making our way towards the bed. “This is the first time we been together in awhile.” He mumbled in between kiss.
“Shut up.” I said shoving him back on the bed. I crawled on top of him and started kissing him again until I moved down to his nips and work them over. “You in a mood.” He said as I made my way down his stomach. It was hard to believe that it had been over six mouth since I seen his gorgeous cock but I still remember what it tasted like.
I took his whole cock in one breath and he let out a moan in a half. I slammed his cock in and out of my mouth swirling my tongue around it. “Damn you keep that up I going to cum soon.” I kept it up listening to his grunts and moans. When I know he was about to come I pulled away. “Damn one more stroke was all.” He sobbed breathless as he set up.
“I have a better place for all that hot juice cum.” I said as I turned around until my ass faced him. I felt his hands slide up my ass and the bed move as he got in position. “Are you sure about this.” I moan and gave his begging eyes then his hands tighten on my ass. He grabbed something out of his bedside table, and then a cool liquid dripped over my asshole.
His finger slowly worked circles until the pressure started forcing it inside of me. “Ahh yes.” I started to slowly pull it back out and then pushed it back in. “Faster.” He kept going then I felt another finger work its way inside of me. “Fuck me now.” He removed his fingers. He cock pressed against my ass and it felt the first inch push pass. “Yes that what I want.” It was better than I could have imaged it would be. This was my first time with someone that cared for me and I started loving the feel as his rock hard cock sliding in and out of me.
He was gently and caring making sure I was ok; the problem was I wasn’t after the first minute it was enough for me. “Slammed it into me.” I screamed as his eleven inch cock bottom out. He pounded me over and over as hard as he could and I was so far gone they I never know he had cum until after he had pulled out.
I crawled up against his body still just out of it. “Was that how they hurt you back in the restroom?” He ran his hand down my back as he said that. “Is that what you want for now on, for me to be rough with you?” He grabbed my neck forcing me to look at him. My breath turned to gasps as he forced my lips to his.

To be continued

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